Who Delivers DHL Packages?


March 8, 2024

DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn) is a famous American-founded German logistics company that revolutionized the world of logistics. It’s one of the top supply chain and network solutions providing domestic and international express shipments worldwide. 

Statistics show that DHL manages to ship 1.6 billion packages per year. This feat is a testament to their ability to organize deliveries in domestic and international settings. 

However, you may wonder about DHL’s process of delivering packages to the United States. 

Who delivers DHL packages? What does DHL’s delivery network look like? How do they deliver packages to customers in the United States?

This article explains DHL’s delivery process and how they manage shipments to domestic locations in the United States. It also tackles the different DHL services that the company provides for people in the country.

Furthermore, this write-up discusses the benefits of DHL partnering with the United States Postal Service (USPS) for last-mile deliveries. 

The last-mile delivery is when a second-party courier, typically USPS, handles the last leg of the shipping process. FedEx (Federal Express), UPS (United Parcel Services), and DHL all have mailing options where USPS does the final delivery to the recipient’s address. 

 If you need access to contact information for over 31,330 post offices in the country, visit FindPostOffice.org. Our website can help you get the address of your local post office and help you manage your mail deliveries. 

How Does DHL Deliver?

DHL delivery works similarly to other logistics services like FedEx and UPS. Packages are collected in a DHL service center, processed, and sorted for different delivery routes. 

The sender chooses the shipping option they want, and DHL follows their instructions. 

What Carrier Does DHL Use?

DHL’s focus is international deliveries outside the United States. However, once packages are bound for America, DHL partners with USPS to provide last-mile delivery services to U.S. residents. 

This partnership means that whenever someone you know abroad uses DHL to send packages to America, the carrier that will deliver them to your door will most likely be USPS. 

Does DHL Deliver Through FedEx?

DHL and FedEx are two different logistics companies that are competitors in providing delivery services to people worldwide. 

DHL doesn’t deliver through FedEx for domestic shipments in the United States. However, both shipping services partner with USPS to provide last-mile deliveries to domestic addresses. 

Does DHL Deliver Their Packages?

DHL is fully capable of shipping packages straight to your door. However, many customers will find it more convenient if USPS delivers last-mile services. 

This delivery setup works because DHL isn’t the same size as USPS and can’t yet duplicate the Postal Service’s extensive supply chain network. 

So, to immediately cater to deliveries in America, DHL works with USPS. This partnership reduces DHL’s need to expand and utilize USPS’s massive delivery network. 

Does DHL Deliver to the Post Office?

DHL doesn’t deliver directly to your local post office. Still, packages intended to be handled by USPS go to a Postal Service hub.

Once the packages arrive from abroad, DHL delivers them to a USPS facility, where they are handed off to the local post office. The postal workers then sort the packages and ship them to their respective locations. 

Will DHL Deliver to a P.O. Box?

A Post Office Box is a USPS service where you can store mail or packages, typically a receptacle located inside a post office.

Only USPS can deliver packages directly to a P.O. box. DHL and other shipping companies can’t deliver packages to these alternative mailing addresses. 

P.O. boxes are technically federal property. If DHL ships packages directly to a P.O. box, it might be fined up to $10,000. 

Delivering to PO boxes is one of the perks of using USPS to make last-mile deliveries in the United States. 

DHL customers abroad may use USPS to send important items to a P.O. box, especially if the recipient is not always home. 

Does DHL Deliver to Your Door?

Yes. DHL provides door-to-door deliveries. Once packages are delivered to the United States, the parcels are sorted into ZIP codes where DHL has a delivery network. 

However, USPS still has a more extensive network of trucks and delivery vans that can cover and cater to millions of residents in the country. So, it’s much more practical for DHL to partner with USPS for last-mile deliveries. 

From DHL to USPS to FedEx – Who Has My Package?

DHL, USPS, and FedEx are three shipping giants that cater to the shipping needs of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad. 

However, these companies have different mailing options for delivering packages to their final destination, especially in the United States. 

Understanding these companies’ different delivery options can resolve this confusion. 

DHL Express Worldwide, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Express are shipping methods that deliver packages directly to your door. These services don’t need another company to deliver.

 However, DHL can “hand off” the package to USPS to handle last-mile deliveries. For example, services like DHL eCommerce and FedEx Ground Economy involve working with USPS to complete the delivery process.  

Postal Service Exclusive Carrier of Packages to the Last Mile for DHL

DHL and the U.S. Postal Service have agreed to collaborate to provide last-mile delivery services in specific locations in the United States. 

This agreement aims to expand both companies and foster development through the continued delivery of carrier services to customers in the U.S. 

Everything You Need to Know About DHL’s Express Delivery Services

Anything express means fast. Customers who require their packages to be delivered as soon as possible can use DHL’s Express Delivery service. 

The following are points to consider when deciding whether to use the DHL Express Delivery service. 

International Shipping Solutions Covered by DHL Express 

DHL is one of the go-to carriers for international shipping, as it strives to strike a balance between fast and cost-efficient international shipping services. 

DHL prides itself on providing international shipping services to people in over 220 countries who need a global shipping solution they can rely on. 

Options for Express Deliveries

DHL Express provides fast package delivery and aims to specialize in providing shipping services to domestic locations. DHL eCommerce is a reasonable choice if you need a fast, secure, and reliable delivery option.

DHL Express 9:00 AM or 12:00 NN

Suppose you have shipments bound for the United States. In that case, you can order a DHL Express delivery to ship your packages directly to your door. 

