UPS Label Printer


May 26, 2023

Your business is doing great, customers are growing, and your shipping needs increase almost daily. As your eCommerce business expands, the need to save time on printing labels becomes apparent. So, now you may be considering whether buying a UPS (United Parcel Service) label printer is worth it. This article aims to help you choose the right printer for your business.

As you read this article, you may have questions commonly asked by eCommerce owners, like what is the best thermal printer? Is investing in one worth it? Is there a step-by-step guide to help set up these printers?

We will give tips on choosing the right UPS label printer. Such a tool helps speed up printing shipping labels for multiple packages, making it essential for eCommerce businesses. We will also look into thermal printers and evaluate if they’re a good choice. 

The article will also provide an essential guide on setting up a label printer and tips about maintenance and repairs. It will also discuss the importance of knowing where the nearest post office is and how you can locate these places conveniently. 

UPS works with USPS (United States Postal Service) to provide a convenient and affordable shipping service for people in the United States. UPS picks up the shipments, while USPS handles the last-mile deliveries. 

If you need to find the locations of different post offices in the country, visit It is an online search tool that pinpoints the location of all 31,330 post offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, and other cities in the United States. Find the post office nearest you using our website. 

Suppose you have an eCommerce store with UPS as your preferred delivery service. In that case, you’ll need addresses to different post offices to ensure smooth deliveries when USPS handles the last leg of the delivery process. 

Which Thermal Printers Can I Use With UPS Internet Shipping?

Thermal printers are the equipment of choice when printing labels. They print shipping labels using heat instead of ink with the help of a special kind of paper that reacts to heat. Thermal printers are built for printing labels on massive scales. 

Small businesses that ship multiple packages daily will benefit from thermal printers, as they can print these labels according to UPS standards. Below are thermal label printers you can use to print out UPS shipping labels. 

It’s ideal if you choose printers with high-speed USB or Bluetooth connections and can print 4×6 shipping label size. 

Compatible Thermal Printer Models

Here are some shipping label printer models you can use when printing UPS labels: 

  • Bixolon SRP 770III
  • Eltron 2442
  • Eltron 2543
  • Eltron 2844
  • OKI Data LD620
  • Zebra S4M
  • Zebra ZP450
  • Zebra ZT230
  • Zebra ZT410

Note that Zebra ZP450 and Bixolon SRP 770III are printers compatible with Mac OS. You can also add to this list the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL, a famous brand for shipping label printing. 

Using a Thermal Printer for UPS Shipping

Thermal printers are convenient for businesses, especially when shipping many packages to customers. You’ll save time and effort printing labels on your end than bringing your packages to a UPS center and filling out your shipping labels there. 

How to Print Thermal Shipping Labels

Before creating a shipping label using UPS, you should prepare all the necessary information. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to easily print these labels:

  • Go to and create a shipping label using their online label maker
  • Enter your name in the appropriate fields
  • Type in your address as the sender and your recipient’s address
  • Type in all the relevant information requested by the online form
  • Choose your preferred payment method (PayPal, credit or debit card, or bank transfers) 
  • Print your shipping label

You can also access this shipping label maker through your iOs or Android phone and print it using WiFi or Bluetooth connections with your printer. Printing labels is that easy. 

Print Thermal Shipping Labels Easily

Printing shipping labels is simple. You only need an internet connection, a computer or phone, and a thermal printer. If you don’t have one, inkjet printers are the next best thing as long as they print clearly, especially barcode labels. 

Remember that print quality is crucial in shipping labels. Ensure that your label meets sufficient DPI (dots per inch) resolution requirements to maintain clear and eligible printouts. 

The current standard DPI for shipping labels is 300. But a 600 DPI label printer is a good choice if you want to be safe. 

How to Set Up a UPS Thermal Printer

You can follow these steps to prepare your computer and printer for use. Remember that you will use the UPS thermal printing app, which is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

  • On your browser, download and install the drivers for your thermal printer
  • Install the UPS Thermal Printing app
  • Connect your thermal printer to your computer or laptop and install
  • Download the current Java version of the thermal printer app
  • Do some tests and print your first shipping label

How Can You Get a Free Zebra Thermal Printer and Labels?

Do you know that you can rent a Zebra Thermal Printer for your printing needs without buying one? If you need one, you can follow these steps to take advantage of this opportunity. 

  • Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 or 1-800-833-0056 (it’s better if you already have a UPS ID account)
  • Request to speak to an account manager
  • Inquire about renting a thermal printer from UPS
  • You can come to an agreement with UPS about the rental fee
  • When your business is stable, you can return the printer

The current rental rate is usually $2 per week, which is still cheaper in one year than buying a brand-new printer. But you should always check UPS for any price increase.

A 2-dollar rent is a deal if you check the numbers. Suppose you’re shipping packages to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, FedEx, or Shopify warehouses to complete high-volume customer orders. You’ll realize that printing labels at home is still cheaper, even if you’re renting a printer. 

