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March 15, 2024

A 2020 article by the Pew Research Center revealed that the number of mailboxes, post office boxes (P.O. boxes), and other delivery points across the United States was around 159.9 million and would grow by one million or more yearly.

From this figure, you can imagine the challenges the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) faces when delivering mail to different locations. These challenges include efficiently getting your mail inside your mailbox and ensuring the box complies with USPS standards.

When installing a mailbox, what box type fits your needs and complies with USPS requirements? What factors should you consider when choosing a mailbox? Should you purchase a plastic or metal mailbox?

This article addresses these questions and offers tips for choosing a mailbox. This article also discusses where to place your mailbox and how to keep your mailbox clean. offers mailing-related articles to guide you with your mailing and shipping needs. You can also use its online search tool to locate a post office near you.

Best Mailbox Buyer’s Guide

When talking historically about mailboxes, you can imagine when they appeared as beautiful, ornate boxes standing next to equally luxurious houses.

As time passed, these mailboxes’ styles have drastically changed, focusing more on functionality and security against the weather and vandalism.

If you have a mailbox or plan to install one at home, consider choosing one based on style, functionality, and security.

What Are Mailboxes Made of?

Plastic, metal, and wood are commonly used materials for constructing mailboxes.

In the U.S., the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires manufacturers to adhere to specific guidelines when designing curbside mailboxes.

One of these requirements is using appropriate material, or else the Postal Service will reject the mailbox, meaning you cannot use it for delivery purposes. Therefore, consider these requirements when choosing a material for your mailbox.

What Is the Best Material for a Mailbox?

One of the recommended materials for your mailbox is metal. This material is durable, attractive-looking, and excellent for long-term use.

With these characteristics, your metal mailbox will likely last for years or decades. Many of these mailboxes are rust-resistant and weatherproof, allowing them to last even longer.

Is It Better to Have a Plastic or Metal Mailbox?

Although metal is tougher compared to other materials and can last longer, there may be situations where plastic is preferable.

For example, plastic is less expensive and has relatively strong protection against moisture and other elements. If you live in a sufficiently secure area and do not frequently have extreme weather conditions, you can choose plastic for your mailbox.

Types of Mailboxes

Mailboxes come in various styles and sizes, and they must comply with USPS rules or local building codes.

Knowing your community’s rules regarding mailbox types can save you from the hassle of having to remove a noncompliant mailbox.


A post-mounted mailbox is typically for curbside mail service. USPS specifies the following requirements for this mailbox:

  • Height: The mailbox bottom should be 41 to 45 inches (in) above ground to ensure the postal worker can easily reach and open the box from their delivery vehicle’s window.
  • Setback: The mailbox front should be six to eight inches back from the curb. This distance gives the postal worker leeway to open the box and reduces the risk of the vehicle hitting the box when pulling up the curb.
  • Post depth: USPS requires mailbox posts to be buried at least 24in into the ground. Pouring concrete around the base can also help stabilize the post.
  • Surface mount: If you have a surface-mounted post, you must bolt it down to a concrete pad at least three inches thick.


Like post-mounted mailboxes, column-mounted mailboxes work well for curbside delivery. The same USPS box height and setback requirements apply, except the column is usually built from brick or stone, and your mailbox embeds within the column.

You can choose a column-mounted mailbox made of copper or cast iron. However, the box needs a concrete footing to help bear the column’s weight. Ask your local building authority to determine the required footing depth.


Some communities allow mail carriers to walk along residential routes. If you live in such a neighborhood, you may want to install a mailbox on the front of your home’s exterior wall.

Mounting a mailbox to a wall can be a do-it-yourself (DIY) task since this mailbox type has fasteners to the siding, allowing for easy installation.

Mail Slots

If you live along a walking delivery route, you can ask the postal worker to drop your mail through a mail slot on your front door. You can have this slot installed on your door or purchase a door with a preinstalled slot.

