FedEx 2-Day Shipping


November 10, 2022

In the fiscal year of 2021, FedEx delivered an average of 6.6 million packages daily. In 2020, this United States-based courier delivery company generated more than $69 billion in revenue.

One of the company’s delivery services contributing to these statistics is the FedEx 2-day shipping service.

What is FedEx 2-day shipping? Does it deliver on weekends? How much does this shipping option cost? Can you track your package through FedEx 2-day shipping?

This article discusses the FedEx 2-day shipping service, how it works, and its delivery options.

It also covers other topics like reducing shipping costs, tracking your shipment, comparing FedEx 2-day shipping with other delivery services, and whether FedEx 2-day shipping delivers on weekends.

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What Is FedEx 2-Day Shipping?

FedEx 2-day shipping service delivers your packages within two business days across the United States. This service has two delivery options based on how urgent you need to ship your packages:

  • FedEx 2Day: Delivers by the end of the second business day.
  • FedEx 2Day AM: Provides morning delivery on the second business day.

How Does the FedEx 2-Day Shipping Work?

Packages shipped through FedEx 2-day delivery arrive at their destination on or before a specific time on the second business day.

FedEx offers FedEx 2Day and FedEx 2Day AM options for shipments 150 pounds (lbs) or less. If the shipment exceeds 150lbs, the company recommends the FedEx 2Day Freight service.

To ensure your shipments reach their destination by the second business day, you must pack your shipment, attach a shipping label to it, and bring the package to FedEx on or before the latest drop-off time.

These cutoff times vary by location, so visit your local FedEx center or check its details on the FedEx website to know the store’s cutoff time.

FedEx 2-Day Delivery Details

When shipping packages through FedEx 2-day delivery, you must take note of the following details:

Ways to Get Your Packages to FedEx

FedEx provides the following locations where you can drop your packages:

  • FedEx Office
  • FedEx Ship Center
  • FedEx at Walgreens
  • FedEx at Dollar General
  • FedEx Office inside Walmart
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenter
  • FedEx Drop Box nearest to you

Shipping Notes

While you can sign up for an online FedEx account and use it for shipping, an account is not required to ship a package. Simply bring your parcel to a FedEx location near you.

If you ship using your account, you can create a shipping label online and select FedEx 2Day or FedEx 2Day AM in the Package & Shipment Details section.

Package Size and Weight

FedEx allows shipping packages weighing up to 150lbs each. The package should also not exceed 119 inches in length or 165 inches in combined length and girth dimensions.

Delivery Area

FedEx 2Day ships anywhere across the U.S., although delivery times to and from select locations in Alaska and Hawaii differ from those in the contiguous U.S.

Meanwhile, the FedEx 2Day AM service delivers to all states except Hawaii.


FedEx offers insurance to cover the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged packages based on their declared value. The first $100 of insurance is free of charge. However, you can purchase additional insurance if the package’s value is higher.

Choose From Morning or Afternoon Delivery Services

FedEx provides two options for its 2-day shipping services based on whether the package should be delivered in the morning or afternoon.

Morning Delivery

The FedEx 2Day AM service delivers your package in two business days, by 10:30 AM to U.S. businesses and by noon to residential locations. This option is suitable for shipping the following packages:

  • Urgent documents
  • Perishables
  • Lab samples for doctors’ offices

Afternoon Delivery

The FedEx 2Day shipping option gets your package to its destination on or before the end of the second business day.

Packages arrive by 4:30 PM in most areas and 8:00 PM at residential destinations. FedEx 2Day is ideal for shipping the following items:

  • Professional documents
  • E-commerce purchases
  • Luxury items
  • Automotive parts

FedEx 2Day allows online retailers to remain competitive since eCommerce shoppers usually want to receive orders quickly but do not necessarily want to pay for overnight shipping.

FedEx 2Day AM Delivery Options and Limitations

The FedEx 2Day AM option has the following delivery features:

  • Delivery is available from Monday to Friday.
  • Packages get delivered to all 50 U.S. states.
  • Packages delivered to some locations in Alaska and Hawaii arrive by 10:30 AM on the third business day.
  • Deliveries to commercial destinations in service areas that FedEx categorizes as A1, A2, A4, A7, and AA arrive in two business days by 10:30 AM.
  • Packages delivered to commercial locations in service areas that FedEx categorizes as A3, A5, A8, and AM arrive in two business days by noontime.

