UPS Amazon Return


December 22, 2022

It can be intimidating to return an Amazon order, especially if it is your first time doing it. However, the process of Amazon return is quite simple and easy if you do it through UPS. 

You can return your Amazon purchase in more than 4,768 UPS stores across the United States. You can also ship your Amazon return without a box or label, free of charge, through UPS. 

Can you return my Amazon orders via UPS? How much is the cost of returning an Amazon order through UPS? How do you return an Amazon purchase via UPS? How do you pack your Amazon return, and what are the policies for returning an Amazon item to UPS?

This article discusses the basics of returning your Amazon purchases through UPS. It includes how you label and box Amazon returns to UPS, how you get a UPS return label from Amazon and where you can return the Amazon package via UPS.

If you want to drop off your Amazon return hassle-free, you can check the nearest UPS Store at

Will UPS Take Amazon Returns?

Amazon made shopping stress-free by offering free returns for most of its products within 30 days of delivery. The online retailer made it even easier by partnering with UPS stores. 

Any UPS store can accept returns from Amazon purchases. In addition, UPS can pack and label your Amazon returns free of charge. 

You can send back your Amazon order through UPS by dropping your package at UPS stores or requesting them to pick up your item.

Returns Made Easy 

Returning an Amazon order is easy and convenient. When you are ready to send back your order, go to “Your Orders” via the Amazon app or the “Returns & Orders” page on their website, 

Select the product you want to send back and choose the reason for the return. You can choose a list of return choices, including a free option. 

Then, look for the nearest post office and drop off your items. Returning your Amazon order is quick and contactless.

If you wish to return an Amazon gift, enter your gift order tracking number and choose the item you want to return. 

How you purchased the gift and how you returned it can affect the type of refund or credit you will get.

The UPS Store 360 Returns Program

The UPS Store 360 Returns program allows you to send back your Amazon items to your chosen location. 

You can drop off your Amazon returns at any UPS location, and UPS Certified Packing Experts will transport your items to their destinations. 

UPS Store 360 Returns Program gives you a better customer experience. Its retail locations for dropping off items are easy to find, and its Certified Packing Experts guarantee your packages get correctly packed. 

The program also provides you with a receipt, including all the details of the return.

The UPS Store 360 Returns Program helps Amazon sellers reduce costs and save time. With the UPS Store 360 Returns Program, sellers do not need to send customers empty boxes for packing, and merchants can cut expenses and focus more on their business. 

Group Ship

In the Group Ship program, a client of a UPS Store can instruct its buyers to bring the items for return to UPS Store locations without a label or box. UPS offers the Group Ship management solution exclusively to qualified businesses. 

The UPS Store handles the processing, packing, and shipping of the returned items to assigned locations. 

UPS Returning Solutions 

UPS offers a package of cost-effective services designed to manage order returns quickly. 

These return services streamline and simplify the return process. You or your client can prepare returns using UPS Returns. 

Here are the following available UPS returning solutions: 

UPS Returns 

UPS Returns is available in 98 countries and lets you generate return labels that you can attach to orders you are sending back. 

You can choose from several options to create a return label. You can attach this label to the original package or email it to your client. 

UPS offers four options to label an item for return depending on the product’s origin and the customer’s location. 

UPS Print Return Label 

UPS Print Return Label allows you to generate a return label, which you can include in the outgoing shipment or send the label to your client. 

Meanwhile, a UPS Electronic Return Label enables you to generate and email the return label to your customer. 

In UPS Print and Mail Return Label, the company creates and emails the return label to your customer. At the same time, Authorized Returns Service prepares and gives you preprinted labels for distribution.

UPS Returns Plus 

UPS Returns Plus is available in 98 countries and allows you to arrange a pick-up option for the Amazon return order on the next business day. 

This service lets you send a UPS driver to your customer along with a return label prepared. You can choose between one or three pick-up attempts. 

The UPS Returns on the Web 

The UPS Returns on the Web benefits both you and your customer. 

This option is convenient because it is available round the clock, so you can return your shipments anytime.

UPS Returns on the Web is an adequate return policy control for you and your company. It maximizes your return by using Amazon purchase product information and increases customer satisfaction. 

Unlike UPS Returns and UPS Returns Plus, UPS Returns on the Web may not be available in some countries. 

Easy Return and Refund Policies

Customers can make returns for Amazon gift through UPS orders within 90 days of delivery, giving them more time to decide whether to keep the gift.

Customers can get their refund within a few hours after they drop off their return-eligible items, even without a box or a label. 

Meanwhile, buyers who are shipping their items back will receive their refund three to five days after Amazon obtains the package.

 Customers can return new or unused Amazon purchases for any reason. 

UPS Convenient Return Locations 

The UPS Store offers a convenient way to return your Amazon items or merchandise. 

This program provides customers, clients, employees, members, guests, party sellers, and other end-users the convenience of sending back items that are eligible for a return, with its over 5,000 store locations. 

Convenient Return Locations: Where Can I Return an Amazon Package?

Shipping back an unwanted Amazon purchase is easier than you think. Learn how to drop off your Amazon returns or have them picked up from your doorstep.

Sending back an Amazon order can be a hassle if you do not have a box of the right size, a printer, and packing tape to seal your package. 

You do not have to worry about any of these regarding Amazon returns. 

