USPS Pickup


May 11, 2023

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers USPS pickup as a convenient way for customers to schedule a pickup of their outgoing mail or packages from their home or office.

This service is handy for those with limited access to a nearby post office or who need help getting there regularly.

However, to fully understand the benefits of USPS pickup, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of how post offices work. can provide essential information regarding postal services in the United States. You can use our free online search tool to locate post offices in your area.

The Postal Service Offers Three Different Options for Pickup of Outgoing Mail

The U.S. Postal Service allows clients to pick up outgoing mail. You can access this service in three different ways depending on your needs and preferences. 

Pickup on Demand Service

Pickup on Demand service is ideal for time-sensitive situations when your mailpiece must be picked up on a specific date and time. Note that all mail for pickup should be ready for mailing.

Also, remember that a pickup fee applies per trip (no matter how many items you have scheduled). 

How Does Pickup on Demand Work?

Pickup on Demand is generally available based on the ZIP (zone improvement plan) code and the time and date of delivery.

If you want to know whether the date and time you need for pickup are available, you can check and choose the “Specify a Pickup” window in the “What Time Should We Pick Up” tab section.

A nearby post office can receive your mailpiece if the option is unavailable in your ZIP Code. 

To schedule a Pickup on Demand request, visit

Package Pickup Service

This option allows you to schedule a pickup for delivery the next day or a specified day for your eligible mailpieces after the letter carrier completes the mail delivery. Note that the mailpieces’ postage must be prepaid. 

Package Pickup service also has the following features:

  • No additional fees to pay when your mail is picked up as part of the mailing route, and carriers do not need to make special trips to pick up your mail
  • No restrictions on the number of packages left for Package Pickup

How Does Package Pickup Work?

Package Pickup lets you arrange for a package to be picked up after you receive your mail.

You can access this service for free (regardless of the number of items you have scheduled for pickup). 

You also have the option to have USPS deliver the item the next day or another specified day. 

The following items are eligible for free Package Pickup:

  • Priority Mail Express items 
  • First-Class Package Service-Commercial items
  • Priority Mail items
  • Items shipped using international services
  • Returned items

However, you can combine packages of other mail classes, including First-Class Mail items, with any premium products above to request a package pickup.

Pickups are available Monday through Saturday until 2:00 AM CT (central time). After 2:00 AM CT, same-day pickup is no longer available.

You can also change or cancel your pickup request until 2:00 AM CT on the pickup day.

Your items must not exceed 130 inches (in length and girth) or 70 pounds.

Also, mailpieces weighing over 10 ounces (oz) or more than 1/2 inch thick are not eligible for package pickup. If your package meets this requirement, you can present it to a retail counter employee at a post office.

Go to this page to schedule a free pickup the next postal business day. 

Collection Service

This service generally involves depositing prepaid mail in a collection box. 

However, a service can also be considered a collection service when clients hand over their outgoing, prepaid mail to a carrier or other designated postal worker while that worker is performing a typical delivery and collection job.

“How Do I Request a USPS Pickup?”

The following sections will guide you through scheduling a package pickup. Note: Register or sign in to your account for faster, simpler scheduling.

Schedule a Pickup

There are two methods for scheduling USPS package pickup:

  • As part of your regular mail delivery time: You can request a free package pickup service, which you can arrange for the next delivery day or on a different day. You can only use this option for eligible packages while your mail is in transit.

Generally, there’s no limit to how many packages or mail you can leave for Package Pickup. Also, the service is available in most, if not all, ZIP codes in the U.S.

To check availability and get more details, visit the Package Pickup page at

  • Scheduling a specific pickup time: Another way to schedule a pickup is to use the Pickup on Demand service. This option is best for urgent pickups when you need your packages picked up on a specific date as soon as possible. 

You may have to pay extra for each pickup.  

To schedule your pickup, go to the official USPS Schedule a Pickup page and complete all required fields.

Here are some information and tips you might find helpful when scheduling pickups:

  • USPS lets clients automate multiple package pickups. 
  • Schedule your pickup the day before you want your items picked up and finalize your request before 2:00 AM CT.
  • Know the approximate number of packages you expect to be picked up and their combined weight.

 “Why Was My Address Format or Information Modified From What I Entered When I Scheduled a Pickup?”

Addresses are cross-checked with the USPS database and formatted in a standard way

This format helps USPS process and deliver your mail more effectively. While no system can be up-to-date 100% of the time, this system is highly accurate and constantly updated to include additional address information, like street addresses.

“Can I Schedule a USPS Pickup Same Day?”

No. The Package Pickup service enables mailers to schedule a pickup of their eligible mailpieces. Your mail or letter carrier will drop off these mailpieces at a specified location the next day or at another designated time.

How Much Does It Cost to Schedule a USPS Pickup?

You don’t have to pay for this service, regardless of how many packages you’re shipping. 

Your letter or mail carrier will pick up your package after your regular mail arrives. Arrange a next-day pickup, or let USPS know three months before your planned pickup time.


Below are several reminders when preparing for package pickup:

  • All mail or packages should have the same return address as the location at which the item is being picked up.
  • All packages should be ready for pickup. They must include the following details and documents:
    • Complete addresses
    • Correct shipping labels
    • Paid postage
    • Computer-generated electronic customs forms attached
  • A complete address for delivery and return is necessary to determine the Priority Mail Express eligibility for delivery.
  • If you need to, cancel your pickup request before 5:00 AM local time the day of the supposed pickup.
  • Domestic items should not exceed 70 pounds (lbs) or 130 inches in length and girth. The maximum weight and measurements vary from country to country.