The maximum declared value for packages are the following:

  • $50,000: FedEx pak, FedEx box, FedEx tube, and FedEx customer packaging
  • $500: FedEx envelope

FedEx 2-Day Shipping Delivery Times: How Long Does FedEx 2-Day Shipping Take?

The following sections explain the delivery times for FedEx 2-day shipping and how long this service takes.

Does 2-Day Shipping Mean It Will Arrive in Two Days?

When shipping a package using FedEx 2-day shipping, the delivery time starts counting from the day you hand over your package to FedEx.

If you drop off your FedEx 2Day AM package on Wednesday before the cutoff time, expect the shipment to arrive on Friday morning. In this case, your package arrives in two days.

However, if you drop off your package after the cutoff time, FedEx will ship your package the next day. So if you send your parcel on Monday after the cutoff, the package will arrive on Thursday.

Does 2-Day Shipping Include Weekends?

The following topics cover FedEx 2-day shipping’s weekend deliveries:

Does FedEx 2-Day Deliver on Saturday? Yes, Except for Sunday Delivery

FedEx accepts and delivers packages from Monday to Friday. However, Saturday delivery is also available for an additional charge in certain locations. 

Visit a FedEx office near you to know if they accept Saturday deliveries.

Does FedEx Hold at Location Offer Saturday Delivery? Yes, via Express Services

FedEx Hold at Location allows customers to pick up packages at a date, time, and place based on their preference. This option is not a residential delivery service. However, customers can collect their packages on weekends.

Since this service does not cost additional fees, you can save on shipping expenses. FedEx Hold at Location is a commercial delivery service costing less than residential delivery because you do not need to pay last-mile fees.

FedEx Hold at Location Is Available With Weekend Delivery Using the Following Express Shipping Services

  • FedEx 2Day: Pick up your shipment by noon of the scheduled delivery date from Monday to Friday, with Saturday delivery available.
  • FedEx 2Day AM: Pick up your package by 9:30 AM on the scheduled delivery date from Monday to Friday, including Saturday deliveries.

FedEx Is One of the Most Commonly Used Services Available for Weekend Delivery

As of January 2020, the FedEx Ground service enables online sellers to deliver packages to residential customers any day of the week, including Sundays previously reserved for the peak holiday shopping season.

Calculating 2-Day Shipping Costs: How Much Does 2-Day Shipping Cost?

The following factors determine FedEx’s 2-day shipping costs:

  • The delivery time on the second business day: Deliveries typically have lower shipping costs when the delivery time is later in the day. In this case, FedEx 2Day deliveries cost less than FedEx 2Day AM shipments.
  • The shipment’s delivery address or distance to the destination: Packages usually cost more the farther they need to be shipped. Additionally, the more zones your package must cross to arrive, the higher the shipping cost.

For example, shipping to a Zone 1 destination (1–150 miles away) will cost less than shipping to Zone 2 location (150–300 miles away).

  • Packaging type and package weight, size, and density: Heavier or bigger packages typically cost more than lighter ones. 

You can use complimentary FedEx Express packaging for your FedEx 2Day and FedEx 2Day AM shipment. Dimensional weight is not used for FedEx Express packaging.

However, a FedEx box has a minimum billable weight of two pounds, while a FedEx tube’s billable weight is nine pounds.

If you use your own packaging, your charge will be based on the package’s dimensional weight (dim weight) or actual weight, whichever is greater.

Dim weight is associated with the package’s density, the space a package occupies relative to its actual weight.

Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Cost

FedEx offers the following ways to lower your shipping expenses:

  • Sign up for a FedEx account and get a 30% discount on FedEx Express shipping rates.
  • Use FedEx One Rate to ship with free packaging and a flat rate. With a flat rate, you do not need to weigh your package as long as it is under 50lbs.
  • If you can trade speed for cost savings, consider FedEx Ground to send packages to businesses or FedEx Home Delivery for residential destinations.
  • If your recipient can wait for your shipment one more day, consider FedEx Express Saver. This service is a cost-efficient way to deliver packages in three days.
  • Subscribe to My FedEx Rewards to receive perks and discounts when you ship.

Multiple FedEx 2-Day Shipments to the Same Destination

When sending two or more packages to the same destination from the same origin, consider utilizing multiweight pricing on your account.

FedEx can treat multiple two-day deliveries as one shipment to simplify shipping and save you money. This feature is also convenient because the process is automatic.

How Much Does FedEx Saturday Delivery Cost?

