UPS Tracking Without Tracking Number


March 17, 2024

In 2022, UPS (United Parcel Service) processed 24.3 million packages daily, totaling 6.2 billion parcels for that year.

With this number, you may wonder how UPS ensures its package deliveries arrive at their destinations.

Like other couriers, UPS provides its customers with tracking information to help them manage shipments. However, knowing how to use UPS tracking services is crucial.

For instance, you can track mail and packages using your UPS tracking number. 

But what if you lost your UPS tracking code? Can you still get delivery status updates without a tracking number?

How do you locate a UPS parcel without a tracking code? Also, which UPS service offers tracking features? is a one-stop website for information regarding post offices in the U.S. (United States).

This article explains different UPS tracking services, including tracking shipments without a tracking number.

Learn more about various UPS tracking messages and what to do when you get them.

Can You Track UPS Packages Without a Tracking Number? Can I Find an Order Without a Tracking Number?

You can track your UPS package using your reference number if you do not have a tracking number. Provide your reference number on UPS’ “Track By Reference” tracking page.

If you’re the package’s addressee, check if the sender gave you a tracking code or reference number.

You can also track your parcel on the UPS package tracker using the package’s ID (identification) or the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) IMPb (Intelligent Mail Package barcode).

The IMPb is USPS’ current generation tracking barcode for extra services and parcels.

Still, using your tracking number is the most convenient way to track your package. UPS typically sends this code to you via text or confirmation email.

Can You Track UPS Packages Just by Using Your Address?

You can monitor your UPS package using your address if you’re the recipient via a UPS My Choice account. Here’s how to use your address to track a UPS parcel:

  1. Create a UPS My Choice account.
  2. Log in to your UPS account at the UPS website (
  3. Click “Tracking.” You can find this tab at the top of the page.

UPS associates to your account any shipments using your address so you can track them.

Can You Track UPS Packages Just by Using Your Name?

As shown above, you can track UPS parcels without a tracking number. Unfortunately, UPS does not offer tracking information based solely on your name.

Can You Track UPS Packages Just by Using Your Phone Number?

You can determine your UPS shipment’s delivery status via a phone number. 

Whether you have questions regarding your package’s delivery progress or need assistance with an issue, contacting UPS via their tracking phone number can help.

  • United States: 1-800-742-5877
  • Canada: 1-800-742-5877
  • United Kingdom: 03457 877 877

How Do You Find Your UPS Tracking Number Without a Receipt?

Say you forgot your UPS tracking number and your package’s receipt. In that case, you can use the following sources to find your tracking code:

  • UPS account inbox
  • Confirmation email from UPS
  • Customer help and support center

Double Check Confirmation Email

UPS’ virtual assistant offers help locating packages without tracking numbers. The assistant suggests that recipients without tracking codes double-check all communications from the sender, including their email messages.

Sign Up for UPS My Choice

This service lets you manage your inbound and outbound packages from one dashboard.

UPS My Choice allows you to do the following without a tracking number:

  • View details for your outgoing and incoming packages.
  • View the estimated delivery time.
  • Get tracking updates via email or text.
  • Adjust the delivery date or location.

Locating UPS Packages Transferred to the Post Office

UPS may stop sending your tracking notifications after it transfers your package to your local post office.

Fortunately, you can still know the status of your package by copying your tracking code from the UPS page and pasting it into the “Search or Track Packages” on the USPS website. 

The post office can track parcels they’ve received from FedEx (Federal Express) and UPS shippers.

Use the ‘Track by Reference’ Feature

As mentioned above, you can track your UPS items without a tracking number using your reference number. 

When you click “Track by Reference Number” on UPS’ “Tracking” page, you will be asked to provide the following info:

  • Shipment type
  • Shipment reference
  • Shipper account
  • Destination territory or country
  • Destination postcode

UPS Tracking

The UPS Tracking system provides simple and efficient UPS package delivery tracking. The following sections elaborate on the UPS tracking features, including what tracking numbers look like and where to find them.

Where Do I Find My Tracking Number?

You can usually find your shipment’s tracking number in the receipt’s bottom part, specifically under the heading “Package Information.”

Your shipment’s tracking number can be found in the lower section of your receipt. It is listed under the heading “Package Information.”

A UPS tracking number may contain 18 digits.

