USPS Change of Address Confirmation Letter


June 9, 2023

Moving to a new residence can be stressful. You have to deal with many processes before you can move in. One important detail involves changing your address in the United States Postal Service records. 

You may be asking yourself these questions:  how do you file a change of address (COA) request with the post office? How do you file for a COA for an overseas address? How much time do you need to file a change of address? How much would it cost to file a change of address? And how can you confirm your address after you’ve submitted your COA? 

This article will discuss how to change your address domestically or internationally and how long it takes to complete this process. This write-up will also expound on the costs of an address change and how to confirm a change of address after submitting the details. 

If you need help with changing addresses, you can ask the mail clerk at your local post office. To locate the nearest post office in your area, check out This website can be a helpful guide in locating all 31,330 post offices in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, California, New York, and other states in the U.S. 

Change of Address – The Basics: The Dynamic Change of Address System

You can change your address by visiting a local post office and requesting a PS Form 3575 or by sending a request online or via phone. 

Still, filling out hard copy forms is a popular way to change one’s official address. Individuals contemplating a move should consider their other options.

What Is the Mover’s Guide Online?

The Mover’s Guide is a packet that includes the change of address order or PS Form 3575 needed for the change of address process. This guide also has directions on completing the PS Form 3575 and some coupons offering discounts for additional moving services.

Change of Address Types: Individual, Family, or Business

You can fill out one of three address forms and submit it to the USPS: an individual, family, or business form.

  • Individual USPS Change of Address Form
  1. Single individuals: If you want to forward mail for yourself and no one else, use the individual USPS change of address (COA) form.
  2. Roommates: If you live in a household with roommates who have different last names and want their mail forwarded, you must file separate forms for each person.
  3. Family members: Individuals who share the same last name should each fill out a separate USPS change of address form if they move to different addresses.
  • Family USPS Change of Address Form

If all household members share the same last name and are moving to a single location, you can file one family form. 

  • Business USPS Change of Address Form

If you’re authorized to forward mail on behalf of your business, file a business change of address form.

Change of Address for Multiple People in a Household

  • If some family members are moving with you but others will be staying, complete a change of address form for every relocating individual using a singular alternative.
  • Suppose individuals with different last names will move with you, but others choose to stay behind. In that case, it is important that each person who moves files a change of address form individually.
  • Suppose your entire family with the same last name is moving to one location. In that case, you only have to fill out the family change of address form.

How Do You File a COA for an International Address?

It’s important to remember that you cannot submit a COA form online if you are not in the United States.

  • If you’re moving to another country, you must complete a change of address form at your local post office.
  • Suppose you fail to present a change of address before moving abroad. In that case, you can write a letter to your old post office in the U.S. and the postal foundation currently serving your new address or country.
  • The letter should contain all the relevant information on PS Form 3575 and any other details you should include.
  • If you are moving to the United States from another country, contact that nation’s postal organization.

Options to Change Your Address With USPS

You can change your address by submitting an online request form or completing PS Form 3575 at your local post office.

Online Address Change Request

Here is a step-by-step process for changing your address online:

  1. First, open your browser and navigate to
  2. Next, choose the “who is moving” option. Under that heading, decide who or what the address change is for:
    • Individuals
    • Family
    • Business
  3. Complete the contact information section. You must type your name, email address, and phone number to proceed.
  4. Select whether the new address is for a permanent move or a temporary move. Choose an option that best describes your move.
  5. Next, you need to specify when the forwarding will begin. The date you enter must not be more than 30 days before or three months after the move. All mail will be forwarded to your new address 7 to 10 days after your move date or the date of filing the change of address request.
  6. Include your old address information.
  7. Enter the address of your new home. Make sure that it is a valid address and include details such as apartment or suite number in case there is more than one unit at that location.
  8. To complete an online change of address, you need an active email account and a credit or debit card to pay the $1.10 service fee.

What Is Required to File a Change of Address Online?

You must complete or have these requirements to update your record on the USPS database.

  • A filled-out online form
  • A payment of $1.10 using a debit or credit card
  • Your email address
  • Eligible military addresses

Offline Method: PS Form 3575

You can complete and submit PS Form 3575 at your local post office. This form is usually available at any U.S. post office.

What Is Required to File a Change of Address by PS Form 3575 Submission?

  • Visit your local post office and pick up a Mover’s Guide packet. 
  • Follow all instructions as listed in the booklet. Note that there’s no fee required.
  • Use the Mover’s Guide to complete an international address change.

How Much Time Do You Have to Submit a Change of Address to USPS?

T’s  a change of address form two weeks before your move. Changing your address may take extra effort, but it is possible to do so at any time. When determining when mail forwarding will begin, you can choose a date as far back as 30 days before or up to 90 days after moving.

How Much Will It Cost to Submit a Change of Address?

The cost of changing your address will vary depending on your chosen method. It is free if you complete a change of address form in person. However, if you do it online or by phone, this process will require you to pay a $1.10 verification fee. 

Change of Address Confirmation: How Do You Confirm Your Address With USPS?

After scheduling a change of address (COA), USPS will send a letter to your old address. The letter is called a move validation letter (MVL) that confirms your move. 

Within five postal business days before the change of address (COA) start date, you will receive either a customer notification letter (CNL) or a USPS Welcome Kit at your new address. 

