UPS Express Tracking


November 16, 2023

UPS (United Parcel Service) has over a hundred years of experience providing fast and reliable shipping services and supply chain solutions to millions of individuals and businesses across the globe.

In UPS’ century-old history, it’s delivered countless letters, packages, and some unusual mail items, from an iceberg chunk the size of a refrigerator to two whales. Yes. Whales!

But whether you send a traditional mailpiece or something whimsical and extraordinary, you may wonder how you can ensure your shipments get to where they need to go safely and on time.

Enter UPS Express tracking. This article tackles the intricacies of UPS’ delivery system and unravels the mysteries behind UPS’ exceptional and reliable mail delivery service.

Are you looking to leave your mark in the annals of shipping history by sending a unique package? Visit your local post office to determine what you can and cannot send through a delivery company. Find your area’s postal service facilities using’s locator tool.

About UPS: What Is UPS?

Through trial and error, UPS has continued to evolve and innovate to meet the ever-changing demands of shippers, from a modest six-bicycle messenger service in 1907 to the global leader in package delivery it is today.

With its guaranteed air and ground domestic transportation to time-definite international shipping options, UPS provides various services to meet every parcel delivery need for its roughly 11 million daily customers in over 220 countries.

UPS Subsidiary Companies

While UPS is known for its mail delivery services, it also offers supply chain solutions through its subsidiaries or daughter companies. Unfortunately, UPS’ United States and foreign subsidiaries fluctuate frequently.

However, according to the United Parcel Service, Inc’s 2019 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, some of its subsidiaries include the following:

BT Property Holdings, Inc.United Parcel Service General Services CoUnited Parcel Service France SAS
BT Realty II, Inc.United Parcel Service Italia SRLUPS Global Treasury PLC
BT Realty, Inc.UPS SCS (Nederland) B.V.UPS Ground Freight, Inc.
C.C. & E. I, L.L.C.United Parcel Service of America, Inc.UPS Grundstucksverwaltungs GmbH
Coyote Logistics, LLCUnited Parcel Service LLC & Co. OHGUPS Limited
Coyote Logistics Midco, Inc.United Parcel Service, Inc.UPS Parcel Delivery Service Limited
Marken LLPUPICO CorporationUPS SCS, Inc.
UPS Asia Group Pte. Ltd.UPINSCO, Inc.UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.United Parcel Service Deutschland S.à r.l. & Co. OHGUPS Worldwide Forwarding, Inc.
United Parcel Service Co.UPS Expedited Mail Services, Inc.X4i Limited

For more information on UPS’ daughter companies and their roles in helping UPS provide timely and reliable services, visit the official website at

Does UPS Have Express Delivery?

According to UPS, “express shipping” refers to its services that offer package delivery in two business days or less. Fortunately, UPS has a variety of these expedited options.

Here are domestic and international UPS services that fall into the category of express delivery:

Shipping OptionDelivery Time
UPS Next Day Air EarlyNext-day delivery as early as 8 AM
UPS Next Day AirNext-day delivery by 10:30 AM
UPS Next Day Air SaverNext-day delivery by the end of the day
UPS 2nd Day Air AMTwo-business-day delivery as early as 8 AM
UPS 2nd Day AirTwo-business-day delivery by the end of the day
UPS Express Critical2 to 12 hours delivery
UPS Worldwide Express PlusNext-day delivery to Canada as early as 8:30 AMTwo-business-day delivery by 9 AM to Europe
UPS Worldwide ExpressNext-day delivery to Canada and Mexico as early as 10:30 AMTwo-business-day delivery to Europe and Latin America by noon
UPS Worldwide SaverNext-day delivery to Canada and Mexico by the end of the dayTwo-business-day delivery to Europe and Latin America by the end of the day
UPS Worldwide ExpeditedNext- to two-day delivery to Canada and Mexico

Other UPS parcel delivery services may seem to qualify, such as UPS Ground with its 1- to 5-day delivery and UPS SurePost offering shipping within two to six business days. However, they don’t accurately fit UPS’ “express delivery” definition.