You can also install in-wall drop boxes directly on your home’s front wall. Drop boxes have different sizes, allowing other delivery services like Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS) to use the box for delivering packages.

Mail Vaults

Mail vaults offer added security by letting the postal worker drop envelopes or small packages through a slot that leads to a locked steel box.

If you are the vault owner, you can retrieve your mail by unlocking the box using a key or digital code. Like other mailboxes, a mail vault installed at the curb must meet the USPS height and setback requirements.


A multi-unit mailbox post is excellent for residences with multiple mailboxes, such as an apartment complex, duplex, multiple houses next to each other, and office buildings.

This centralized mail solution can be easier to set up than installing single mailboxes on individual posts, simplifying the delivery process.

Factors to Consider: What to Look for in a Mailbox

After considering the best mailbox for your needs, you must determine the box’s size and what mailbox type complements your home’s curb appeal (a property’s aesthetic attractiveness). 


Mailboxes come in different dimensions, but some sizes are more common than others. Sizes include the following:

  • Standard curbside: This mailbox measures approximately 6.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches high, and 18 inches deep. It can hold plenty of envelopes and a few small packages.
  • Large curbside: This mailbox can hold more mail than a standard mailbox and is often found on rural routes. Large mailboxes measure approximately 12 inches wide, 15 inches high, and 23.5 inches deep.
  • Wall-mounted: This mailbox type has various sizes. Some can hold a few #9 envelopes (3.875in by 8.875in), and others are large enough to hold larger manila envelopes.


One of the most popular mailbox types is a traditional post-style mailbox that stakes into the ground or embeds into concrete.

Other options include mounted ones you can install on the side of your home without needing posts and large-capacity mailboxes that can fit padded envelopes and medium-sized parcels.


While many mailboxes are made from steel for durability, you can also buy budget models made from heavy-duty molded polyethylene. If you want a higher-end model, consider the ones made from copper and cast iron.

Mail Access

Suppose your home is along a busy street. You may put yourself and other motorists at risk if you step into the street to retrieve your mail from the box. In this case, consider installing a rear-open mailbox that lets you open it to access your mail from the back.

If mail theft is a recurring problem in your community, consider installing a vault-type mailbox, allowing no one but you to access the contents.

Customizable Designs

Aside from functionality, customizable designs, finishes, and colors to help complement your home’s exterior are factors to consider when choosing a mailbox. For instance, you may prefer laser-cut address numbers or decorative posts matching your home’s appearance.

Aesthetic Appearance

A mailbox can be one of the first things passersby and visitors notice when they approach your home, so your mailbox should be straight, not wobbly, and complement your home.

Ensure your mailbox is level and in good condition. A rusty, decrepit mailbox can suggest you care little about your house’s appearance.

While black is among the popular colors for mailboxes, you can try other colors that match or accent your house’s entry door or trim (a material for encasing doors and windows).

Security: Locked or Not?

If security is not a significant issue, you can opt for a mailbox without locks.

On the other hand, a lockable mailbox gives you an extra layer of security for mail and small packages. Look for mailboxes with a rear door or locking mechanism to let you retrieve mail without getting exposed to street traffic.

If you choose a locking mailbox feature, it must meet USPS’ requirements and have a slot for incoming mail at least 10 inches wide by 1.75 inches tall.


If durability is among your top considerations, choose steel. Steel is a durable, heavy-duty material for protecting mail from the elements. 

However, if you prefer a more affordable, long-lasting but less durable box, consider plastic mailboxes.

Convenience and Compliance

A mailbox that meets USPS’ construction and size standards will have the postmaster general’s approval. If you have a custom mailbox, you must show it or your mailbox plans to your local postmaster for confirmation.

Write to the U.S. Postal Service Engineering to get measurements and drawings for making your mailbox.

Easy Assembly and Installation

Some mailboxes need professional installation, while others can be installed using basic tools and skills. Another consideration when choosing a mailbox is the complexity of installation and maintenance.

