Can You Send Mail Without a Return Address?


June 8, 2023

Some people don’t want to use their actual addresses when sending mail or packages. It may be because of security reasons, or they don’t have a permanent residence to use as a return address

If you’re among the people wondering if they can send mail pieces with USPS without a return address, this article is for you. 

There may be situations where you want to send mail or packages without placing a return address. 

An example is when you’re constantly moving and don’t have a permanent address. How can you send mail when you’re constantly changing residences? 

Aside from this, you may wonder if any legal drawbacks are linked to not including a return address on your mail deliveries. Maybe you’d like to find alternatives for return addresses if there are any.

This article will help answer questions from people who don’t want to provide their return address information. With this write-up, you’ll understand the pros and cons of not including a return address on your mail or package.

Finally, you’ll learn alternatives if you can’t supply a return address. This guide will also discuss other pertinent information, including the proper address format and the required number of stamps and postage for your mailpieces. 

Some people don’t have permanent homes, which may prevent them from giving a return address. Others exclude their actual address for other reasons like security and privacy.

In such cases, you can use the post office as a return address. As you read this article, you’ll understand the pros and cons of this choice.

If you use your local post office as your return address, you’ll need the contact information and location of your chosen post office.

Visit and discover a comprehensive database of 31,330 post offices in the United States. You can browse our website easily through our streamlined search function.

Are Return Addresses and ZIP Code Numbers Always Necessary?

In the U.S., it’s not mandatory to always put return addresses or a sender’s address on sent mail. However, the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires return addresses on the following types of mail services:

  • Mail of any class when returned
  • Mail of any class when an address correction service is requested
  • Mail paid with precanceled stamps
  • Any official mail, including mail with matter bearing a company permit imprint
  • Any mail that requires customs forms
  • Periodicals in envelopes or opaque wrappers
  • Package services (except unendorsed Bound Printed Matter)
  • Mail or package sent via USPS Retail Ground
  • Registered Mail
  • Certified Mail (when a return receipt is requested)
  • Insured mail
  • Collect on delivery (COD) mail
  • Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express if a return receipt is requested

Can You Leave the Return Address Blank?

There are certain cases, as mentioned above, where return addresses are required when shipping with the U.S. Postal Service. However, a post office clerk will not require you to write your address on your label in standard mailing. 

In cases where the post office insists you add a return address, you can drop your mail or package with no return address in a USPS mailbox. The post office personnel will still pick it up for processing. 

On the other hand, other courier services require that the mailer include a sender’s information, which can be a return address.  

Can You Use Any Address As the Return Address?

You can use any address as your return address if you’re not sending any illegal item. However, the problem arises when the letter or package is undeliverable due to various situations. 

The mail piece is returned to the sender’s return address when no one accepts the delivery. However, if the item has no return address, it’ll be sent back to the post office or the Mail Recovery Center. 

Can You Use the Post Office Location as a Return Address?

You can put any address, including the post office, as a return address, but it’s not advisable. However, you may need to provide your address when you book shipping with other courier companies. 

Can You Use a Fake Return Address?

Again, the law doesn’t specify that using a different return address or a fake one is illegal. However, you can be liable for fraud if you use such practices for illicit purposes. 

Is It Illegal to Include a Different Return Address in Mail?

It’s not specifically against the law or illegal to use any address as a return address. However, there may be repercussions when done negligently.

An example is using other people’s addresses to receive debt collection notices. The conversation may cause misunderstanding, which can lead to your debtors confronting the people residing at the address you’ve provided. 

Why Is It Not Recommended to Send a Package Without a Return Address?

Failed delivery attempts are common, especially if there are problems like wrong delivery addresses. Packages without return addresses may encounter issues like being sent back to the wrong place after a failed delivery.

When a delivery can’t be completed, the mail carrier returns the mail piece to the post office or the sender. This protocol cannot be followed if the parcel doesn’t have any return addresses.

What Happens to Undelivered Mail Without a Return Address?

Undelivered mail or packages with no return addresses goes to the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia

The Mail Recovery Center is the “lost and found” department or the “dead letter office” of the USPS. A dead letter mail is a term used to denote undelivered mail or packages.  

The post office sends all undelivered mail to this facility, where it’ll be stored for 30 days, depending on the contents. Items with value are auctioned or sold, while the rest are recycled or destroyed.