Are you looking for other expedited UPS delivery options? Visit the UPS website. Conversely, you can talk to a postal service representative at your local post office, which you can easily find using’s locator tool.

How Long Does Express UPS Shipping Take?

UPS Express refers to various urgent transportation options offering a delivery date of two or fewer days. Depending on your specific UPS Express service, you can expect delivery as early as two hours or as late as the end of the 2nd day.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturdays and Sundays?

Like other major carriers, such as USPS (United States Postal Service), FedEx (Federal Express), and DHL (Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn), UPS offers weekend deliveries.

UPS delivers residential and commercial packages from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, only residential shipping is available. Fortunately, there aren’t additional surcharges for residential weekend deliveries or if you use a UPS service with a scheduled Saturday pickup.

UPS Delivery Delay

While UPS offers express shipping services, snags can happen. Fortunately, you can rest assured that UPS is actively resolving the issue and ensuring your package reaches its intended destination as soon as possible.

Here are some potential reasons your shipment may experience delays:

  • Sortation delays: UPS personnel may occasionally misroute your package, resulting in a sortation delay.
  • International shipping delays: For international shipments, delays can occur due to customs clearance, weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Unexpected events: Life is unpredictable, as are the occasional unanticipated events such as natural disasters, accidents, or emergencies.
  • Service disruptions: Like any sophisticated system, UPS may experience rare disturbances due to technical issues or scheduled system maintenance.

How Late Will UPS United States Deliver?

While UPS’ delivery window is between 7 AM and 9 PM, how late you can expect a UPS driver to deliver a package depends on the specific service. For instance, the UPS Next Day Air option guarantees delivery around 10:30 AM, whereas Next Day Saver promises end-of-the-day shipping.

How Does UPS Tracking Work?

You may occasionally ship to a loved one or in high volume to your eCommerce customers. Whatever the case, monitoring your packages is essential in navigating potential and sometimes unforeseeable delays to ensure your mail items reach their intended recipient safely.

Fortunately, UPS provides the tools to help you accomplish this task. With UPS tracking, you get real-time updates on your parcel’s status, enhanced security with detailed information about its journey, and convenience through an accessible online tool or mobile app.

UPS Tracking by Reference

While other mail delivery providers also offer monitoring services, such as FedEx and USPS tracking, what sets UPS’ tool apart is that it lets you monitor up to 25 mailpieces simultaneously and by reference.

Tracking a package using a reference, such as a purchase order, customer number, or a phrase like “my Amazon orders,” allows you to do so without a UPS tracking number. Such is a convenient way to keep tabs on your parcels.

UPS Tracking History

With UPS shipment tracking, you can view up to 75 deliveries and save up to 50 tracking numbers to help you keep tabs on present and past shipping information.

UPS My Choice takes your tracking ability even further by giving you control over incoming and outgoing packages with returns and claims management tools, rerouting options, and update notifications.

UPS Tracking: How Do I Track a UPS Package?

Keeping track of a UPS package is straightforward with these simple steps:

  1. Visit the UPS website: Use your computer’s web browser or the mobile app and visit the UPS tracking page.
  2. Enter your parcel’s tracking number: In the “Track” field, type your package’s tracking number. You can provide up to 25 tracking numbers simultaneously, allotting one line per shipment. Additionally, you can select the “Track by Reference Number” option to do as implied.
  3. Begin tracking: Once you’ve entered the tracking number, hit the “Track” button. This action will trigger the UPS system to retrieve the latest status of your package and display it on your screen.
  4. Explore other options: Monitoring a package doesn’t end with the UPS tracking page. You have alternative methods to watch your parcels, such as assigning them references for easier lookup and setting notifications to receive live status updates.

Right-Sized Tracking Solutions

UPS understands that individuals and businesses have unique tracking needs, offering various tracking systems suitable for any situation. Some of UPS’ tracking solutions include the following:

  • UPS Trackpad: If you’re looking for a cutting-edge shipment monitoring option that provides live updates and lets you resolve potential receiving, transport, and delivery issues, choose UPS Trackpad.