For instance, a mailbox and its post may need occasional repainting or wood post replacement. In contrast, a wall-mounted mailbox may require little maintenance.

How High Should a Mailbox Be?

A mailbox’s height should meet the USPS requirement of 41 to 45 inches above the ground. This height allows mail carriers to reach the mailbox easily. So, when you select a post-mounted mailbox, ensure the post is tall enough to reach the recommended height.


Average mailbox prices as of 2023 are as follows:

  • Residential mailbox: $12 to $900
  • Mail slots: $25 to $325
  • Wall-mount mailboxes: $11 to $550
  • Post-mount mailboxes: $15 to $200
  • Decorative metal boxes: $150 to $500
  • Designer mailbox kits: $775
  • Architectural-style, curbside mailboxes: $600 to $900


Some accessories you can include with your mailbox are as follows:

  • Mailbox flag: This accessory signals to the postal carrier that the box has mail that needs to be picked up and delivered to the destination.
  • Replacement key: A spare key is for unlocking your mailbox in case you lose your original key.
  • Mailbox ornament: This accessory can be installed on your mailbox for aesthetic purposes.

Tips for Choosing a Mailbox

You have a few things to consider when purchasing and installing a mailbox. These considerations include where you live, how your mailbox complements your home’s look, and whether the box comes with spare keys. 

If You Live in an Area That Gets a Lot of Rain or Snow and Don’t Often Receive Large Packages, Get a Wall-Mounted Box

Wall-mounted mailboxes with a secure lock can limit exposure to natural elements, especially if you’re outside the house for most of the day.

Many wall-mounted mailboxes have additional locks to ensure your post is safe. Locks can also prevent thieves from accessing your home through a traditional front door letterbox.

Alongside keeping your identity safe, wall-mounted mailboxes also help keep your post safe from natural elements.

Make Sure Always to Have a Spare Key Handy

An extra key can help when you lose or misplace your original mailbox keys. A spare key can prevent you from having to break the mailbox’s lock if you cannot open the box.

If USPS does not own or maintain your mailbox, a locksmith can make a duplicate key at your expense. If USPS owns and maintains the box, you can obtain a spare key for a fee, which can vary based on local costs.

Try to Select a Mailbox That Goes With the Look of Your Home

Although a mailbox is necessary to receive correspondence in a secure, organized way, being an exterior house element means the box should match the other home elements, such as your fence or the front of the house, to complement your home’s look.

Some things to consider when choosing a mailbox that matches these elements are colors, materials, and shapes.

The Best Mailboxes to Upgrade Your Front Yard: What Kind of Mailbox Is Best?

Depending on the manufacturer, mailboxes come in different sizes, types, and looks. If you want to install a new mailbox for your home, read the following sections to help you choose an appropriate mailbox.

Best Overall Mailbox

If you want to purchase a mailbox, the best one for you will depend on your needs. In this case, some of the best mailboxes you can consider looking into are discussed below.

Step2 531700 Mailmaster Storemore Mailbox

This mailbox has a removable floor covering a receptacle measuring 28 inches high, 6.25 inches wide, and 13.25 inches deep. The 531700 Mailmaster Storemore mailbox has front and rear interior compartment access and includes address numbers, two keys, and mounting hardware.

Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Bronze Postal Box

Made from durable cast aluminum with a bronze finish, the Polar Aurora cast aluminum box displays historical figures on its sides. This mailbox measures 46 inches in height and 16.5 inches in width and depth.

You can drop mail in the slot at the box’s top front and retrieve mail only through the rear locking door. However, this mailbox has no red outgoing-mail flag for signaling the delivery person to pick up mail.

Runner-Up Choice: Polar Aurora Barcelona Decorative Post Mailbox

This mailbox is made of cast aluminum for strength and durability and features classic motifs on the doors and sides. It has a pull-open door and a red metal flag for signaling the postal worker you have outgoing mail.

