UPS Shipping Times


January 5, 2023

Any shipment that is traveling anywhere that UPS services can have an estimated delivery time via UPS. 

This article will show you various options to choose from if you want to calculate the delivery time of your packages.

How long is the shipping time for UPS packages? What are the different UPS shipping options, and how long is their shipping time? How long will it take for my international package to arrive via UPS?

This article will serve as your guide on your UPS package shipping time. It will also provide information about UPS shipping options and delivery times, including domestic and international shipping.

Do you need to pick up your package at the post office? Visit Our tool lets you search nearby post offices by state, city, or ZIP code for your convenience. 

You can also ask your local post office employee to track your package, so you do not have to guess its arrival time.

Important Things to Know About UPS Delivery Times

You should understand how different metrics can impact a package’s arrival time before sending your cargo through UPS. 

With these details, you can anticipate UPS shipping times accurately, giving you or your potential customers an expected delivery time. 

An estimated delivery time also allows you to prepare for the package’s arrival.

Let us look at some essential facts to know about UPS delivery times.

UPS has different delivery times depending on the shipping option you select. 

UPS Express Critical provides quicker, same-day deliveries. Meanwhile, UPS Ground may deliver your packages in slower shipments that might take up to 5 business days.

During the holidays, UPS’ expected delivery times can vary. Generally speaking, the company’s offices are closed on federal holidays. 

Additionally, there are shipment delays over holidays, like Christmas and New Year.

There are also different UPS delivery schedules to military bases. Shipping time to these bases is subject to change based on their local operating circumstances.

Moreover, the shipping costs for faster delivery options like UPS Next Day Air are often more expensive than slower delivery services like UPS 3 Day Select. 

You should always seek the assistance of the UPS staff for their special delivery services if you have urgent shipments with a specific delivery deadline.

Who Benefits Most From UPS Shipping?

Some businesses and individuals require international shipping. 

Having a reliable shipping service can be vital to ensure that goods are delivered to their selected destination with minimum hassle.

UPS is one of the world’s biggest carriers. The company has offices in more than 60 countries worldwide. UPS also understands the different local customs, procedures, and laws, which can help decrease delays to your deliveries. 

The shipping company also has many time-definite shipping options, like early morning, noon, and end-of-the-day shipping to more international locations.

Can UPS Shipping Be Expedited?

More than 220 nations and territories can receive deliveries from UPS Worldwide Expedited. These deliveries can arrive at their destinations within two to five working days after being cleared by customs. 

UPS’ service can assist you in striking a balance between speed and cost when your time frames are more flexible. 

You can get your shipments to their receivers without breaking the bank.

When shipping internationally, UPS offers affordable options for your packages. Shipping with UPS Worldwide Expedited gives you the flexibility to deliver your products and stay within your budget.

It is best to have a single dependable partner that can help your company grow globally by utilizing the power of logistics. For all of your needs, UPS offers your business experience and value. 

About Delivery Time: UPS Shipping Time Estimate

UPS can give an estimated delivery time for packages that qualify for the company’s shipping terms. 

The shipping company can present you with a wide range of options for delivering your shipment to its destination when you calculate the delivery time.

There are many options if you are looking for a cost-effective way to deliver your packages across the country over just a few days or if you want to send your parcel to arrive at its destination right away.

How Many Days Will It Take for My Package to Be Delivered?

You can receive your packages through UPS Ground in one to five business days at a reasonable price. You can also get free shipping tracking information for your parcels.

Choose two-day or three-day options like UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS 3 Day Select for essential but non-critical shipments. You may receive your package in two to three working days.

Depending on your needs, UPS also offers next-day delivery by morning, noon, or evening for urgent shipments.

Domestic UPS Delivery Times per Service

Shipping items from one U.S. state to another is known as domestic shipping. 

Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico are just a few of the 50 states where UPS offers a variety of delivery options. Depending on the local shipping solutions you choose and the distance of your shipment, arrival times may vary.

There is no scarcity of domestic courier services that you can use to get your items where they need to be. 

There are services ranging from UPS Next Day Air for quicker deliveries to UPS domestic ground shipping for slower deliveries.

International UPS Delivery Times per Service

More than 220 nations and territories can receive packages from UPS on time and on the day they are promised. 

When you are shipping overseas, you can select budget-friendly delivery services like UPS Worldwide Expedited or UPS Worldwide Saver.

UPS Weekend Delivery

UPS also provides weekend delivery with the following services:

  • UPS Next Day Air Early – Deliveries are made by 9:00 AM
  • UPS Next Day Air – Deliveries are made by noon or 1:30 PM
  • UPS 2nd Day Air – Deliveries are made by the end of the day (End of day delivery)
  • UPS 3-Day Select – Deliveries arrive by the end of the day (selected areas)
  • UPS Ground – Deliveries arrive by the end of the day (selected areas)

Calculate Time and Cost

Get quick shipping estimates for UPS international package delivery services. 

