Create FedEx Shipping Label


January 5, 2023

Are you a small business or someone planning to send packages regularly through FedEx? Then you may have heard that you can create shipping labels for your packages at home, which can help businesses centered on deliveries. 

As you read this guide, you can get answers to questions like how to create a return shipping label for FedEx and the benefits of creating these labels in the comfort of your home when you send packages.

This article also discusses how to create a FedEx shipping label when you need to send packages, the types of labels you can print, and the advantages of making them on your phone and printing them at home. 

With the fast-paced nature of online transactions, deliveries are non-stop, and many small companies rely on these delivery services to stay in business. 

Understanding the benefits of printing shipping labels can be a game-changer for your business. 

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How to Create a FedEx Shipping Label

Shipping is an essential part of small businesses. FedEx offers their customers delivery solutions for both local and international shipping. 

However, the shipping company offers not only delivery services but also the ability for you to create a shipment label ready for printing. 

If you are a small business that does regular deliveries, printing your shipping labels is convenient and can reduce shipping costs. You can easily print your labels by going to the FedEx website, signing up to get a FedEx account number, and using their tools to create and print these labels. 

Creating a Shipping Label From Your Phone

Aside from creating shipping labels on your computer, you can also make labels on your phone. 

You can get QR codes, which you can print from your phone without any hassle. FedEx also provides a downloadable mobile app so you can enjoy the fast FedEx shipping options. 

FedEx Ship Manager

FedEx has a shipping software called Ship Manager. It is a downloadable application with many functionalities, such as: 

  • Tracking: The shipping manager speeds up the tracking process for packages in transit. You just log into your account and monitor the progress of your deliveries. 
  • Address book: The application streamlines the labeling process, especially when you are dealing with multiple shipments. You can also store up to 2,500 names and addresses for recurring customers. 
  • Shipment profiles: The application makes creating labels for regular and repeat shipments easy. 
  • Courier pickup: You can easily set up courier pickups for your packages anywhere in the United States and in select countries.
  • Shipment notifications: This shipping manager provides you with email notifications informing you that FedEx is delivering a package to you or an intended recipient.
  • Shipping history: You can also store previous shipping history in the last 90 days for recording purposes. 
  • Shipping rates and transit times: You can receive rates and transit times for your packages. 

You can easily print customized shipping labels through this manager for services like FedEx Express and FedEx Ground.

However, you must make sure that you have an inkjet or laser printer to ensure that you have good-quality labels for your packages. 

For FedEx Ground, you can check out to find the post office nearest your intended recipient. FedEx will deliver your package to a post office near the destination, where they will handle the last steps of your package’s journey. 

Quickly and Accurately Create Shipping Labels and Bills of Lading 

Through the FedEx Manager program, you can quickly create shipping labels, bills of lading, or acknowledgment receipts for shipments.   

Enable Easy Shipping

You can quickly ship your packages because printing labels will no longer be a hassle in the FedEx office, especially if you have multiple shipments and own a business with fast-paced shipping orders from customers. 

You can also find it easier and cheaper to have your packages labeled at home by printing shipping labels and arranging pickups in your home. 

Schedule a Pickup

You can schedule your pickups ahead of time through the shipping manager program. This function can make delivery planning easier. You do not need to call for pickup every single time or go to a FedEx office to send your packages. 

You can just set the pickup online and you just wait for the courier to arrive. This function is best for online businesses, with many delivery orders made daily.

What Is a Shipping Label?

A shipping label is a document placed on a package that includes a tracking number and barcode. 

Unlike mailing labels, where only the name and address of the recipient are written down, shipping labels are unique for every parcel. 

Shipping labels also include shipment information like the drop-off location, shipment details, and package type.

These package labels are essential in the delivery service provided by FedEx as it ensures that your packages reach their destination on the specified business day.

How to Use Manual Shipping Labels

Manual shipping labels are preprinted labels that you can order from FedEx. These labels have the same information as online labels, like a unique tracking number, barcode, and mailing address. 

Manual shipping labels can be placed inside a pouch. The pouches have an adhesive that you can stick directly to a package. 

There are cases where the pouch does not stick well to the package or box, so you must find ones that can fasten securely to any type of material. 

What Is A Return Shipping Label?

A printed return label is a document your recipient can use for a FedEx return shipment. You can include this label when your package is delivered.  

Can You Create a Return Shipping Label In-store?