The confirmation code is located in the customer notification letter and welcome kit. Keep your copy of the confirmation code to make sure you can easily adjust or cancel your COA order. You’ll have to visit a post office if you lose the code and need to change or cancel the order.  

If you have submitted your change of address online, you will receive a change of address confirmation email containing the confirmation code. Because of privacy and security concerns, USPS does not issue duplicate confirmation letters unless special or unusual circumstances are involved. In such cases, a fee of $60 applies.

Confirming Your Change of Address Online

USPS offers an online system called Mover’s Guide to help movers officially change their address and begin receiving mail at their new location. At the bottom of the official change of address form, there’s an option to view, edit, cancel, or extend your change of address request.

You will need to enter your confirmation code and new ZIP code. The confirmation code is included in the COA confirmation email sent to you when you changed your address online. Suppose you completed PS Form 3575 at a post office. In that case, the confirmation number will be on your customer notification letter or welcome kit.

Confirming Your Change of Address at a Post Office

The confirmation code is a quick way to review and edit your change of address form online. You can also seek help from your local post office to make adjustments to your change of address request.

How Do You Check if Your Address Has Been Changed?

You can request to check postal records by visiting your local post office. Ask the postal clerk to check your file and see if a change of address was made in your name.

How to Receive a USPS Change of Address Confirmation Letter by Yourself

Use one of the abovementioned methods to receive a change of address confirmation letter from USPS. You can get a confirmation letter by submitting a PS Form 3575 in person, online, or by phone.

Receiving a USPS Proof of Change of Address When You Can’t Do It Yourself

If you did not receive a confirmation of your USPS Change of Address, you might need to take further measures such as:

  1. Visiting the location where you submitted your change of address form or PS Form 3575. Ask a postal employee to try to track down the form.
  2. Contacting a USPS customer service line (1-800-ASK-USPS). Remember that you may experience a long hold time while trying to get help using this line.

What Does a USPS Change of Address Confirmation Look Like?

The confirmation letter confirms that USPS has received your requested permanent change of address order. It contains your new and old address and confirmation code.

USPS will begin forwarding your mail to your new address following the start date you provided. 

How Long Does It Take for a USPS Change of Address Confirmation Letter to Arrive?

You will receive the USPS change of address confirmation letter five business days after submitting PS Form 3575 to the post office.

Why Have You Not Received a Change of Address Confirmation?

Delays can happen to any mail due to several reasons. If it’s been over 10 days since your move and no mail has arrived, call 1-800-ASK-(275)-8777.

How to Cancel or Update Change-of-Address Request Online

Even if you’ve moved and asked for your mail to be forwarded, you can still go online and cancel or update your request. To change your address in the U.S. Postal Service database, go to their website and follow these steps:

View, Update, or Cancel Your Change-of-Address

On the bottom of the USPS change of address application, you’ll see a heading that asks if you want to edit, view, dispute, or cancel your change of address. Click on the red arrow to continue to the next page. (You can also go directly to the edit page by clicking here.)

Enter the Information Requested

You can enter your new ZIP Code and the confirmation number on the page. 

Find Your Confirmation Code

USPS will send you a letter by mail when it has verified your address change. If you submit a change of address form online, the U.S. Postal Service will send an email confirmation to your inbox. The confirmation email and the letter will include your confirmation code.

Make the Necessary Changes

Once you enter your confirmation code and ZIP code, you can update or correct the following information:

  • Update your forwarding start date
  • Change the end date of your mail forwarding
  • Update your contact information
  • Switch the move type from temporary to permanent
  • Change the move type from a family move to an individual one (note that you can not switch from individual to family)
  • Cancel the address change order

In a day, you can only make two changes to your listing (one of which can be related to a street address line). 

If you make more than two changes within 24 hours, an error message will tell you that you have exceeded the number of changes that can be made within a day. It will also tell you to try again after two days.

How to Update or Cancel Your Change-of-Address Request in Person

Suppose you want to update your COA request and need help with the online address change system. In that case, you may visit your local post office and speak to a customer service representative. 

Begin by searching for the nearest post office in San Diego, San Antonio, Phoenix, Denver, Cleveland, and other cities in United States. You can do this by checking out 

If you want to cancel your address change, submit these requirements to your local post office:

  • Valid forms of identification (ID)
  • Evidence that you live at the primary address, like a utility bill or bank statement

Where Do You Go if You Want an Update About Your Request to Change or Cancel Your Address?

If you want updates about your request to cancel or edit your change of address order, visit or go to your local post office.

Tips to Avoid Missing Mail

Mail won’t automatically be forwarded to your new address once you’ve scheduled a forwarding service. USPS will cease mail delivery to your old address on the date indicated on your change-of-address form. 

However, it will take 7 to 10 days for the mail to be forwarded to your new address. You can reduce the number of bills you miss by changing your address directly in the database of bill collectors and clients. 

Contact the IRS to inform them that you’ve moved to a new address. The IRS recommends that you still fill out Form 8822 even if the Post Office has updated its database. Form 8822 will notify the IRS that you have moved to a new address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When should I update my address?

You should change your address in the post office database a week before you move.

  1. How do I update my change of address?

You can update your address using the USPS website or through your local post office.

  1. Does changing my address in USPS records update it in other companies or institutions?

No, It doesn’t change your mailing address in the database of other companies, government organizations, or institutions.


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