Cheapest Place to Buy Stamps


March 23, 2024

Even now that digital communication is booming, sending mail still has an irreplaceable charm.

Whether a heartfelt letter, a valuable document, or a thoughtful gift, mailing connects people in ways that virtual interactions cannot replicate.

However, despite the continuing significance of mailing, mechanics for buying postage stamps have changed over time. 

Gone are the days of solely depending on USPS (United States Postal Service) post offices. People with diverse needs and preferences now have plenty of alternative options.

However, the stamp reselling industry’s emergence has helped cause the price of stamps to change over time, resulting in price differences between vendors.

Suppose you want to send mail and know the cheapest places to buy stamps. In that case, you should know the stamp prices each reseller offers. provides essential information regarding post offices in the U.S. 

This article lists and discusses places where you can buy postage stamps. Learn more about stamp prices and the places where you can purchase affordable stamps.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Buy Stamps?

Finding the most cost-effective postage stamp option is crucial for most people. You can find the best deals on stamps and save money in the following ways:

  • Buy stamps in bulk before the price hike.
  • Find stamp sales at big-box retailers.
  • Use e-cards and electronic payment platforms that offer rewards when you buy stamps.
  • Subscribe to if you run a small business.
  • Shop for stamps at the cheapest places you can find near you.

Styles and Prices

Some people, particularly collectors, prefer stylish stamps even if they are more expensive. Postage stamps feature designs reflecting themes, historical events, and cultural symbols.

Meanwhile, some stamp prices, like for First-Class Mail, have a fixed value, regardless of the design and future postage rate hikes. As of 2023, First-Class stamp costs start at $0.66. 

How Much Is a Book of Stamps?

Sellers typically sell stamps in booklets, each containing a set number of stamps. 

The cost of a stamp booklet reflects the cost of sending a specified number of letters at the current postage rate. 

Say the booklet contains 20 stamps, and each stamp costs $0.66. The total cost of the booklet will be $13.2 ($0.66 × 20).

Places to Buy Postage Stamps at Discounted Prices: Where’s the Cheapest Place to Buy Stamps?

Stamps’ face value is virtually the same in every store. However, the hunt for discounts and pocket-friendly options continues to show how many people buy them.

Finding the cheapest places to purchase stamps requires exploring several options, from online retailers to brick-and-mortar shops. Here are some of these options:

Buy Stamps Directly From the Post Office

The simplest way to get stamps is to buy from a local post office. USPS offers a range of stamp designs and sizes. 

While purchasing stamps at USPS is convenient, other alternatives may offer better deals.

Buying Stamps Online

The way people shop for stamps today has changed, thanks to the rise of online shopping. The following are some online platforms where you can purchase stamps, each with its own pros and cons:

The USPS’s official website lets you buy stamps directly from the source. The institution’s store offers a variety of stamp designs and sizes, including booklets and rolls of stamps. 

You can use this option if you want bulk stamps or are looking for specific stamp designs. Postage rates vary based on the type and size of mail you’re sending. 

Here’s an overview of the postage stamp costs for First-Class Mail at the USPS store:

  • Letters
    • Rectangular envelope (standard-sized) stamps start at $0.66.
    • Square, oversized, or oddly shaped envelope stamps begin at $1.06.
  • Postcards
    • Rectangular (standard-sized) postcard stamps start at $0.51.
    • Oversized postcards require letter stamps, which start at $0.66.
  • Large Envelopes

This shop stands tall as a top player in web-based postage solutions, empowering small businesses, private enterprises, and online retailers to generate USPS-approved postage using just a computer, a printer, and a web connection — all in the comfort of your own space (home or business).

As of 2023, the cost of a First Class Mail Letter (1oz) – Metered Mail is $0.60, a bit cheaper than USPS’ letter stamps ($0.66 for standard-sized letters).

Like, this place is the go-to source for people who want to buy stamps online at discounted rates. Whether you’re a regular stamp user or a collector, this shop is one of the best options for purchasing affordable stamps.

Look for Deals on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy sell many products, including postage stamps. 

You can find individual rolls, stamps, booklets, and vintage stamps from various sellers. Watch out for deals, offers, and bulk purchase promos that can help you save money.

Large Retail Stores

Large retail chains usually offer a variety when purchasing stamps. Here are some of the leading retailers that sell stamps:


This retail giant, known for its diverse product offerings, sells postage stamps. You can buy booklets and rolls of stamps at most Walmart locations. This option is ideal if you are already shopping at Walmart for other items.

Walmart stamp costs vary depending on the type of stamp you buy. As of 2023, a USPS U.S. Flag 2022 Book of 20 Forever Stamps costs $22.88 at Walmart’s online shop. In contrast, the cost of the same set of stamps at USPS is just $13.20 ($0.66 × 20).

