USPS Bulk Mail


March 10, 2024

Bulk mail is one of the staple services the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers for sending many identical items at a discount. In 2022, USPS delivered a total Marketing Mail volume of 67.1 billion. Marketing Mail is a USPS service offered at bulk prices.

If you manage a business that frequently sends marketing materials like flyers and catalogs, bulk mail services can help address your marketing needs.

What is bulk mail? How do you qualify for discounted bulk rates? What are USPS’ requirements to send bulk mail?

This article tackles these issues and provides a guide on how to send bulk mail. It also discusses the weight and volume requirements to qualify for bulk mail rates.

When preparing to send bulk mail through USPS, use’s online search tool to locate a post office near you. Make your resource of choice for all your shipping and mailing needs.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Bulk Mailing

Some businesses want to send marketing material to their target customers, but mailing one envelope at a time to numerous customers can take time and effort.

You can send bulk mail to multiple customers in one go, provided you qualify for its shipping and discounted rates.

The following sections explain bulk mailing and how to become eligible for lower commercial rates.

What the U.S. Postal Service Needs You to Know

USPS implements at least two postage pricing schemes: retail and commercial.

Retail prices are typically priced higher than commercial. For example, retail post office rates for a one-ounce First-Class Mail start at $0.66, while commercial rates for the same item start at $0.498.

You must comply with USPS requirements to qualify for the discounted commercial rates. These mandatories are discussed further in the following sections.

What Is Bulk Mailing?

Bulk mail is a term USPS uses to define mail quantities that can earn a bulk discount. Bulk mail costs the Postal Service less money when presorted by ZIP code. The savings are passed on to mailers who do the presorting.

How to Qualify for Bulk Mailing Rates

To qualify for bulk mail, the items you want to ship must meet the following minimum quantities:

  • 50 Parcel Post pieces
  • 200 Marketing Mail pieces
  • 300 presorted Bound Printed Matter pieces
  • 500 presorted First-Class Mail pieces
  • 500 presorted Media Mail pieces
  • 500 presorted Library Mail pieces

“What Is the Best Type of Mail Service for My Business Needs?”

When you send an item through USPS, the mail service you use will depend on your needs and shipping requirements, such as weight, size, budget, and delivery time. The following sections discuss some of these services.

First Class Mail

First-Class Mail service is affordable for delivering envelopes and postcards in one to five business days. The price depends on your parcel’s weight and shape.

The price to send a one-ounce First-Class Mail letter as of July 2023 starts at $0.66, while large envelopes (flats) start at $1.35.

Marketing Mail

USPS Marketing Mail is a mail type that does not need to be sent as periodicals or First-Class Mail. The Postal Service also offers lower nonprofit prices for Marketing Mail, which requires specific authorization.

USPS Marketing Mail has bulk prices, with each shipment comprising at least 50 pounds (lbs) or 200 pieces of mail.

Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM)

If you run a small business, the EDDM service can help promote it in your local community. For example, when you open a new location, put up a sale, or offer coupons, you can use EDDM to send flyers, postcards, and menus to your customers.

Bulk Mail Rates

If you are a business owner who regularly sends bulk mail, consider getting commercial rates with USPS to access discounted rates.

Suppose you want to send an item through First-Class Mail. Based on July 2023 rates, retail prices for one-ounce stamped letters start at $0.66 and postcards at $0.51.

On the other hand, discounted commercial rates for one-ounce letters start at $0.498, and cards start at $0.355.

If you want to send 1,000 letters in bulk, the following table shows the comparison between retail and commercial starting rates:

Mail typeRetail rateCommercial rateDifference

How to Keep Bulk Mail Rates Down

Some of the ways to keep your bulk mail costs down are as follows:

  • Clean your direct mail lists: The more mail you send to incorrect or non-existent contacts, the more money you waste. Update and clean your mailing list to help save money and ensure each mail piece you send reaches your intended recipients.
  • Plan ahead to prevent mistakes: Planning gives you enough time to find errors before sending mail and helps prevent these mistakes from happening. Since these blunders can be costly, early planning can help lower your mailing expenses.
  • Be mindful of item sizes: Postage costs are usually based on the mail piece’s weight and size. For example, a small envelope will likely cost less than a large one.
  • Presort your direct mail to qualify for discounts: USPS offers bulk mail discounts for presorted direct mail. Presorting your mail lessens post office workers’ tasks, so you can enjoy the savings instead.
  • Comply with USPS regulations: Following the Postal Service’s regulations helps make the mailing process smoother and lower your costs. For instance, exceeding a specific size limit can increase your costs per piece.

