UPS SurePost vs. UPS Ground


May 22, 2023

Have you heard about UPS SurePost and UPS Ground? These are services you might come across, primarily if you regularly ship or send packages and mail. 

The United Parcel Service (UPS) provides SurePost and Ground shipping solutions. But are you aware that understanding the benefits of these two services can help you save on shipping costs

If you are interested in knowing the difference and benefits of these services, this article is for you. 

Between UPS SurePost and UPS Ground, do you want to know which is better? Would you like to learn how these two services can help when you send a package? If yes, then read on. 

This article will guide you on how UPS SurePost and UPS Ground services work. It will also show the difference between the two. The write-up will also provide you with a walkthrough of the delivery process of both services as they ship your package to its intended destination. 

UPS and other third-party shipping companies work with USPS (United States Postal Service) to deliver packages to millions of people in the United States. 

UPS SurePost relies on the shipping capabilities of USPS for the final leg of the delivery, especially in residential areas. 

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Is UPS SurePost Better Than UPS Ground?

UPS SurePost and UPS Ground are delivery services the United Parcel Service provides, both with benefits and advantages. To know which is better, you should determine which is practical and beneficial. 

As you read on, you will learn the different features of both services. Afterward, you can decide which is better. 

What Is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is a hybrid of UPS and USPS. It combines UPS Ground services with the final delivery provided by the U.S. Postal Service. 

SurePost is suitable for non-urgent deliveries and low-value business and consumer packages with a reasonable delivery time. 

Usually, UPS does the shipment pick up, while USPS completes the final delivery. UPS SurePost also offers Sunday deliveries in select areas of the U.S. 

Here is a summary of UPS SurePost rates type:

  • SurePost less than 1lb: (1oz to 15.9oz) Package dimensions (area) must not exceed 130 inches
  • SurePost 1lb or greater: (1lb to 70lbs) Package dimensions must not exceed 130 inches
  • SurePost Bound Printed Matter: (1lb to 15lbs) For books and permanently bound materials
  • SurePost Media: (1lb to 70lbs) Restricted to specific items for advertisements, books, CDs, film, or tapes 

Who Should Use SurePost?

SurePost is a UPS service designed for a specific purpose. SurePost may be a good fit if you want to save on shipping costs. Here are the situations where SurePost is the better choice compared to UPS Ground:

  • You have a large number of packages shipped weekly
  • You want to save on last-mile deliveries
  • Your packages are not time-critical
  • You want low delivery costs based on average weekly spend

If your need falls into one or more of these categories, then it may be better for you to use SurePost. 

How Does SurePost Work?

SurePost works with USPS to complete the delivery to addresses in the United States. UPS SurePost packages are picked up from different locations and coursed through the UPS ground network. 

UPS then transfers the packages to USPS for final delivery. It is a logical partnership as UPS can provide cheap deliveries by working with the vast logistic network maintained by the United States Postal Service. 

Customers can track their packages but typically wait longer than other mail services’ faster delivery schedules

What Is the Purpose of UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost delivery aims to provide customers with cheaper shipping services for regular package deliveries. It is an economical alternative for both personal and eCommerce businesses that need affordable and reliable shipping services that are retailer friendly.

How Much Does SurePost Cost?

When you plan to use SurePost, one crucial question is how much this mail service costs. The following costs are included when using this service for package deliveries. Note that these rates are the latest as of the writing of this article. These are estimates, which can vary:

  • 7-lb package: $13.21 to $19.57 from zones 2 to 8
  • 3-lb package: $11.79 to $16.68 from zones 2 to 8
  • 1-lb package: $10.55 to $13.19 from zone 2 to 8 

Other Fees

SurePost packages’ cost can also be affected by additional fees. These prices also include a fuel surcharge to the published rate. Here are the additional charges per package.

  1. Nonmachinable charge: $4.20
  1. Nonstandard cube charge: $15.00
  1. Nonstandard extra length charge: $5.00
  1. Nonstandard length charge: $2.00
  1. Delivery area surcharge: $3.60
  1. Delivery area surcharge (extended): $4.50

How Much Does SurePost Save?

SurePost offers a way to save money on shipping, especially for businesses. You can save up to 20% more with SurePost than with other UPS residential ground services. 

Aside from these savings on shipping costs, you can deliver goods even on weekends, like Saturday delivery schedules. You can even ship packages to military APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) addresses and P.O. (post office) boxes. If you aim to save money for you or your business, one option is to use SurePost for your shipping needs. 

How Is UPS SurePost Delivered?

The UPS shipping option begins with the ground networks that are the logistics company’s backbone. The company has its fleet of UPS trucks ready to ship packages anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. But for the final delivery, the packages are turned over to USPS. 

This cooperation with the USPS lessens costs, making UPS SurePost more affordable than other door-to-door delivery methods. 

