FedEx Priority Overnight


November 13, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, on-time delivery isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. The demand for express shipping services has surged as customers expect immediate delivery for many products.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce business or need to send time-sensitive documents to an important correspondent, the reliability of your shipping partner can make or break your reputation.

Fortunately, carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx can help solve this problem with next-business-day delivery services. However, this article focuses on FedEx’s Priority Overnight offering and how it can enhance customer satisfaction and meet your shipping needs.

Are you looking for more information on express delivery services? Visit to find your area’s most convenient post office locations and speak to a postal service representative.

What Is FedEx Priority Overnight?

FedEx Priority Overnight is a variation of FedEx’s overnight package and freight shipping service that guarantees next-day delivery. Other service variations also include FedEx First Overnight and FedEx Standard Overnight.

The difference between FedEx’s overnight shipping options is the delivery time. For instance, FedEx Priority Overnight promises a shipping window to most contiguous U.S. addresses as early as 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM to some rural areas.

On the other hand, FedEx’s First Overnight service offers guaranteed next-day delivery from 8 AM to 2 PM. At the same time, FedEx Standard Overnight ships to a delivery address the following day by 4:30 PM to businesses and 8 PM to residences.

Is Priority the Same As Overnight?

In the context of FedEx, “priority” generally refers to a type of express shipping service. On the other hand, “overnight” means a commitment to next-business-day delivery. 

FedEx combines these terms to form its Priority Overnight service, which offers a fast overnight delivery option.

Other carriers, like the United States Parcel Service (USPS), often use the same naming convention. For instance, USPS’s “Priority” Mail Express service is an expedited shipping option offering next-day delivery.

How Does FedEx Priority Overnight Work?

FedEx’s Priority Overnight service operates on a straightforward principle: 

  • First, FedEx picks up your package, or you drop it off at one of its facilities before the cutoff time. Note that cutoff periods for FedEx Priority Overnight mailpieces vary by location. It’s best if you call your local store for more information.
  • Next, FedEx will process the parcel and transport it across its distribution network overnight.
  • The mail item arrives in the destination area’s nearby FedEx holding or sorting center.
  • Finally, FedEx will deliver the package to the mailing address within the shipping window. In this case, 10:30 AM to business addresses, noon to residences, and 4:30 PM to rural areas.

Getting Started: Your Guide to Domestic Shipping With FedEx Priority Overnight

If you need a FedEx overnight service that guarantees one-day delivery across the United States, FedEx Priority Overnight is the way to go. Fortunately, overnighting a package with this service is straightforward.

That said, there are some things to consider, including the following: 

Shipping Packages and Envelopes in the U.S.

Overnighting packages and envelopes are available to the 48 contiguous states. While FedEx’s Priority Overnight service also ships to Hawaii and Alaska, the delivery areas are limited to Oahu and some ZIP codes.

Additionally, whether it’s a small envelope or a large package, FedEx accepts Monday to Friday overnight shipments and Saturday pickups. However, the delivery of FedEx Priority Overnight mail items may only be available in some areas with additional charges.

Package Dimensions and Weights

Unlike USPS’ overnight delivery service, FedEx lets you ship a package up to 150 pounds each instead of 70 pounds. The package dimensions must be within 119 by 165 inches plus girth (L+2W+2H).

FedEx also charges shipping fees based on the parcel’s dimensional weight (DIM). If your package’s DIM exceeds its actual weight, you’ll pay the shipping cost of the former.

To calculate the DIM, multiply the mailpiece’s length by its width and height in centimeters. Lastly, divide the result by 5,000. Alternatively, you can use FedEx’s dimensional weight calculator to smoothen the process of calculating the DIM and ensure accurate pricing.

Service Features

FedEx Priority Overnight has various service features that enhance convenience and flexibility. These features include tracking, allowing you to monitor your package’s status throughout its journey.

Additionally, FedEx provides free packaging for your overnight mail items, such as envelopes, paks, tubes, and boxes, ranging from small to extra-large. FedEx also offers cold shipping boxes if your package requires a consistent temperature.


While FedEx Priority Overnight is an efficient shipping service, it’s essential to understand that some restrictions, such as dangerous goods and items you cannot transport, may apply.

