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May 11, 2023

One of the great things about courier services like UPS (United Parcel Service) is that they can help you send packages without requiring you to leave home. It sure is something to have this kind of service available to you any day. However, what’s surprising is that some still don’t know this is possible.

It might be a good solution if you have a business or a small eCommerce shop and need pickup service options

You might ask what the UPS pickup service is and how it can help individuals and small businesses manage their deliveries. So how exactly does the UPS pickup service work, and are there different pickup and delivery options?

Furthermore, How much does the UPS pickup service cost, and is it favorable for businesses, especially with multiple deliveries?

This article will discuss the UPS pickup service and how it can help companies and individuals with multiple parcel deliveries. Also, this write-up will explore how UPS service works and other different pickup and delivery options the company provides.

Finally, you’ll learn more about UPS’ pickup service costs and the types of deliveries that best suit the service.

Through this service, UPS can pick up your packages at home. It is a convenient way to manage package deliveries without requiring customers to visit the post office. 

UPS also partners with USPS (United States Postal Service) in offering specific services that require the latter to provide last-mile deliveries to addresses in the United States.

Sending your packages via UPS and choosing to have USPS deliver them to your home involves coordination with the local post office. You can get updated contact information for postal facilities near you.

Visit and access a vast database of more than 31,330 post offices in the United States. Learn more about post offices and other shipping companies and their services, like UPS’ pickup service.

UPS Pickup and Delivery Options

UPS provides customers with a pickup and delivery option, making it convenient and time-saving. So, it’s best to understand how this setup works, and the delivery options UPS provides for people wanting to send packages from their homes. 

UPS U.S. Delivery Options

UPS provides delivery options to U.S. addresses to every one of its customers. Now the perks enjoyed by big eCommerce players can also be enjoyed by small online businesses and individuals. 

Aside from its shipping services, UPS provides 24-hour shipment tracking and delivery services. These services will make you rest easy, knowing you can monitor your package anytime.  

UPS U.S. Pickup Options

UPS offers more than one pick-up option for its customers. You can also indicate your house as the pickup location. Each option caters to different needs. Here are the pickup options that this company offers to everyone: 

  1. You can choose a recurring scheduled pickup option.
  2. You can choose an automatic pickup option, which is automatically scheduled once you send your first shipment.
  3. You can go for a flexible daily pickup option.
  4. You can also choose a day-specific pickup for your packages.
  5. You can select a Saturday pickup option.
  6. You can choose a one-time pickup, mainly if you occasionally ship parcels.

UPS Package Pickups

Here are some UPS package pickups you can choose from, especially if you want your deliveries picked up from home. 

Smart Pickups

This service is one of the environmentally friendly options provided by UPS. It involves UPS personnel automatically going to your home only when you have something to ship.

What Is Smart Pickup?

UPS Smart Pickup is a combination of recurring pickups and the flexibility of an on-demand pickup service. It’s a convenient service, especially for people with a business that doesn’t regularly ship packages daily.

On-Call Pickups

When you only need a pickup option for bulk deliveries, this is the service you can choose. UPS will come to your home, office, or any place you select whenever you call. It’s a good option for people with eCommerce businesses that deal with wholesale deliveries. 

Daily Pickups 

If you have daily deliveries and don’t want the hassle of calling for a pickup request time after time, you can choose the UPS Daily Pickup option. 

This UPS service involves the company’s personnel regularly coming to your home and picking up anything ready for shipping at a predetermined pickup time. It’s an option for fast-paced businesses that need to send packages promptly. 

Route Pickups

This daily on-route pickup is an option that is like a laid-back version of daily pickups. A UPS driver will regularly add your home to their route and pick up anything you need to be delivered whenever it’s ready. The service is environmentally friendly and economically cost-effective for any UPS customer.

Send Packages Without Leaving Home

You can send your packages from your home to their destination without even setting foot at your local post office. You don’t need to leave your house to request this kind of pickup service from UPS. 

     UPS provides a type of home service for package deliveries. The shipping company will send you supplies, labels, postage, and even all the boxes and envelopes you need for your packages, and it doesn’t stop there. UPS will also pick up your parcels at your home and deliver them without requiring you to leave your premises. Isn’t that something?

Pickup Options

Choosing the most suitable UPS pickup option depends on your needs. Each service mentioned above fits a specific kind of business or individual. You should determine first the delivery rate of your business and calculate what’s more efficient and convenient for you.

Need UPS to Come More Often? Set Up a Regular UPS Pickup

If, for example, your business booms and you suddenly have an influx of customer orders. You’ll need a regular UPS pickup schedule to cater to this sudden increase in orders. You can do so by requesting the right pickup option for your needs. 

Find a UPS Pickup Option That Fits Your Business

You can choose from many pickup options that will fit your business. Just remember to check all the services detailed on the website. No matter your choice, always ensure that your package is ready for pickup. 

So what exactly does that require? It means your parcel has a printed label on the package, with all the required fields filled out correctly. You may need to place a return label if the item isn’t received and needs to be returned to you.  

