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March 24, 2024

UPS (United Parcel Service) was founded over a century ago. Since 1907, UPS has become the world’s largest package delivery service.

Throughout its history, UPS has developed ingenious ways to make sending and receiving mail items more convenient for individuals and businesses, from delivery vehicles that use alternative fuel to mailboxes.

You may think, “what’s so revolutionary about UPS’ mailboxes?” Unlike traditional, private mailboxes you’ll find on suburban front lawns, UPS’ Mail Boxes Etc.® service provides you with privacy, security, and convenience.

This article walks you through everything you need to know about UPS mailboxes, including the benefits, costs, and how to get this secure and reliable mailing solution for you or your small business.

To find convenient post office locations, visit and use the facility locator tool. It’s the perfect way to discover more information on rental mailboxes.

What Is a UPS Mailbox?

In a nutshell, a UPS mailbox is a mailbox rental service offered by UPS Stores that provide you with a physical mailbox to help you manage your mail and packages. 

With UPS Mail Boxes Etc.®, you get a mailing address separate from your home or business address. To pick up your mail, you just walk into any participating UPS Store locations where you also get 24-hour access.

Business Mailboxes

You receive a business address with a UPS mailbox, even if your venture operates from home.

If you’re a small business owner like an eCommerce retailer, projecting a professional image is essential for building trust and credibility with your clients and customers. 

Personal Mailboxes

Unlike using your home address for package deliveries, which exposes your residence to potential theft and security risks, UPS Mail Boxes Etc. offers a discrete location for receiving sensitive packages.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you travel frequently. UPS will send you notifications when packages arrive, giving you a place to store your mail items without worrying if anyone will receive them.

Locker Service

In many UPS Stores, you can access your locker 24/7. This convenience means you no longer have to adhere to rigid business hours or rush to pick up your packages before closing time, letting you tailor your schedule to your needs.

What’s the Difference between P.O. Box and UPS Store Mailbox Services?

When people hear the term “rental mailbox,” many would probably assume you’re referring to a P.O. (post office) box offered by USPS (United States Postal Service).

Like UPS mailboxes, P.O. boxes offer an alternative mailing address for mail delivery. While both options provide additional security, a sense of privacy, and better flexibility in managing your mail, they have differences.

Here are some of the significant differences between a P.O. box and a UPS Store mailbox:

  • Mailing address: UPS Mail Boxes Etc. provides a real street address, giving your business a professional image and a place to which customers can return items.

On the other hand, USPS Post Office Box™ only gives you a P.O. box number that serves as the address. While USPS does offer additional services like street addressing, it only gives you the address of the post office location.

  • Package acceptance: USPS PO boxes only receive mailpieces shipped through USPS services. Conversely, UPS mailboxes accept packages from other couriers like FedEx, DHL, and Amazon.

UPS Mailboxes Are Considered a Real Address

Unlike USPS P.O. boxes, which only give you a P.O. box number, a UPS mailbox provides an actual, physical mailing address to get mail and packages. For a business, having a real street address as your mailbox can help project credibility and give your customers and clients the option to return items.

If you’re an individual who wants privacy and additional security, a UPS mailbox can serve as a home address. This benefit lets you receive mailpieces away from your residence and protect them from potential theft.

What Does a UPS Address Look Like?

Your UPS mailing address will include your name, followed by the UPS Store location where your mailbox is located and the mailbox identifier. 

Here’s an example:

Freddy Krueger
PMB (private mailbox) 123 or # 456
1428 Elm Street
Springwood, Ohio 46556

How Does a UPS Mailbox Work?

A UPS mailbox operates just like the lockers at a post office, offering you a simple and convenient way to manage your mail and packages. With the added benefit of 24-hour access, using a UPS store mailbox provides flexibility and ensures you never miss a delivery.

What Are the Advantages of Getting a UPS Mailbox?

A UPS mailbox offers various upsides that make it a superior choice over other mail services like the U.S. Postal Service P.O. Box. 

