USPS Change of Address


May 11, 2023

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans relocate yearly? The United States Postal Service (USPS) processes this sheer number of people every year, and it’s a feat in itself. However, for many people, moving is not easy. It involves transporting furniture and informing people you’re no longer present at your old address.

This article will help people in this kind of situation, where they need to get their change their address processed and at the same time inform everyone who might need to mail them. 

How do you change your postal address, especially if you’ve moved to another area in the country? How do you use mail forwarding when you have adjusted your address?

Furthermore, how do you avoid problems when changing postal addresses?

This article will provide a to-do list when changing your postal address.

Also, you’ll have information on the different services you can use, like mail forwarding and USPS Hold Mail, to secure your receivables while relocating.

Finally, you’ll have tips on avoiding moving fraud and hiring efficient and trustworthy movers. 

Changing your postal address shouldn’t be complicated, especially if you know what to do. USPS has more than 31,330 post offices in the country. You can always check and find the nearest post office location near your new address. Read on to learn more about changing your address with USPS. 

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Change of Address

Moving from one place to another is always complicated. You’ll need to mind many things and adjust to various circumstances. Aside from finding the right movers to help you haul your stuff to your new address, you need to inform the necessary people of your new contact information.

An address change is crucial, especially if you receive mail or packages regularly. Aside from this, if you’re managing a business and need a return address, it’s a hassle when packages are returned to your previous address. You must continually monitor your parcels and inform all customers of your address change. 

The Postal Service provides an accessible way to complete your change of address through an official USPS change of address form that you can access at You can change your postal address online through the Post Office’s official website. 

Program Description 

You must submit a change of address request to change your mailing address. You can do this by informing your local post office about your address change and following their instructions or completing an online form at the USPS website.

General Program Requirements

When you change your postal address, you’ll need to choose whether your change of address is temporary or permanent. After this, you can choose whether to process your address change at your local post office or online. 

Application Process

Because there are two ways to change your address, you can use two different application processes. However, according to USPS, submitting your change of address order online is faster and easier. 

How Do You Change Your Address Online?

Here is how you can change your address online: 

  1. Visit the website and submit your order there.
  1. When you order a change of address, you’ll have to pay a fee of $1.10. You can settle this via debit card or credit card. You also need a valid email address. 

Note that the $1.10 fee is an identity verification fee to ensure that you’re the one making the change and prevent unauthorized access of people into fraud and scams.

  1. Upon completing this simple process, you’ll receive a confirmation once you’ve placed your order.

You don’t need to pay any third-party company to change your address. In some cases, scammers may charge exorbitant amounts, some up to $40, promising to process such a change of address for you. 

How Do You Change Your Address at the Post Office?

Here is how to change your address by visiting your local post office:

  1. You must get the PS form 3575 (Mail Forwarding Change of Address Order). You can get this when you request the Mover’s Guide packet from your local post office. 

Note that the Mover’s Guide is a packet that includes the PS form 3575, instructions on completing the form, and other coupons that provide discounts. 

  1. Complete the form inside this Mover’s Guide and give it to a postal worker or drop it in your local post office in a letterbox

How to Temporarily Change Your Mailing Address or Hold Your Mail at a Post Office

Sometimes, you move to a new location urgently without having notified people of your new address. While you’re busy moving, your customers or acquaintances still have your old address and may have sent mail to it. A quick solution is to request USPS to hold your mail in a post office. You can forward your mail from your old address to your new location for 15 days. 

To get this mail forwarding service, you must complete a change of address form. In this document, you’ll add information like the forwarding start date and end. Residential and commercial customers can also get premium forwarding services. 

How Do You Change or Cancel Your Request?

There are situations when you need to change or cancel your change of address request due to various reasons. You can do so even if you’ve already submitted this request by following these steps:

  1. Visit the change of address page at At the bottom of the screen, look for the banner that says, “Want to View, Edit, Cancel or Dispute your USPS Change-of-Address?” 

Click on the red arrow and start editing the details that need to be changed or cancel your request.

  1. You’ll then complete the online form if you need to edit something. Also, you can choose to cancel if you want to stop the processing of your address change request. 

How Do You Change Your Address With Other Government Agencies?

Aside from contacting USPS when you want to change your address, you must get in touch with other government agencies and inform them of your new address. The following agencies include: 

  • IRS or Internal Revenue Service (for federal taxes purposes)
  • Social Security
  • Veterans benefit
  • Immigration
  • Drivers license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voter registration

Moving or Relocating

When you decide to relocate and move, there are many things that you should consider and remember. Keep in mind that moving is not simple and may be stressful, especially if you’re not used to relocating ever so often. 

