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November 22, 2023

DHL (Dalsey Hillblom Lynn) is one of the big courier companies that handles domestic and international shipments worldwide. However, for deliveries bound for America, the typical method is for DHL to partner with USPS (United States Postal Service) for the last-mile deliveries to millions of recipients in the country. 

This German-founded company consistently delivers over 1.6 billion parcels annually. What’s remarkable is that most of these packages have tracking numbers, which customers can use to monitor package deliveries. 

But, once DHL transfers the package to USPS, can you still track your package? Can you use a USPS tracking number to track a DHL-shipped package?

This article explains the collaboration between DHL and USPS in handling packages shipped to the United States. It also tackles how tracking numbers work when courier companies manage package deliveries.

Furthermore, this write-up provides additional information about the different shipping services offered by DHL.

USPS and DHL are two big companies collaborating on delivering parcels in the United States.

You can visit to get the contact information of over 31,330 post offices in the country. Knowing the location of the nearest USPS retail office can help ensure you get your package on time. 

Can You Track DHL Packages Through USPS?

Customers can track their DHL packages through USPS, especially if they’re a recipient of a delivery in the United States. DHL collaborates with USPS for the domestic leg of its parcel delivery process in the U.S. 

You can still use the DHL tracking number once USPS handles the delivery. By inputting the tracking number into the tracking system on the DHL website, you can monitor the progress of your deliveries.  

How Does DHL Work With USPS?

As mentioned, DHL partners with USPS for domestic shipping services in the United States. 

For instance, DHL delivers international shipments bound for the United States. When the package reaches the U.S., the package is handled mainly by USPS. 

Despite being famous for international deliveries, DHL provides shipping options for customers sending parcels to U.S. addresses by partnering with USPS. 

Are USPS and DHL the Same?

USPS and DHL are different. The United States Postal Service is one of the biggest logistics providers in America. It is an independent agency of the executive branch of the U.S. government. 

DHL, or Dalsey Hillblom Lynn, is a German logistics company that has grown and ventured into the international market. In the United States, DHL partners with USPS for its delivery services. 

In 2002, Deutsche Post acquired DHL. After almost 20 years, Deutsche Post World Net, the parent company of DHL, consolidated all its logistics and shipping services under the DHL brand. 

If USPS and DHL have similarities, it’s that they are shipping companies that deliver billions of parcels annually to customers worldwide. 

DHL Courier Tracking

You’ll receive a DHL tracking number once you’ve booked a DHL shipping service. Track your shipment by inputting this number into the DHL tracking website. 

DHL provides a convenient way to monitor the progress of your deliveries, similar to other shipping company giants like UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx (Federal Express). 

How Do You Track a DHL Package?

You can track a DHL package in multiple ways. Different tracking tools let you monitor your delivery independently. 

Use the DHL package tracking number and input it via the company’s website, the downloadable DHL Express mobile app, or email. Just wait for the notification.  

You can also call the DHL hotline for real-time updates regarding your package. 

Where Is the DHL Tracking Number?

A DHL Express tracking number ranges from 10 to 39 digits and uniquely identifies a parcel. It’s also called a waybill number. 

This number is typically found on the shipment confirmation email or the shipping label. If the package is from an eCommerce site, you can see this number on the purchase confirmation email from the online seller. 

When Is My DHL Tracking Updated for the First Time?

A DHL tracking status is usually updated for the first time within 24 to 48 hours after receiving the confirmation email from an online shop or merchant. 

Tracking events may be delayed during the first status update. This happens when DHL receives the shipment, not when the package was ordered from a merchant or online shop. 

What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Tracking ID?

If you don’t have a tracking number or identification, contacting the package’s shipper is best. Suppose you have a shipping reference number. In that case, you can use the shipment tracking system of specific shipping options like DHL Express or DHL Freight. 

Types of DHL Tracking

DHL has different tracking numbers to track packages of other DHL shipping options. These are the types of DHL tracking:

  • DHL Parcel tracking number: A 10-digit code with letters and numbers starting with JJD, JVGL, or 3S.
  • DHL eCommerce tracking number: A tracking number that varies from 10 to 39 characters and usually starts with LX, RX, or GM. In some cases, the tracking number can begin with up to five digits.
  • DHL Express tracking number: A 10-digit numeric code that starts with 000, JJD00, JJD01, JVGL, or any similar variation.
  • DHL Global Forwarding tracking number: This number has multiple variations, including a seven-digit numeric code. 

Other variations include a number followed by two letters and four to six numbers. Another option starts with three to four letters, followed by a three-digit carrier code, a dash, and an eight-digit number.

DHL Express Tracking

The DHL Express tracking is a service that informs you of your package delivery status as it goes through the shipping process. It operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tracking notification starts once the package is with a DHL facility and ends during final delivery. 

What Is a DHL Express Tracking Number?

As mentioned, the DHL Express tracking number is a 10-digit numeric code that starts with 000, JJD00, JJD01, JVGL, or any similar variation.