Here are some of the advantages that come with opting for a UPS mailbox through the UPS Mail Boxes Etc. service:

Get a Real, Physical Address

As mentioned, you’ll receive an actual street address when you get a UPS mailbox. If you’re running a home-based business, having a physical mailing address adds a layer of legitimacy and credibility that you may not get with a P.O. box address.

Full-Service UPS Package Delivery

Dealing with package deliveries can be a hassle using a traditional P.O. box. USPS generally only accepts shipments from USPS shipping services, not other carriers.

However, with a UPS mailbox, you’ll experience full-service UPS shipping and delivery convenience, accepting shipment deliveries for virtually all carriers. You’ll also receive alerts when mail items arrive and are ready for pickup, which you can do with UPS’ 24-hour access feature.

UPS Security & Privacy

With UPS Mail Boxes Etc., you gain privacy and anonymity with an address separate from your residence. You also enjoy enhanced safety and security features such as code or QR (quick response) verification.

UPS mailboxes also store your packages and mail securely inside lockers within the UPS Store, eliminating the risk of package theft by leaving them unattended on your doorstep.

Flexible UPS Mailbox Solutions

In addition to the 24/7 secured access, UPS offers additional benefits for its mailbox service users, such as Call-in Mail Check, which allows you to contact the UPS store to confirm the presence of mail, pre-screen them, and decide when to visit the UPS store for pickups.

UPS mailboxes also offer mail forwarding services. This feature lets you redirect mail from your mailbox address to another, such as when you request a change of address or when you want to receive packages at a different location temporarily.

UPS Mailbox ID Requirements

To get a UPS mailbox, you must present two notarized photocopies of identification. One of your IDs must be a government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license. The second photo ID can be a passport, Costco card, work ID, or school ID.

Alternatively, you can use a copy of your vehicle registration or a power bill if you don’t have a second photo ID. In some states where notary publics cannot certify copies of identification, you can opt for copy certifications by document custodians.

UPS Mailbox Agreement

When you set up a UPS mailbox, you must enter into a mailbox agreement with the local UPS Store. While each facility may have slight contract variations, they generally follow a similar outline.

Here are some of the critical points generally included in the mailbox agreement:

  • Agreement term: The agreement term refers to the initial period you pay to use the mailbox. The agreement will also indicate when you can renew your mailbox service.
  • Termination and cancellation: The UPS Store reserves the right to cancel your contract for valid reasons, such as when you abandon your mailbox or use it for unlawful or fraudulent purposes.
  • Confidentiality: If law enforcement or other government agencies require information about your mailbox, the agreement allows UPS to provide the information.

You must carefully read the mailbox agreement and only sign it when comfortable with the stipulations included. If you have questions about the UPS mailbox agreement, contact the UPS Store’s customer service hotline at (800) 789-4623.

Lease Agreement Duration

Again, each UPS Store may have different guidelines on the mailbox rental term. However, UPS mailbox rentals are generally available in three-month increments of up to 12 months.

Fortunately, being locally operated facilities, some UPS Stores can offer custom durations if you require a leasing term based on your specific needs and budget.

For more information on lease agreement durations, you can contact UPS through its hotline or visit your local UPS store, which you can find using the store locator tool

Does UPS Have Mailbox Access?

While UPS Mail Boxes Etc. offers mailbox services through its UPS Stores, it’s essential to note that private carriers, like itself and other delivery providers, are legally prohibited from delivering directly to private mailboxes.

This restriction is due to the federal law giving USPS a monopoly over mail and package deliveries to mailboxes. The rationale behind this legal restriction is to ensure USPS can reliably deliver mail to all Americans, regardless of location.

UPS Mailbox Cost & Sizes: What Does UPS Charge for a Mailbox?

While UPS Mail Boxes Etc. offers several benefits that make it better than traditional P.O. boxes, the cost is one of the upsides of using the latter. Based on USPS’ July 26, 2023 pricing, you can get a P.O. box for as low as $9.28 monthly in a market-dominant location for its smallest box size.

On the other hand, UPS mailbox costs can vary wildly depending on the UPS store offering the mail service. One of the factors influencing the price of renting a UPS mailbox is its size.

Breaking Down UPS Mailbox Costs

UPS offers three standard mailbox sizes at most locations- small, medium, and large. The bigger the box, the more mail items you can store and the more expensive it becomes to rent it.