Through this service, you can save on shipping costs, as you don’t need to travel to the post office whenever you need to ship a parcel.

You only need to choose a weekday or call UPS when required to have your packages delivered. 

Understand and Compare Pricing for All UPS Pickup Options

If you plan to build anything, you should first sit down and ponder. You can then check if you have enough funds to complete a project. 

It’s the same as choosing a UPS pickup option. You need to find the best one where you can save the most and refrain from spending too much and wasting funds. 

Here is the price list for some UPS Pickup Options:

Pickup OptionDescriptionPrice (weekly)
Daily Pickup OptionA UPS driver goes to your home and picks up your package every weekday. The driver typically picks up your parcel after 2:00 PM.$30.00
Daily On-Route PickupA UPS driver will add your home to their daily delivery route and pick up packages ready for shipping. Pickups typically occur between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM$10.00
Smart Pickup (pickup when needed)Arrange a pickup automatically only when you have packages to ship. A UPS driverwill attempt a pickup the same business day when a package is processed before apredetermined cut-off time. Pickups typically occur after 1:30 PM.$16.00
Day-Specific Pickup (choose your pickup day)You can select which day of the week you want to schedule a pickup. You can set it from Monday through Friday. UPS will only stop at your location on those days as scheduled, typicallyafter 2:00 PM. Cost depends on the number of days set. Day-Specific Pickup:One day: $6.00Two days: $12.00Three days: $18.00Four days: $24.00
UPS On-Call PickupsWith one pickup request, UPS will pick up all your packages at a location of yourchoosing (not limited to home or your office).Same-Day Pickup: $13.00Future-Day Pickup: $8.00

How to Schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup

You can schedule an On-Call Pickup by calling the hotline 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877). When you call this number, supply the necessary information to schedule a pickup. 

Pro Tip:

A pro tip is always to hand off a prelabeled package to a UPS driver when you schedule a pickup at home. Ensure that you’ve correctly set the labels to avoid confusion and possible delays in the delivery process. 

UPS On-Call Pickup: Here Are the Details

UPS On-Call Pickup is a good choice for customers who need a one-time pickup service for bulk deliveries. Here are more details on this pickup service:

  • Available to most addresses in the United States
  • Can schedule same-day or future-date pickup
  • Can request pickup at a different location
  • Residential surcharge is added if pickup occurs at a residential area
  • Area surcharge is added for pickups made in areas designated by UPS as rural, extended, or remote, like Alaska or Hawaii. Note that fees don’t apply to commercial areas

Pro Tip:

When your One-Time Pickup service seems to become frequent, it’s better to choose a recurring pickup option service. It’ll be much more affordable and practical in the long run. If you want a free drop-off location, you can do so at a UPS Access Point. 

UPS On-Call Pickup Charges

Here are the fees for the On-Call Pickup service:

  • Same-day pickup charge: $13.00
  • Future-date pickup charge: $8.00


Here’s a helpful tip from UPS for services linked with the pickup and drop-off options: you can schedule a UPS Worldwide Express Freight, pickup, or drop-off by logging into or calling 1-800-782-7892.

You can’t combine UPS Worldwide Express Freight pickup with services like UPS Ground, Air, and International Services package pickups. 

UPS Package Pickups FAQs

  1. How do I select a regular pickup service with UPS?

You can select a pickup service by creating a UPS account and filling out the necessary information on its online form. You can then choose the pickup option that fits your shipping needs. You’ll then pay for the services through payment options like PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards linked to bank accounts. 

  1. How do I change my pickup address?

You’ll have to login into your UPS account and change your pickup address there. Here are the steps for easier reference:

  • Log in to
  • Go to the “My Profile” drop-down menu and then choose “Payment Options”
  • Choose your account, which is under “My Payment Methods”
  • Select “Edit,” which is under “Actions,” and then choose “Location Address”
  • Edit your address information, and after completing it, select “Save”
  1. Error note says, “Pickup address is invalid” – what could be the issue?

If this note appears, you might need to update or change your pickup address. You’ll be required to input your address carefully or recheck what you’ve inputted into the system and change the necessary things to be revised. 

  1. Can I send my shipment to you to hold for pickup?

You can sign in to your UPS My Choice account and select there that you want your deliveries put on hold. Here are other ways UPS can hold your packages:

  • UPS can hold on to your package and deliver it once you’re available again to receive your package
  • You can also request your parcel to be delivered to a neighbor
  • You can ask UPS to have your package sent to another address in certain situations
  • You can also request that UPS hold your parcel at a UPS location where you can pick it up there
  1. Does UPS charge for pickup?

Yes, UPS has fees for every pickup option. Prices can range from $6 to $30. You may refer to the table previously discussed under the heading “Understand and Compare Pricing table for All UPS Pickup Options.”

  1. Does New York have UPS?

Yes, UPS has facilities in New York State. Here is the contact information of the UPS branch in this state: 

UPS Customer Center

601 W 43RD ST
NEW YORK, NY 10036
Located Inside

(888) 742-5877


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