This price difference suggests that Walmart sells stamps at higher costs.


SuperTarget and smaller Target stores like CityTarget and TargetExpress sell stamps, envelopes, packaging, labels— almost everything for your mail needs.

Like many grocery and retail stores, Target stores do not usually sell single stamps. It will help to buy a book of 20 stamps, since you will not have to buy another stamp for your next mail.  

As of 2023, price estimates for a book of 20 stamps at Target start at $11. Note that the price of rolls and coils can vary based on size and design.


Consider visiting Costco if you want to buy stamps in bulk. As of 2023, Costco sells a 100-stamp roll of USPS First-Class Forever Stamp for $62.75.

In contrast, as of 2023, the cost of buying 100 stamps at the USPS store is $66 ($0.66 × 100).

Sometimes Costco offers gift cards and seasonal discounts to shop members.

Major Pharmacies

Pharmacies are often convenient places to buy stamps, especially if you want to purchase stamps during non-business hours. 

Some major pharmacy chains that sell stamps include the following:


Consumer Value Stores (CVS) pharmacies offer stamps at thousands of locations nationwide. Whether you need one-off stamps, booklets, or rolls, you can find them at CVS. 

The 2023 price of a bundle of 20 stamps at CVS sells for approximately $10.


You can find stamps at Walgreens. Walgreens stores offer stamps on top of the many available products. Your local Walgreens store might be an ideal choice if you want to buy stamps. 

When purchasing stamps at this shop, you might have to pay the total price of $11.60 (as of early 2022) for 20 First-Class Forever stamps from USPS.

Rite Aid

As one of the most popular drugstores in the U.S., Rite Aid is another place to buy stamps. In addition to stamps, Rite Aid also offers other mailing supplies, such as postcards and envelopes.

Some people say that Rite Aid stores generally have a policy of raising the price over the standard stamp price. 

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

When shopping at supermarkets and grocery stores for your daily essentials, it’s nice to know that these stores offer more than grocery items.  

Some of these spots are like your one-stop shops for stocking up on supplies and snacks and purchasing postage stamps.

You will not have to worry about finding stamps or making a separate trip to the post office.


Suppose you live in the Southeastern part of the U.S. In that case, you will be glad that Publix is a grocery store chain authorized to sell postage stamps in the area. 

You will usually find stamps at the cashier. These products are typically kept in their register drawer. So if you need to purchase stamps from Publix, it won’t take much time. 


As of 2023, you can get a bundle of stamps, 20 stamps to be exact, for approximately $10. The Kroger chain has many branches nationwide, so buying stamps there is convenient. 

Just do a quick search to ensure the Kroger branch you plan to visit offers your preferred stamps.


You can buy individual stamps from Winco. Go to the store’s customer service counter to buy those stamps hassle-free. This feature can be helpful if you do not need many stamps and want to handle your mail business easily.


Wegmans can be your go-to choice to mail some basic letters, as their selection is limited. The company only sells two varieties of stamps: USPS First-Class and USPS Forever.

Wegmans does not sell individual stamps, so you must purchase a booklet of 20 stamps.

 You can get single stamps from some stores if you ask, but that is highly unlikely, and you need to check with the store.

Wholesale Clubs

Businesses and individuals with high mailing volumes can buy stamps in bulk at wholesale clubs:

Bj’s Wholesale

If you’re a member, you can find stamps and other mailing supplies at BJ’s Wholesale locations. Frequent mail senders can save money by buying in bulk.

Gas Stations

A gas station can be a convenient backup option for buying stamps. The following gas station chains sell stamps, although they may vary from station to station:


Meijer can be a great choice if you mail some basic letters since their selection is limited. They only sell First-Class and Forever stamps.

QuikTrip/Kwik Trip

You can also purchase postage stamps at QuikTrip and Kwik Trip. Like Meijer, they don’t process mail but sell individual and bulk stamps and stamp sheets. Most Quiktrip/Kwik Trip branches are open 24 hours a day.


There are 7-Eleven locations that sell stamps, but not all do. Postage stamps are sometimes kept behind the counter, so ask the cashier if you need help finding them on the shelves.


Banks have also entered the realm of selling stamps, making it convenient to buy stamps while completing other financial transactions.

Wells Fargo

This reputable bank offers stamps at many branch locations and ATMs (automated teller machines). All of their branches sell stamps in small quantities, including single stamps. 

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank sells stamps from all its branch locations and ATMs. With 1200 locations across 10 states, their ATMs are great places to buy stamps around the clock. 

Their bank sells stamps in sheets containing 18, 36, 54, or 72 stamps.


While KeyBank operates a network of branches similar to Fifth Third Bank and sells stamps, it only sells stamps directly through its branches.

However, Keybank sells individual postage stamps, ideal for sending single letters.

