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January 5, 2023

In 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivered approximately 128.86 billion mail units. 

This number represents a yearly decrease in mail volume, which peaked at 213.1 billion in 2006. One reason for this decline is technology, which has provided more convenient methods like email.

Despite this decreasing demand for traditional mail, technology is also what brought mail tracking, which is an essential mail service.

What is USPS Tracking, and how does it work? What about USPS Informed Delivery, and how can you use this service? How can you tell if a USPS email is legitimate or fake?

This article discusses USPS Tracking and how you can track your packages using email through Informed Delivery.

This article also explains tracking information and how you can tell an actual USPS email from a fake one.

Do you need to pick up a USPS package from the post office? can show the nearest post office to your location for your package tracking needs. 

Our search tool lets you locate a USPS post office by state, city, or ZIP code for your convenience.

Can You Track USPS Mails and Packages by Email?

You can track your USPS package by email by entering the parcel’s tracking number on the USPS Tracking page. 

Afterward, click “Text & Email Updates” when this option becomes available, and expand that section to follow the directions.

Email update requests are active for two weeks after making the request. The U.S. Postal Service closes that request after that period. Once your package gets delivered, you will no longer receive notifications.

USPS Tracking: What Is USPS Tracking?

USPS Tracking is an end-to-end item tracking service that is available for most mail products large enough and addressed to domestic locations, including:

  • Limited army post offices (APOs)
  • Fleet post offices (FPOs)
  • Diplomatic post offices (DPO)
  • ZIP codes in U.S. territories and possessions
  • Freely associated states

By entering the tracking number of a mailpiece into the USPS Tracking page, you receive the item’s current status and other tracking information, including, if available:

  • The delivery or attempted delivery information, including the delivery date and time.
  • The item’s delivery location, like a mailbox, neighbor, or reception desk.

Although USPS Tracking does not guarantee or expedite delivery, there is no added cost on postal products that automatically include USPS Tracking.

In other words, when you pay for the product’s postage, the tracking service is included unless you are shipping USPS Marketing Mail parcels. 

If you must add USPS Tracking to this mailing service, you should pay an additional fee.

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

Your trackable parcel has a label that is scanned several times throughout the delivery process, whether USPS or one of its shipping partners handles it.

Tracking starts immediately when the item’s sender or shipping partner notifies USPS electronically that the postal service should expect a package. 

The process continues with USPS receiving the package for transit and ends once the item gets delivered. Afterward, the recipient or agent receives the package.

Throughout the parcel’s journey from sender to receiver, you can access the item’s tracking information in various ways using the item’s tracking number.

Getting Informed Delivery

To view the images of your mail and manage your incoming packages without entering tracking numbers is using the Informed Delivery dashboard. 

From this service’s dashboard, you can also:

  • Sign up for text or email notifications
  • Schedule delivery alerts
  • Request redelivery
  • Enter USPS delivery instructions

What Is Informed Delivery?

Informed Delivery is an optional and free notification service allowing residential consumers to manage their packages that are scheduled to arrive. 

Customers can also digitally preview their letter-size mailpieces.

This service also makes mailing convenient by letting users view the item they will receive on their computer, tablet, or mobile device. Individuals can do this action anytime, anywhere, even while traveling.

USPS digitally scans the images of the front of letter-size mailpieces and runs them through automation equipment. 

The postal service uses these images to provide digital notifications to users ahead of the physical mail’s delivery.

Informed Delivery can benefit customers by providing daily mail and package delivery visibility. 

This service also allows mailers to engage with their users through digital marketing campaigns and synchronized direct mail. Informed Delivery also allows users to act before important packages arrive in the mailbox.

USPS Online Electronic Signature

Informed Delivery includes the USPS Electronic Signature Online (USPS eSOL) that lets you digitally sign incoming packages that require a signature. These packages include:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Signature confirmation
  • Packages insured for $500 or more

Informed Delivery by USPS

Informed Delivery lets you view grayscale images of the letter-size mailpiece’s address side and track packages without needing to leave your location.

To use the Informed Delivery service, do the following steps:

1. Create Your Account

Sign up to create a personal USPS account by going to

2. Verify Your Identity

USPS requires you to verify your identity and address to allow the system to protect your privacy and personal information.

3. Receive Notifications

Once the system has verified your account, you can view your notifications anytime using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

When Does Tracking Information Become Available?