FedEx 2Day, FedEx First Overnight, and FedEx Priority Overnight deliveries have additional charges for Saturday shipping. These services charge a $16 flat fee per package.

Track Your 2-Day Shipment

Consider the following information to help you track your FedEx 2-day shipments:

Are You Expecting a Package?

If you are receiving a shipment, you can track your package through FedEx’s one-click tracking system. You can track your shipment using its tracking number, reference number, or TCN (transportation control number).

Another method is to use the FedEx delivery manager. This tool can help you organize your deliveries, receive alerts, and provide specific delivery instructions.

Are You Shipping Multiple Packages?

For shipping multiple packages, FedEx’s advanced tracking allows you to get more visibility and details on deliveries.

Packaging for 2-Day Shipments

When choosing to package for FedEx 2-day shipments, consider the following options:

Free FedEx Express Packaging

FedEx offers 12 white packaging options for your shipments, including envelopes, tubes, paks, and boxes that come in small to extra-large sizes.

If you have no FedEx Express packaging for your shipment, you can ship with your own packaging.

Visit a FedEx office near you if you need help packing. Their experts can pack your shipment for a fee.

Cold Shipping Boxes

If you need to ship items that must stay cold for at least two days, FedEx provides cold shipping boxes for FedEx 2Day AM deliveries.

These boxes maintain a temperature of two to eight degrees Celsius (35.6–46.4°F) for 48 to 96 hours, depending on outside temperatures.

Customers can order FedEx’s easy-to-use shipping boxes online. For more information on FedEx’s cold shipping features, call the company’s cold shipping hotline at 1-888-817-9993 (for U.S. shipping) or 1-813-612-6010 (for international shipping).

Do You Need Your Packages and Freight Shipments Over 150 Pounds Delivered in Two Days?

Choose FedEx 2Day Freight if you need the right mix of speed and cost for shipments exceeding 150lbs. This service has the following details:

  • Delivery time: FedEx 2Day Freight delivers your packages in two business days, from Mondays to Fridays. Most shipments arrive by noon.

    This service also has Saturday pickup and delivery for an additional charge and is available in many locations.
  • Weight limit and maximum package size: You can ship individual skids (packages with support platforms) over 150lbs.

    However, skids over 2,200lbs or measuring more than 70 inches high, 119 inches long, and 80 inches wide need prior approval.
  • Delivery area: Freight delivery is available across all 50 states. For Hawaii deliveries, service is available to and from Oahu island only.

FedEx 2-Day vs. USPS Priority

When shipping multiple packages, consider getting a service that offers the best price-to-performance ratio.

Some individuals who want to ship at a low cost may choose USPS Priority Mail. However, FedEx 2-day shipping provides a fast delivery service that is worth a look for your needs.

Which Service Is the Fastest?

USPS Priority Mail offers a one- to three-day delivery for shipments sent across the U.S., and provides an accurate estimate of when the package arrives at the destination.

Meanwhile, FedEx 2-day shipping provides guaranteed delivery on the second business day. You can choose between a morning or an afternoon delivery. 

A Saturday delivery option is also available at an additional cost.

Which Service Is the Cheapest?

Although a little slower than FedEx 2-day shipping, USPS Priority Mail is sometimes the cheaper option. To compare, suppose you are sending an envelope from New York to California. As of August 2022, the estimated prices are as follows:

  • USPS Priority Mail 2-Day flat rate envelope: $26.95
  • FedEx 2Day One Rate envelope: $26.75
  • FedEx 2Day AM One Rate envelope: $43.65

What Service Is the Best Option?

There is no definite winner between USPS Priority Mail and FedEx 2-day shipping. While the FedEx option is faster, it can also cost more.

However, one significant area where FedEx 2-day shipping has an advantage is that it can ship packages of up to 150lbs. On the other hand, USPS Priority can only ship up to 70lbs.

So choose FedEx 2-day shipping when sending heavier packages.

UPS 2nd Day Air vs. FedEx 2-Day Cost Comparison

If you wish to send packages through the UPS (United Parcel Service) 2nd Day Air, one consideration is to compare its price with FedEx 2-day shipping.

Suppose you ship a five-pound package from New York to California using medium box packaging. The following estimated rates are as follows:

  • UPS 2nd Day Air: $71.86
  • UPS 2nd Day Air AM: $81.60 
  • FedEx 2Day: $78.68
  • FedEx 2Day AM: $93.88

Other FedEx Shipping Services

If you need other FedEx services aside from FedEx 2-day shipping, consider the following options:

  • FedEx Overnight: Fast and reliable next-day delivery
  • FedEx Express Saver: Cost-effective delivery in three days
  • FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery: Economical delivery options
  • FedEx International Priority: International delivery in one to three days

Shipping Packages and Envelopes in the U.S.