Office Supply Stores

Office supply stores can be excellent resources for purchasing stamps, especially if you’re also shopping for other mailing supplies.

Office Depot

Office Depot is known for its office-related products, and you can find stamps alongside other mailing supplies. As of 2023, the sheet of 20 stamps costs $11, and the coil of 100 stamps $55.

Office Max

Office Depot and Office Max have merged into one large Office Supply Store company. This scenario means you can get the same postage stamps as Office Depot (in sheets of 20 or coils of 100).

Buy Stamps at Other Retailers

Consider this: Sometimes life gets busy, and going to the above spots to buy stamps could be a hassle. The best way to address this concern, especially if you send mail frequently, is to find more retailers that sell stamps nearby.

UPS Stores

The company offers postal services, so, unsurprisingly, they will sell stamps. Remember that the UPS store may charge a higher stamp rate than your local convenience store.


Overstock is an online retailer that occasionally offers deals on postage stamps, including Forever stamps. You can find discounts there even though it may not be a go-to source for stamps.

Sam’s Club

Similar to Costco, Sam’s Club offers stamps in bulk quantities. In 2023, you typically pay 57 cents per stamp — whether you buy a book of 100 stamps or 20 stamps – regardless of the roll size. 

This price is lower than USPS’s ($0.66 per stamp for standard letters).

Moreover, you can save money if you’re a Sam’s Club member.

Stamp Dealers

Stamp dealers are experts in philately (stamp collecting), offering several types of stamps, including rare and vintage items.

Gift Shops

There are several gift shops that sell postcards and stamps to go with them if you are on holiday and wish to send postcards home. You can pick some up when you purchase the postcards. 

Prices might be slightly higher, but it’s usually only a few cents.

Hotels and Motels

As with some of the previously listed locations, hotels may or may not sell stamps. The receptionist can usually charge stamps to your room if stamps are available. 

Hotels with USPS accounts can print their stamps. You can even have them send your letter to you if they have this option.

Print Your Own Stamps

Thanks to modern technology, people can now print their own postage stamps using online services and software. Businesses and individuals who send a considerable mail frequently find this option helpful.

How Can I Save Money on Stamps?

While some stamps, like the Forever stamp, have a fixed value, you can save money on other stamp purchases in several ways. Here are five  tips to consider:

Check Rebate Sites

Many online discount or cashback sites offer discounts or deals on stamp purchases. You might save some money if you check offers before buying stamps.

Use a Rewards Credit Card

Using a rewards credit card when buying stamps can also help you earn cashback, points, or other rewards. Savings may seem small at first, but over time, they can add up.

Buy in Bulk Before the Price Hike (or Anytime to Save Money)

Consider buying in bulk if you think stamp prices are about to rise. Buying larger quantities of stamps can be cost-effective even without a price increase.

Consider Buying Stamps From Big-Box Retailers for Variety, Quantity, and Discounts

Big-box retailers like Target, Walmart, and Costco offer variety, convenience, and promotional discounts. Buying stamps from these retailers can be a wise choice, especially if you’re already shopping there.

Start Making Electronic Payments to Save on Postage

Paying electronically whenever possible is a good idea in the digital age. You can save money on postage using electronic communication and payment methods instead of mail.

Places That Don’t Sell Stamps

While the market brims with a variety of options for procuring stamps, it’s worth noting that there exist a handful of places where you cannot buy these essential postage tokens.


This well-known office supply store does not typically sell postage stamps. Although they offer various office-related products, stamps are not one of them.


This shipping company got shipping down to an art, but stamps aren’t their thing. You should check out other spots that sell stamps if you plan to collect stamps.

Bank of America

While various financial institutions cater to people’s postage stamp needs, Bank of America isn’t one of them.

This particular bank does not sell stamps at any of its branches, nor does it have ATMs that can provide those adhesive tokens.

If you are looking for stamps, you should explore other options outside Bank of America.

Chase Bank

JP Morgan Chase, one of the big shots in the banking world, does not participate in the stamp industry. 

You will not find postage stamps in their collection, and that goes for all their subsidiaries.

Despite having branches and ATMs all over the place, stamps aren’t their thing. But who knows? The bank may change its policy and offer stamps in the future.

 Dollar Tree

Today, Dollar Tree operates over 16,000 stores and partners with 200,000 associates, operating in all 48 adjacent states and five Canadian provinces.

Understandably, many assume the store brand sells stamps, especially since their stores are loaded with bubble wrap, envelopes, packing paper, and other related items. 

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not sell postage stamps even with many stores and product offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many stamps do I need?

The quantity of stamps you need depends on multiple factors, including your mail’s size, weight, and destination. 

For example, a standard First-Class letter weighing one ounce (1oz) requires just one First-Class Mail Forever stamp, which costs $0.66.

Heavier items require additional postage.