You can view the scanning information throughout the day as soon as the scans become available and the information gets updated.

How Do You Add Tracking to Your Item?

You can track your item through any of the following:

  • At the post office: USPS Tracking gets activated automatically after you pay postage on your shipping product at the post office retail counter. 

You can use the tracking number on your mailing receipt to access the delivery information.

  • Online: Signing up for a USPS online account allows you to buy stamps, print USPS Tracking labels, purchase mailing or shipping services, and use other postal services.

The tracking label prints the label you can attach to the product and the receipt containing the tracking number. You can access your USPS account anytime to retrieve your item’s tracking information or delivery status.

You can also pair a USPS Tracking product with a compatible extra service to receive proof of delivery, such as a signature.

Regardless of whether you choose the Post Office retail counter or online at, you still access the same USPS Tracking information. 

What you need to remember is to keep your retail receipt safe since the postal service cannot locate items that have no tracking number.

What Does the Tracking Number Look Like?

Preprinted USPS Tracking labels have a portion at the bottom that you can peel off and adhere to the parcel for tracking and recordkeeping.

For USPS Tracking retail labels, the tracking number is the series of numbers you can find under the barcode.

What Does Tracking Information Mean, and What Can You Do?

The tracking information uses USPS scan event codes to give you an idea of your item’s specific status and what it means.

For example, if your item’s status code is “OF,” your package is out for delivery. 

After your mailpiece receives the “arrival at unit” physical scan at the facility delivering the item, USPS creates the “out for delivery” event, which should show up on your package’s tracking information.

Expected Delivery Window

When you check your item’s status, an expected delivery window (ExDW) message can appear. This window is a two-hour time slot of your package’s expected arrival.

Delivery within that window is not guaranteed. However, even if the item does not arrive within that expected time slot, the recipient can still receive the package by the day’s end.

Receiving Mail and Packages

You can input the tracking number in the USPS managing mail web page’s search box to see your item’s status. 

You can type in up to 35 tracking numbers on the company’s search tool.

How Can You Tell Whether a USPS Email Is Real or Not?

The USPS does not send emails to request your personal information or inform customers of package deliveries. So if you receive an email claiming to be from USPS, that mail is likely a fake one.

Moreover, if the email has poor grammar and spelling errors, it is likely fake. An email asking you to perform immediate action is also likely a scam and a fraudulent email.

If you receive an email saying your item encountered a package delivery failure, forward the mail to and delete the questionable correspondence.

Fake USPS Emails

USPS and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) are aware of scams and fake emails circulating online that are claiming to be from USPS or the Postmaster General.

Such emails are called phishing, wherein the scammer sends a fraudulent message to an unsuspecting victim. 

The scammer often pretends to be representing a legitimate organization or authoritative figure to trick the victim into divulging sensitive information to the scammer.

USPS officials do not reach out to consumers directly and ask for money or personal identifying information. Always remember to protect yourself from email scams and consumer fraud.

Postal Service Email Scam Public Service Announcement

If you receive an email that claims to be from USPS about an attempted or intercepted package delivery, that mail is likely a scam.

The USPIS provides an informative public service announcement (PSA) on the agency’s website for you to know what to do when you encounter these emails.

Delivery Failure (Spam)

Fake emails about failed deliveries can trick customers into clicking links or downloading attachments that contain computer viruses. 

The USPIS website has videos you can watch to learn how to spot and avoid spam mail.

Do Not Click on a USPS Email Containing These Three Words

According to an update on the USPIS website last January 7, 2022, some customers received emails containing the words “delivery failure notification” in the subject line.

After ordering products online, customers are often eager to wait for the shipping information in their email inboxes so they can track their packages. However, not every email that says it came from USPS is legitimate.

Scammers often target people’s inboxes with fake messages claiming to be from the USPS. 

While these notices come in various forms, the agency says one telltale sign you are being scammed is the presence of the three specific words in the subject line, as mentioned above.

This specific scam targets individuals by sending a message saying USPS cannot deliver the customer’s package to their residence. 

Whether the victim has a real delivery or not, this email can trick the person into following the instructions in the email.

Some fake notifications instruct the recipient to click a link in the email to print a delivery label and pick up the item at the local post office.

This scam can evolve as scammers find new ways to make fake emails more believable. 

One of the latest versions of this email contains a link that redirects the user to a web page that looks like the official USPS website.