One limitation of this box is that it has no locking system, so consider installing it in a safe neighborhood. The top of this post is 62.2 inches tall, while the box dimensions are 18.3in by 8.3in by 9in.

Best Personalized Mailbox: Colonial Wall-Mounted Mailbox

This colonial wall-mounted mailbox has a receptacle that can fit well on traditional porches and comes with a free address number and cast monogram (designed initials). The rust-resistant aluminum design also has six finishes to choose from.

Best Wall-Mounted Lock Box

If you are looking for some of the top-rated wall-mounted mailboxes, consider checking the following boxes.

Emily Wall-Mount Mailbox

The Emily mailbox combines polished lines and functionality. Its compartment has a discreet locking mechanism and an oversized mail tube for newspaper and magazine deliveries.

Each mailbox is finished with a powder coating and steel-crafted to help keep your contents safe and dry regardless of the weather forecast.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Designer Locking Wall Box

This wall-mounted mailbox, made from rust-resistant galvanized steel, has a concealed locking compartment that protects delivered mail. You can add an optional plastic mail emblem with an adhesive backing. You can also use this mailbox as a drop box.

Best Package Locker

Suppose you are a frequent online shopper and need a high-quality package locker for those incoming packages. In this case, check out the following mailboxes to help you decide the right locker for you.

Step2 Express Plastic Parcel Locker

This parcel locker comes in a black or mocha finish to complement your home’s exterior and look polished on your porch. Each weather-resistant plastic box has a secure lid that protects your mail from snow and sleet.

Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount Parcel Mailbox

This mailbox has a patented design and can hold small parcels and mail bundles, which can work for online and catalog shoppers.

The box’s body is made from heavy, fully powder-coated galvanized steel before assembly for long life and durability. The doors include rubber seals to keep deliveries dry and clean.

Best Bronze Post-mounted Mailbox: Roxbury Post-Mount Mailbox

This steel-crafted mailbox features a bronze finish and a contrasting gold flag. Each Roxbury post-mounted mailbox set comes with the classic mailbox, flag, and coordinating in-ground steel post.

Best Combo Mailbox: Gibraltar Mailboxes Stratford Decorative Plastic Mailbox Post Combination

This combo mailbox is made from rust-proof plastic for longevity and includes a mailbox post sleeve. This box also has a decorative style that can add curb appeal to any landscape.

The Stratford decorative plastic combo mailbox also features a plastic outgoing mail flag. However, this mailbox is non-locking, so consider installing this box only if you live in a safe neighborhood.

Best Post Mailbox: Architectural Mailboxes Basic Post

As a basic post enhancement, this mailbox set includes a three-inch round basic post and a decorative base cover. The base cover is a cast aluminum fluted (grooved) base that can conceal unsightly concrete work, providing a clean installation.

Best Farmhouse Mailbox: Envelope Mailbox

You can install this metal mailbox on your front porch if you have a farmhouse. This envelope-style box mounts to the exterior wall and has roomy storage for snail mail. 

Each iron-crafted mailbox has a raised retro label and comes in your choice of an antique bronze, nickel, or brass finish.

Best Security Mailbox

If you live in a neighborhood with a high incidence of mail theft, consider a mailbox with a locking security. Check out the following mailboxes to see what fits your needs.

Mail Boss 7526 Street Safe Locking Security Mailbox

Suppose you want to securely retrieve your mail from a curbside box without entering traffic. Consider this locking mailbox that lets you access your mail through a secure rear door.

You can deposit mail through a drop-down flap in the box’s front, suitable for dropping letters, magazines, and small packages.

You can also mount this USPS-approved mailbox made from powder-coated galvanized steel on a standard mailbox pole. The box measures 21.48 inches long, 10.83 inches wide, and 11.06 inches high.