Aside from the FedEx 2Day and FedEx 2Day AM services, FedEx provides the following options when sending envelopes and packages within the U.S.:

  • FedEx SameDay: For urgent shipments that must be delivered on the same day
  • FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, and FedEx Standard Overnight: For packages to be delivered on the next business day by morning, noon, or evening
  • FedEx Express Saver: For shipments that must be delivered in three business days, by afternoon to businesses or evening to residential locations
  • FedEx Ground: For affordable shipping to businesses within one to five business days
  • FedEx Home Delivery: For sending shipments to residential destinations any day of the week

Shipping Packages and Envelopes From the U.S. to Another Country

The following options are for international shipping of envelopes packages from the U.S. to other countries:

  • FedEx International Next Flight: For shipments that must be sent within 24 hours on the next available flight for delivery to most international destinations
  • FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority Express, and FedEx International Priority: For packages that must arrive within one to three business days in up to 220 countries and territories
  • FedEx International Economy: For economical shipping that must be delivered in two to three business days to selected countries or in two to five business days to more than 215 countries and territories
  • FedEx International Ground: For packages that must be delivered to Canadian commercial and residential destinations in two to seven business days

Shipping Express Freight in the U.S.

FedEx freight services that deliver within the U.S. include the following:

  • FedEx SameDay Freight: For freight packages that must arrive within a few hours
  • FedEx First Overnight Freight: For freight shipments that should arrive by 9:00 AM the next business day
  • FedEx 1Day Freight, FedEx 2Day Freight, and FedEx 3Day Freight: For palletized freight that needs time-definite delivery to most U.S. locations in as little as one business day

Shipping Express Freight From the U.S. to Another Country

FedEx offers the following options for shipping freight to other countries from the U.S.:

  • FedEx International Next Flight: For critical freight shipments requiring the fastest delivery option by shipping them on the next available flight
  • FedEx International Priority Freight and FedEx International Economy Freight: For international shipments over 150lbs that must arrive as quickly as one business day
  • FedEx International Premium: For critical freight that could pose risks to safety, health, property, or the environment and require a safe shipping method


  1. What other options do I have for 2-day Shipping?

    If you need to ship a package through a two-day shipping service that should not necessarily arrive by a specific time, consider the following options:
  • FedEx Ground for delivering to commercial destinations
  • FedEx Home Delivery for shipping to residential locations

    Transit times can be one or two days for destinations near your location.
  1. What happens if FedEx 2-day shipping is late?

    You can request a refund or credit for your shipping charges if FedEx misses their published delivery time even by 60 seconds.

    This money-back guarantee applies to all shipments to all 50 states, whether the destination is commercial or residential.
  1. Is FedEx 2-day shipping delivered via air or ground?

    FedEx 2-day shipping typically gets sent by air. However, if you need this shipping service but do not require delivery by a specific time, you can choose FedEx Ground, especially for shipping to businesses.
  1. If I ship using a 2-day shipping service, why does it take three days?

    The company will ship your item the next day if you drop off your package in a FedEx store after the cutoff time. For example, a package dropped on Tuesday after the cutoff will ship on Wednesday and arrive on Friday.
  1. How do I change delivery times?

    If you are the shipper and want your item to arrive earlier than the shipping service’s published time, log in to your FedEx account to change your shipping speed. 

    You can also call 1-800-463-3339 to have the shipping cost adjusted.

    Another option is to use your account’s FedEx delivery manager for shipment customization. This service is beneficial if you are waiting to receive an item and want it delivered another time or held for pickup.
  1. Why should I use FedEx for weekend delivery?

    FedEx is among the largest couriers worldwide, and its weekend delivery service covers most of the continental United States. If you prefer guaranteed delivery anywhere in the country, even on weekends, consider FedEx as your courier of choice.

    The FedEx home delivery service provides a Sunday delivery option that can reach over 7,700 cities and towns across the U.S. and has no additional fees attached.

    On the other hand, FedEx’s weekend delivery allows customers to receive their packages on the weekend without waiting until Monday, allowing business owners to maximize their inventory turnover.


  1. Total Average Packages Delivered Daily by FedEx Express Between FY 2016 and FY 2021