You can choose to have mail forwarding, especially if you have a temporary change of address. 

Getting Started

When you decide to move or relocate, you must plan extensively. Some people allot up to two weeks to ensure that everything goes well.  

It’s best to plan, even though mail forwarding can start within three business days after you’ve submitted your mail forwarding request. 

Once you’ve requested this service, mail will automatically deliver to your new location without hassle. 

What Mail Is Forwarded?

The following kinds of mail services can be forwarded to your new address. 

  • Media Mail and USPS Retail Ground also have forwarding services. However, you must pay the shipping cost at your local post office. 

Forward or Hold Your Mail

You can forward or hold your mail when you relocate. This service can be accessed by inquiring at your local post office or requesting it online. 

Forward Your Mail

If you’re away from home or on vacation, and you’ll be out of the house for 3 to 30 days, you can have USPS hold your mail. You can request this service as early as 30 days before the start of your vacation. 

However, if you need to have mail forwarding longer than 30 thirty days, you need to register and sign up as 

Stop or Forward Mail for the Deceased

When a loved one passes, you can request for mail forwarding to the deceased’s address to be stopped. 

You can manage the deceased’s mail if you share an address. If you don’t share an address, you can manage the deceased’s mail if you have documents proving that you’re the authorized executor of their mail. 

Once you have the authority to manage the deceased’s mail, you can forward their mail to the intended location or request to stop all deliveries. 

Hold Your Mail

You can ask your local post office to hold mail, especially if you’re amid a relocation. All you need to do is request the service from your post office 30 days before you relocate.

If you’re requesting this service online, visit the USPS website and check whether the nearest post office provides holding services. 

Suppose you request this mail-holding service online. In that case, you may need to undergo identity verification. A mobile phone passcode will be sent to your phone number as part of security protocols. 

How Do You Hire Movers and Avoid Moving Fraud?

Movers are essential for people who are relocating. They provide the services people need to transport their furniture to a new location. However, the sad part is that some people get scammed by fraudulent moving companies that take advantage of people needing quick moving services. 

If you think you’re dealing with a fraudulent moving company, here are telltale signs that you’re about to be scammed:

  • They demand upfront payment before moving
  • They don’t give written estimates but quickly provide quotes over the phone
  • They require you to sign blank contracts in advance
  • They present limited and dubious contact information like having only a mobile phone number as a business contact

Warning of Fake Change-of-Address Websites

The Better Better Business Bureau (BBB) has this to say about scammers and how to avoid them:

  • Refrain from trusting a person immediately after an internet search
  • Instead of searching over the net, head over to the USPS official website
  • Look out for typos and grammatical errors, as they are red flags
  • Double-check dubious website addresses of mail carriers

BBB is a private organization that aims to give the public pertinent information on businesses of all sizes and charitable organizations.

The Changing Change of Address System

Here are some added instructions when you want to change your address through the system provided by USPS:

Find ZIP Codes and Post Offices

When you change your address, you’ll need the following information besides the new address where you’ll relocate: 

ZIP Code

If you need to find the ZIP code in your area, you can use a ZIP code locator by company, city, address, or partial address. 

Post Office

You can use a post office locator like Through this website, you’ll have access to more than 31,330 post offices nationwide. 

You Can File a Complaint With the U.S. Postal Service

If you have any complaint with USPS, you can contact the company through the following methods:

  • Call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/Teletypewriter (TTD/TTY): 1-800-877-8339
  • Speak to the postmaster at a local post office
  • Get in touch with the postal consumer and industry affairs office (they are the ones that handle questions for your district)
  • Email or write to USPS Headquarters Consumer Advocate office at this address:

United States Postal Service
Office of the Consumer Advocate
475 L’ Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, D.C. 20260-5014


  1. Can I call and change my address for free with USPS?

Changing addresses through USPS requires an identity verification fee of $1.10. This fee is paid to ensure that the address change request is authentic. 

  1. Why did USPS charge me $40 to change my address?

USPS doesn’t charge its customers that high of an amount. You may have been scammed online if such is the case. If you experience something similar, you can report it to USPS via its hotline at 1-877-876-2455.

  1. Does a USPS change of address include packages?

USPS forwards packages sent through First-Class Mail with standard or temporary mail forwarding. This type of service is free of charge.

  1. How long will USPS take to change my address in its system?

Once you’ve submitted all the requirements, your new address becomes valid for around 7 to 10 business days.


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