How to Send Bulk Mail

Follow these steps to send bulk mail through USPS:

  • Choose how you want to pay for your postage.
  • Obtain a permit by applying online, through the USPS Business Customer Gateway (BCG), or by filling out P.S. Form 3615 (mailing permit application and customer profile form).
  • Bring your completed Form 3615 to your local post office or business mail entry unit (BMEU). You also need to bring two acceptable forms of identification (I.D.).
  • USPS will give you a receipt and permit number, which you will need for every mailing.
  • Bring the following when sending your first mailing:
    • Signed and dated postage statement
    • Cash, credit card, or check for additional postage
    • Supporting documentation
    • An annual mailing fee check

Hiring a Bulk Mailing Service

If you find it challenging to send bulk mail by yourself, you can seek the help of mail service providers. These business mail support services include the following: 

  • USPS direct mail services, such as Click2Mail, Premium Postcards, and CardStore
  • Local mail service providers
  • Presort software that can print postage statements and presorted addresses and determine which mail pieces qualify for which postage prices

“How Do I Get Started With Bulk Mailing?”

When preparing to send bulk mail, you can do so by yourself or through a local or national business mail support vendor’s assistance. After you go through the steps to send bulk mail, USPS will do the following when you arrive with your mail shipment:

  • The acceptance clerk checks your mail to ensure you have adequately prepared it.
  • If you send Marketing Mail, the clerk will open one of your mail pieces to check whether the contents qualify for your applied rate.
  • USPS’ tasks include endorsements, markings, mail sortation, and postage payment acceptance.
  • When you pay for a permit imprint (postage information printed in the mail piece’s upper-right corner block called the indicia), the clerk will check whether your advance deposit account has enough money to cover the mailing cost.
  • If your mail is not correctly presorted, the clerk will identify the problems and tell you how to fix them. For example, issues involving your mail piece’s characteristics may require you to pay additional surcharges or fees.

US Postal Service Bulk Mail Requirements

To qualify for bulk mail discounts, you must comply with USPS requirements for the shipping service you wish to use.

The following sections explore these requirements, such as minimum quantities and bulk mail permits.

From Bulk Mail to Presorted Savings

To send presorted bulk mail through USPS and qualify for discounted rates, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Meet the minimum number of pieces to be eligible for bulk mail
  • Apply for a USPS bulk mail permit and pay the required fees
  • Ensure the correctness of delivery addresses and ZIP codes
  • Weigh your mail pieces and apply the correct postage and barcodes
  • Presort your mail pieces by size, type, and ZIP code
  • Deliver your presorted mail to the post office issuing the permit

Minimums for Bulk Mail

As discussed, you can qualify for bulk mail shipping by meeting USPS’ minimum number of pieces depending on your mailing service.

Suppose you want to send 800 pieces through presorted First-Class Mail. You can qualify for bulk shipping since this service’s minimum requirement is 500 pieces.

On the other hand, if you ship 150 pieces of Marketing Mail, you may not be eligible for the discount. The minimum for this service is 200 pieces.

USPS Bulk Mail Permits and Fees

Before sending presorted mail, you must apply for a USPS-issued bulk mail permit at your local post office.

After USPS accepts your application, the courier assigns you a nine-digit mailer I.D. and permit number for sending bulk mail.

You must hold the permit and pay the annual mailing fee at every post office where you want to pay for commercial mail.

USPS Presort Preparation

Presorting and preparing bulk mail for delivery can be complicated, and you may want to refer to the USPS mail preparation guidelines for the details. Here’s a brief overview of these guidelines:

  • Sort your mail into mail trays or sacks provided for free by USPS. Sorting is usually based on the mail type and ZIP code.
  • Fill out the postage statement online or manually and apply the barcoded labels to each mailing container.
  • Deliver your mail to the post office that provided your USPS bulk mail permit.

