USPS Tracking China Post


March 16, 2024

In 2022, China ranked first worldwide in the number of posted packages, with about 110.6 billion parcels shipped and $157.3 billion in annual revenue.

These figures show that parcel shipping is an in-demand service in China and worldwide, including the United States. Some postal services contributing to these figures are China Post and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Whether you are an online shopper or an eCommerce entrepreneur, tracking your package can help monitor your shipment’s delivery progress.

How do you track your shipment if you send a parcel via China Post? What are the different China Post tracking number formats? What do the notifications on your package’s tracking information mean?

This article explores China Post tracking, including how long the different China Post services take to deliver your parcel. This article also discusses the postal rates, weight and size requirements, and other considerations when sending items through China Post.

If you need to drop off or pick up a parcel in the U.S.,’s online search tool can help you find a USPS post office near you.

Brief Introduction

China Post tracking is a vital service that lets you check your China Post shipment’s progress. Successful tracking should provide real-time delivery updates and peace of mind whether you ship domestically or internationally.

About China Post

China Post Group Corporation is the official and state-owned postal company providing postal services in China.

Aside from providing domestic and international mail delivery services, China Post also offers the following services:

  • Stamps issuance for mails
  • Postal remittance services
  • Postal express delivery and logistics services
  • Circulation of newspapers, books, and journals
  • Electronic business (e-business)
  • Postal financial services
  • Confidential correspondence communication

Is China Post Tracking Real?

China Post tracking is a legitimate and safe way to track your registered package. To ensure you can track your parcel, you must use a China Post service with a tracking feature since some services do not have tracking.

Because tracking delays can happen due to package registration or processing, you may need to wait a few hours before tracking your China Post shipment.

“How Do I Track a Package From China?”

Suppose you are expecting a delivery from China and want to track your package. China Post has several ways to help you monitor your item’s delivery status. 

The following sections discuss how you can track your China Post deliveries.

“Where Can I Track My China Post Packages?”

You can track your China Post parcels through the China Post website’s tracking services or third-party tracking tools. 

China Post Tracking

You can track your China Post packages on the China Post website by following these steps:

  • Visit the official China Post website at
  • Locate the tracking section.
  • Enter the tracking number.
  • Access real-time tracking updates.
  • View detailed shipment information.
  • Check delivery status and estimated arrival time.

How to Track China Post Air Mail

China Post Air Mail packages come with a registered China Post tracking number. You can track China Post shipments using USPS Tracking for parcels bound to the United States.

If you send packages to other countries, use the China Post tracking tool. You can also use a third-party online tracking service that allows China Post package tracking.

What Is China Post Airmail?

China Post Registered Air Mail is a slow but economical China Post shipping service that usually takes about two to four weeks to arrive from China to the destination country.

Tracking China Post Air Mail

When tracking your China Post Air Mail, enter your tracking number into the tracking tool’s search field and click “Track.”

The tracking system sometimes needs time to update the tracking status. It’s best that you start tracking your China Post packages one or two days after mailing the air mail parcel.

China Post Tracking Number Format

Tracking numbers are unique identifiers assigned to each package, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress.

China Post’s tracking numbers consist of a 13-digit alphanumeric string that usually starts with “R,” “LF,” “C,” “U,” or any two capital letters, depending on the package you want to send. 

These letters are followed by a nine-digit number and end with China’s standard ISO (International Organization for Standardization) country code, “CN.”

China Post Number Rules

As mentioned above, the tracking number format depends on what service you use to send your item. 

Examples of China Post tracking numbers and their respective services are as follows:

  • Registered Small Packet: RS 793 057 830 CN
  • China Post International Large Package: CP 846 105 639 CN 
  • China International Express: CT 846 109 452 CN 
  • China EMS ePacket (EUB): LK 190 427 894 CN

What Is China Post EMS Tracking Number Format?

The tracking number format for sending a China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) item is as follows:

EZ 270 461 057 CN

EZ 592 051 063 CS

What Are China Post Tracking Notifications?