DHL Express Emergency Situation Surcharge

An emergency situation surcharge (ESS) is a temporary extra fee to cover the increased operating cost due to an emergency out of DHL’s control. 

The reasons why DHL implements ESS include but are not limited to events involving dynamic market changes or air capacity availability. DHL constantly evaluates and adjusts the ESS to adapt to market situations. 

Which Document Is Required Before You Ship With DHL Express?

Usually, when shipping parcels domestically, DHL, like domestic couriers, may only require shipping labels. 

However, DHL Express needs the following documents for exporting parcels before you can ship a package:

  1. DHL Express Waybill: This document contains all the information DHL needs to deliver your package. When you create a waybill online, you can see missing or incomplete information and be advised of applicable DHL services. 
  1. Commercial invoice: This is the first international document you must prepare as an exporter. A commercial invoice serves as a bill from the importer to the exporter for the goods delivered and serves as proof of transaction. 

The importer uses this invoice to classify the package, get it cleared through customs, and ensure all duties and taxes are assessed. 

  1. Electronic Export Information (EEI): This document is shipment information submitted online to the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau. The EEI aims to control exports and compile trade statistics information. 

When you file an EEI, you will get an internal transaction number (ITN) from the U.S. government.

Mode of Payment for Paying DHL Invoice

DHL provides four convenient payment methods for transport charges. Customers can choose which of the following options suits them the most. 

  1. Online payment via DHL MyBill: This is the electronic payment system of DHL. You can pay your invoice by creating an account and linking it to your banking information. 
  1. ACH (Automated Clearing House) or wire transfer: You can use the Bank of America ABA routing and account: 121000358 or 1233386558. Submit the payment remit information to
  1. By phone: You can call 1-800-722-0081 and select option number 2.
  1. By mail: You can process payment by sending checks via mail. Address the letter to:

DHL Express (U.S.A.), Inc.
16592 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693

DHL Express Contact

The following are various contact numbers you can reach when you need assistance:

  • Customer Service: 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-2255-345)
  • Additional DHL Express Support: 1-888-273-8876
  • Billing Assistance: 1-800-722-0081
  • Dangerous Goods: 1-866-817-3794
  • Service Point Partners: 1-888-262-4462
  • Technical Support: 1-800-527-7298

What Is DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce is one of DHL’s divisions that focuses on helping businesses grow domestically and internationally. This DHL service allows online companies to ship packages to addresses in the United States and other destination countries. 

How Does DHL eCommerce Work?

DHL eCommerce is not a simple delivery service— it’s a hybrid courier service. When you book a DHL eCommerce service from the U.S., you must drop off your package at a local USPS retail facility or post office. 

You can find the post office nearest you by visiting Search its database for the address of the closest USPS retail facility. 

The U.S. Postal Service will deliver the package to a central sorting facility before it’s shipped overseas via DHL. 

Once your package reaches the destination country, your parcel is then handled by the local postal network.

DHL eCommerce Tracking and DHL Global Mail

As with other DHL services, the tracking number helps customers receive tracking updates and tracking information on domestic and international packages. 

DHL Global Mail is another service that lets you bulk-ship multiple small packages to international recipients. This mailing service is under DHL Express. 

DHL eCommerce USPS Tracking

DHL eCommerce collaborates with local postal services like USPS to provide domestic shipping services.  

If your package is already with USPS, you can still track it using your DHL tracking number by accessing the DHL eCommerce website.

DHL eCommerce Tracking Numbers

The typical DHL eCommerce tracking or identification number combines 10 to 39 characters, uniquely identifying a shipment. It helps the customer monitor their shipment through the delivery process.

Where to Find the DHL eCommerce Tracking Number or ID

You can locate your tracking number in the confirmation email or other shipment notifications. You can also receive this number from the online shop where you’ve purchased the item you’ve ordered. 

DHL eCommerce Price

Prices for DHL eCommerce vary widely. Many factors determine the price of a shipment. You can ask customer support to quote your shipment or use an online calculator to get an estimate. 

DHL eCommerce Delivery Times

The delivery times can vary depending on the destination. For instance, delivery times for suburban and outskirt areas can take one to five days. 

For international packages, the delivery date ranges from two to three business days for nearby countries. Delivery times can be as long as 20 days for distant countries. 

How to Track DHL eCommerce Package

You can track a DHL eCommerce package via the website’s tracking system, the DHL mobile device, and customer support.  

DHL eCommerce Standard Shipping

Here’s the DHL eCommerce standard shipping process:

  1. The package is picked up from the shipper or retailer and sorted. The required postage is also added. 
  2. DHL eCommerce delivers the package to a local post office for customs processing and delivery.
  3. The U.S. Postal Service handles the final package delivery in the U.S. However, if the shipment is bound for another country, its local postal service handles the final delivery.

The average delivery time to a recipient country may take four to eight days, plus additional transit and processing time. The delivery may take one to three weeks or, in some cases, longer.