Small UPS Box

The UPS small box is an excellent option if you don’t expect to receive a high volume of mail regularly. The monthly cost for small mailboxes typically ranges from $10 to $20.

Medium UPS Box

If you have a large household or are operating a small business that anticipates a steady flow of mail and packages, the medium UPS box may be worth considering. The UPS medium mailbox can cost around $20 to $40 monthly.

Large UPS Box

The large-sized UPS mailbox may be the ideal choice if your business is flourishing and frequently receives substantial mail and package volume. The monthly cost of renting a large box ranges between $30 and $50.

Deposits and Fees

Other than your monthly service fee, you must pay an initial setup fee of $15, which includes the mailbox key fee, to access a UPS mailbox. UPS will also charge you $20 if you fail to make a payment within 30 days of your bill’s due date.

There’s also an additional $35 fee if you change your mailbox lock and a $3 overflow fee if you require UPS to hold mail items that don’t fit or are over your locker’s maximum capacity.

Your mailbox agreement will indicate the cost of renting a UPS mailbox and the possible fees that may come with it. For more information on UPS mailbox pricing, consult your local UPS Store.

Obtaining a UPS Mailbox: How to Get a UPS Mailbox

Setting up a mailbox with the UPS Store is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to rent a mailbox with the UPS Store:

  • Complete the PS Form 1583: You must complete the USPS Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, also known as the PS Form 1583. After filling out the necessary information, a notary public must verify the authenticity of each signature.

If setting up a UPS mailbox for a minor, you must include their first and last names in Box 12 of the form. Fortunately, you don’t need a notary public to certify minors’ signatures.

  • Certified photocopies of identification: As mentioned, you must present notarized copies of your identification. You need two: a government-issued photo ID and a supplementary one.

In states where notary publics cannot perform certification, you can use copy certifications by document custodians.

  • Complete the mailbox service agreement: Review and complete the UPS Store’s mailbox service agreement. Ensure you’ve understood everything included in the contract before you sign anything, including the potential fees.
  • Submit the documents: You may scan all the necessary documents, including your identification copies, and send them via your local UPS Store’s email address or fax.

To find the UPS Stores that offer mailbox services in your area, use UPS’ locator tool or contact its customer service hotline at (800) 789-4623.

  • Wait for the confirmation and mail the original documents: Upon receiving your email or fax, the UPS Store will contact you to assign a mailbox number and collect payment.

After confirmation, you must mail the original paperwork and certified copies of your IDs to the address your local UPS Store will give you.

What Are the Disadvantages of a UPS Mailbox?

As with any service, there are some drawbacks to using a UPS mailbox. The following are some of the main disadvantages:

  • Higher cost: Compared to traditional USPS P.O. boxes or using your home address, UPS mailbox rental fees can be higher.
  • Acceptability as a business address: In some instances, state agencies and organizations may not recognize a UPS mailbox address as a valid business address.

In other words, while UPS mailboxes receive packages from other carriers, some may not deliver to them. If you want the same benefits of a UPS mailbox without some drawbacks, consider using a virtual mailbox.

  • Limited availability: While UPS mailbox services are convenient and accessible in many areas, they may not be available in all locations. In these instances, a post office box may be the better option. Visit to locate a nearby USPS facility.
  • Not a government service: UPS mailbox services aren’t government-operated like USPS P.O. Boxes. Instead, each store is locally owned, which means every UPS store may have different guidelines on its mailbox service.
  • Additional Fees: Other than the cost of renting the mailbox itself, using a UPS mailbox may come with additional fees for certain services. For example, the UPS Store may charge a surcharge for this convenience if you require mail forwarding.

Find a Local UPS Store Near You Using Find Post Office

UPS Store guidelines on mailbox services can vary depending on the location, as each facility is operated locally. Fortunately, UPS provides a locator tool to help you find ones in your area that offer UPS mailboxes. Alternatively, you can call a UPS representative at (800) 789-4623.

You may also visit to find your area’s most convenient post office locations to inquire about mailbox rental and other package delivery services.


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