UPS Tracking by Address


January 18, 2023

Do you need to track your parcel? Finding the information about your package can be a hassle, but if you know where to look, it is easy. It all depends on the shipping company you use. 

This article helps you figure out how to track your UPS package, with or without the tracking number.

It also addresses all your questions about UPS tracking, from how the company’s tracking works to whether it is possible to track a package without a tracking number.

Post offices usually carry packages, so it may be worth asking your local post office if you are looking for a particular parcel.

Are you looking for a specific post office near you? Try checking out This website can provide information about all 31,330 post offices in the United States and pinpoint the location of the one closest to you.

Can You Track a UPS Package by Address?

You can track your UPS package by signing up for UPS My Choice.

This service lets you track packages shipped through UPS.

  1. Register an account with UPS My Choice.
  2. Log in to the UPS website by clicking “Login” at the top of any page.
  3. Go to the “Tracking” tab on your account page.

If you have packages delivered to your address, UPS will associate them with your account so that you can track them.

  1. Click on the tracking number linked with the package you want to track.

Another way to track a package without using its tracking number is by setting up an Informed Delivery account with USPS (United States Postal Service).

This account lets you view and track the progress of your mail piece and packages digitally. Best of all, it is free.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating an Informed Delivery account:

  1. Begin by setting up a free USPS account.
  2. Sign up for “Informed Delivery,” by visiting the “Sign Up For Free” section on the USPS website (
  3. Enter your address to see if you qualify for informed delivery.

If you qualify, log in to your USPS account and select “Informed Delivery” at the top of your profile page.

  1. Click “Enroll” and scroll down to the “Informed Delivery” box under the “Account Management” heading.
  2. To continue, check the boxes agreeing to the terms and conditions of Informed Delivery. 

Certify your address by typing it into a box and selecting “Enroll in Informed Delivery” from that page.

  1. Be sure to complete the identity verification questions.

Once you are done doing these steps, you can:

  • Use the Informed Delivery feature to track packages, including when these parcels are scheduled for arrival
  • View all incoming mail or packages on a secure online dashboard
  • View the grayscale images of mail addressed to you
  • Leave instructions for where to leave a package if you are not home
  • Schedule the item to be delivered again if you miss a delivery
  • Monitor your packages by setting up email or text alerts

If you are waiting for mail and need a tracking number, ask the sender to provide this detail. Doing this step allows you to track the package as it travels. Just remember that you cannot track a package by name.

How Does UPS Tracking Work?

The UPS attaches a barcode to each parcel it delivers.

UPS drivers and employees use barcode scanners to load parcels onto trucks or airplanes.

When a parcel is handled, the person who takes it can scan the barcode to see where the package came from and where it is going. Once the parcel is scanned, the UPS website updates its location immediately.

These scans are why a person can view the exact location of their package at any time.

If the package travels less than 200 miles from the sender, it is delivered by truck. Meanwhile, if a package needs to travel more than 200 miles, it is delivered by plane.

Packages sent by plane are automatically sorted at the UPS Worldport facility in Kentucky.

The parcel is scanned when it enters or leaves the building. The facility is equipped with machinery that monitors the package throughout its journey.

Sorters separate packages according to size and shape, making the bar codes easily visible. Meanwhile, scanners above the conveyor belts sort packages according to destination.

UPS Tracking by Reference

If you do not have a UPS tracking number and need to locate a package, you can use a reference number, like an order number or customer number.

UPS Tracking History

UPS’s tracking history feature lets you store up to 50 past tracking numbers.

With UPS My Choice, shippers can track and manage their packages online. UPS offers two options for home and business deliveries that want to track their packages:

  • UPS My Choice for Home Deliveries
  • UPS My Choice for Business

UPS “My Choice for Business” provides a dedicated dashboard where business owners can see all parcel tracking and UPS-branded tracking. 

The tool also lets businesses manage returns, expenses, and claims.

UPS offers “Quantum View” and “Flex Global View” to address more complex tracking issues for large companies.

These UPS tracking options offer a high level of visibility into the status of shipments throughout their transport, with customizable notifications and reporting.

UPS Postal Service Tracking ID

The U.S. Postal Service delivery confirmation number, also known as package identification code or PIC, is the barcode at the bottom of UPS Mail Innovations and SurePost labels.

If you know the PIC number associated with your package, you can enter it on the
USPS website to track or confirm delivery.