China Post tracking notifications alert you of the status of your China Post package’s delivery. You use the tracking number to track your shipment until the item reaches your recipient’s doorstep.  

The following sections describe these tracking statuses.

China Post Tracking Notifications and Statuses

Below are common notifications you will likely see while tracking your China Post package and what these statuses mean.

What Does the China Post Tracking Notification “In Transit” Mean?

When your package’s status is “in transit,” it means your item has left the origin country and is on its way to the destination. Other circumstances this status covers include the following:

  • The sender has handed over the parcel to the carrier.
  • The shipment has arrived at the destination country and is undergoing customs inspection.
  • Your item is in the destination country and is in domestic transit.
  • Your package is in another country as a transit point and will go from there to its final destination country.

What Does the China Post Tracking Notification “Delivery Failed” Mean?

If your China Post package’s status says “delivery failed,” it means the courier likely attempted delivery to the recipient but was unsuccessful. Reasons for this failure include the recipient being unable to accept the package or having the wrong address.

What Does “Order Information Received” Mean?

The “order information received” status means the seller has applied the China Post tracking number to third-party shipping software, such as AliExpress or Wish, but has not yet shipped the item.

What Does “Opening,” “Collection,” “Departure From Outward Office of Exchange,” “Dispatching,” and “Arrival at Inward Office Exchange” Status Mean in the Tracking Result?

“Opening” indicates that your item has arrived and is being processed at the local processing center. This status can also mean Chinese customs authorities have opened the large package containing your parcel for checking.

“Collection” means the post office has received your package.

“Dispatching” is when your parcel leaves the previous facility for the China Post export port in another location.

“Departure from outward office of exchange” means your item is ready for shipment to its destination country.

“Arrival at inward office exchange” means your shipment has arrived at the destination country.

“Why Is My Parcel Stuck at the “Departure From Outward Office of Exchange” Status?”

One reason for your parcel not updating from this status is that the tracking information sometimes does not update on time. 

Another possibility is that your package may have left China, but the destination country does not support China Post tracking, causing your item not to get tracked.

“I’ve Ordered an Item From China and Received a Tracking Number, but Tracking Information Shows “Opening.” What Does It Mean?”

As mentioned before, “opening” involves customs checks. After the status changes to “departure from outward office of exchange,” the courier prepares your parcel for shipment to its destination country.

“What Can I Do if Tracking Results Show a “Customs Rejected” or “Safety Check Rejected” Status?

Sometimes, you may see tracking statuses such as “rejected,” “safety check rejected,” or “customs rejected.” 

Reasons behind these statuses can be any of the following:

  • Your parcel contains an item in China Post’s forbidden list.
  • Your package can get mistakenly rejected by the machine, especially if the product looks like a prohibited item.

If the rejection occurred by mistake, you can resubmit the package for a safety check after some time. This procedure may repeat several times, so if the parcel finally passes the inspection, there is a good chance of delayed arrival.

“What Can I Do if Tracking Status Says “Successfully Delivered” but I Didn’t Receive It?

Although the “successfully delivered” status should mean your recipient has received the item, there are cases when they did not get it. 

Ask your recipient to check their P.O. box or their neighbors in such cases. If the item is still missing, contact the courier who delivered the package and ask where it was delivered and who received it.

“Where Is My China Post Package? I Am Not Getting Updates on My Package”

If you are not receiving updates on your China Post package, the situation does not necessarily mean the item is lost. Some of the reasons your parcel is not receiving updates are as follows:

  • The carrier did not input your package’s tracking information.
  • Your parcel was lost during transportation.
  • The item is registered as a China Post Ordinary Packet. Many online retailers on eBay, AliExpress, and Wish often use this service for cheap delivery. 

However, note that items bought from these eCommerce platforms and shipped through China Post Ordinary Packet cannot be tracked once they leave China.

  • After the parcel gets dispatched, its status updates only when your package arrives in the destination country. In this case, the update may take 7 to 60 days, depending on the shipment options.