The email instructs the user to re-enter their address and payment card information for a $3 reshipment fee. However, no package will arrive, and the scammers will have pocketed the money from the transaction.

What Is the Reason for Your Inquiry?

If you require information about a package or service, such as USPS Hold Mail, USPS Change of Address, or Redelivery, with a tracking number or confirmation, send an email or input the tracking number on the USPS Email Us page.

You can also choose specific issues on the same USPS page. These issues include:

Where Is Your Package?

You can inquire with USPS about your missing packages or envelopes with a tracking number. This service applies to USPS Priority Mail and USPS Priority Mail Express packages.

Where Is Your Mail?

USPS can address inquiries about daily mail delivery services like:

  • USPS Change of Address
  • Redelivery
  • Package Pickup
  • Premium Forwarding Service
  • Theft of Mail

How Do You Contact USPS Tracking?

You can get help and connect with USPS in several ways, like filling out a short form or reading the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on their website.

If you still need more help, see the contact information for technical support, Postal Store orders, and more.

Contact Us

You can call the USPS phone number at 1-800-222-1811 to acquire additional information on USPS Text Tracking.

If you are using a mobile device, use any of the following codes: INFO, HELP, or AIDE.

Email Us

The USPS website provides an online form containing a few questions regarding your issue.

Find a Post Office

If visiting a physical office is more convenient, you can visit a USPS retail office near you.’s online search tool lets you locate a USPS post office by state, city, or ZIP code.

Check Postal Holidays

Visit the USPS website to know the holidays and events when USPS postal facilities are closed. You can also visit a USPS post office near you to know its schedules and holidays.


  1. What can I do if my mailpiece has not been delivered?

First, check your domestic item’s mail class delivery standard. You can identify the class by visiting the USPS website, entering the USPS Tracking number, and looking up the product information.

Afterward, check your mail class and its progress and compare them to the mail delivery standards chart in the delayed mail and packages section.

The delivery standard chart specifies when your item should be delivered and when you should email or call customer service about your package.

In case your item gets delayed due to weather-related events or natural disasters, you will see an “alert” status on your item.

  1. How can I leave delivery instructions?

If a package is eligible for the USPS Delivery Instructions service, you can provide instructions to USPS to:

  • Leave the package at your address
  • Send the item to a different address
  • Send the mail to your post office

On the USPS website’s tracking results page, click “change delivery instructions” to place your request. 

If you do not see the “change delivery instructions” link, your package is not qualified for this service.

  1. How do I access tracking information?

You can access your item’s delivery and tracking information depending on the mail class or add-on services you bought at the time of mailing. 

Whether you are the mailer or recipient, you can access this information and track your mail:

  • Online: Use the USPS Tracking service on the USPS website
  • By text: Send the tracking number to 28777 (2USPS). Standard data and message rates apply
  • By smartphone: Download the USPS Mobile app for Android and iOS devices
  • By phone: Contact USPS at 1-800-222-1811 to obtain tracking information. Operating hours are 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM, Eastern Time (ET) from Mondays to Fridays, and 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (ET)

You can also call 1-800-877-8339 if you need a teletypewriter or telecommunications device for the deaf (TTY or TDD)

  1. Can I receive automatic notifications?

Enter your package’s tracking number on the USPS Tracking web page to request notifications. 

Click “Text & Email Updates” link when available and follow the directions.

You can also read the instructions for requesting notifications on the USPS Text Tracking FAQs by sending a text message to 28777 (2USPS).

Text and email update requests are active for two weeks after your request.

  1. What if my item is received but not scanned as delivered?

If you did not get a delivery scan on a mailpiece, it does not necessarily mean the recipient did not receive the item. 

It is possible the delivery was successful, but the system did not capture the scan.

If you think this happened to your item, you can contact the sender or recipient to confirm the item’s delivery.

Suppose you sent a USPS Marketing Mail parcel, and there were no delivery scans in the system, but you know the package was delivered. You can request a refund for the USPS Tracking fee except for the postage.

  1. Where do I find my tracking number?

You can find your item’s tracking number:

  • On the bottom peel-off portion of the USPS Tracking label on your item
  • On your post office shipping receipt
  • In your email confirmation after shipping from
  • On your sales receipt, if you bought insurance from the post office
  • In the shipping confirmation email sent by an online retailer

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  1. United States Postal Service’s total mail volume from 2004 to 2021