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May 10, 2023

The United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the popular courier service providers in the United States and other countries worldwide. In 2022, UPS delivered an estimated 24.3 million parcels daily, a feat in itself. The logistics needed to process such a volume are genuinely remarkable.

However, despite its vast reach and experience in shipping services, occasional hiccups might cause delays. One such hiccup is problems regarding tracking notification updates.

As some may already know, UPS provides customers an online method to monitor their parcels through delivery. There are many notification issues, but this article will focus on the status “label created.”

What is the notification “label created,” and how does it affect your delivery? Also, what does it mean when your tracker is stuck on the “label created” notification? What other notifications does UPS give its customers as part of its package tracking service?

This article will provide information about UPS notifications, particularly “label created.” You’ll learn what this notification means and how it affects your package delivery. In addition, you’ll learn pertinent facts about UPS and how its service can help you with your deliveries in the United States.

UPS and USPS are major logistics companies providing mail and package delivery services in the U.S. and abroad. They join forces to provide practical and efficient deliveries in the United States.

UPS works with USPS for last-mile deliveries, the final leg of a parcel’s journey from a local post office to the recipient. If you need a post office locator, visit and browse through more than 31,330 post offices throughout the country.

Why Does My Tracking Information Say “Label Created”?

You have just sent your package for delivery, and you’ve done everything you must, as instructed by UPS. However, you got in your notification email the tracking info status “label created.” 

You’ve done the following to ensure the UPS facility accepts your package. 

  • You’ve prepared the box for your UPS package. You can order it at a UPS store if you don’t have a box. 
  • You’ve sealed the box properly with clear or nylon tape with a preferred width of two inches. 
  • You’ve wrapped the items inside your box correctly.
  • You’ve created a shipping label for your package and have it dropped off at a UPS facility in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and other cities in the United States.

The tracking notification “label created” is a service that notifies you via email that UPS has received the shipment details and billing information but not the package itself. Once the facility receives the package, the tracking status will be updated. 

Yet, when you log into your package tracking system, all it says on your tracking notification is “label created.” You now wonder, what’s going on here?

There are many processes that your package goes through, causing delays, especially in updating your notifications. When your tracking status remains at “label created,” you may need to wait for one to two business days. 

Your packages might still be traveling and would not arrive at the processing facility until after a few days. 

What Does It Mean When UPS Shipping Label Is Created?

When you get the notification UPS shipping label has been created, it means that the UPS facility has received the details of your package and that your package is expected to follow shortly. 

When you get this notification, you should understand that the package may still be in transit to the facility. Unless the package is received physically in the facility, the status will remain at “label created.” 

What Is Label Created Notification?

The label-created notification is one of many shipping statuses used by UPS to inform you of the current situation of its packages. To better understand tracking status notifications, you should be familiar with common statuses in the UPS tracking system

Tracking statuses are updated whenever a facility scans your package at various points in its journey to the receiver. It’s why correctly printing and securely attaching shipping labels is crucial to avoid delays in scanning and updates. 

Here are some of the notifications you will often see while tracking your packages:

  • Label created: You get this notification once the facility receives the details of your package.
  • Shipped or on the way: You get this notification when your package moves through the network of facilities. This status sometimes does not change until the package is delivered. 

Your package may not be scanned for international deliveries, and you don’t receive any notification update until it has reached its destination. 

  • Out for delivery: You get this notification once your package reaches the local UPS facility near the recipient. The facility then gives your parcel to a package handler for final delivery. 

Upon having this status, you can expect your package to arrive at its destination in the next few days, between 9; 00 AM and 7:00 PM. However, you may also choose a specific time for the package to arrive.

  • Delivered: You get this notification once your package arrives at its final destination. 

You get a time stamp when the handler completes the delivery. In cases where the delivery doesn’t require a signature, the driver places the package in a safe location on the recipient’s premises, like the front or side porch, side door, and garage area. 

  • Delivered to UPS Access Point: You get this notification once your package arrives at a UPS access point, which are local businesses that provide pickup and drop-off services for UPS customers. 
  • Transferred to Post Office for delivery: You get this notification when your package reaches the local post office near your recipient’s location. UPS delivers packages to a post office when requested by the sender. 

You can check and get the contact information of the nearest post office in your area. You can coordinate your packages well if you have a line of communication with the postal office responsible for your package’s final delivery. 

  • Exception: You get this notification when an unexpected error in the UPS network could delay delivery. You’ll get a notification about the details of the error and the new estimated delivery time. 

Why Is the Order’s Tracking Status Stuck on “Label Created”?