The Benefits of Presort Services

If you want to qualify for USPS discounts without wasting time or resources doing so yourself, consider using presort services which provide the following:

  • Receive bulk mail prices without the bulk mail volume: Presort service providers can combine your mail with other client mailings to ensure everyone meets the volumes to qualify for applicable postal discounts.
  • No need to overthink the details: Managing a presorting operation requires equipment, labor, supplies, and space to bring mail to the post office. 

A presorting service can help you handle various tasks, such as picking up mail and ensuring the parcel meets all USPS requirements.

How Much Does USPS Charge for Bulk Mail?

The USPS rates for sending bulk mail depend on the service you use. For example, USPS Marketing Mail has bulk pricing, meaning each shipping must include a minimum quantity of 50 pounds of mail or 200 pieces.

USPS Marketing Mail offers bulk mail prices for various mail types, like letters, large envelopes (flats), marketing parcels, and Parcel Select Lightweight mail.

The table below shows the bulk mail prices for letters and flats based on carrier route and automation rates as of July 2023:

Mail typeEntry discountCarrier route (basic)Automation (five-digit ZIP code)
Letters weighing 3.5 ounces (oz) or less (per-piece price)None$0.505$0.326
Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC)$0.478$0.299
Destination Sectional CenterFacility (DSCF)$0.47$0.291
Flats (per-piece price)None$0.467$0.609

What Is the Cheapest Way to Mail in Bulk?

One of the cheapest ways to mail in bulk is by sending nonprofit Marketing Mail. Compared to regular commercial prices, nonprofit rates significantly cost less.

For instance, a 3.5-oz Marketing Mail letter with basic automation costs $0.505 based on July 2023 rates. However, the same letter only costs $0.357 under nonprofit rates.

Your mail can only qualify as nonprofit if USPS has authorized you to mail at significantly reduced nonprofit postage rates. Examples of such enterprises are agricultural, educational, and scientific organizations.

DIY Bulk Mailing

As mentioned, you can prepare bulk mail on your own by applying online through the BCG or filling out the mailing permit application form at your local post office or BMEU.

Afterward, bring your completed application and two acceptable IDs to the post office or BMEU to get your receipt and permit number needed for mailing.

How to Make DIY Bulk Mailing Easy and Fun

One way to make bulk mailing easier is by planning ahead. Update your mailing list to ensure your recipients’ addresses are valid. This way, you prevent or reduce the chances of misdelivery due to incorrect addresses.

With fewer to no address issues, your bulk mail should smoothly reach your intended recipients.

Preparing Your USPS Bulk Mailing

Suppose your mailing list is updated and your mail pieces are ready for shipping. What are your next steps to prepare your items for bulk mailing? The following sections discuss these steps.

What Address Verification Does USPS Require for Bulk Mailing?

USPS prefers not to handle misaddressed bulk mail because doing so can increase costs. To prevent this issue, the company asks two questions to check your mailing list’s accuracy:

  • Has the recipient moved?
  • Is the address valid?

The courier may ask for one or both verifications before you can proceed with your mailing. If you are a small- or medium-volume mailer, you can upload your mailing list to an online service that makes the necessary corrections to help minimize misaddressing issues.

“How Do I Sort My Mail to Meet USPS Bulk Mail Requirements?”

You must sort your mail and place it into trays or sacks based on USPS rules to qualify for bulk mail postage discounts. For instance, unusually shaped letter-sized items and flat-sized pieces must be bundled before being placed into their specific containers.

Suppose you have 200 letter-size mail pieces heading to the same ZIP code. USPS requires placing them in one tray that goes to the facility handling those pieces without needing them to be sorted elsewhere.

“Do I Need to Add Barcodes to Get Bulk Mail Discounts? How Do I Do That?”

One way to earn postage discounts is to print barcodes on your bulk mail so that USPS does not need to do so. USPS can also waive your annual mailing fee if you always include barcodes with your bulk mail and submit paperwork electronically.

“How Do I Assemble My Bulk Mailing Into Trays or Sacks?”

When sorting bulk mail, you must separate them into specific mail trays, sacks, or tubs, which USPS provides for free when used for postal purposes. You can get these products from most USPS post offices and bulk mail centers.

You can end up with having your mail placed in full containers, partially full containers, or ones with as few as one piece, depending on how your mailing list gets sorted.