“Why Can I Not Track My China Post Package?”

If you cannot track your China Post shipment, you may be using a service with limited or no tracking capacity.

One of these services is the China Post Unregistered service, discussed in the following sections.

Tracking China Post Unregistered

Unregistered China Post packages typically have a 13-digit alphanumeric tracking number starting with “U.” These packages are trackable only during transit within Chinese territory.

Once your package gets exported to your destination, you may be unable to track the item because China Post Unregistered is an economy delivery service that does not register your parcel at transit points.

What Is the Reason for “No Tracking Records” on My Tracking Number?

Your tracking number may have no tracking records because you have incorrectly typed the numbers. Ensure to enter the correct numbers to prevent this situation.

Another possible reason is the time it takes for the shipment information to show up in the system after mailing the parcel. Consider waiting one or two business days for this information to appear.

“How Often Does China Post Update My Parcel Tracking Status? Why Is My China Post Tracking Status Not Updating?”

The frequency of parcel tracking updates is outside China Post’s control because China Post is a member of the Global Postal Union. While your package is in transit between member countries, China Post cannot update the status of your parcel.

This situation explains why you sometimes notice your parcel status stuck at “sent to airline” or “export customs scanned” for about two to four weeks during the regular season or maybe longer during peak season.

Once the next member country scans your package code and sends the data to the Global Postal Union, China Post will update your parcel’s tracking status.

Information About China Post Deliveries

Before mailing your item through China Post, consider some essential elements like postage rates, prohibited items, and postal holidays. The sections below discuss these elements in detail.

Prohibited Items to Deliver

China Post does not allow the delivery of these items:

  • Brand goods and textiles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Flammable materials
  • Firearms
  • Powders and liquids
  • Lottery tickets
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Poisons
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Ammunition
  • Fireworks and other explosives

Postage Rate From USA to China

Based on USPS’ international shipping price list, the postage rate from the U.S. to China varies mainly on the mailing service you use, the parcel’s weight, and the price group.

As of January 2023, the price rates to send an item from the U.S. to China are as follows:

USPS ServiceWeight limitPrice groupStarting price
Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)70 pounds (lbs)6$105.95
Priority Mail Express International66lbs14$70.80
Priority Mail International66lbs14$61.50
First-Class Mail International3.5 ounces (oz) for letters and postcards
15.994oz for large envelopes
3$1.50 for letters and postcards
$3.00 for large envelopes
First-Class Package International Service4lbs14$17.90
Airmail M-Bags66lbs3$87.89 (under 11lbs)
$7.99 (per extra pound)

Postal Holidays

Below are the postal holidays to note if you are sending a USPS package internationally. For example, here are specific days for these holidays for the year 2023.

  • New Year’s Day: January 2 (observed), Monday
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 16, Monday
  • Presidents’ Day: February 20, Monday
  • Memorial Day: May 29, Monday
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day: June 19, Monday
  • Independence Day: July 4, Tuesday
  • Labor Day: September 4, Monday
  • Columbus Day: October 9, Monday
  • Veterans Day: November 11, Saturday
  • Thanksgiving: November 23, Thursday
  • Christmas: December 25, Monday

How Long Does China Post Parcel Take to Arrive in My Country? How Long Until My Tracking Status Gets Updated?

Knowing exactly when your China Post parcel will arrive can be challenging because your item has to go through many Global Postal Union member countries before arriving at the destination. You may not know your shipment’s location until a union member country scans your item.

China Post Arrival Time

The estimated delivery time for China Post packages can vary by the destination country and the service used to ship your item. The following sections discuss these estimated arrival times.