Tracking statuses are automatically updated when your package is scanned in a facility. Still, there could be tracking status delays resulting from unforeseen problems. 

Delays in a UPS delivery could be caused partly by an issue in the UPS shipping system. Some cases are out of the company’s control. 

Here are some typical factors that may delay status updates and delivery. 

  1. Weather: Your package’s tracking status and delivery may be delayed due to inclement weather. 

Delivery trucks may encounter dangerous roads due to heavy rains and floods. Facilities may experience power outages and, in severe cases, a total shutdown of terminals. 

  1. High volume of packages: Holidays can also be a factor for delays as the volume of packages sent for deliveries increases dramatically, overwhelming facilities and slowing the delivery process. 

UPS forecasts that holiday deliveries can jump up to 30 million packages daily for 17 days of the 21 shipping days before Christmas. 

  1. Failed delivery attempts: Delays can also be caused by delivery problems due to incorrect addresses, incomplete address information, or when a recipient location is hard to find or access. 
  1. Lost packages: Delays in status and delivery dates may indicate that your package was lost. Your parcel can get lost in the delivery train, especially if it encounters issues like damaged labels and incorrect or incomplete information. 

Please note that if you think your package is lost, you can contact customer support to report it and file a search or claim. You can start a claims request within 60 days of the expected delivery date. You can start this process by contacting customer support. 

  1. The pandemic: The COVID-19 lockdowns have caused a lack of personnel in many establishments, including the logistics industry. 

This lack of personnel resulted in a noticeable slowdown in the delivery processes of courier services like Amazon, eBay, and FedEx. Even international shipments have experienced delays due to the overreaching effect of the pandemic. 

Why “UPS Label Created but Not Shipped”?

Another notification for a delay in delivery is “label created but not shipped.” This status means that either of the following things happened:

  1. UPS hasn’t received the package: UPS may not be solely at fault here because many factors can delay your package’s arrival at the scanning facility. Sometimes the shipper may have problems printing the package labels, resulting in delays. 
  1. UPS hasn’t scanned the package: Your package may have already reached the facility, but it still needs to be scanned. Factors to consider are the high package volume that makes scanning labels challenging. 

In both cases, waiting a couple of days after receiving the “shipping label created” status is best to see if the updates will change further. If not, you can call UPS customer support to inquire about your status update issue. 

How does UPS tracking work?

This entire article hinges on the fact that you have access to the UPS tracking system. Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown of how this system works and how you can access this online tracking system. 

What does a UPS tracking number look like?

UPS assigns a tracking number to your package. This number usually has 18 digits. It starts with IZ,  followed by the 6-character shipper’s number, a 2-digit service level indicator number, and an 8-digit number assigned to your parcel. 

Example of a tracking number: IZ1234567891234567

Once you have this tracking number, you can use it to enter the UPS tracking system, which you can find on the official website at 

What UPS service provides tracking services?

UPS provides tracking services to all its services like the following: 

  1. UPS Ground
  1. UPS Worldwide Express Plus
  1. UPS Worldwide Express
  1. UPS Worldwide Saver
  1. UPS Worldwide Expedited

What are UPS tracking events?

You can better understand your UPS tracking system if you know the different events or statuses that happen for you to get the tracking information you need. 

Here are some statuses your parcel can go through during its shipping journey.

UPS Tracking StatusDescription
Shipper Created a LabelUPS Has Not Received the Package YetYou get this status when a shipping label has been created, but the package isn’t with UPS yet. 
Package Received for ProcessingYour package is being processed at a facility.
Package ProcessedUPS has completed processing your package.
Order Information ReceivedThe sender applied for a tracking number from a third-party courier service. 
Arrived at Post OfficeYour package has arrived at your local office.
Shipment tendered to UPS Mail InnovationsYour package has been dropped off at a local post office.
Departed from UPS FacilityYour package was left at a local facility or warehouse.
Arrived at FacilityYour package has reached a facility or warehouse.
Processing at UPS FacilityYour package is being processed at a UPS facility.
Out For DeliveryYour package will be delivered to you within the day.
The receiver has moved. We’re attempting to obtain a new delivery address for this receiver.Your recipient has changed their address. UPS is trying to get the new address of the recipient.
DeliveredYour package has been received by the recipient.

Please note that you can request UPS to have packages handled by USPS for last-mile delivery. There are cases where this option is a cheaper shipping option. You can contact your local post office to coordinate your deliveries with them. 

You can visit to check the closest local post office in your area or near the recipient and get answers to FAQs.


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