“What Paperwork Should I Accomplish for USPS Bulk Mailing?”

After preparing your mail, you must complete a postage statement form that tells USPS who you are, how many pieces you want to mail, how many sacks or trays are required, and what postage you expect to pay.

Depending on what mail type you send, you will need to fill out one or more of the following forms:

  • Form 3602-R: Marketing Mail commercial
  • Form 3602-N: Marketing Mail nonprofit
  • Form 3600-FCM: USPS First-Class Mail and Ground Advantage
  • Form 3541 – Periodicals class
  • Form 3605 – Parcel Select Lightweight and bound printed matter

USPS Marketing Mail

Marketing Mail, formerly Standard Mail, is commonly used by organizations and businesses to send promotional materials. This mail matter has several characteristics described in the following sections.

Minimum Weight

USPS Marketing Mail does not have any minimum weight requirements. In other words, your mail can be as light as it reasonably can.

Maximum Weight

For Marketing Mail, the heaviest weight for each mail piece you can send is less than 16oz.

Minimum Quantity

As mentioned earlier, the total amount of Marketing Mail you can send should be at least 200 pieces or 50lbs of mail.

Mailers Use USPS Marketing Mail to Send the Following

If you run a business, you can send the following items through Marketing Mail:

  • Flyers, printed matter, circulars, and advertising materials
  • Small parcels
  • Newsletters, catalogs, and bulletins


USPS provides the following tips for sending Marketing Mail items:

  • USPS Marketing Mail is for domestic mail only and cannot be sent to international addresses.
  • Mailers can use the Priority Mail Open and Distribute service to hasten delivery. When sending Marketing Mail sacks or trays, you can do so via Priority Mail to the postal facility near your shipment’s final destination.

Affordable, Targeted Advertising

If you want to promote your small business in your local community, consider using EDDM services.

This service can help you send flyers, postcards, and menus to the right customers. Use the EDDM online tool to map neighborhoods and ZIP codes and filter by age, household size, or income.

EDDM Mapping and Mailing

The EDDM online tool is convenient and offers postage discounts for your business. You can watch the “Advertise with EDDM” video on the USPS website for a brief overview of using this tool to plan your delivery, map your routes, and let USPS deliver to every door you choose.

Prices – USPS Marketing Mail Flats Up to 3.3oz

EDDM postcards, flyers, and flats are considered USPS Marketing Mail products. When sending these mail pieces, the following rates apply as of 2023:

  • EDDM Retail USPS Marketing Flats cost $0.198 per piece
  • EDDM BMEU Marketing Mail Flats cost as low as $0.197 per piece

Explore Your EDDM Options

If you are a business owner, you can create an EDDM mailing yourself, depending on your business needs.

Alternatively, you can ask USPS affiliate vendors for help with the mail design, printing, preparation, and drop-off process. You can also look for a local EDDM printer by searching for one on the USPS website’s printer directory page.

Quick Compare

To create your EDDM mailings and get them to USPS for delivery, consider using EDDM Retail or entering an EDDM bulk mailing at a BMEU. The next sections compare these two methods.

EDDM Retail Features

EDDM Retail offers the following features for your mailing needs:

  • Accessible through your account
  • Allows you to drop off EDDM mailing at the post office
  • Does not require a special mailing permit
  • Lets you send at least 200 and up to 5,000 pieces daily per ZIP code
  • Works well for small businesses, realtors, restaurants, and local political campaigns
  • Allows you to pay at the post office or online

EDDM BMEU Features

Mailing through a BMEU offers the following benefits:

  • Works best for large-volume mailers
  • Lets you use a USPS BCG account to prepare and enter your bulk mailing
  • Imposes no limit on mailing size and allows selection of multiple ZIP codes
  • Allows you to drop off mail at a large USPS BMEU
  • Lets you pay with a bulk mailing permit

Getting Started

If you want to start sending bulk mail, check out USPS’ PostalPro business resource on preparing and creating an EDDM BMEU mailing. Read the step-by-step process in the following sections once you are ready to send an EDDM Retail mailing.

How to Create an EDDM Retail Mailing

Creating an EDDM Retail mailing can be a complex process for some people. If you want to create this mailing easily, follow the procedures below:

Use or Create an Existing Account

The first step to creating an EDDM Retail mailing is to log in to your account or sign up if you do not have one yet.