2. Where can I buy stamps besides the local post office?

You can purchase stamps in many alternative locations, including pharmacies, retail stores, and approved digital platforms. 

Some well-known options include CVS, Walmart, and online retailers like Amazon.

3. Where do I buy stamps on Sunday?

Due to weekend store closures, you may have limited options to buy stamps on a Sunday. However, some stores that offer stamps, like Walgreens and CVS, are open 24/7. You can usually buy stamps from these shops, even on Sundays.

4. How do I buy stamps online?

You can buy stamps online via the official website of USPS. At the same time, you can purchase stamps, booklets, or rolls using third-party platforms like eBay, Amazon, and 

5. Are stamps cheaper at Walmart?

The answer to this question hinges on the specific Walmart location and the alternate vendor you’re assessing regarding stamp pricing.

USPS sells stamps at face value to all customers. However, the institution has no control over the pricing policies of private vendors, agencies, or companies who resell USPS products. 

  Consequently, you may have to check if the variety of stamp options at Walmart is more economical than the alternatives.

6. How much are stamps at Walgreens? Are stamps cheaper at Walgreens?

Walgreens sell stamps in booklets, meaning you cannot buy just one stamp from these stores. 

This scenario means paying the total price for 20 First Class Forever stamps from USPS.

Some say Walgreens’ First-Class Forever stamps cost the same as the U.S. Postal Service’s.

Assuming this claim is true, buying stamps at Walgreens may cost you $13.20 ($0.66 20).

Like Walmart, stamp prices at Walgreens vary depending on the pricing policy of the particular branch. 

7. How much is a roll of stamps at CVS?

CVS does not usually sell just one stamp. Instead, the pharmacy sells a roll of stamps containing 20 stamps.

The cost of a roll of stamps at CVS may be the same as you would pay at a USPS post office. First Class Forever stamps in booklets of 20 pieces may cost $10 at CVS. 

8. Do they sell stamps at CVS?

Yes. CVS pharmacies sell stamps. You can find booklets, rolls, and individual stamps at CVS stores, providing convenient options for purchasing stamps.

9. Can I reuse a stamp?

No. Title 26 of the United States Code section 479.163 (27 USC § 479.163 ) prohibits reuse of stamps. 

Once attached to a document, a stamp cannot be legally removed and reapplied. Any individual willfully reusing a stamp is subject to the penalties prescribed by 26 U.S.C. 7208.

10. Can I buy stamps from my mailman?

Yes. Sometimes, you can order and acquire stamps by mail at USPS without paying extra. In rural areas without easy access to a USPS outlet, mail carriers may sell stamps and process mail.

Get a mail-order form from your mail carrier. Fill out the form, write a money order or check payable to USPS, and mail it to one of the institution’s post offices. The mailman will deliver the stamps to your house or office within a few days.

11. Am I saving money when buying stamps in bulk?

The answer to this question depends on where you buy your stamps. 

Bulk stamp purchases from the USPS do not result in cost savings since its stamps have a fixed price. 

However, businesses may reduce costs by joining companies like, which offers postage discounts.

12. Where did the postage stamp come from?

The concept of the postage stamp dates back to before the U.S. gained independence. 

In 1837, Great Britain’s Sir Rowland Hill proposed uniform postage rates across the British Isles and prepayment using envelopes with adhesive labels or preprinted postage. 

In May 1840, the first postage stamps for mailing letters were sold in the United Kingdom. 

A Penny Black stamp charged one penny for half-ounce letters, and a Two Penny Blue stamp cost two pennies for one-ounce letters.

The Penny Black is generally regarded as the first postage stamp in the world since it was the first to go on sale.

13. What is the most expensive stamp in the world?

For a long time, the British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta was the rarest and most expensive stamp in the world. 

This stamp has achieved record-breaking auction prices due to its rich history and rarity.

Today, British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta may be worth $9,480,000.

14. Does Walmart sell stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps. You can find stamp rolls and booklets at various Walmart locations, making them a convenient option for purchasing stamps.

15. Does Dollar Tree sell stamps?

No. While this discount variety store brand offers a variety of affordable products, it does not sell stamps. 

16. Are stamps cheaper at the post office?

As shown above, the Postal Service does not sell postage stamps below face value. Approved vendors usually follow this pricing policy, which is why stamp costs at USPS may be similar to those offered by resellers. 

Overall, sending mail continues to be a preferred way of staying connected in today’s world. Sending mail requires access to stamps, no matter what you send.

Fortunately, many ways exist to buy postage stamps, from traditional post offices to online retailers.

Stamp costs may remain consistent, but what is convenient and available to the customer usually varies. 

The best way to ensure that you meet your mailing needs efficiently and affordably is by exploring these different avenues and considering ways to save cash on stamp purchases. 


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