Mail Boss Locking Double-Door Mailbox

This double-door mailbox has a sharp silhouette and top-notch security. This steel-crafted mailbox features double doors and commercial-grade locks to keep your mail out of reach.

Best Wood Mailbox: Jasper Teak Mailbox

Enhance your curb appeal with the Jasper teak mailbox that provides an eye-catching design to help bring an organic texture and warmth to an otherwise stark black or white entryway.

This mailbox also provides an excellent polishing touch for modern, mid-century, contemporary, or Pacific Northwest-inspired architecture.

Best Planter Mailbox: Downtown Mailbox

The Downtown mailbox has a minimalist design, sporting a large main compartment on one end and an open cubby on the other where you can plant annual blooms.

Best White Mailbox: Craftsman Post-Mount Mailbox Kit

This post-mounted mailbox kit has a mounting bracket, post sleeve, mailbox, and other hardware for stress-free installation. You can plant various flowers and plants around this white mailbox to enhance its curb appeal.

Best Traditional Mailbox: Gibraltar Mailbox Post-Mount Kit

This elegant cast aluminum mailbox has a stately silhouette that distinguishes it from standard mailboxes and helps bring allure to your driveway. Each mailbox has a slip-over post sleeve, box, mounting hardware, and hidden locking compartments for discreet protection.

Best Budget Mailbox

Sometimes, you want a mailbox that offers sufficient protection and style while being easy on your wallet. In this case, the following mailboxes may provide excellent value for your money.

Gibraltar Patriot Plastic Box

This mailbox has a large enough storage to hold more mail, magazines, padded envelopes, parcels, and small boxes. This box also has an optional received mail indicator flag to alert homeowners of delivered mail.

The Patriot mailbox features a ribbed design on top and textured side panels, giving the box a distinct appearance while providing strength. This mailbox uses rust-proof plastic for optimum weather resistance and durability.

Gibraltar Solar Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox

This wall-mount mailbox offers a classical look and is available at an attractive price. The box measures 10.13in high, 8.63in wide, and 3.52in deep and comes with a lift-open flap for dropping mail, which you can retrieve with a key.

Best Novelty Mailbox: River’s Edge Products Giant Bass Mailbox

This mailbox takes the shape of a bass (a type of fish), which may attract the interest of individuals who enjoy fishing. The mailbox is made of metal but with a fish-shaped plastic over mold.

The box measures 40 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 16 inches high, hand-painted with largemouth bass markings, and finished with an ultraviolet (U.V.)-resistant protectant to keep the colors from fading.

Best Capacity: Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Classic Parcel Mailbox

If you receive numerous mail or multiple packages frequently, having an oversized mailbox can help address your needs.

The USPS-approved Oasis classic parcel mailbox measures 15 inches high, 11.5 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, making it spacious enough to hold magazines, letters, and multiple small packages.

This box’s fold-down delivery door and locking retrieval door have rubber seals to help keep your mail dry. You can mount this large-capacity mailbox on top of a column.

Best Design: Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Mailbox

This mailbox is built from durable powder-coated cast aluminum but has no lock. The Hummingbird mailbox measures 12.75 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and 5 inches deep and has a newspaper holder at the bottom.

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox

This mailbox has a locking system with complete mail theft security consisting of a 12-inch wafer lock (a lock using a set of flat wafers to keep it from opening unless you insert the correct key) and three laser-cut keys.

The mailbox has a minimal yet functional design that can help enhance its curb appeal.

The Charleston Mailbox and Post System

The Charleston mailbox comes with reflective gold address numbers made from solid brass. This feature gives the box a beautiful, traditional design that helps distinguish the box from the other mailboxes in your neighborhood.

Architectural Mailboxes 6200-B10 Mailbox

The 6200-B10 mailbox has a functional and secure design that lets you quickly install it into a column. 

This box is spacious enough to hold small parcels and bundles easily. The outer part is a singular piece that helps protect against moisture.