This tracking service has a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility and detailed parcel information. You can also tailor it to your specific shipping scope and needs.

  • UPS My Choice: UPS My Choice is a two-level membership-based program. The “basic” membership provides the features you’d expect from a tracking tool, plus benefits like the ability to specify where to leave a package or authorize its release to a different recipient.

The “premium” option gives you the upsides of the basic membership and more control over your shipments. The advantages of the premium UPS My Choice solution include the option to reschedule, redirect, and upgrade deliveries.

For more information on UPS’ tracking solutions, visit the official UPS website or call its customer service hotline at 1-888-742-5877 or 1-800-742-5727 for domestic and international shipping inquiries, respectively.

UPS Tracking Number

Whenever you ship an item through UPS, it assigns your parcel a unique identifier of letters and numbers. You can use these details to track a parcel’s status and progress throughout its journey.

It’s worth noting, however, that while you can also monitor UPS Freight Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments using their tracking numbers, they’re not affiliated with UPS or its subsidiaries.

LTL services are perfect when you have pallets of moving freight or shipments larger than 150lbs.

UPS Tracking Number Format

UPS tracking numbers come in various formats, depending on the shipment type. However, they generally appear in the following configurations:


UPS Number Rules

You’ll likely receive a “1Z” UPS tracking number when you mail a package through UPS. These 18-digit tracking numbers follow specific sequencing rules. To explain, let’s break down this sample tracking number:

1Z – 999999 – 01 – 23456789
  • UPS tracking numbers generally start with the “1Z” prefix.
  • Following the prefix, there are six digits, which represent the shipper’s account number.
  • After the account number, UPS assigns a 2-digit code, indicating the UPS service level.
  • The remaining digits are the package’s unique identifier.

The UPS service level indicator is a 2-character code representing the specific UPS package delivery service. For instance, “01” indicates UPS Next Day Air, while “42” means you’re shipping through UPS Ground with signature confirmation.

For additional information on UPS tracking number formats and configuration rules, visit the UPS website or call 1-888-742-5877 or 1-800-742-5727 for domestic and international shipping inquiries, respectively.

UPS Postal Service Tracking ID

The UPS postal service delivery confirmation number or package identification code (PIC) is crucial in tracking UPS Mail Innovations and SurePost mailpieces.

You can find your PIC number within the USPS barcode at the bottom of your UPS Mail Innovations or SurePost shipping label. This number typically uses the following format:


Like UPS’ “1Z” tracking numbers, PIC identifiers follow specific numbering rules wherein it begins with the “MI” prefix, followed by a 6-digit customer number, then up to 22 alphanumeric characters representing the package.

Unlike UPS’ standard tracking numbers, you can use PIC numbers to track and verify the delivery status of your packages from either the UPS and USPS tracking tool or a postal service representative. Find your area’s nearest post office by visiting

Where Can I Find My UPS Tracking Number?

Finding your UPS tracking number is a straightforward process, and it can be located in several places for your convenience. Here are the typical locations to find your UPS tracking number:

  • Shipping receipt: The shipping receipt you receive when you send your package is the first place to find your UPS tracking number.
  • Email confirmation: You’ll receive a confirmation message when you ship a parcel through the UPS website. This email will include your tracking number, ensuring you can access it when needed.
  • Outer package: The tracking number will also be available on the outside packaging of your UPS mailpiece. It will also be included in the package’s shipping label.

UPS Tracking Status: What Does the Tracking Update Mean for My UPS Parcel?

Tracking your UPS parcel is essential to the shipping process as it provides real-time updates on your package’s journey. Here are the various tracking status updates you may encounter and what they mean for your UPS parcel:

Label Created

A “Label Created” status indicates that your shipment details and billing information are in UPS’ system. Expect the message to change once your package moves within UPS’ shipping network.

Shipped or on the Way

When your package shows a “Shipped” or “On the Way” message, it’s already traveling through the UPS network. At this stage, your package will have a scheduled delivery date.