China Post Ordinary Mail

Suppose you order something online from China and choose the China Post Ordinary Mail service. Estimated delivery times for these sample destination countries are as follows:

  • United States: 40 to 90 days
  • Australia: 40 to 90 days
  • Canada: 40 to 90 days
  • Japan: 30 to 60 days
  • New Zealand: 30 to 60 days
  • United Kingdom: 40 to 90 days

China Post Registered Mail

Here are examples of estimated arrival times when sending China Post Registered Mail from China to another country:

  • United States: 10 to 60 days
  • Canada: 10 to 60 days
  • France: 7 to 50 days
  • India: 10 to 50 days
  • Japan: 5 to 20 days
  • New Zealand: 7 to 15 days

China Post EUB (ePacket)

For items sent from China to another country through the China Post ePacket service, expect your package to arrive within the following times if you send to these countries:

  • United States: 10 to 40 days
  • Brazil: 15 to 45 days
  • Japan: 10 to 25 days
  • South Africa: 15 to 45 days

China Post EMS

If you send a package through the China Post EMS service, your shipment will likely arrive at these sample destination countries within the following periods:

  • United States: 7 to 20 days
  • Australia: 7 to 15 days
  • Saudi Arabia: 7 to 20 days
  • United Arab Emirates: 7 to 20 days

How Long Does China Post Air Parcel Take to Deliver?

Like other China Post services, China Post Air Parcel has varying delivery times depending on the destination country. The following sections list these estimated arrival times for Air Parcel services.

For Air Parcels

Sending a package through China Post Air Parcel can take at least five days to arrive at the following destination countries:

  • To neighboring countries: 5 to 10 days
  • To American and European countries: 7 to 15 days
  • To other countries: 7 to 30 days

For Surface Air Lift Parcels

For parcels sent via the Surface Air Lift (SAL) service, the estimated arrival time is 15 to 20 days, regardless of the destination country.

For Surface Parcels

If you prefer to send a package using the Surface Parcel service, expect your item to arrive in 40 to 70 days. This delivery period makes this service one of the slowest China Post services.

Why Is China Post So Slow?

After reading through the various delivery times mentioned earlier, you may be wondering why many China Post services take a long time to arrive at the destination. The following sections briefly discuss the reasons for these slow delivery times.

Package Stuck in China

If your package remains at a transit station or some other place in China for a week, the delay may be due to a pileup. Your package should move again after the courier solves the backlog problem.

If the status does not update for over 30 days, your parcel may be lost. In this case, contact the shipper to work on a solution.

Your parcel can also be stuck in export customs for over a week, meaning the shipper may need to declare it to customs or pay the tax.

Package Stuck in Destination Country

Once your package arrives in the destination country, China Post hands the shipment to the local courier for delivery.

However, your item can still undergo delays upon arrival at the destination country. Reasons for delays can include:

  • Mail processing capacity shortage
  • Inadequate logistics
  • Production slowdown
  • Business shutdowns due to COVID-19
  • Some countries and regions have stopped receiving international express services 

China Postal Services

China Post offers several shipping services for small and large packets. Delivery has varying arrival times, depending on the service and destination. These services are discussed in the sections below.

China Post Small Packet

The China Post International Small Parcel service is for shipping lightweight items under two kilograms (kgs) from China to other countries. This service allows package tracking and is among the most economical delivery methods.

China Post Small Packet Tracking Number Format

Tracking numbers of registered small parcels consist of 13 characters beginning with “R” and another letter followed by nine digits and “CN” at the end. An example of this format is as follows:

RS 123 456 789 CN

When you ship using the China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus service, the tracking number should be nine digits or 13 characters consisting of “U” and another letter, nine digits, and “CN” at the end. Examples of this format are the following:

123 456 789

UN 123 456 789 CN

China Post Small Packet Delivery Time

Small parcels from China sent via Small Packet service take 5 to 10 days to arrive in other Asian countries, 7 to 15 days to Europe and America, and 7 to 30 days to other destinations.

China Post Airmail Packet’s Estimated Arrival Time

When sending China Post Airmail Packet items from China to other regions, take note of the following estimated delivery times for these countries as examples:

  • United States: 7 to 60 days
  • Malaysia: 12 to 30 days
  • Singapore: 7 to 15 days
  • Spain: 10 to 35 days

China Post International Large Package

The China Post International Large Package service is for shipping international packages over 2kgs but lighter than 20kgs, 30kgs, or 40kgs. This delivery service can be an excellent fit for large-sized, non-urgent packages. You can also track your item’s delivery status if you register your shipment.