Gibraltar Extra-Large Capacity Steel Mail Box

This steel mailbox is an excellent choice if you want extra space for your mail. The extra capacity is ideal for use at home or the office, where you expect deliveries of large packages. 

This mailbox has a traditional curved-top design accentuated with a minimalistic appeal.

Whitehall Streetside Deluxe Mailbox

This mailbox, manufactured from high-density, die-cast aluminum alloy, can protect your mail against harsh weather and environmental elements. 

The Whitehall streetside mailbox’s design can enhance curb appeal and your home’s value.

Gibraltar Large Capacity Steel Mailbox

If you require a traditional mailbox with extra capacity for mail, packages, and magazines, consider purchasing this large-capacity mailbox. 

This mailbox has a steel latch, and the door has an embossed eagle. The box’s galvanized steel construction can resist many impact types, and the powder-coated finish helps ensure your mailbox will have a long service life.

Gibraltar Olde Towne Medium-Capacity Mailbox

The Olde Towne medium-capacity provides a generous capacity for small boxes, magazines, and other parcels.

This box has a cast aluminum construction that provides strength, and the design has a traditional yet striking fashion. The black powder-coated finish ensures a long-lasting style and resists outdoor elements.

Step2 541200 Mailbox

This mailbox features an all-in-one design to make installation easy. The box’s heavy-duty construction keeps it weather- and vandal-resistant.

The 541200 mailbox has two doors for easy and safe front and rear access. The magnetic closure keeps the doors tightly shut to protect your mail. This box also has a built-in newspaper holder as a value-added feature.

Gibraltar Medium-Capacity Steel Mailbox

This steel mailbox has sufficient space for your parcels and has a galvanized steel construction to protect your mail from sun and rain. This material also helps the box endure heavy impacts and shocks caused by vandalism.

Gibraltar Large-Capacity Plastic Mailbox

This plastic mailbox provides a functional combination of ample mail space and good looks. Made with weather-resistant, superior-grade plastic, this box has no risk of corrosion or rust that affects metal ones.

Architectural Mailboxes Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mailbox

This beautiful wall-mount mailbox has a large capacity that can easily accommodate padded envelopes, large packages, and boxes. 

Made from die-cast aluminum with a powder coating for high durability, the box can endure extreme impacts.

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox

This postmaster general-approved mailbox is three times larger than a standard mailbox, allowing you to place magazines flat in the spacious interior.

Manufactured from high-density die-cast aluminum with an all-weather coating, it can help enhance your home’s value and curb appeal.

Highwood AD-MLBX1-Ace Hazelton Mailbox Post

This mailbox post is built to last. It uses unique high-grade poly lumber (made from high-density polyethylene plastic), making it resistant to deterioration and rot.

Install the post’s structure like a regular wooden post directly into the ground. The Hazelton post has a shelf you can use to support your chosen box or as a platform onto which a mailbox adapter plate can support the mailbox.

Simplay3 Classic Plastic Mount Mailbox

This durable all-in-one plastic mailbox has front and rear mail access doors and an open-ended newspaper holder. This residential post-mounted mailbox is an excellent option for safely and easily retrieving mail, newspapers, catalogs, and small packages.

Heavy-duty magnets keep the doors securely closed to keep your mail safe and dry. Available colors include gray stone mailbox with black post and washed stone mailbox with espresso post.

Addresses of Distinction Avenues Charleston Mailbox and Post

This mailbox and post system features an American eagle embossed on the front door and includes a metal mailbox, decorative post, address plaque, ornamental bracket, pineapple finial, and up to five two-inch brass or gold numbers.

The cast aluminum box measures 21 inches long, 11 inches tall, and 8.25 inches wide on top of a strong six-foot tall post. All of this system’s components have a satin-black finish.

Mail Boss 7174 Townhouse Locking Security Wall Mount Mailbox

This large-capacity wall-mounted locking mailbox is made of electrogalvanized steel for strength and durability. This box also has stainless steel hinges and a powder-coated finish for weather resistance.