Out for Delivery

When the status shows “Out for Delivery,” your package is at the destination’s local UPS facility. A UPS driver then takes it for final delivery. Note that the shipping window will depend on the UPS service you’ve gotten for the parcel.


The “Delivered” status message indicates that your UPS package arrived at its intended destination. If your mail delivery option doesn’t come with signature confirmation, the UPS driver will leave the mailpiece, usually on the front porch or away from the elements.

Delivered to a UPS Access Point

If you chose a UPS Access Point location as your delivery option, the status will show “Delivered to a UPS Access Point.” The package is now ready for pick up from the selected access point at your convenience.

Transferred to a UPS Post Office for Delivery

With UPS Mail Innovations packages and other UPS-USPS collaboration services, the destination’s local post office handles the final delivery. This status message will appear in these instances.


If unexpected errors or issues occur during transit, the status will show “Exception.” In these scenarios, UPS will provide a revised delivery date. It will also include the reason for the exception in the “Shipment Progress” section of the Tracking Detail page.

How Do I Contact UPS About Tracking?

Whether you prefer speaking with a customer care representative directly or exploring tracking details alone, UPS offers reliable customer care services to help you with each process.

Here are the different ways you can contact UPS regarding your tracking inquiries:

UPS Customer Care

If you have concerns regarding package tracking, you can contact UPS’ domestic customer care hotline at 1-888-742-5877. For international shippers, call 1-800-742-5727.

UPS also provides a customer service hotline for individuals with hearing impairments. For TTY (TeleType) or TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) access, call 1-800-833-0056.

UPS Official Website

For self-service options and more information about tracking your UPS package, visit UPS’ customer help and support center. You can also visit the UPS Store website and locate the contact information of the specific UPS facility handling your package.


  1. Can I track UPS international parcels? And, if yes, how can I do so?

UPS’ tracking tool lets your monitor domestic and international packages. To begin, visit the UPS tracking page and provide your parcels’ tracking information or reference.

  1. How can I track the delivery speed of my UPS package?

Once you’ve entered a package’s tracking number into UPS’ tracking system, it will provide detailed information about your parcel, including the scheduled delivery date and current location.

  1. How do I track a package UPS transferred to USPS?

If UPS transfers your mailpiece to the Postal Service, you may still be able to track it with UPS’ tracking service. Otherwise, you can use USPS’ monitoring tool.

  1. What tracking information will a tracking site give me about my UPS parcel?

You may receive various information depending on the website you’re using to monitor your package’s journey. With UPS’ tracking service, expect status and location updates, delivery dates, delivery confirmation, and other details like special handling instructions.

  1. Why is my UPS tracking number not working?

There can be various reasons your parcel’s tracking number isn’t working or receiving updates, such as an incorrect tracking number, courier delay, or technical issues with UPS’ monitoring system.

  1. How can I monitor my UPS package if I lose the receipt?

If you lose your shipping receipt, don’t worry. UPS typically sends confirmation emails, which include your package’s tracking number, when you ship through them. If you didn’t receive an email, contact UPS’ customer service hotlines.

  1. Can I track UPS deliveries made on Sundays?

As mentioned, UPS provides weekend deliveries, including Sundays. In other words, you can track UPS packages scheduled to arrive on Sundays. 

  1. UPS tracking shows a delivered status, but I didn’t receive the package. What should I do?

It can be frustrating to receive a UPS tracking update saying your package has been delivered, only to find it’s not at your doorstep. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to resolve this issue, including the following:

  • Check with your neighbors: UPS drivers may accidentally leave your package at your neighbors. UPS may also do so when it’s unsafe to drop it off at your address or if you’ve authorized them.
  • Wait a day: Sometimes, packages may be incorrectly marked as delivered, only to arrive the following day. Give it an extra day to see if the mailpiece shows up.
  • Contact UPS customer service: If your parcel hasn’t appeared several days after the scheduled delivery date, contact UPS and it may assist you with the next steps. 
  • File a claim: If all else fails and your mail item is still missing, you can file a claim with UPS. While the UPS claim process may take 8 to 15 days on average, it’s your best chance to resolve issues involving a potentially lost package.


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