For more information on FedEx’s shipping restrictions and prohibited items, visit its official website or contact a postal service representative. Find your area’s local post offices using’s facility locator tool.

FedEx Priority Overnight Details and Delivery Options

Understanding the intricacies of FedEx’s Priority Overnight service is essential for efficient and reliable shipping. From delivery timeframes to shipping costs, this article explores FedEx Priority Overnight’s various delivery options and service features.

What Time Does FedEx Priority Overnight Arrive?

With FedEx, delivery times may vary depending on the specific destination address and the level of service you paid for. The delivery window for FedEx Priority Overnight packages to business addresses is 10:30 AM.

On the other hand, FedEx transports shipments to residential addresses by noon and around 4:30 PM to rural areas throughout the country.

Mid-morning Delivery

Unlike FedEx’s other overnight shipping options that deliver parcels as early as 8 AM in the morning and as late as 8 PM, FedEx Priority Overnight offers mid-morning deliveries.

FedEx Overnight Shipping on Sunday

While FedEx extends its services to include Sunday delivery to over 50% of the U.S. population, Priority Overnight isn’t one of them. FedEx Home Delivery is the only shipping option available on Sundays.

However, delivery times and schedules may vary depending on the location. To get up-to-date information on FedEx’s delivery policies, visit the official website or contact FedEx customer support at 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GoFedEx).

Conversely, you can inquire about which carriers and courier services operate at your local post office during the weekends and holidays. You can use’s facility locator tool to find post offices in your area.

What Is the Latest Drop Off Time for FedEx Overnight? What Is the FedEx Overnight Cutoff Time?

To ensure FedEx processes and ships your packages on schedule, you must familiarize yourself with the carrier’s drop-off and overnight cutoff times. Schedules vary depending on the FedEx location and local operating hours.

If your business customers tend to place orders during off hours, consider FedEx’s Extra Hours option. This service lets you drop off FedEx Ground mail items after the overnight cutoff while ensuring next-business-day shipping.

It’s best to check with your local FedEx retail location or visit the FedEx website at to determine the latest drop-off and cutoff times for FedEx overnight services.

Calculate Your Priority Overnight Shipping Costs

Several factors influence the cost of overnighting a package, including the parcel’s weight, size, and destination address. The harder it is for FedEx to transport a mail item, the higher the shipping cost.

To give you an idea of the fees you can expect to pay using the FedEx Priority Overnight service, here are some scenarios:

  • You’re overnighting a 75-pound package to a location within 50 miles.
  • Your package weighs 150 pounds, and you’re sending it over 1,800 miles away.

In the first scenario, shipping through FedEx’s Priority Overnight service to a FedEx Zone 2 (0 to 150 miles) location is $213.09. The expected delivery fee for a 150-pound parcel to Zone 8 (over 1,800 miles) is $1,548.

Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Cost

With customers preferring fast shipping options, you must offer this service to keep your business competitive despite the additional costs. However, there are strategies to help minimize your overnight delivery expenses, including the following:

  • Open a FedEx account: Receive a 40% discount on FedEx Express shipping when you open an account. Go to its website to start the process and save on your delivery costs.
  • Use free package: As mentioned, FedEx offers free packaging on Priority Overnight shipments. While these envelopes and boxes have fixed sizes, you have several options that are better than buying your own.
  • Choose the right shipping service: Although FedEx’s Priority Overnight is an excellent express delivery choice, it isn’t the only one. FedEx’s Express Saver, FedEx 2Day, and FedEx One Rate can be suitable alternatives, as these services offer 1, 2, and 3-business-day delivery at flat rates or lower costs.
  • Use FedEx Standard Overnight: FedEx’s Standard Overnight service is an excellent option for next-day shipping. This service still guarantees overnight delivery and is generally cheaper than Priority Overnight.

However, FedEx Standard Overnight’s delivery windows occur from late afternoon to evening. Contact FedEx’s customer service or visit a local post office using’s locator tool for more information on reducing shipping costs. 

Sending Multiple Overnight Shipments?

It’s worth exploring FedEx’s multiweight pricing if you frequently send multiple overnight shipments. This service provides better rates for multiple shipments to the same destination area.

