FedEx Missing Package


May 4, 2023

It can be pretty upsetting when you don’t receive a much-awaited package at an expected time and place. 

Unfortunately, packages sometimes get lost or sent to the wrong address.

A ”missing package” search or insurance claim requires close cooperation with FedEx and the local post offices near the delivery address. 

In this situation, you should know which postal offices to contact as you attempt to track down your lost package. offers contact information for 31,330 post offices nationwide. Using our online database, you can get the necessary information that can help you resolve your missing package issue faster. 

Suppose you’ve sent a package via FedEx, but it still hasn’t arrived at the recipient’s address. 

In that case, you should know about the claim process for missing packages, including whether you can ask for a refund or file an insurance claim.

 It would also help to learn how to prevent lost packages during deliveries.

This article discusses the steps you can take if your package gets lost while being transported via FedEx services, including filing search and insurance claim and refund requests.  

You can learn about the processes involved for each request and the estimated timeframe for resolving these issues. 

Read on for more tips on filing missing package claims and reducing the risk of losing packages during delivery.

What Happens if Your FedEx Package Is Missing?

Despite FedEx’s reputation for dependable shipping services, packages can sometimes go missing in transit.

When this happens, you must know how to report a missing package, what details to provide, and what steps FedEx takes to find the lost parcel.

Does FedEx Reimburse Missing Packages?

FedEx can reimburse missing packages, provided you go through their claim process.

You must file a claim for missing or undelivered shipments within nine months of the delivery date. Note that you must have a tracking number to submit a claim online. 

At the same time, you can submit a claim and attach supporting documentation or do so later – just drag and drop your documentation from your PC (personal computer) to your claim form.

FedEx Never Delivered My Package—What Should I Do?

If FedEx determines your parcel got lost, you can lodge a claim. Here’s a sample claim process:

  1. Visit FedEx’s official website.
  2. Click the “Support tab” and select “File a Claim.”
  3. Complete the online form with the required information.
  4. Provide the documentation supporting your claim.
  5. File the claim

How Do I Contact FedEx About a Missing Package?

Clients can check FedEx’s FAQ Hub for various self-serve solutions to specific delivery issues. However, if you require further assistance, call 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339).

How to File a Lost or Missing Package Claim With FedEx

When you are ready to file your claim, go to FedEx’s claims page and follow the steps below: 

  1. Provide your tracking number in the space provided. 
  2. In the “Claim Type” selection box, choose the claim type you intend to make. If you have a missing package, select “Shipment Not Received.”
  3. Next, you’ll see the latest tracking information regarding your shipment. Scroll down to the “Claim Details” tab, and describe the items missing from your shipment. 
  4. If possible, upload photos and other documents to prove the item’s value. You should provide as much information as possible regarding the missing contents, including the payment currency and item category. 
  5. Enter your contact details in the spaces provided, including the name, physical address, phone number, and email address. Also, indicate whether you are the receiver, shipper, or another representative.
  6. During the final review screen, ensure that every detail you put is accurate, then click “Submit.” 

Batch Claims: How to File a Claim for Multiple Missing Packages on FedEx

At FedEx, you can file a batch claim, which allows you up to 200 claims simultaneously. This offer only applies to FedEx Ground and FedEx Express.

Here’s how to file batch claims:

  1. Log in to If you don’t have a FedEx account, find out what account version you need.
  2. Tap the File Batch Claims button and save the template to your PC.
  3. Complete the claims form and save the document.
  4. Use the “Browse” option to select the file and upload it. Your uploaded claims appear at the bottom of the page.
  5. Review and update your batch claims. FedEx can save you time by checking your batch requests for errors before submitting them.

You will also receive urgent messages and error notifications to guide you through the claims process.

If you make any corrections or add documentation, select “Refresh Table” to see the updated status based on your most recent revisions. 

Save the claim so you can return to the request later. You’re set to process your batch claims once all your claims have a green icon.

  1. Submit your batch claim. Remember to review the information before sending your claim. Keep a copy of your case number page for your records.

Add Supporting Documents to a Claim

Drag and drop documents from your computer to your claim form. You can attach the following supporting documents:

  • Scan of FedEx Ship Manager printout, FedEx U.S. Airbill, or FedEx Ground Pickup Record
  • Proof-of-value documentation, such as:
    • A copy of the original invoice from the vendor or supplier
    • Copy of retail receipt or invoice
    • Appraisal or expense statement
    • Screenshot of the final confirmation page with proof of payment
    • A statement of non-repair or itemized repair invoice
  • Photos of the damaged contents (if applicable)
  • The serial number of the damaged or lost item

Who Can File a Missing or Lost Package Claim With FedEx?

Whether you’re the sender, receiver, or another authorized representative of the client, you can file a missing package claim with FedEx.

Regardless of whether you are from a major state like California, Texas, or New York, or even from Alaska and Hawaii, you can file a claim for both U.S. domestic and international shipments.

Prepare relevant information before you submit your claim, especially the item’s tracking number.

How to Track Down a Missing or Lost FedEx Package by Filing a Claim

While FedEx, like USPS (United States Postal Service), is generally regarded as a reliable carrier for delivering packages efficiently, things can occasionally go wrong.