This box has a patented anti-pry latch locking mechanism, a 12-wafer lock to prevent entry. It also has a vandal-resistant flag.

Mail Boss 7506 Manager Security

This USPS-approved locking security mailbox helps prevent mail identity theft with its innovative baffle door that accepts small parcels and packages.

A baffle door is a metal panel that allows you to drop mail into the mailbox but keeps hands from reaching inside.

This mailbox has a high-security anti-drill, anti-pick 12-disc wafer lock, and a galvanized welded steel construction to protect against vandalism. This box also has a patented anti-pry latch lock mechanism to prevent leveraged entry, such as with a screwdriver.

Other Best Mailboxes

Aside from choosing a mailbox based on the brand and model, you can also pick one based on its category. The following sections discuss these categories and the mailbox models you can buy under each category.

Durable Mailbox

The Salsbury heavy-duty mailbox is among the most durable mailboxes made from 0.125-inch thick die-cast aluminum that will not corrode or rust. USPS approves this mailbox for heavy-duty rural use.

This box comes with a magnetic door catch and is available in green, white, black, and beige powder-coated finishes that help resist the elements. You can mount this mailbox on posts or in walls, columns, or masonry.

Plastic Mailbox

The Step2 Mailmaster Plus 541200 mailbox is an excellent plastic mailbox available at Amazon and is designed as an all-in-one piece.

This box has magnetic closures that protect the front and back doors from getting dislodged by strong winds. The mailbox is weather- and rust-resistant and includes a space for newspapers.

Small Mailbox

The Gibraltar Mailboxes City classic model is an excellent choice if you need a small-capacity mailbox that mounts easily on a wall. This vertical mailbox’s classic design is inconspicuous and perfect for homes in urban communities.

This mailbox uses galvanized steel, has a rust-resistant powder-coated finish, and features a classic gold fleur-de-lis design for an improved aesthetic.

Mailbox With a Post

If you are looking for a mailbox with a post, consider the Gibraltar mailbox with a post made from decorative galvanized steel in black. This box is also an affordable option if you want to install a freestanding mailbox.

Extra Large Mailbox

The Oasis classic parcel mailbox can work for you if you regularly receive small parcels and mail bundles. This box appears like a safe and is built for added security.

The steel mailbox measures 18in by 14in by 11.5in, is constructed from 16- and 18-gauge steel, and contains rubber seals to keep out moisture.

A 16-gauge steel measures 0.0598 inches thick, while an 18-gauge steel measures 0.0478 inches thick.

Metal Mailbox

The Gibraltar Mailboxes model AR15T000 has a traditional long rural mailbox design and uses galvanized steel. The design can complement your home’s appearance, and the large capacity can work well for keeping your small packages out of sight.

Stone Mailbox Kit

If you have a built-in mailbox in your stone wall or door, the front-mounted mailbox door replacement kit can work well for you. The doors measure 8in by 10in, and you can purchase a complete replacement that includes the mailbox door and flag.

Best Locking Mailbox

The Mail Boss mail manager can be a viable choice if you are security-conscious and receive plenty of sensitive packages and mail from online businesses.

USPS approves this product as a residential mailbox that securely locks to prevent theft. This box comes in various colors to match or contrast your exterior decor.

Waterproof Mailbox

If you need a waterproof mailbox, consider the Patriot post-mounted mailbox. This item’s large capacity has a streamlined appearance that makes the box look sportier than traditional mailboxes.

The mailbox is made from polypropylene plastic that is waterproof, durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting. This box has a wide opening perfect for padded envelopes, magazines, small boxes, and parcels.

Vintage Wall Mount Mailbox

For a classic look that complements your house’s appearance, Creative Co-Op’s embossed tin letterbox has a design that may foster a nostalgic feel.

You can display this vintage wall-mounted mailbox to enhance your home’s curb appeal and function as a stylish receptacle for notes and messages on doors.