China EMS (Express Mail Service)

China International EMS is a delivery service that ships documents, urgent letters, materials, and all kinds of goods from and to other countries quickly and reliably.

China International Express

China International Express is an international service provided by Holland TNT (Thomas Nationwide Transport based in the Netherlands) and China Postal Express and Logistics. 

The service reaches over 200 countries worldwide and efficiently delivers all kinds of documents, letters, bank bills, and goods.

What Is a China Post ePacket?

China Post ePacket is a shipping service for international eCommerce shipments. This service provides reliable and cost-effective delivery for small, lightweight packages to customers worldwide.

China Post ePacket also offers faster delivery times than regular international mail services. If you are a business owner, the ePacket service can be a reasonably fast shipping method for sending small packages.

ePacket Service Restrictions

ePacket or EUB (eYoubao) is a convenient, affordable, and fast shipping option with several restrictions on weight and the countries to which this service can deliver. The following section discusses these restrictions.

ePacket Restrictions

For your parcel to qualify for ePacket delivery, it must not weigh more than 2kgs (4.4lbs), and the product being shipped cannot exceed $400 in value.

You can ship your ePacket parcel from China or Hong Kong to another country eligible for ePacket deliveries. As of 2023, some of these eligible countries are as follows:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vietnam

What Is the Weight and Size Limit of China Post?

China Post typically categorizes shipments as large packages or small parcels. Items must fall under specific size and weight limits to qualify for China Post delivery. The following sections discuss these limits.

Weight Limit

For your item to qualify as a small parcel, its weight must be less than 2kgs (4.4lbs). On the other hand, a large package can weigh up to 30kgs (66lbs).

For example, a 10-kilogram package qualifies as a large package based on these weight limitations since the item weighs more than 2kgs and less than 30kgs.

Size Limit

The size limit can depend on your package’s weight limit. China Post implements minimum and maximum size limits, as discussed in the following sections.

Maximum Size

For packages with a 30kg weight limit, the greatest dimension should be less than 1.5 meters (m), while the maximum circumference plus length should measure less than 3m.

If your package has a 20kg weight limit, the greatest dimension should be below 1.05m, and the maximum circumference plus length should be less than 2m.

Minimum Size

For the minimum size measurement, your package’s length should be at least 0.24m, and the width should not be less than 0.16m. For your convenience, consider measuring your package before mailing it through China Post.

What Are the China Post Parcel Specifications?

China Post charges postage according to your package’s size, weight, transportation means, and shipping service used. These specifications should guide you on what items you can ship through China Post’s services.

China Post Parcel Requirements

Aside from the weight and size limitations mentioned earlier, other requirements for China Post parcels must be complied with. In addition, parcels should not contain forbidden goods.

About Compensation

Despite a postal company’s best efforts to deliver your parcel safely to the recipient, some items can get lost or damaged.

In these situations, consider if the shipping service you use can compensate for your loss. The following sections discuss what you can do when the recipient does not receive their item.

“Can I Receive a Refund From China Post if I Do Not Get My Parcel?”

If a registered parcel is confirmed lost, you can ask China Post for a refund. The company will evaluate your lost item’s value and provide compensation upon approval. Usually, you can receive two or three times the shipping charge, but the registration fee will not be returned.

“Will China Post Tracking Compensate Me if My Parcel Is Lost?”

China Post can compensate for your lost item provided you registered your parcel and the company confirms the loss. However, if your item is ordinary mail, China Post will not provide any compensation.

How Do I Contact the Official China Post Customer Service?

If you have questions regarding shipment tracking and postage rates, visit China Posts’s official website or call the company’s hotline. The sections below provide these contact details. 

Official Website of China Post

To visit China Post’s official website, open your internet browser and visit For tracking, go to

These websites are in Chinese, so if you prefer the English version, visit or on the browser.