You must present mailpieces containing postage stamps and over 1/2 inch in thickness or heavier than 10oz to an employee at a kiosk at a post office. 

You must also present international mailpieces requiring a customs declaration form and bearing postage stamps to a staff member at a post office for acceptance.

Suppose you have other kinds of international mailpieces, like those destined for APO (Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office), or DPO (Diplomatic Post Office), and these items have incomplete but submitted customs declarations forms (usually online via Click-N-Ship). 

In that case, you must also present these international mailpieces to a post office employee for acceptance.

If you use any of the following, your item might be eligible for package pickup:

  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • First-Class Package International Service
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International 

“What if the Average Package Weight or Volume Fluctuates in My Pickup?”

You can log in to adjust your package’s average volume and weight (only if you already have a scheduled pickup request). 

Upon logging in, click the edit link, and follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the package’s volume or weight.

“What if My Package’s Weight or Volume Increases for a Specific Date and Time in My Pickup Request?”

If this incident happens on the same day as the scheduled pickup, you should contact your local post office. On the other hand, you can update the package details for a specific date if it is before your planned pickup day. 

When you log in, click the edit link and choose the date you want to modify. Then, follow the displayed instructions to adjust the package weight or volume. 

You can edit and cancel a next-day pickup at Package Pickup to modify next-day pickup requests.

Modify or Cancel Pickups

You can change a pickup schedule by updating the pickup date, location, number of packages, and total weight. You can also cancel the pickup request. Click on a pickup in the order history to view and modify details.

“How Do I Modify a Scheduled Pickup?”

Here’s a list of steps to modify a scheduled pickup:

  1. Go to the Schedule a Pickup page by clicking the “Send” or “Quick Tools option at the top of the official USPS website.
  2. Select “Modify an Existing Pickup.”
  3. Provide a phone number or email address and your confirmation number.
  4. Select “Edit Pickup.” 
  5. Edit the necessary information for corrections.
  6. Check the agreement box.
  7. Choose “Save”

A page with the update and confirmation number will appear. You will also receive an email with the updated change confirmation.

“How Do I Cancel a Scheduled Pickup?”

Meanwhile, here are the steps for canceling a scheduled pickup

  1. Access the Schedule a Pickup option via the “Quick Tools” or “Send” tab.
  2. Click “Modify an Existing Pickup.” 
  3. Type in your confirmation number and email address (or phone number). 
  4. Click “Edit Pickup.” 
  5. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select “Cancel this Scheduled Pickup.”
  6. Click “Yes” to confirm your decision to cancel the pickup.

A confirmation page will appear with the cancellation information and confirmation number. Also, you will get an email detailing your cancellation request.

How Do You Modify a Scheduled Pickup From Your Account and Activity History?

Here are the steps to modify a scheduled pickup on your account and activity history.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. From the left navigation menu, select “Activity History.” 
  3. Check the last scheduled pickup of your request under previous orders and proceed to “View Details.”
  4. Click “Edit.” This option will bring you to the “Schedule a Pickup” page showing the scheduled pickups for that request.
  5. Select the pickups you wish to modify and click on “Edit Pickups.”
  6. Edit the data necessary for updates.
  7. Check the box indicating your agreement.
  8. Click “Save.”

Updates and confirmation numbers appear on a confirmation page. You will also have a record of your confirmation numbers on your “Activity History” page.

How Do You Cancel a Scheduled Pickup From Your Account and Activity History?

Here are steps to cancel a scheduled pickup from your account and activity history:

  1. Log in to your account. 
  2. Select “Activity History” in the left navigation menu. 
  3. Find your last scheduled pickup request from the previous orders list and click “View Details.”
  4. Click “Edit,” and you’ll be taken to the “Schedule a Pickup” page.
  5. Choose the pickups you want to cancel and click “Cancel Pickups.”
  6. Click “Yes” to verify that you want to cancel the pickups. 

Like in the cases above, a confirmation page with the cancellation and confirmation numbers will appear. 

Your confirmation numbers will also be available under your Activity History’s “Details” section.

Can USPS Pick Up the Package From Home?

Yes. USPS offers package pickup from your home or office whenever and wherever you like. 

“How Do I Know if My Letter Carrier Successfully Picked Up My Mailpiece?”

Typically, you get a confirmation email

When no email address is given, your letter carrier will leave a pickup confirmation note at the pickup location after the pickup is completed. 

The notification or email will confirm that the mailpiece has been successfully picked up. If the mailpiece could not be collected, the notice would explain why.

“Can I Track or Confirm the Delivery Status for Picked Up Mailpieces Online?”

Yes. Tracking information is available for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and items with Signature Confirmation and USPS Tracking.

Once your mailpieces enter the USPS system, you can access USPS Tracking on

“I Didn’t Receive a Pickup Confirmation Notice or Email When The Letter Carrier Picked Up My Mailpiece. What Should I Do?”

If this incident happens, you must contact your local post office.

Depending on your location, additional restrictions may apply:

  • If you live in a multi-story building, leave your package at a secured, ground-level location for pickup.
  • Mail carriers may also use their discretion when picking up mail or packages. For example, ice, snow, obstructed pathways, and dogs may prevent the mail carrier from collecting parcels.


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