Postal Service Change of Address


February 3, 2023

Are you preparing for a move? Wherever you are moving, the post office will always be essential. Take some time to figure out how to change your address before settling into your new home immediately. 

You should make sure that your upcoming change of address goes smoothly. 

Do you need to change your mailing address with the United States Postal Service?

This article provides a guide on how to change your address with USPS. It also tackles how to stop your mail from going to your old address.

This article also discusses whether the postal service charges a fee to change your address and how you can contact them to change it.

Do you need to change your USPS address, and do you need to inquire about it at your post office? Or maybe you recently moved to a different town or city and need to know where the post office is located. 

Check out This convenient search tool can show the nearest post office in your area. The website provides information about all 31,330 post offices in the United States.

Change Your Address: When Should I Change My Address With USPS When Moving?

By visiting the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) user-friendly website, you can change your address and have mail sent to that new location within 10 minutes.

You can also set up your mail forwarding as early as three months before you move. 

If you are temporarily moving within the same city, you can request that your mail be held by the post office rather than sent to your old address.

When you update your address, it is essential to fill out the form correctly. If you are the only one moving in a household, check “individual” on the application.

However, the post office will only forward mail with your exact name and address.

You can get mail sent to nicknames and aliases by filling out a separate change of address form.

If more than one person with the same last name is moving, check “entire family” rather than listing everyone individually.

People with different last names moving into the same household must fill out separate forms.

How Do I Stop Mail From Going to My Old Address?

A request for a change of address (COA) can be for a temporary or permanent move.

You can request and complete both options through the mail by filling out a PS Form 3575, available at your local post office.

If you want to stop your mail from being forwarded to your address while you are temporarily away, then the hold service is what you need.

You will have to visit the nearest post office, and the staff will ask you to fill out a form called “Hold My Mail.” You can fill out this form and submit it to the postal worker. You can also visit the official website of USPS to fill out the form.

Remember the following tips when using this service:

  • Register for this service 30 days before your vacation plans
  • Go to the USPS official website, head to the “Quick Tools” tab, and choose “Change My Address” 
  • Fill in all the required information
  • Check your local post office for a hold mail form
  • Submit the necessary details
  • Save the confirmation

The process for confirming a permanent change of address is the same as that used to confirm a temporary one. 

You can indicate that this new address will be your new home indefinitely rather than temporarily.

USPS will mail the change of address form to your old address. The company will also send a notice to your new address and a welcome kit when you move into your new home.

This kit will include a confirmation code and you can modify the change of address order through this code. 

If you apply for your change of address online, you will receive a customer notification letter or an email with the confirmation code. 

Once you have completed the process, USPS will eventually stop delivering mail to your old address.

Why Did USPS Charge Me $40 to Change My Address?

The postal service charges $1.05 for online identification verification when a customer changes an address.

There are websites with domain names that pretend to be associated with USPS and charge customers up to $40 to change a home address. However, the change will never be made. 

These sites may appear in search results as customers look for a change of address information. 

USPS is not affiliated with the businesses that own these sites. Therefore, the company cannot assist you or offer any refunds for activity on non-USPS websites.

Contact the bank that issued your credit card if you encounter a problem filing your COA on a non-USPS site.

Using the postal service’s official website can ensure that your change of address request is processed correctly and quickly.

Can I Call USPS and Change My Address?

Yes, you can change your address via phone. You can call their number at 1-800-275-8777.

USPS has systems to help protect customers against unauthorized address changes. If the postal service has submitted a change of address for you, the company will follow up with a “Move Validation Letter.”

This letter is sent to your current address and informs you that a request has been made to forward mail to your new address.

If you did not request a COA, contact your local post office to find out if any fraudulent activity is associated with your account.

Getting Started

It is best to allow up to two weeks for mail forwarding to begin after you submit your request. All mail that comes to your old address will be sent to your new location until all of the mail has been received.

Program Description 

The USPS change of address form lets you forward your mail to another address. This service can be helpful if you are planning to relocate permanently or temporarily.

General Program Requirements 

Anyone can use this feature to redirect their mail. You can request a change for either permanent or temporary moves.

USPS can forward mail for a minimum of 15 days. The initial forwarding period is only six months, but you can extend this service for up to 1 year.