Addressing Envelopes and Packages: How to Label Your Mail Items Correctly

Correctly addressing your envelopes and packages and ensuring your labels and barcodes are affixed properly help ensure smooth delivery. Incorrect address entries may result in your package getting lost or undelivered.


The first thing you should do is to prepare your mail or package. Secure everything with proper packaging materials. It’s best to remember that USPS will not ship packages that make noises or contain hazardous materials. 

Note: Sending illegal and dangerous items could result in legal liabilities even if the package was sent without a return address.

Apply a Label: How to Label Letters the Right Way

Attach your label with the return address on the top-left corner of the front of your envelope. Place the address of the person or business at the center of your envelope and add the required number of stamps in the upper right corner. 

You can leave the mailing address blank, but it won’t get sorted immediately by the post office sorting machines. Your mail will end up in a separate bin, which will be manually sorted by a postal worker.  

Mailing Address

You must follow a specific format for writing your mail and package labels. It’s done a certain way to make it easier for the postmaster to process your mail as it goes through the delivery. 

You should write the mailing address or the intended recipient on the center of the envelope. Note that the mailing or recipient’s address includes the recipient’s name, street address, house or apartment number, city, state, and ZIP code.

Return Address

You can leave the sender’s address section of the label blank if you don’t wish to share your address. Still, there are alternatives that you can use for a mailing address, especially in situations where you can’t provide one.

However, if you want to add a return address, you can write it on the top left corner of the envelope. 

How to Send My Package Without a Return Address?

It’s best to remember that mail or packages without return addresses may raise suspicion. So, try to explore the alternatives instead of including a sender’s address. 

However, there are cases where people don’t have a permanent address. How can you have a return address if you move around often, are homeless, or want to ensure your safety? 

You can use the following alternatives to including your address:

  • Local post office: Though it’s not advisable, you can use your local post office as your return address. There are no legal restrictions for using your local post office as a substitute for a street address. However, you’re not allowed to do so if you need to identify yourself to the government. 
  • Post Office Box: You can use the Post Office Box or P.O. Box location as an alternative address if you don’t have a permanent one. You must visit your local post office to set up this mailing service. 
  • Virtual Post Office Box:  Some services offer virtual P.O. Boxes for those in need of alternative addresses. You can rent a physical P.O. Box, which you can monitor online. 

People without homes can use the addresses of the welfare organizations they’re associated with. Also, some programs offer emergency mailing services for people without housing.

How Many Stamps Should You Affix?

The number of required stamps depends on the weight, size, shape, and destination of a mail or package. USPS has different kinds of stamps with different denominations. 

You first need to calculate the postage fee for your mail piece and combine different stamps of various denominations that add up to the needed cost. 

Place your stamps or postage-paid impressions at the top right corner of your envelope. 


Postage stamps cover the fees for your mail piece, which is the primary method for USPS to generate income for its delivery services. 

The law states that stamp sale revenue, minus the post office expenses, should be transferred to an executive agency or several agencies. USPS has different stamps that you can use to cover your mailing service cost. 

The USPS Store offers different stamps, each with their own design, denomination, shape, and purpose. USPS divides these stamps into the following categories: 

  • New releases
  • Semi-postal
  • Forever stamps
  • International stamps
  • Stamp subscription

USPS announced a price increase for several services and products, including Forever stamps, in January 2023. 

The Forever stamp is one of the preferred choices for those sending First-Class Mail letters domestically. For international mail, you’ll have to choose Global Forever stamps. 

Take the Package to the Post Office

Once you have accomplished everything stated above, you can bring your mail or package to the nearest post office and get it mailed. 

For mail pieces that don’t have a return address, you can put your package in your mailbox or at the mailbox provided at your local post office. The local postal carrier can pick it up without asking you to provide a return address. 


Here are some tips that can help if you want to send a package without a return address. Remember that, without a return address, you won’t get any return mail or have undelivered mail returned to you. 

  • Your local post office may stamp or mark your package or envelope with the place of origin. If you don’t want your location tracked, travel to another post office and send it there. 
  • Though not recommended, use any address as your return address. Only make sure not to send anything illegal. However, if the mail is not received, it will be returned to the return address you’ve provided. 

Suppose you have no permanent address or don’t have a home. In that case, you can always seek the help of friends, relatives, or a welfare organization. You can use their address as your return address or a P.O. Box address.


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