You can find the labels and stickers section in the order supplies menu on the UPS website. You can also pick one of the direct thermal label options. 

Setting Up Your Zebra Thermal Printer

You must know if your computer or laptop has the necessary specs to run this printer. After you’ve checked your computer, you can follow these steps: 

  • Download and install the Zebra thermal printer driver
  • Download and install the QZ tray (this is a printer plugin that allows you to print from different browsers)
  • Connect the printer to your computer (usually, it’s automatically detected)
  • Make it your default printer and start creating labels

Does UPS Give You a Free Label Printer?

You can get a deal with UPS to rent a label printer at an agreed-upon rate. Also, you can bargain with the company, especially if you’re a starting business that can ensure regular high-volume deliveries. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this article on how to get a free label printer from UPS. 

Dealing With Printer Maintenance or Your Printer Breaking

Most printers are mechanical machines with electronic components. They are prone to wear and tear from continued use and problems from not being used frequently. Keep in mind the following tips to ensure proper maintenance of your printer: 

  • Use it regularly: Inkjet printers have cartridges that can dry up when unused. If you don’t use your printer for months, the dried ink will clog the cartridge, and you’ll need to buy one. 
  • Keep your printer head clean: Store your printer in a dust-free place. Small rough particles can get into your machine and stick to the print head. If this gets damaged, it will directly affect the print quality on all your labels. 
  • Be careful when replacing cartridges on your own: When you need to replace your cartridges, ensure that you do it safely. Any damage to the printer head can dramatically affect the quality of printouts. Remember that unscanned labels can result in late updates for tracking and may get rejected or not delivered entirely. 
  • Keep your printer dust-free: One of the main reasons for printer damage is dust. Always keep your printer dust-free. Use alcohol and a soft cloth to clean your printer regularly.
  • Always download and install the latest drivers: Sometimes, printers malfunction when you don’t update their drivers. It’s best to get the necessary updates and keep your program up-to-date. 

How Can I Get Free UPS Shipping Supplies?

You can get free shipping supplies from UPS delivered to the address you’ve specified in your UPS account. Here is a list of supplies they’ll provide for free:

  • Branded boxes
  • Shipping tags
  • Label pouches
  • Customs forms
  • Thermal printing labels

You can get all of these for free. Contact UPS and inquire about the shipping items they provide without any charge. 

Ordering Your Free Shipping Supplies

Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering free shipping supplies from UPS: 

  • Go to your account and select order supplies
  • Under the order supplies menu, you’ll see all the items you can order (forms, tags, envelopes, pouches, boxes, and blank thermal labels and stickers)
  • You can request different sizes of each item 

You don’t have to pay anything to order these items from UPS. 

What Other Supplies Are Provided for Free?

In most cases, UPS provides everything you need to ship your packages according to their standards. Additional packing materials are free of charge to any customer with an account at 

Here Is How to Get Them

Always contact UPS through their hotline, customer support, or at the nearest UPS office if you need any packaging materials for your next batch of shipments. Always visit for more information regarding your shipping needs. 


  1. What do I do if a label popup window doesn’t appear on

If this happens to your printing equipment, here are steps you can follow to troubleshoot this problem:

  • If no label popup appears, ensure to allow popups on your browser
  • You may also need to download the latest version of Java
  • You may have to download the correct version of Java that’s compatible with your printer or browser
  • Click “always trust content from this publisher”
  • If the problem persists, then you should call UPS customer support for help
  1. Can I print a UPS label on a regular printer?

You can print a UPS label on a regular printer. Still, there are advantages and disadvantages that you must consider. 

When printing with Inkjet printers, here are the pros and cons:


  • You can print in color
  • It’s cheaper than thermal printers
  • Inkjet printers are compact, and you can fit them anywhere


  • You’ll have to refill cartridges often
  • Ink can smudge, making it difficult to scan
  • Moisture and humidity can damage the ink, causing it to smudge

For laser printers, here are the pros and cons:


  • Can print sharp images easily
  • Cartridge replacement isn’t as frequent as with inkjet printers


  • They’re more expensive than inkjet printers
  • They may not work with adhesive papers used for labels

If you’re a business owner with customers nationwide, you’ll find it convenient to have a handy printer for your daily shipping label needs. 

 Saving time and money while maintaining quality service is the key ingredient for a thriving business. 

You can also check out how UPS works with USPS in deliveries, which can help you save money. UPS transfers packages to USPS networks for last-mile deliveries. Because of the vast network of the U.S. Postal Service and how the government subsidizes it, USPS services are one of the cheapest in the country.  

UPS relies on USPS for the delivery’s last leg, making shipping costs more affordable and suitable for businesses. 

To get information on the local post offices you can work with regarding your deliveries, visit You can take advantage of our vast database of post office information you may need for your next transaction.