What Does My Tracking Number Look Like?

UPS tracking numbers may appear in the following formats:

  • 1Z2222222222222222
  • 222222222222
  • T2222222222
  • 222222222

UPS SurePost Tracking

UPS SurePost offers tracking features.

This cost-effective service is designed for business-to-consumer shipping needs, particularly for less urgent, low-value items.  

UPS SurePost leverages the capabilities of two well-established logistics networks: the U.S. Postal Service and UPS.

Surepost Track My Order

Tracking a UPS SurePost parcel is a straightforward process to ensure the shipment arrives at the recipient’s address safely and on time. 

You can follow this simple guide to track SurePost items:

  1. Go to the UPS Tracking page on UPS’ official website.
  2. Provide your UPS SurePost tracking number in the appropriate field.
  3. Click the “Track” button to view the package’s progress and estimated delivery date.

UPS Surepost Tracking Not Updating

Say your UPS SurePost tracking is not updating. That’s probably because the package takes some time to reach its transit point.

Still, you can check a nearby post office because sometimes the parcel is already there.

UPS InfoNotice Tracking

UPS leaves a UPS InfoNotice when its personnel missed you when attempting to deliver or collect your parcel. 

UPS InfoNotice includes details on the next delivery attempt’s estimated schedule and whether a signature is required for delivery.

UPS Express Saver

This service generally delivers within one to four working days. However, delivery to remote locations may take a few days longer.

UPS Express Saver can deliver items weighing up to 55 kilograms (kg) and measuring up to 255 centimeters (cm) in length.

UPS Delivery Times

UPS typically delivers between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. That said, the official delivery window for UPS is 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

These delivery hours may be why your UPS package can take place during your evening rest.

UPS Mail Innovations

UPS offers this service in partnership with USPS.

UPS Mail Innovations inducts your parcel into the USPS network within 24 to 48 hours of pickup. USPS will then deliver the package in one to five days.

UPS SurePost Versus UPS Ground

UPS SurePost usually takes one business day longer than UPS Ground because it relies on USPS for last-mile delivery.

Meanwhile, UPS Ground offers day-specific service that takes one to five business days to deliver, with a money-back guarantee.

UPS Shipment Reference Tracking

A shipment reference is an identifier you get by completing the “Reference” fields during shipping. Shipment references can be any combination of numbers and letters up to 35 characters.

This reference could be any of the following:

  • Purchase order number
  • Company name
  • Customer number
  • Bill of lading number
  • A phrase identifying the shipment, like “gift for Dad” or “five crates”

UPS Freight Tracking

You can track your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipment using your PRO (progressive rotating order) or BOL (bill of lading) number.

BOL is a legal document authorizing the carrier to transport goods on the shipper’s behalf. Meanwhile, PRO is a unique number assigned to a UPS Ground Freight shipment. 

What Does My Tracking Status Mean?

UPS collects shipment movement information every time your parcel is scanned. You might receive some tracking notifications and their meaning:

  • Label Created”:  UPS received the billing information and shipment details from the shipment’s sender. 

The system will update the status once UPS receives the shipment and moves it within the delivery network.

  • “Delivered”: UPS delivered the package to its intended destination with a recorded delivery timestamp. 

Say your shipment doesn’t require a signature. The UPS driver will look for a secure location to leave the parcel to keep it from damaging weather or out of plain sight.

These areas may include a side door, front porch, garage area, or back porch. 

Where’s My UPS Package?

You can get the following information regarding your UPS package:

  • The reason the delivery personnel left a delivery notice
  • Various tracking statuses with unique meanings
  • Up-to-date tracking details, including delivery window, through UPS My Choice

Delivery Changes Happen

Sometimes, delivery adjustments happen. Still, you can reroute your package via these steps:

  1. Create a UPS profile and enable UPS My Choice.
  2. Log in to and access your My Choice dashboard.
  3. Click “Delivery Options.” If you don’t see “Delivery Options,” the shipper has hidden this option.
  4. Redirect your parcel to an alternative location or change the delivery schedule.

Check for a UPS Delivery Notice 

You can track your shipment using the UPS InfoNotice or your initial tracking number.

The UPS driver may inform you where your package is or when they will attempt to deliver it again. 

Suppose your parcel has been rerouted or has particular delivery requirements. In that case, UPS will inform you of the UPS InfoNotice’s final delivery details.