After the login or signup process, you must send at least 200 mail pieces daily per ZIP code to use EDDM Retail. Using this service, you can ship up to 5,000 mail pieces per ZIP code daily.

Select Neighborhoods and Audiences

With the EDDM online tool, you can choose the neighborhoods where your customers live. Use this tool to target specific demographics such as income, age, and household size.

How to Start the EDDM Online Tool

To use the EDDM online tool and target your audience, do the following steps:

  • Search for an address, city, state, or ZIP code.
  • Click “Show Table” to view the neighborhood routes’ details.
  • Filter your targeted audience using categories like route, residence, age, income, size, and cost.
  • Select the final neighborhood you want to use. You can also select multiple routes for a single mailing.
  • Review your selections under the order summary and save or continue the process.

Design and Print Your Mail Piece

Consider following the best practices in direct mail design to create compelling EDDM advertising pieces. For example, sending actionable mail with clear offers and calls to action can increase the chance of generating customer responses.

Check the following guidelines for designing and printing mail pieces.

EDDM Retail Flats

Use the mail piece size checker to ensure your postcard or flyer meets Marketing Mail requirements. You can find this checker at the top right of the EDDM online tool.

See the physical standards for flats web page on the USPS website for detailed EDDM mail piece measurements.

Formatting Addresses and Postage

Address your mail pieces to “postal customer,” and USPS will deliver your mail to every address on your chosen routes.

When formatting postage, use the EDDM Retail indicia, a postage payment mark taking the place of a regular postage or meter stamp, and follow these guidelines:

  • The indicia must be at the upper right of the address block of every EDDM mail piece.
  • Although the EDDM Retail indicia has no size requirement, the dimensions must be larger than 0.5 inches (in) by 0.5in.
  • The type font must be at least four-point size and in all caps.
  • The indicia should fit in the area 1.375in from the top edge and 1.625in from the right edge.
  • There should be a 0.125in space around the top and right edges.

Need More Help?

For assistance with formatting your indicia correctly or other issues like accessing a printer, seek help from online direct mail specialists and local printers. The USPS website has a local printer directory where you can search for online experts.

Choose Drop-Off Date and Payment Options

USPS allows you to select a drop-off date and payment type for your EDDM mailing. The EDDM user guide discusses the specific drop-off options and steps available. For payment options, read the following sections for guidance.

Paying Online

The steps to paying for EDDM Retail mailing are as follows:

  • Pay with your credit or debit card
  • Receive your order documentation that includes a proof of payment receipt
  • Present your receipt when delivering your mail to the post office

Paying at the Post Office

If you prefer to pay at the post office, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you’ve received an order documentation showing the unpaid order
  • Deliver your mail to the post office and pay using cash, check, credit card, or debit card
  • Ask for the proof of payment receipt

Need a Refund?

You can request EDDM Retail refunds at the post office or online, depending on how you paid for your order and whether you have dropped off your mailing already.

If you have not dropped off your EDDM Retail order at the post office, you can request a refund by following these steps:

  • Go to and sign in to your account
  • Click “Activity History”
  • Click “Request a Refund” under “Order Details”
  • Fill out the form

Once the refund is processed, it will get posted to your credit card within three to five days.

Print Forms and Prepare Mailing Bundles

You can see and print all necessary USPS processing forms on your account’s order confirmation screen. You can also view and print the EDDM facing slip you can attach to your mailing bundles.

When preparing your mailing bundles, ensure to do the following:

  • Bundle your mail in stacks of 50 to 100 pieces.
  • Keep your bundle’s height not more than 6in.
  • Fill out and attach the facing slip on top of each bundle.
  • Write the number of mail pieces per bundle on the facing slip.

Do Not Deliver Addresses

Suppose your customer contacts you and asks to be excluded from your mailing list. In this case, include their address in the facing slip’s “do not deliver address” column.

Drop Off or Ship Your Mailing

Bring your mail to the post office that will deliver to your selected EDDM routes. You can drop off your mail or ship it to a post office, whichever is more convenient.