You can head to any FedEx office near you and get a return shipping label printed in-store. This label is the same as those printed online, though you need to visit a FedEx office in person to get one. 

How to Create Return Shipping Labels

If you are a recipient, you can get a return shipping label from the shipper or retailer. If the retailer did not include a return label, you need to create a shipping label yourself. 

If you are a sender or retailer, you can send a return label by including it in the return package, emailing the label to your recipient, or sending a QR code. 

How to Print Shipping Labels at a FedEx Office

Visit the FedEx homepage and check for the nearest office in your area. Head to their office and ask the staff to print your shipping labels. 

Despite being a straightforward method, doing this can be a hassle when you are shipping more than one package throughout the day. 

Can You Get a Preprinted Return Shipping Label?

You can check online stores to see if they provide a preprinted return shipping label. You can also request the sender or retailer to include a return label to make the transaction faster. 

Can You Print a Label at Home?

If the retailer or online store sends you the return shipping label through email or a QR code, you can print the label at home. 

You can also scan the QR code at your nearest FedEx office and have it printed. 

What Can You Do if Your Shipping Is Stuck on Label Has Been Created

What you can do is wait for the notification to proceed. You can also contact the retailer or online store and report the issue if the status remains the same. 

There is no problem if you trust the retailer, but for your safety, always check the reputation of any online seller to avoid being scammed. 

What Happens After the Shipping Label Is Created?

After receiving information that the shipping label has been created, FedEx will be notified about the package. 

The label with the shipping information is then placed on the package and picked up for delivery. 

Points to Remember

Here are things to remember when you create a FedEx shipping label for your packages:

  • The barcode must not be covered when placed on the package. If the barcode is not clear, there is a possibility that the package will not be scanned. 
  • FedEx will pick up your package for free. You can schedule pickups through the applications provided by FedEx. 
  • Always check your printer for ink levels. You need to print the label clearly for it to be valid. 
  • You can only print one label for one package. 

Benefits of Online FedEx Shipping

Here are some benefits of using online FedEx shipping and printing your shipping labels at home:

  • You need to pay a small fee for printing labels and head to a FedEx office whenever you need a package delivered. 
  • You can arrange a FedEx home delivery and pickup.
  • You can choose the notification you want when shipping online.
  • You can do all of these procedures at home. It is perfect for online businesses and eCommerce sites like eBay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of labels are best for recycled boxes?

If you use recycled boxes for your packages, it is best to use labels with hot-melt adhesives that bond well with corrugated boxes. 

FedEx has created labels that are designed specifically for recycled boxes. 

  1. How do I label an unboxed item, such as luggage, a tire, or a rug?

Any material like wood, plastic, and rubber requires a tire or crate label. Labels for these materials also have a special adhesive designed to bond well with non-corrugated boxes. A tire or crate label is best for items like tires or rugs. 

  1. What label is best for wooden crates or plastic totes?

A tire or crate label is best for shipping a wooden crate or plastic tote. It is necessary that the labels do not fall off while shipping. 

  1. Do temperature-sensitive shipments require unique labels?

Yes. If you have perishable goods or items that may moisten the box or container, you will need a moisture-resistance label. 

These labels are perfect for packages that can wrinkle or go damp in warmer temperatures. 

  1. Can I order labels from FedEx?

Yes, you can order labels from FedEx. You just need to use your FedEx account to order these labels. 

  1. Can I use non-FedEx labels?

You can use third-party labels, but they must meet the requirements set by FedEx. These labels should also adhere to the package correctly. 

  1. Can I use an old FedEx label?

There is a limit to how old a FedEx label is before it is rejected. There are instances where packages with old labels are not scanned, and the courier will inform the sender to create and print a new label.

  1. Can I ship a package without a return label?

Yes, you can. If the retailer emails you with a QR code, you can go to a FedEx office and have it printed for your shipment. 

Moreover, a barcode will be issued if you use your phone to create a label through a mobile app. You can go to any FedEx location to have it scanned and printed.  

  1. Do return shipping labels expire? How long is a return label usable?

Printed return labels have an expiration date but can differ between retailers. The typical emailed label is valid for up to two years. However, when you have printed the label, it is usually valid for two weeks. 

It is essential to check the return policies of retailers and online sellers and how long they accept returns before you request a new label. 

  1. Will FedEx give me a shipping label?

Yes, if you do not have the means to print labels for your FedEx packages, you can always ask any FedEx office to print shipping labels for your parcels.