UPS Mail Innovations users can also track their packages on the UPS website ( using the same package identification code.

Where Is My UPS Package?

Tracking your UPS package lets you know its location at any given time.

First, Check for a UPS Info Notice

  1. UPS infonotice. Most likely, you may have missed the UPS delivery. 

A driver usually leaves a notice to tell you they made their first trip that day.

  1. What is the next step? Review the boxes on your delivery notice. 

These boxes tell you your shipment’s status when an attempt is made to deliver or pick up packages.

  1. More information. Still have questions about your delivery notice? Keep reading for answers to common concerns.

What Do Tracking Numbers Look Like?

The tracking number on a UPS shipping label is 18 characters long.

The first digit is 1, followed by the letter Z, and ends in a check digit.

For example, “1Z 888 BB1 12 3456 7895”. A check mark is used to verify that the UPS tracking number is typed correctly.

UPS also follows various tracking numbers, measuring between 7 to 20 characters.

Can You Track a UPS Package Even Without a Tracking Number?

If you do not have a tracking number, enter your reference number in the “Track by Reference” field on UPS’s main tracking page.

UPS can locate your package if you enter the reference number and the date your package was shipped.

If you are the package recipient, check if the sender gave you a reference number or tracking code.

How Do I Track a Package That Was Transferred From UPS to USPS?

UPS provides its customers with the new tracking numbers that USPS has created.

Below the “Shipment Progress” box that displays your package’s journey, there is an “Additional Information” box that can also display new information, including the USPS tracking number.

This number is displayed in a smaller font than the rest of the text, so it is easy to overlook.

Enter your UPS SurePost tracking number into the tracking field above and click the “Track Package” button to get combined tracking information from UPS and USPS.

UPS Tracking in Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Input the UPS tracking number to track the shipment of the parcel.

You can track your package using the tracking portal to help you find accurate updates from multiple carriers.

UPS tracking gives you real-time updates about the status of a package at every stage of its delivery.

UPS Freight Tracking

Use the PRO (progressive) or BOL (bill of lading) number to track your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipment. 

BOL is used in ocean shipping, while PRO number is used for surface freight transportation.

You can also use an online tracking application to help you track your LTL shipments.

How Do I Track UPS Surepost?

You can track your parcel the same way you can track a regular UPS shipment.

To track your package, copy the tracking number and place it into the tracking section of the UPS or the USPS website.

  1. Visit either the UPS store or the USPS website.
  2. Find the tracking section, which is located on your main page. Before pressing enter, you must copy and paste your tracking number into the given field.
  3. You can track the status of your shipment, including the date and time it was delivered.

What Is UPS Surepost?

UPS saves customers money and time by letting them ship USPS packages.

UPS SurePost is a service available for local U.S. residents only. UPS delivers to the final destination via USPS.

This service accelerates delivery and makes it possible to have parcels arrive directly at the receiver’s door or postbox.

To use this service, customers must sign a contract. Below are the requirements for users:

  • Your packages will be treated like express deliveries, so follow the company’s guidelines.

Nonmailable items will be returned to you.

  • UPS SurePost delivery has four types, depending on the cost and type of items being shipped.

“SurePost Bound Printed Matter” and “SurePost Media” are preferred for sending printed production, and each shipment should be one parcel.

Overall, the parcel size should be 130 inches at maximum. If you select either of the two shipping options mentioned above, it should not exceed 108 inches.

You should also note that measurements are in inches and pounds.

UPS SurePost tracking will be available in the UPS system. Once USPS processes this service, you can track it via their website.

If you have a parcel shipped via USPS, it is best to provide an instruction in case the shipment cannot be dispatched.

What Does My UPS Tracking Status Mean?

Shipment movement is automatically tracked by the barcode scanner each time you ship a package. Here is a breakdown of those common tracking statuses.

Label Created

The shipping company has received the sender’s shipment details and billing information.

The company is moving the package within its network. At this point, the courier will update you on your shipment’s status.

Shipped or on the Way

These statuses mean that the shipment has been received. The package is currently within the UPS network and will be delivered on a particular date.

Shipments can stay in this status until they are delivered.

If you are shipping a package long distance, it will not be scanned again until the parcel reaches its destination hub.

Out for Delivery

The UPS facility received the shipment and has passed it along to a driver, who will deliver this package locally.