If you’re transporting packages that exceed FedEx’s standard overnight delivery guidelines, consider its overnight freight services, such as LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping, which allows you to share the delivery cost with other shippers.

Tracking Your Priority Overnight Shipment

Tracking your FedEx Priority Overnight shipment is straightforward and hassle-free as FedEx provides a tracking tool. Enter your overnight package’s unique tracking number and begin receiving up-to-date information about its status and location.

Is FedEx Priority Overnight Reliable?

With a history dating 1973, FedEx has established a reputation for its reliable shipping services. FedEx Priority Overnight is no exception. FedEx ensures the reliability of your shipments or your money back.

However, with an average daily package volume of 16.5 million, some parcels may get delayed or lost. Fortunately, with FedEx’s advanced tracking tool, you receive real-time shipment information.

FedEx Standard Overnight vs. FedEx Priority Overnight

While both services offer next-business-day delivery, the critical difference lies in the delivery commitment time. FedEx Priority Overnight guarantees mid-morning delivery, whereas FedEx Standard Overnight delivers by the end of the business day.

Which Is Faster FedEx First Overnight or Priority Overnight?

FedEx First Overnight is one of the fastest overnight shipping options that FedEx offers. Unlike FedEx Priority Overnight, First Priority delivers as early as 8 AM on the next business day. In comparison, FedEx Priority Overnight guarantees mid-morning delivery.

Benefits of Using FedEx Overnight Shipping Services

Whether you’re sending an essential document to a correspondent or operating an eCommerce business catering to thousands of customers, utilizing FedEx overnight shipping services offers several benefits, including the following:

  • Fast and reliable delivery: Overnight delivery is vital for time-sensitive shipments and customer satisfaction. With FedEx, you can rest easy knowing your packages reach their destination on time.
  • Extensive network coverage: With FedEx’s extensive network of over 2,200 offices and 1,950 express stations, you can ship anywhere in the U.S. and internationally, including remote areas and rural communities.
  • Advanced tracking capabilities: FedEx’s tracking system lets you monitor your shipments in real time, providing transparency and visibility throughout the shipping process.
  • Flexible delivery options: FedEx offers multiple overnight shipping options, weekend deliveries in select areas, and various pickup service options to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Shipping solutions for businesses: FedEx provides tailored shipping solutions for eCommerce businesses, such as its multiweight pricing feature, allowing for seamless integration and streamlined operations.


  1. What is FedEx overnight shipping?

FedEx overnight shipping refers to the expedited shipping services offered by FedEx, guaranteeing next-business-day delivery for time-sensitive shipments.

  1. What is FedEx Standard Overnight?

FedEx Standard Overnight is a variation of FedEx’s overnight delivery, offering a cheaper express shipping option. However, the service has a late delivery window of 8 PM to residential addresses.

  1. What about FedEx First Overnight?

FedEx First Overnight is the fastest overnight shipping option offered by FedEx, delivering as early as 8 AM on the next business day.

  1. Can I overnight a letter?

FedEx’s overnight shipping services let you send a document under 8 ounces the following business day at a flat rate.

  1. What is the fastest overnight shipping option?

FedEx First Overnight guarantees the fastest overnight delivery, as early as 8 AM, to most areas in the contiguous U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.

  1. Can I overnight a package on the weekend?

You can overnight a package on the weekend through FedEx’s overnight delivery services. However, doing so comes with additional costs and may only be available in select areas.

  1. Is FedEx one-day shipping, overnight shipping, and same-day shipping the same thing?

FedEx’s one-day, overnight, and same-day shipping are different services. One-day shipping and overnight shipping guarantees delivery by the next business day. On the other hand, same-day shipping ensures delivery on the day you drop off a package.

  1. How much does it cost to overnight a letter?

The cost of overnighting a letter with FedEx depends on your chosen overnight service and the distance that letter will travel for successful delivery.

For instance, sending a letter between 151 and 300 miles through FedEx Priority Overnight costs $36.72. The same letter traveling between 601 and 1,000 miles costs $50.14.

If you want more information on the cost of overnight packages and documents, visit FedEx’s official website or contact their customer support hotline at 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GoFedEx).

You may also inquire about overnight shipping services from the post office. Use’s facility locator tool to narrow down the over 31,000 postal offices to your area’s convenient locations.


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