Where Should You Place Your Mailbox?

USPS recommends several guidelines to help you place your mailbox at the curb. The following sections discuss these requirements to help you install your mailbox correctly.

How Far Does a Mailbox Need to Be off the Road?

When placing your mailbox in front of your house, consider the following guidelines:

  • Position the box 41 to 45 inches from the road’s surface to the bottom of the box or mail entry point.
  • Place your mailbox six to eight inches back from the curb. Contact your local postmaster for help if you do not have a raised curb.
  • Put your apartment or house number on the mailbox.
  • Put your full street address on your mailbox, especially if the box is on a different street from your apartment or house.

How Do You Install a Mailbox?

When installing a mailbox, ensure to use mailbox supports that are stable but should bend or fall if a vehicle hits them. The Federal Highway Administration recommends the following:

  • Use a four-by-four-inch wooden support or a two-inch diameter standard aluminum or steel pipe.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous and unyielding supports, such as concrete posts and heavy metal pipes.
  • Bury your post not deeper than 24in.

How Do You Clean a Mailbox?

Using a damp rag, quickly wipe your mailbox to remove dust and dirt. You can also spray a mild all-purpose cleaner on the box to remove tough stains and wipe with a clean, damp rag.

Why Trust Find Post Office?

The Find Post Office website has an extensive resource on mailing-related topics helpful for your mailing and shipping needs. has a convenient online search tool to locate a post office and narrow your search per city, state, or ZIP code. You can also contact USPS through the Find Post Office website for more information about the Postal Service.

How to Choose the Best Mailboxes

When choosing the correct mailbox for your needs, consider the type, material, durability, security, budget, and external elements like the weather and neighborhood.

Furthermore, choose a mailbox that complies with USPS standards. This way, the courier can efficiently deliver mail to your mailbox.


  1. What mailboxes are approved by USPS?

A mailbox with the USPS postmaster general’s approval meets the USPS construction and size standards. These standards apply even if you buy a customized mailbox or build your own.

Suppose you want to install a large mailbox to fit a few packages. USPS requires your extra-large mailbox to measure 13.63 inches wide, 12 inches tall at the center, 7.75 inches tall on the sides, and 16.5 inches deep.

  1. How do I paint a mailbox?

To paint your mailbox, you must first remove it from the wall or post, if possible. Afterward, remove all parts, including the flag, numbers, latch, and hook. If you cannot remove them, you can mask them with tape.

Next, clean your mailbox with an all-purpose cleaner and scrub the box to remove the dirt, dust, and oils. Rinse your mailbox with water and let it dry. You may also need a wire brush or sandpaper to remove mold or rust.

Working in a well-ventilated area, apply spray paint primer to the mailbox and let the primer dry before applying a second coat.

Apply the first spray paint coat after the primer dries. Let the paint dry before applying a second and third coat. You must also prime and paint the flag, latches, and hooks.

After the paint dries, reattach the flag and other parts to the mailbox and screw the box back onto your wall or post.

  1. How high should a wall-mounted mailbox be?

When you install a mailbox, ensure it has enough space to allow the postal carrier to approach and insert mail in the box. The average mailbox height is 41 to 45 inches from your home’s concrete surface.

  1. Can I leave outgoing mail in your mailbox?

Yes, you can send mail by placing it in your home mailbox. Other ways to send outgoing mail are:

  1. How do I prevent mailbox smashing?

One way to prevent or minimize damage from smashing is to use a mailbox made from durable materials. Examples of such materials are galvanized steel and die-cast aluminum.

  1. What is the best brand of mailbox?

The best mailbox brand depends on what box you need that satisfies your requirements, so identifying the best brand is mainly subjective.

If you prefer a plastic mailbox, the best brand for you may differ from someone who prefers metal mailboxes. Likewise, if you prefer a vintage-looking mailbox, you may opt for a brand specializing in such items.


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