China Post Tracking Customer Service Contact

To contact China Post’s customer support, call any of the following numbers:

  • Mandarin: +86 11183 or +86 11185
  • English: +86 1011183 or +86 1011185

China Post Update on Coronavirus

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic occurred in 2019, USPS received messages from the Universal Postal Union (UPU), China Post, and Hong Kong Post concerning this event.

The message contained instructions for USPS to inform other union members that the Chinese government instructed China Post to disinfect all mail going to or transiting through Wuhan and its processing center.

The disinfection protocol should help prevent the risk of transmission and spread of the coronavirus.

“Can I Track Where Exactly My Package Is?”

Whether you use USPS or China Post, tracking updates can often get delayed. Scanning can be limited when your item passes through other countries. 

Although tracking your package’s exact location is possible, these circumstances can make the tracking process challenging.

“Where Do I Find My Tracking Number?”

When sending an item via USPS, you can find the tracking number in the following locations:

  • The post office shipping receipt
  • The email confirmation from
  • The receipt if you purchase insurance at the post office
  • The confirmation email from an online retailer
  • The USPS Tracking label’s bottom peel-off portion

Suppose you purchase an item from a China-based online retailer using China Post. You should receive your tracking number after your package ships or gets dispatched.

How to Change the Address of the Package

When sending a package via China Post, you cannot change the recipient’s address until the item arrives in the destination country. Afterward, you can contact the local carrier to change the delivery address.

“How Can I Leave Delivery Instructions?”

If your parcel qualifies for the USPS Delivery Instructions service, you can instruct USPS where to leave the item at the delivery address. You can also use this service to send your item to the post office or a different address.

To leave your instructions, click the “Change Delivery Instructions” link on the USPS website’s tracking results page. If the link does not appear, your item is not eligible for this service.

Estimated Delivery Time From USA to China

When sending a parcel via USPS from the U.S. to China, the following delivery times may apply:

  • Priority Mail International: 6 to 10 business days
  • Priority Mail Express International: three to five business days

The delivery times above refer to when your parcel arrives in China for customs processing. The delivery may take another three or seven days to reach your recipient.

“I Found the PVG/PEK/FOC/CAN Location When Tracking My Package. What Do These Initials Refer to?”

These acronyms are the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport codes and stand for the following:

  • PVG: Shanghai Pudong Airport
  • PEK: Beijing Capital International Airport
  • FOC: Fuzhou Changle International Airport
  • CAN: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

“In the Last Many Days, I Did Not Get Any Update. Where Is My Parcel? Is It Lost on the Way?”

Some reasons your package’s tracking status does not update are as follows:

  • The item is no longer trackable after it leaves China, especially when you ship using the China Post Ordinary Packet service.
  • The carrier has not entered the tracking information.
  • The shipping status may not update until the parcel arrives in the destination country, usually within 3 to 60 days, based on the shipping method.
  • Your package may have been lost during transportation.

“My Parcel Was Stuck Somewhere for Some Days. Could You Update the Information?”

Updating your China Post package’s information while in transit through other countries can be challenging unless your item arrives at the destination country. If your parcel gets stuck somewhere for over 10 days, contact the local courier to check its status for you.

“What Should I Do if the Package Delivery Failed?”

If your package’s tracking status shows “delivery failed,” it means the carrier is keeping your parcel at the post office for about two weeks. 

You must contact the carrier immediately to request redelivery, or the carrier will return the item to the sender after two weeks.

How to Contact USPS

You can connect with the USPS customer support service in the following ways:

  • By email via the USPS website’s customer service page
  • By phone using the hotline 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)


  1. How do I track China Post’s small packet orders?

To track a small packet order, enter its tracking number into the China Post EMS website’s tracking page search box. This number consists of 13 characters, starting with “R” and ending with “CN.”

  1. How do I track China Post’s large package orders?

Tracing a large China Post package involves entering its tracking code into the EMS website’s tracking search box. The number has 13 characters, starting with “CP” and ending with “CN.”