I Have an Issue With My Package Delivery

UPS will investigate the issue if you can’t find your package or if it’s damaged. If the courier can’t find it, UPS will issue a claim.

Prevent More Missed Deliveries

As mentioned, UPS offers near real-time updates regarding inbound packages, delivery windows, and reschedules using your UPS My Choice. This feature can help you avoid missed shipments.


  1. Can you track a USPS package without a tracking number?

You may track USPS without a tracking number by submitting a Missing Mail Search request. 

However, it will help to contact the post office only after your shipment fails to arrive at the scheduled time. 

Setting up an Informed Delivery account is ideal if you need to locate a parcel without a tracking number USPS.

This tool lets recipients see their mail details and manage their arrival timings. 

  1. My driver left a UPS delivery notice. Now what?

A delivery notice will tell you your package’s potential location or next delivery attempt. 

Suppose your parcel has been rerouted and has specific delivery requirements. In that case, UPS will let you know.

You can request the delivery driver to leave your package on the next delivery attempt as long as your shipment doesn’t require a signature from an adult 21+. 

Sign the provided order form and place it back where the driver left the notice.

  1. How can I leave delivery instructions?

You can call (800) 742-5877 or visit to give instructions, such as “leave the parcel in the patio or the back door.”

  1. My shipment says “Out for delivery.” What time will I get my package?

This notification means the local UPS facility has received your parcel and assigned it to a driver for its final delivery.

Packages usually arrive between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM at residences and by close of business to commercial addresses unless the sender chooses a time-definite air delivery service.

  1. Where do I find the latest information on the location of my package?

Tracking your package on offers you the latest information about the delivery status of your package. Check back periodically to get shipment progress updates.

  1. How late will UPS deliver?

As mentioned, UPS may deliver mail or packages up to 9:00 PM, even though its official delivery hours are between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

  1. My shipment says it’s been delivered, but I can’t find it. Where is it?

Your driver may have left your package out of plain sight to ensure its safety. So, check exterior doors or areas where your package might have been placed, like the porch, garage, or back patio. 

Additionally, you can check with a neighbor who may have collected the package. Contact the seller to file a claim if you cannot locate it.

  1. How do I track a mail or package that was transferred from UPS to USPS?

If you see that your shipment has been forwarded to USPS or delivery, follow these steps to track your package:

  1. Copy your tracking number from the confirmation email.
  2. Go to the USPS tracking page (at
  3. Type in the tracking number in the search field.
  4. After inputting your tracking code, click “Track.”
  5. The USPS tracking site may provide a status update on your package or delivery confirmation.
  1. Does USPS deliver UPS SurePost?

UPS picks up the shipment, and the U.S. Postal Service accomplishes the final delivery.

  1. Why did UPS transfer my package to USPS?

Packages are forwarded to the post office if the sender chooses the UPS SurePost shipping service.

  1. What is UPS SurePost? How is UPS SurePost delivered?

UPS SurePost partners with USPS to deliver parcels. USPS handles the final leg of delivery to the recipient. 

  1. Is UPS SurePost reliable?

UPS SurePost is a reliable shipping service that delivers to the U.S. and U.S. territories. 

That said, UPS SurePost entrusts the final leg of delivery to USPS, which can prolong the delivery process.

  1. How long does UPS SurePost take? How long does it take for UPS SurePost to deliver?

UPS typically completes the shipment within 24 hours of pickup. Once there, the package will be loaded onto a UPS truck for delivery or may be handed off to USPS. This process can take two to seven business days.

  1. What is an InfoNotice number for UPS?

As shown above, UPS drivers may leave UPS InfoNotice when a delivery attempt is unsuccessful. 

This document includes information such as the estimated time of the next delivery attempt and if the shipment requires a signature.

You can also use UPS InfoNotice to track your shipment and request delivery changes. 

Amazon says you can enter your 12-digit UPS InfoNotice number (found above the barcode) in the Tracking field and click the Track button.

  1. What is a UPS drop box?

UPS Drop Boxes lets you drop off your item 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Note that restrictions on dimensions, hazardous materials, and high-value shipments apply.

  1. What is a UPS Access Point?

A UPS Access Point is a third-party retail outlet offering UPS package drop-off or delivery services.


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