DHL eCommerce Return to Sender

There are a few reasons why packages get returned to the sender. Here are some reasons, according to DHL:

  1. A DHL courier delivered the package, but no one was there to receive the parcel.
  2. The DHL personnel determined that leaving the package in an area was unsafe.
  3. The unclaimed shipment has passed a specific period.
  4. The package has incomplete or incorrect address information.

DHL Global Mail Tracking

DHL Global Mail Tracking and other DHL services provide notifications about the progress of your shipment delivery through different statuses. Here are some tracking statuses you need to remember when monitoring your deliveries. 

DHL eCommerce Tracking Statuses

  • Returned to Customer: The package is returned to the customer
  • Return to Sender: The package is returned to the sender
  • Insufficient Address: The shipping label doesn’t have complete and correct address information
  • Package Received at DHL eCommerce Distribution Center
  • Arrival at Destination Country – End of Tracking, Delivery Shortly
  • Arrival at Destination Country
  • Processed at Transit Facility
  • Departed from Local Distribution Center
  • Processing Completed at Origin
  • Departed on Outbound Flight
  • Processed: Your package has gone through the DHL processing and is now ready for delivery

DHL eCommerce Contacts

You can contact DHL eCommerce customer service by calling 1-800-805-9306. You can also reach customer support through email:

  • DHL eCommerce:
  • Schedule a Pick-Up or Order Supplies:
  • Media Relations:

DHL and USPS partner in handling packages bound for U.S. addresses. DHL manages the international part of the delivery while USPS takes over the domestic leg of the parcel’s journey. 

If you need a handy website to locate the nearest local post office where a DHL shipment is dropped off before final delivery, visit You can get information on over 31,330 post offices in the United States.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How do I track a DHL forwarded delivery?

You can track your DHL forwarded delivery through the following methods: 

  • Online: Enter the tracking number on DHL’s online tracking platform
  • By email: Contact DHL via email and quote the waybill number in the email’s subject
  • By text: Text your waybill number, and DHL will reply with the package details
  • By phone: Contact DHL customer service and ask the representative to “Track a parcel”  
  1. Does DHL give you a tracking number?

Yes, it does. DHL gives you a tracking number when you purchase its various shipping options. 

  1. How do I track a USPS forwarded package?

You can use the USPS tracking number, enter it into the tracking system, and get updated information about your package once the Postal Service receives it. 

  1. Why has the tracking event not been updated for a long time?

There are many reasons why the status remains unchanged for a long time. Some reasons include:

  • The package is still traveling to its destination.
  • The transit time in the destination country may take a long time.
  • Some events out of DHL’s control may affect delivery. 
  1. When can I expect delivery?

Delivery dates vary depending on the destination country and the speed of the local postal service that will handle last-mile deliveries. Recipients who live in countries with poor post office services may wait awhile for their shipments to arrive. 

  1. Why is my shipment yet to be delivered?

Some factors may delay the delivery, including the following:

  • Incorrect or incomplete address information, which leads to delays
  • The distance between the shipper and the recipient
  • The post office service of the country that handles the last-mile delivery
  • Problems beyond DHL’s control, like disasters and inclement weather
  1. My shipment has not been delivered. What can I do?

If your package hasn’t arrived within 10 days after the expected delivery schedule, contact the merchant, shipper, or online shop. The merchant can start an investigation request to find the lost package. 

  1. Who do I contact if I haven’t received my package?

You can contact DHL customer service, shipper, merchant, or online shop. You can start calling people ten days after the expected delivery time

  1. Can you change my delivery address?

Each DHL service has a corresponding protocol for address changes. For instance, DHL eCommerce can’t modify the address once the packages are shipped. If the address is incorrect, contacting the merchant or online shop is best. 

  1. Why is Customs holding my shipment?

Customs clearance times may differ from country to country. DHL eCommerce can help speed up the clearance process. If your shipment gets held by Customs, DHL can notify you if further information or additional documents are required. 

  1. Why is the DHL eCommerce tracking not updating or not working?

There are a few reasons why tracking is not updating or seems not to work:

  • The tracking number entered may be incorrect.
  • The package has not been scanned at a DHL facility.
  • The fulfillment provider still needs to scan the manifest.  
  1. When I track my international DHL Express shipments, it shows the wrong destination— why?

This issue is typically caused by incomplete or incorrect information. The customer may need to contact customer support and clarify the address information to resolve the problem. 

  1. Why is the express package stuck in “Customs Status Updated”?

When you receive this update, it could mean that Customs officials require additional information to decide whether to clear the package. 

  1. How long does DHL eCommerce take to ship to Canada?

The answer depends on the shipping services that will handle the last-mile deliveries in Canada. 

Shipments can be delivered as fast as the next day through DHL and Canada Post Priority, Canada’s premium mailing service. 

  1. How long does DHL eCommerce take to deliver products?

For neighboring countries, delivery time may range from two to three days. However, the delivery time may be as long as 20 days for distant countries. 


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