Gather everything you wish to return and head to the nearest drop-off location. Amazon offers a box-free, label-free return option. You can find the nearest postal service near you at

Here are all your options in returning an Amazon order. 

Head to an Amazon Physical Retail Store

One option to return your Amazon order is by dropping off your purchases at their physical store. Select Amazon Store Drop Off when choosing how to send back your orders on the Amazon account. 

You will receive a QR code from Amazon to show the present staff at the return center. If you are sending back your items at Amazon Hub Locker or Amazon Fresh Pick up, you must put them in a box.

You can choose to bring a box, or the Amazon physical store will provide the materials.

Request UPS to Pick Up Your Package

You do not have to leave the comfort of your home as you use the UPS pick-up option to return your Amazon purchases. 

Follow the return prompts and choose UPS to pick up on the Amazon website. 

If you choose this return option, you need to pack the items you wish to send back, and UPS will provide the label. 

Someone must be present when a UPS driver picks up your package for return on the next business day. This service is free. is a one-stop site where you can find postal services near you.

Drop Your Items at the UPS Store

Another option to return your Amazon order is UPS drop off, which is available in 4,738 locations worldwide. 

There is no need to pack or label your Amazon item for return if you choose UPS to drop it off. 

Simply head to the closest UPS access point, and they will do the packing, labeling, and shipping of your Amazon items for return free of charge. 

Show the employee the UPS return center your return shipping code that UPS will email you ahead of time. 

How Does UPS Pick-up for Amazon Returns Work?

If you wish to return an Amazon item, go to their website Select “Your Orders” to show your most recent orders and choose the item you want to return. 

Next, select “UPS Pickup” and confirm. You will receive a notification that a UPS driver will arrive on a specified date to pick up your Amazon return-eligible items. 

You must pack the items you wish to return and UPS will provide the shipping label. 

Return Methods: Sustainable Ways to Return—And Rebuy

Amazon made returning items easier and more sustainable for their customers by offering label-free and box-free options. 

You can return eligible items in Amazon Hub Locker+ locations, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, Amazon Books, and Amazon 4-star. 

You can also drop off your return items at UPS Store locations, Kohl’s Stores, Walmart, and Whole Foods Market.

Amazon helps reduce the amount of packing used by providing its customers with a label-free box-free option. In addition, the drop-off option lowers the number of pick-up trips Amazon drivers make. 

Amazon found sustainable ways to manage open-box and used items. You can purchase these items through Amazon Warehouse. 

You can also buy their refurbished items via Amazon Renewed and Certified Refurbished. 

If you wish to purchase devices, you can get used Amazon devices via a pre-owned Amazon device. 

These Amazon stores are committed to reusing products, thus helping save the environment while helping its customers save money. 

Return Shipping Costs

You can use Amazon Free Returns if you are in one of the 50 states in the U.S. or have an address with a U.S. zip code.  

You can choose a paid method to return your order. Amazon will deduct the return postage and restocking fees from your refund. You can also return an Amazon order and pay the carrier. 

If you send back an item because of an Amazon error, the company will refund the return shipping costs. Amazon will pay the amount you spent shipping the item back up to a certain amount. 

How Do You Print a UPS Return Label From Amazon?

You can choose to print your labels when returning Amazon orders through UPS. 

After registering your items for return on Amazon, click the “Print and Label Instructions” button. Afterward, the site will direct you to an electronic copy of your UPS label, and you can print it from there. 

You can also have UPS print your return package label, free of charge. 

Go to any UPS access points, present your return barcode to the attending UPS staff, and they will print the label. 

About Amazon

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is currently the largest online retailer in the world. 

Amazon was originally an online bookselling website but it evolved into an internet-based enterprise that sells products, including books, movies, clothing, and beauty products. 

The online retailer also offers jewelry, book, household goods, furniture, garden supplies, and toys. 

Amazon also provides cloud computing, AI intelligence, and digital streaming services. 

The company’s headquarter is in Seattle, Washington. They also have retail locations, corporate offices, software development centers, tech hubs, global fulfillment centers, and data centers worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to box my Amazon return via UPS?

Customers can choose to return eligible items free of charge to more than 4,768 UPS Stores nationwide. There is no box required for most items.

2. How do I get a UPS label for my Amazon to return?

There are two options to get the UPS label for your Amazon return. 

You can either print it yourself through the Amazon website or have the UPS access point staff print it for you. 

Show the attending shop staff your Amazon return code, and they will print your return label.

3. With the 360 Returns Solution, is it better for the UPS store employee to pack the Amazon return rather than my customer or employee? 

Consider the value and fragility of your Amazon returns when choosing whether to have your customer or employee pack the items or have the UPS store pack them. 

UPS Store staff are trained in packing items based on the carrier’s guidelines. 

These employees are experts in boxing fragile high-value items. The UPS team uses various advanced storing techniques such as double box, block and brace, and suspension packing.

4. How does the UPS Store 360 Returns Program work?

The UPS Store 360 Returns Program lets you drop off your Amazon returns at any UPS store location. 

You can pack your Amazon items for return or ask the UPS Store employee to pack them for you. 

5. How can I be a member of the 360 Returns of UPS?

You have two options if you wish to participate in the UPS 360 Returns Program. 

You can contact a UPS account representative or apply through the UPS website. Fill out UPS’ Corporate Retail Solutions Business Application form and wait for their agent to call you.