DHL Express strives to ship to customers by 9:00 AM the next day. However, in some cases, the delivery may take longer due to unforeseen events so the deadline may be as late as 12:00 PM. 

DHL Sameday Jetline or Sprintline

DHL SameDay Jetline is a delivery service featuring one of the fastest end-to-end customer services. It also provides door-to-door delivery without the need to go to a USPS website. 

Meanwhile, DHL SameDay Sprintline provides fully flexible door-to-door shipping services for exported or imported packages in the country. To ensure the fast services of DHL Sprintline, a dedicated ground vehicle is arranged to pick up items that need to be delivered. 

DHL Express for Businesses

In today’s world of eCommerce and online businesses, delivery services are one of the lifeblood of the company. Having a fast, secure, and reliable shipping service is critical for the growth of entrepreneurs. 

DHL understands the benefits of delivery services, so it stays committed to improving its ground services, especially in the United States. 

Preferential Rates

DHL provides predictable prices for different types of mail deliveries. For this reason, DHL provides preferential rates, making prices easier to manage and monitor. 

With preferential rates, pricing is up-front, competitive, and volume-based.

Tailored Solutions

Solutions are provided through centralized management via an application programming interface (API). 

Similar to a portal, an API enables two or more software services to communicate with each other, exchanging data and functionality conveniently and securely. APIs can be tailored to solve issues. 

On-Demand Delivery for Shippers

With its global redelivery platform, DHL ensures that shippers reduce failed delivery attempts and provide a better, customizable, and satisfying recipient experience.

eCommerce Expertise

DHL can help you transact online B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-customer). DHL can help business owners realize possible business growth through speedy delivery. 

DHL aims to help eCommerce and online businesses bounce back, especially after the logistics problem that resulted from the previous pandemic.

In 2021, over 8.4 million retailers used same-day deliveries provided by DHL. By 2027, global retailers may reach up to 26.4 million, all possible customers of DHL in the future. 

This fact only shows that DHL has expertise in its delivery process, which can be on par with other giant shipping companies in the United States. 

DHL handles international shipments, and most opt to have USPS make the final journey. 

If you need more information on DHL and USPS’ last-mile delivery, visit FindPostOffice.org. Our site gives you access to updated contact information of over 31,330 post offices and USPS retail facilities in the United States. 

You can use our website to coordinate with the post office nearest you when you’re expecting to receive a DHL shipment, such as a DHL Global package.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I ship within the U.S.?

Yes. Through DHL, you can send packages to and within the United States. 

If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, you can efficiently connect with your customers within the country with DHL’s value-driven and cost-efficient domestic shipping solutions.

  1. What documentation do I need to bring to send or collect a shipment?

To send a package, you’ll need to have a shipping or waybill where your information and the recipient’s information are required. When you need to collect a shipment, you need proper identification so the package can be released to you. 

  1. Does the receiver need to pay for anything? Can the shipper pay any incurred duties and taxes?

The receiver may pay for the destination country’s duties, taxes, or customs charges before customs can release the shipment after it arrives. This is called delivered duty unpaid (DDU) shipping. 

However, in some cases, it’s the shipper’s responsibility to pay the duties, taxes, or customs charges. This is called delivery duty paid (DDP) shipping.

  1. Does DHL inspect shipments?

DHL inspects all shipments in a DHL Service Point. This inspection step ensures that the packages sent via DHL adhere to the safety standards outlined by local laws. 

  1. Can I ship medication? What about shipping lithium batteries or other restricted commodities?

DHL allows the shipment of medication through DHL Medical Express, developed to improve the transport time of time-sensitive medication. DHL Medical Express provides fast and safe vaccine deliveries and medical equipment, including investigational medicine. 

At the same time, DHL has strict conditions when it comes to shipping lithium batteries, classified as dangerous goods. 

  • Only customers with pre-approved DHL accounts are allowed to ship lithium batteries. 
  • Damaged, defective, or items known to be defective can’t be shipped.
  • Customers can ship devices along with their required number of batteries. 
  • Customers should ensure that the packaging of lithium batteries prevents any chance of short circuits or accidental activation of the device.
  • Batteries must meet the requirements imposed by DHL for dangerous goods before shipping.
  1. How long will it take to get my shipment delivered? Is my shipment guaranteed?

Typically, delivery times for a DHL parcel are 3-14 business days for international deliveries and 2-8 business days for domestic addresses. 

Here is a breakdown of delivery times according to the following DHL domestic shipping service. 

  • Expedited Max: Two to three business days
  • Expedited: Two to five business days
  • Ground: Three to eight business days
  1. What is dimensional weight, and why is that charged?

Dimensional weight is the package’s volume or the amount of space it occupies. 

Here’s how to get a package’s dimensional weight: 

  • Multiply the package’s length by its width and height to get its cubic size. 
  • Divide the cubic size by 166 if measured in inches or 6,000 when measured in centimeters. The answer to this is the package’s dimensional weight. 

The dimensional weight is compared to the package’s actual weight, and the greater of the two becomes the chargeable weight. 

The chargeable weight determines how much you need to pay, especially when shipping via DHL eCommerce.

  1. Can I use my own packaging?

Yes. You can use your packaging for your DHL shipping. However, it’s best that you pack your delivery packages correctly. You can also use DHL packaging materials to make packing less stressful.


  2. Postal Service Exclusive Carrier of Packages to the Last-Mile for DHL
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