Dropping Off Your Mailing at a Post Office

The EDDM online tool lets you view the order summary that shows your specific post office drop-off location and payment. To view this information, do the following:

  • Gather your mail bundles with the attached facing slips.
  • Include a completed P.S. Form 3587 (EDDM Retail form). Remember to fill out the carrier route information on the back of the form.
  • Bring your mail to the post office for your selected ZIP code.

Shipping Your Mailing to a Post Office

When shipping your EDDM mail to a distant ZIP code, send your bundles by Priority Mail to that neighborhood route’s postmaster and do the following tasks:

  • Place your bundles with facing slips in a box
  • Put the envelope in the box containing the following information:
    • Sample mail piece
    • A check or money order for postage payable to the postmaster or Postal Service (if you have not paid online)
    • EDDM Retail form P.S. Form 3587
    • Postmaster instruction letter
  • Address your boxes to the postmaster of the post office from which you will ship the mail
  • Write “Every Door Direct Mail-Retail” and “Open Immediately” on every box
  • When sending multiple boxes, number them as “1 of X,” “2 of X,” and so forth, with “X” indicating your boxes’ total number


Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, USPS offers many benefits through bulk mail. The following topics discuss the Postal Service’s business solutions for your mailing needs.

Shipping and Mailing Solutions for Small to Large Businesses

USPS’ shipping and mailing services provide innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes. Some of these business solutions include:

  • Shipping: USPS can support your business, large or small, by providing a free business account that lets you access the enhanced Click-N-Ship’s latest features and print your own labels. 

Click-N-Ship is a USPS application that lets residential and small business customers create postage labels online.

  • Advertising with direct mail: This feature lets you learn how to make and improve direct mail campaigns to help you win customers.
  • More resources: The USPS Connect eCommerce service provides resources to help you streamline shipping, enhance customer service, and reduce costs.

Shipping Services

When it comes to business shipping, USPS has several services that can fit your needs, as discussed in detail in the sections below.

Click-N-Ship Online Shipping

You can use your free account to print shipping labels and pay for postage online through the enhanced Click-N-Ship experience. This service includes bulk editing, file upload, and other package management features.

Click-N-Ship offers savings to all customers through lower commercial rates. Businesses can also opt for the Business Rate Card for additional savings on select services.

Other Click-N-Ship features are as follows:

  • Payment via Apple Pay or an enterprise payment system (EPS) account
  • Creation of multiple labels and grouping them into shipments
  • Domestic or international shipment
  • Outbound and return labels shipped to your address for a small fee

Click-N-Ship Business Pro

If you are a small- or medium-volume shipper, you can use the free Click-N-Ship Business Pro software for creating labels. You can also pay for postage using electronic manifest files and manage volume shipping through database integration, reporting tools, and built-in tracking.

Business Customer Gateway

The BCG is the Postal Service’s central benefits hub. If you are a large-volume shipper, use this hub to access business services like mailing documentation, application program interfaces (APIs), and mail tracking data.

The BCG also allows you to do the following:

  • Connect to online tools for your business
  • Sign up for incentives and promotions
  • Access specific features and programs available to businesses meeting volume shipping requirements

Advertise With Mail

You can use bulk mail not only for correspondence with your customers. This service lets you advertise by allowing you to send flyers, catalogs, and other marketing material that can help inform your target market about your products and offers.

USPS offers advertising opportunities through features discussed in the following sections.

Every Door Direct Mail

With EDDM, you can plan a direct mailing process online, send your mail pieces to a nearby post office, and have USPS deliver those items along your chosen routes.

Vendors and Resources

USPS-approved vendors can provide printing and mailing services, help format your mail pieces based on USPS requirements, and send off your mail.

Third-party marketing professionals can launch all or part of your ad campaign to reach new and current customers.

These experts’ services include designing your mail piece, targeting the right audience, and dropping off your mail. After you pick a design, choose a budget, and select an audience, the professionals can do the rest.

Available Formats

Whether you’re creating a mail piece on your own or through a third-party vendor, ensure to choose a format that can make your offer compelling. The shape, size, and layout can help emphasize your product or service with elegance and efficiency.

Mail formats you can send through USPS are as follows:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Product samples
  • Brochures and booklets

More on Advertising

Whether you want to send large corporate mailings or small business ads, you can target specific addresses using the free EDDM mail route mapping tool.

USPS can also help save money on your marketing campaigns by offering various mail classes and postage rates, depending on your mail pieces’ content, volume, format, and delivery options.