Unless the sender has chosen a time-specific delivery service, packages are usually delivered between 9 AM and 7 PM.


UPS has delivered the shipment to its final destination and time-stamped it for proof.

For shipments that do not require a signature, the UPS driver will try to secure the package by keeping it out of plain sight and protected from weather conditions.

Delivered to a UPS Access Point

This status means that the selected UPS Access Point location has received the shipment, and it is ready to be picked up at your convenience.

Transferred to a UPS Post Office for Delivery

The shipper asked that the package be sent to a nearby post office to complete the delivery.

It is best if you allow an extra day or two in addition to the estimated delivery date.


The shipment is within the UPS network, but an unexpected error may delay the delivery of your package.

Exceptions to the shipping schedule will be noted in the tracking detail section of your order confirmation email.

When the estimated delivery date changes, it will be reflected in your tracking information.

I Have an Issue With My Package Delivery

If you have a damaged or lost parcel, UPS can investigate this issue. If they cannot find the parcel, you can file a claim. 

Some issues you can encounter with your package are: 

  • Your package shows delivered, but it is nowhere to be found
  • Your package was scanned several days ago, and it is late
  • Your package was damaged or broken in transit

 Report any problem you may experience, and follow up with UPS until it is resolved.

How Do I Contact UPS?

If you cannot resolve a problem with UPS, you can contact the company by email or phone number.

Depending on the nature of a customer’s problem, UPS has different lines for that purpose.

  • International shipping: 1-800-782-7892
  • Technical support: 1-877-289-6418
  • Domestic billing: 1-800-811-1648
  • LTL: 800-333-7400
  • Truckload: 888-682-4652
  • Air Freight: 800-443-6379
  • Ocean Freight: 800-350-8440
  • Import billing: 1-866-493-7140

About UPS

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is the biggest courier company in the world.

Originally known as the American Messenger Company, it was founded in 1907 and specialized in telegraphs before expanding into package delivery.

Today, this multinational shipping and supply chain management company is one of the world’s leading providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.

The company’s success is fueled by modern modes of transport, international commerce, and financial services.

Today, UPS is a customer-driven corporation led by an innovative workforce.

UPS offers a variety of shipping services to accommodate the needs of customers who ship all kinds and sizes of packages.

This company’s delivery services include UPS Ground shipping, express mail, and drop-offs at access points.

An essential benefit of UPS tracking is that it allows you to track your packages easily.

UPS assigns a unique tracking number to each package, beginning with “1Z”, so you can track your shipment as it moves through the UPS system.


  1. How do I know when I am going to receive my UPS package?

Use the tracking tool on the UPS website to find out when you can expect your package.

  1. How do you find your UPS tracking number without a receipt?

Here are some ways to check your UPS tracking number:

  • Double-check your confirmation email
  • Set up an account in UPS My Choice
  • Locate packages transferred to the post office by UPS
  • Use the “Track by Reference” feature on the UPS tracking page
  1. Can I choose the time of day I want my package delivered?

Shipments are delivered anytime between 9 AM and 7 PM to residences or by the end of the business day for commercial addresses.

UPS does not guarantee a specific delivery time on the day of your package’s arrival.

  1. How can I look for my past and incoming packages?

UPS My Choice members can view past and future deliveries and scheduled packages in a convenient calendar view.

  1. When will my package arrive?

Delivery is usually between 9 AM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Some residential deliveries come later in the day.

Business shipments arrive during regular business hours.

  1. My shipment says “out for delivery.” What time will I get my package?

Most packages marked as “out for delivery” are delivered by the end of the day.

  1. Where do I find the latest information on the location of my package?

You can find the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment on

  1. How late will UPS deliver?

UPS drivers can make deliveries as late as 9 PM. During the holiday season, drivers may deliver later than usual.

  1. My shipment says it has been delivered, but I cannot find it. Where is it?

During delivery attempts, the courier will try to leave your package in a safe place. 

Scan your property for the parcel and check any doors or porch areas where delivery people might have left it.

You should also check with any neighbors who may have picked up your package for you.

  1. My UPS parcel is missing. What should I do?

If the item you ordered failed to arrive or is damaged, you can contact the seller to begin a claim.

  1. Can I track ups international parcels?

UPS’s tracking service is offered to customers worldwide.

You can track a package shipped internationally by using the tracking number. Additionally, the UPS tracking portal provides accurate information about your packages using data from multiple carriers.


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