How to Change Your Address With the Postal Service

You have two options for letting the post office know you will change your address. Depending on your situation, you can choose a permanent or a temporary solution.

First, request the Mover’s Guide packet from your local post office.

  • The PS Form 3575 is enclosed with the packet.

Fill out this form, then hand it to a postal worker at the post office. You can also drop it in a mailbox or mail slot at the post office.

  • If no problems are found with the application, you should receive a confirmation letter at your new address within five business days.

You should also let the federal revenue agency and your state tax agency know when you move. 

There are numerous ways to report a change of address to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

First, you should contact the company and provide your full name, date of birth, social security number, contact information (if applicable), and old address. You can also write and sign a document that contains the same information.

Another option is to download Form 8822, complete it, and submit it to the appropriate IRS office. You can also change it on your next tax return.

If you are moving to a new state, change of address forms are submitted as soon as possible after you settle in.

If you have one, you should include your driver’s license and motor vehicle registration information.

Application Process

You can change your mailing address in two ways:

  1. To complete your change of address request, visit the Official USPS Change of Address page.

You must submit both of the following for confirmation:

  • A $1.10 verification fee on your debit card to ensure the change is valid
  • A valid email address confirmation of your purchase
  1. Visit your nearest U.S. post office to get the form, PS Form 3575.

Filling out the form confirms that you are the person that will receive any forwarded mail.

You may submit the form by mail or take the form to any U.S. post office. You can also send it to your local post office. Note that you can view, update, or cancel your order anytime.

How to Change Your Address Online

Here is a simple guide to an online change of address.

  1. Go to the official U.S. Postal Service website for the COA information.
  2. You can select whether it is a permanent or temporary change of address.
  3. Pay the $1.10 charge for identity verification through Paypal.
  4. Fill out the application form.
  5. After you fill out the form, USPS will email you a confirmation code. You will need to use this code to change or cancel your request.
  6. You will receive a welcome kit from USPS partners, which includes coupons.
  7. Mail addressed to your previous address will be forwarded, piece by piece.

Related Mail Services: Forward or Hold Your Mail

Do you plan to move permanently or temporarily? USPS can hold your mail at a local post office or forward it to you while you are away from home for a limited time.

Forward Your Mail

The USPS will hold your mail for 15 days to one year if the reason for your move is temporary.

To change your address with USPS, fill out an official form. This form includes questions about the type of move, when the move will begin and end, and other information. 

Learn about the different available postal forwarding options, and decide which best suits your needs.

What Mail Is Forwarded

  • You can have first-class mail and periodicals forwarded to your new address for a small fee.
  • Premium shipping services such as Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First-Class Package are shipped to you for free.
  • Media Mail and USPS Retail Ground shipments are forwarded to your temporary address, but you must pay the cost of shipping from your local post office.
  • The postal service does not forward marketing mail.
  • Please be aware that your change-of-address order will not automatically update state or personal records. It is your responsibility to keep your DMV, voter registration, and banking information current.

Extended Mail Forwarding

Standard mail forwarding lasts a year. You can pay to extend this service for up to 18 months.

Extended Mail Forwarding can be added to a change-of-address request either at the time of submission or later if you need to make changes.

USPS will also send you an email reminder a month before your mail forwarding expires.

The essential thing to note about Extended Mail Forwarding is that it cannot be canceled or refunded.

When your mail forwarding period expires, USPS will return any undeliverable pieces of mail to the sender with a label that indicates your new address.

Premium Forwarding Services

USPS offers a range of paid services, including premium forwarding services designed to give customers more control over their incoming mail.

Hold Your Mail

If you are gone for less than 30 days, have your mail at the local post office.

Your mail will still be delivered to your house while you are away, or you can schedule a pick-up at the post office.

Stop or Forward Mail for the Deceased

You can learn how to sort through and manage your deceased loved one’s mail by redirecting their mail to another address and removing the individual from the company’s mailing list.

Find ZIP Codes and Post Offices at FindPostOffice

The U.S. postal service offers tools and resources to find ZIP codes, locate post offices, and track shipments online.

ZIP Code

You can use the USPS lookup tool to search for a ZIP code by entering an address, city, company name, or part of the address. 

You can also retrieve a list of all the city/town names in a ZIP Code.

Post Office

To find post offices and other postal services, use the post office locator, or you can check out and see where your nearest post office is located. 


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