  1. How do I track China Post EMS?

You can track a China Post EMS item by inputting its 13-character tracking number into the China Post EMS website’s search box. This number usually starts with “EZ” and ends with “CN” or “CS.”

  1. How do I track an EMS ePacket from China?

Enter the EMS ePacket item’s tracking number into China Post’s tracking page search box. This number contains 13 characters, starts with “L,” and ends with “CN.”

  1. How long does my EMS tracking number take to work?

Your EMS tracking number should activate within four hours after registering your parcel. However, you may need to wait for two or three days to begin tracking your packages.

  1. Can China Post track my Amazon order?

You can track your Amazon order if the seller ships that product through China Post. A tracking number is provided to track your order.

  1. Can China Post track my eBay order?

If you order a product through eBay, the merchant can send the purchased item through China Post. You can then track your eBay order using the tracking number issued when the item ships via China Post.

  1. What is the best way to track my China Post parcels?

One of the best ways to track your China Post deliveries is by visiting the China Post EMS website and entering your tracking number in the search box. You can also use other third-party tracking websites if you have difficulty opening the official website.

  1. Where is my ePacket tracking number?

The merchant from whom you purchase a product will usually provide you with the ePacket tracking number. This number usually starts with “E” or “L” and is 13 characters long.

  1. Can you get coronavirus from a package delivered from China?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the coronavirus is unlikely to be spread via mail and packages.

Based on this finding, if you expect a package from China, this item should be considerably safe from the virus.

  1. How do I send parcels to foreign countries by China Post?

Follow these steps to send China Post parcels to foreign countries:

  • Prepare your items by removing existing tags and packaging.
  • Go to a China Post branch offering international shipping services. You may need a Chinese-speaking person to accompany you.
  • Place your items in an unsealed box for inspection before sealing to check for forbidden items.
  • Choose a delivery method, which can vary based on shipping duration and postal fees.
  • Fill out the dispatch note as instructed. Provide the details in English.
  • Refrain from disposing of your receipt, as it may help if delivery exceptions occur.
  1. How do I modify the shipping address for China Post?

China Post cannot change your shipping address once the courier has shipped your package. If your parcel has not been shipped, contact your seller to change your shipping address before they hand it over to China Post.

  1. What are the types of parcels which can be sent through China Post?

The different China Post service types you can use to send parcels are as follows:

  • Registered Air Mail
  • Ordinary Small Packet Plus
  • China Post EMS
  • ePacket
  • Surface Air Lifted (SAL)
  • Air Parcel
  • Surface Mail
  1. What items do China Post not ship?

Forbidden items that China Post does not ship include the following:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Items with batteries, like mobile phones and tablets
  • Flammable and combustible materials
  • Toxic substances
  • Drugs and drug use tools
  • Endangered wild animals and their products
  1. How does ePacket shipping work?

First, the carrier in China or Hong Kong brings your ePacket item to the border. The carrier then sends the package to the destination country via an international carrier.

After the package crosses the destination country’s border, the local carrier picks up the item. This carrier is responsible for delivering the parcel to the destination address.

  1. How do I send China Post parcels to the E.U. under the new IOSS system?

On July 1, 2021, the European Union (E.U.) imposed a new set of value-added tax (VAT) rules and a new import scheme called the Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS).

When sending a China Post IOSS parcel, ensure that it has a customs declarant or an electronic customs declaration reference number to meet E.U. requirements.

Once the IOSS package has been properly identified, it will be released quickly, free of charge. 

Once the parcel moves on, the handler will finish the shipment delivery at no extra cost because the VAT is already prepaid during the initial purchase.

  1. How many people use China Post?

No reliable statistic can specify the number of China Post users. Still, data showed that China shipped 110.6 billion packages in 2022.

China Post is among mainland China’s most popular postal services and is used by many retailers and merchants to ship internationally.

  1. Does USPS deliver China Post packages?

USPS and China Post have an agreement that helps speed up deliveries to the United States. When your parcel arrives in the U.S., USPS will deliver the item to the recipient.


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