Other Business Services

Aside from Click-N-Ship and advertising solutions, other services you can consider that can significantly benefit your business include free shipping labels, customer returns, and pickup scheduling. The following sections discuss these and other business services.

Free Shipping Supplies

USPS allows you to search for free supplies to ship your customer orders internationally and domestically. Some of these free supplies include Flat Rate products and shipping labels.

Postage Rates

The USPS website provides a price list of the starting retail and commercial rates for bulk mail, domestic packages, and international mail to help you compare their prices.

The website also has a shipping price calculator to help you compute the estimated postage rates based on the origin and destination.

Postage Options

USPS business services allow you to use online vendors, print shipping labels, lease meters, print using a permit imprint, and pay for postage.

Customer Returns

Sometimes, your customers will want to return their purchases for one reason or another. With flexible USPS Returns services, you can facilitate easy, quick, and hassle-free returns for your customers.

Taking Your Business Global

You can use USPS Global Shipping Software to help create mailing labels, postage statements, customs forms, and manifests and pay for your shipment’s postage.

Managing Business Mail

With USPS business mail services, you can affordably and conveniently consolidate and forward mail, schedule pickups, redirect packages in transit, or arrange for reply mail.

Schedule a Pickup

USPS business services let you save time with package pickups. You can pay a fee for pickup at a specific time or request a free pickup during regular mail delivery.

Secure Deliveries With USPS

The USPS Connect eCommerce program allows you to access discounted pricing and other benefits for online sellers and merchants.

These other benefits include USPS Tracking and insurance for most shipments. If you want secure delivery, consider these services for your mail.

Bulk Mail Discount

As mentioned, you can qualify for bulk mail discounts by shipping a minimum quantity of pieces based on the mail type you want to send.

USPS’ business services allow you to learn about commercial mail classes, preparation, and prices to help you make the right choices for your business.

Mailing and Shipping Prices

To check the starting prices of various domestic and international mailing options, read the following sections or visit the USPS website’s Postal Explorer page to view the Postal Service’s full price list.

Cost of First-Class Stamps

USPS First-Class Mail is an easy and affordable USPS service for sending envelopes and postcards. The cost to send First-Class Mail varies depending on whether you want to send these items within or outside the U.S.

Letter Stamps

The cost of First-Class Mail letter stamps is as follows:

  • Prices of standard-sized, rectangular envelopes start from $0.66.
  • Prices of oversized, square, and unusual envelopes start from $1.06.

Postcard Stamps

For rectangular, standard-sized postcards, the price to send them begins at $0.51. If the postcard is oversized, the starting price is $0.66.

Global Forever (International)

Global Forever stamps for international letters and postcards weighing 1oz start at $1.50. However, the price of envelopes that are oversized, unusually shaped, or heavier than 1oz can vary depending on the destination country.


Aside from First-Class Mail, other services USPS offers also have varying prices depending on several factors like mail type, delivery speed, weight, size, and destination.

The following sections list some of these services and their starting prices.

Domestic Prices

As of October 2023, domestic USPS services and corresponding costs are as follows:

  • Priority Mail Express: Prices start from $28.75 at the post office and $24.90 for commercial rate.
  • Priority Mail: Postage rate starts from $9.35 at the post office and $7.64 for commercial rate.
  • USPS Ground Advantage: Shipping costs start from $4.75 at the post office and $3.59 for commercial rate.
  • USPS Marketing Mail: Prices start from $0.193 with commercial pricing.
  • Parcel Select: Shipping price starts from $3.78, priced commercially.

International Prices

For shipping outside the U.S., some of the international services and their rates are as follows (as of October 2023):

  • Global Express Guaranteed (GXG): Postage begins from $71.10 at the post office, $67.55 for Commercial Base, and $67.55 for Commercial Plus.
  • Priority Mail Express International: Prices start from $56 at the post office, $53.07 for Commercial Base, and $53.07 for Commercial Plus.
  • Priority Mail International: Shipping costs begin from $42.10 at the post office, $39.53 for Commercial Base, and $39.53 for Commercial Plus.

First-Class Package International Service: Postage starts from $15.75 at the post office, $14.96 for Commercial Base, and $14.96 for Commercial Plus.


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