Enter your parcel’s origin, destination, and weight to compare service information. Sort your results by time or cost to get the fastest, least expensive shipping option.

How to Calculate Time and Cost

Go to the website On their webpage, there is an application called Calculate Time and Cost.

  • Select the “Shipping” tab from any page on
  • A time and cost calculator will appear
  • Do the instructions and fill in the necessary fields. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*) symbol.

About Shipping Costs

UPS lets you calculate the delivery time for any shipments going to any nation served by the shipping company. 

UPS presents you with a wide range of options for getting your shipment to its destination when calculating the parcel’s delivery time. 

You can see the updated collection time as well as the delivery date for each delivery option. 

You can use this information to decide on the best way to send your shipment since you can quickly adjust your inputs and examine your results on the same screen.

Track Your Package: How Do I Track My Package?

Use the UPS website’s package tracking function. Make sure that your tracking number is easily accessible.

If you don’t have your tracking number, get in touch with us at (858) 459-4077.

Can I Get an Email Notification of My Shipment’s Progress or Status?

Yes. You can request email notifications by giving a UPS Store employee your email address while processing your package.

Can You Track a UPS Truck?

Yes. A UPS truck can be tracked while carrying your packages. 

Members of UPS My Choice can also access a live map to see the exact position of their package if they choose to sign up for a membership. 

You can be reassured that this system is live because it refreshes every two to three minutes.

You can still track your shipment if you do not want to register for UPS My Choice by entering the tracking number into the relevant section on the UPS website.

Shipping Options

International Shipping

By providing access to a full range of international shipping options, UPS specializes in making overseas shipments easy. 

You can access more than 220 nations with ease thanks to top-notch shipping service that includes everything from quick customs clearance to hassle-free export paperwork administration.

Freight Shipping

UPS Air Freight services are suitable for larger packages that may or may not need a pallet. In specific circumstances, you can also add extra services for convenient shipments, like pick up, collection, delivery, and customs clearance.

Pack & Ship Guarantee

UPS’ Pack & Ship Guarantee will cover your parcel if it is packaged by a registered UPS Store, using supplies purchased in the store, and sent via UPS or USPS.

You will be compensated for the following expenses if your package is damaged in transit:

  • The cost of the item (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement, or repair cost)
  • The total retail cost of the packaging supplies and services you purchased
  • Your shipping fees (not including stated value fees or applicable insurance costs)

UPS Next Day Air

This service is a good option when your shipment needs to arrive by the start of the business day. Your package will be delivered the following business day and as early as 8 AM.

According to UPS Next Day Air, delivery before 10:30 AM on the next business day makes it perfect for packages that need to arrive before the start of the working day.

UPS Next Day Air has a guaranteed delivery time by the next business day. 

When Do You Need Your Package Delivered?

You have many options if you are looking for a cheap way to ship your package across the country over a few days or need to send a product somewhere right away.

One to Five Business Days

You can receive ground services delivery through UPS Ground in one to five business days at a reasonable price. You can also get free shipping tracking information.

Second or Third Business Day

Use two-day or three-day alternatives like UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS 3 Day select for essential but non-critical shipments.

Next Day

Depending on your needs, UPS offers next-day delivery by morning, noon, or evening for urgent shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to pack my item at your UPS store location, or can I bring it already packed?

Bring your item already packed, or ask one of our trained packaging professionals to assist you. 

With UPS Pack & Ship Guarantee, you can ship your parcels with confidence and safety when you let UPS handle the packing and shipment.

  1. What are the stages of UPS shipping?

Before being delivered to the customer, UPS shipping should ideally go through a few phases. 

The first step is the pickup phase, during which different packages are retrieved from various eCommerce vendors. 

The next step is sorting, which involves transporting all parcels to UPS facilities. After that, items are loaded onto delivery vehicles or aircraft for distribution to clients in different locations.

  1. Can I get insurance for my shipment?

Each carrier provides declared value programs. For more information, including proclaimed value pricing, limits, and limitations, you can contact UPS.

  1. How long does ups ground take?

Depending on the departure location and destination, UPS Ground shipping can take one to five days to deliver.

  1. What is considered the end of the day for UPS delivery?

The end of the day signifies no specified time for the delivery of the goods. 

This time frame indicates that your package will arrive after your selected UPS delivery window. That may happen at 6 PM, 8 PM, or even 10 PM.

  1. Can I send my shipment to you to hold for pickup?

UPS will accept and hold your packages for pickup if you currently have a mailbox, subject to storage costs and other restrictions.

Contact UPS to find out about receiving your package and any associated costs if you do not currently have a mailbox.

  1. Can I drop-off a package?

Local establishments called UPS Access Points provide a practical substitute for receiving or delivering ready-to-ship items, including returns.

  1. How do I contact UPS about a missing package?

You can visit UPS Customer Help and Support Center or call 1-888-742-5877.