When such incidents happen, notify FedEx and the company will investigate to find the lost parcel or compensate you.

Is FedEx Responsible for Stolen Packages?

FedEx allows clients to file a claim for stolen packages, but you must lodge your claim promptly. 

The filing deadline for U.S. packages is 60 calendar days from the delivery date. On the other hand, the deadline for international package claims is 21 calendar days after the shipment date. 

Tips for Reporting Package Theft

While packages usually get lost due to technical problems or delivery mix-ups, sometimes they get “lost” because someone stole them.

Below are some tips on how to report package theft:

Document What Happened

Save your tracking information and shipping receipts, and be prepared to prove the value of missing contents (via invoice or appraisal). However, keep the process moving smoothly. You can start your claim immediately, adding documents as you go along.

Was Your Package Indeed Stolen?

The first thing to do when you suspect a package thief has stolen an order is to verify that the package was really stolen. Shipping across the country is a complex business with many potential pitfalls. 

Your package could have fallen off your doorstep, or the delivery driver left it somewhere unexpected. At the same time, the package may have been delivered accidentally to a neighbor with a similar address. 

Alternatively, a FedEx worker may have incorrectly marked the package as delivered while still in transit.

File Your Claim As Soon as Possible

If you still suspect your delivery has been stolen, go to the FedEx claims site. Follow the simple steps on FedEx’s claim page to file a missing package claim.

To file your claim, provide your tracking or PRO (progress) number, select the appropriate claim type, and submit the online form.

Contact the Police

Even though the police cannot always help you recover stolen packages, they can sometimes help inform you about the possible criminal cases in your area. In addition, if you have evidence, such as security camera footage, it can help them apprehend the offending party.

Be As Specific as You Can

Give FedEx as much information as possible about your missing items, including product details, quantity, brand names, sizes, or other specs.

Prevent Stolen Packages in the Future

If you use any FedEx service again, you can access FedEx Delivery Manager. This free service lets you track your shipments, ask for vacation holds to prevent deliveries while you are away from home, and request redirect deliveries to convenient sites for pickup.

How to Keep Packages From Being Stolen

Package thieves, or “porch pirates,” often target unattended items left outside of recipients’ homes. 

That’s why people who prefer shopping online are vulnerable to package theft. Fortunately, you can take the following steps to help safeguard your packages:

Redirect Your Package to a Nearby Retail Location

You can have your package delivered to the following retail locations:

  • Walgreens
  • FedEx Office
  • Select Dollar General and grocery stores

FedEx will notify you when the item is ready for pickup and store it securely for up to seven days.

Tell Your Driver Where to Leave Your Package

You can also give the FedEx driver specific delivery instructions. For example, indicate your preferred delivery location (at the front door, side door, or garage). 

Your delivery instructions will apply to all shipments delivered to your home.

Note: Delivery instructions take up to 24 hours to appear in FedEx’s systems and take effect on your next delivery. Ultimately, it is up to the driver’s discretion to follow directions based on safety concerns and other factors.

Put a Temporary Hold on Your Packages

FedEx can hold your packages for up to two weeks at no additional cost. This option is perfect for when you’re on vacation or traveling for business. FedEx will resume delivery once you are ready.

These and many more features are available when you sign up for a free FedEx Delivery Manager account. You can choose when, where, and how you receive your packages. Registration is easy and free. 


  1. How can I report a missing FedEx Express package?

If your tracking information says your package was already delivered, but your recipient cannot locate it, sign into your FedEx account, go to its tracking page, and complete the following steps: 

  1. Provide your tracking or reference number.
  2. Choose “Manage Delivery,” then click “Report Missing Package.”
  3. Verify that your recipient looked everywhere where the FedEx driver might have dropped off the package and click “Yes.”
  4. Give your contact information, including your full name, phone number, and physical and email address (optional).
  5. Inform FedEx regarding your preferred contact method—text or email—and let them know they can contact you.
  6. Click Submit, and your report will receive a case number.
  7. Click Done. FedEx will contact you to help locate your missing package immediately.
  1. What if the FedEx tracking update says my package was delivered but wasn’t?

If you don’t see any package in your mailbox, even though the status update shows “delivered,” it may still be somewhere around. 

Here’s what you can do before reporting an issue:

  • Check other potential drop-off spots around your home. If you have a house, look around your yard’s mailbox, front door, and other locations. The deliverer may have placed the parcel somewhere safe, including your porch, back door, or carport
  • Ask your neighbors if they receive any package by mistake. Sometimes, your neighbor may accidentally receive the parcel, especially if the house or flat address isn’t clear.
  1. What if my FedEx package is damaged or some contents are missing?

Register an online claim for a FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, or FedEx Freight shipment with damaged, lost, or missing contents.

You’ll need the tracking code and supporting documents, including photos of the damaged content, the serial number of the lost item, or an invoice.

Have your tracking code ready before you file a particular claim type.

There are few worse buying experiences than ordering an item online via Amazon or eBay and waiting for it to arrive, only to find out it got lost or has missing contents upon arrival.  

Fortunately, the information above can help you process a search or insurance claim for your parcel, whether you have a delayed Amazon package or incomplete eBay order.


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