How Long Does It Take UPS SurePost to Deliver?

UPS informs customers that packages shipped through SurePost can take two to seven business days before they arrive at the final destination. The average delay time customers experience using this delivery service is three days after the intended delivery date. 

Is UPS Surepost Shipping Right for You?

Suppose you are looking for ways to reduce your shipping cost but do not need expedited delivery. In that case, SurePost can be your option. But to further dive into this package delivery service, here are some advantages and disadvantages of using SurePost:

What Are the Advantages of SurePost?

  • It can improve business reach
  • It works with USPS to reach places not served by UPS
  • It allows deliveries to P.O. boxes via USPS (UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes)
  • It delivers on Saturdays

What Are the Disadvantages of SurePost?

  • It is not recommended when shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states
  • It has a one-day delay
  • It can cause further delays when packages are transferred to USPS
  • It may require you to package your items according to USPS standards and not UPS
  • It has a relatively complicated list of surcharges

What Is UPS Ground?

UPS Ground service relies heavily on UPS drivers to ship packages sent through this service. This service has a delivery option that uses trucks to ship packages to all 50 states, including U.S. territories like Puerto Rico. UPS Ground offers residential deliveries and does not rely on USPS for final deliveries. 

Because UPS Ground does not transfer packages to USPS, it is much faster. Still, it costs more compared to other cheaper package delivery services. 

What Is the Difference Between UPS Ground and UPS SurePost?

The main difference between UPS Ground and SurePost is who handles the final delivery. SurePost transfers the packages to USPS for the “last mile” or final delivery. On the other hand, UPS Ground delivers packages to the recipients’ addresses without transferring them to USPS. 

UPS SurePost will work with the local post office on the final delivery. In contrast, UPS works with its fleet of ground shippers to deliver these packages to all of the United States. Despite these differences, both services use tracking number systems, shipping labels, and cost-effective shipping rates. 

Can UPS SurePost Users Upgrade to UPS Ground?

Yes, you can. You need to log in first at and enable My Choice, and then change the delivery settings. 

If you’re a UPS My Choice For Home member, you can upgrade from UPS SurePost to Ground for $3.50 per item shipped. For My Choice For Home Premium members, you can upgrade from SurePost to Ground free of charge. 

Moving Into the Future With Greater Efficiency

UPS SurePost provides affordable prices and reasonable delivery speed to cater to customers who want cost savings. SurePost gives that kind of service without sacrificing reliability, efficiency, and safety. Though it is not as fast as other services, it is priced proportionately to the shipping options it provides. 

SurePost provides Saturday pick up and drop-off, making it an accessible business shipping service. Finally, UPS works with the USPS, which provides an extensive reach in terms of delivery capabilities to residential areas in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, and other cities.

You can visit and access an online search tool that pinpoints the location whenever you send your package through UPS SurePost. Find the post office nearest you using our website and contact the USPS delivery person who will ship your package to your doorstep. 


  1. How does SurePost tracking work?

When shipping your package, UPS gives you a unique number containing your package’s tracking information. You can visit the UPS store website and access its tracking system using your unique tracking number. Doing so allows you to check the status of your package as it goes through the different stages of package delivery. You can get updates on your package. 

UPS will then transfer your package to USPS for final delivery. You can still check your package using the same tracking number. Contact your local post office or the USPS website about your package. 

  1. Is UPS SurePost the same as USPS?

No, UPS SurePost is a hybrid service that combines the delivery methods of both UPS and USPS. UPS delivers the package by truck to the post office nearest the recipient’s address. USPS then sorts all these packages and dispatches them to a mail carrier, delivering them to the intended addresses. 

  1. What is the ideal SurePost shipment profile?

The Ideal shipping profile for a SurePost package is the following:

  • Measures under one cubic foot
  • Weighs less than 10lbs
  • Recipients have residential addresses
  • Transactions should be business-to-consumer (B2C)
  • Package value is less than $100
  • Package requires limited liability coverage
  1. Does UPS SurePost make sense for my eCommerce shipping?

SurePost may benefit online businesses needing an affordable shipping service for daily small and light package deliveries. Here are a few reasons why SurePost can work well for eCommerce businesses:

  • Low shipping rates that already include fuel, residential deliveries, and other surcharges 
  • Low-cost residential delivery service that works well with B2C shippers 
  • Tracking information that works in both UPS and USPS
  • Capacity to deliver to P.O. boxes via USPS
  • Assured package safety through the cooperation of UPS and USPS

UPS works hand-in-hand with USPS in providing reliable delivery service to commercial and residential areas throughout the United States. Customers should get in touch with their local post offices to know the better option for their package. You can get your parcel delivered to your home, or you can pick it up at the post office. 

If you need a comprehensive database of all the post offices in the United States, you can visit You will have access to our powerful search tool that will help you find helpful information about a specific postal office.