UPS Tracking Number Format


May 24, 2023

You usually receive a tracking number whenever you ship a package using UPS. You can use this number like a parcel barcode to track your shipment, check where it is, and when it will arrive.

This article will help you learn the importance of a tracking number and what it looks like, along with its specific format, which is made up of numbers and letters.

This write-up will also give examples of UPS (United Parcel Service) tracking numbers and provide other pertinent information. It will include where to find these UPS tracking numbers and how different they are from the tracking number of other shipping companies.

Tracking numbers can be confusing, but they are essential so you know where your UPS package is. To ensure that your shipment is delivered properly, you must know what the number looks like and how to use it.

If you need help locating or want more information regarding your package, try contacting your local postal service. To find the nearest post office, visit This website helps you find the 31,330 post offices in Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Denver, San Francisco, and other cities in the United States.

What Is the UPS Tracking Number Format?

Here are several UPS tracking number formats:

  • 1Z8888888888888888
  • 888888888888
  • T888888888
  • 88888888

The United Parcel Service will also use the following types of tracking numbers, which vary in length from 7 to 20 characters:

  • Delivery Order or Sub-PRO (progressive rotating order) Number: This type is used for shipment tracking numbers for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL)
  • House Air Waybill: Used to transport goods by air
  • House Bill of Lading: Used to transport goods by sea 
  • PRO Number: Used for shipping via truck
  • UPS InfoNotice: A bar-coded notice that includes a 12-digit reference number is given to customers the first time their packages are unsuccessfully delivered
  • UPS Service Notice: First delivery notice in select countries

UPS Tracking Number Formats and UPS Number Rules

The UPS tracking number for your shipment is usually 18 digits long. It starts with the alphanumeric “1Z” and finishes with a check digit.

The first six digits, in this case, are the shipper’s number, followed by a two-digit service level indicator and then a unique identifier for each package. Lastly are the eight digits that identify the package. Every sender has their shipper number, so the package’s location of origin determines which number is in the tracking code.

How Many Numbers Does a UPS Tracking Number Have?

As mentioned above, it is usually 18 digits long. Still, depending on the service you are getting, it can also be around 7 to 20 characters long.

What Is a Tracking Number? 

Every package delivery company, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS (United States Postal Service), has a tracking service provided to their customers. 

A tracking system utilizes a tracking number which is a unique identifier assigned to each parcel before it is shipped. This number works like a barcode, allowing people to track their packages from start to finish.

The tracking number is printed as a barcode that can be scanned using special equipment or a smartphone. International tracking numbers are not always available or may only be traceable within the country of origin.

Business operations can be stressful. Running a company that ships documents or products to clients regularly can lead to more stress. Tracking numbers on every item you ship can help lower the stress involved in your company’s operations. 

Tracking numbers help clients and businesses because they make it easier to keep track of products or shipments. Here are some reasons why you should track your packages:

  1. Minimizes customer concerns

A tracking number can help customers feel more secure, resulting in fewer complaints and returns. Tracking packages is a great way to reduce the stress of waiting for deliveries. Without a tracking number, customers may grow anxious and even consider canceling their orders because they have no idea when the goods will arrive.

  1. Reduce customer frustration

The customer service team ensures clients are pleased with the company’s services or products. When customers use tracking numbers on packages, they relieve the customer service department of some pressure.

Now, with the help of a tracking system, customer service representatives no longer have to answer questions or take calls from customers looking for constant updates on the status of their packages.

  1. Recover lost parcels or packages

A tracking number can help you find a lost package. Tracking numbers allow you to follow the progress of your shipment from start to finish, including stops it made along the way.

The package might have been delivered to the wrong house on the customer’s street, or it could have been lost. Whether you track your package or not, it is helpful to have a tracking number in case there is any confusion about where the package should be delivered.

  1. Transparency in packages

Package tracking numbers provide transparency to customers who need help finding out whether a package has been sent and when it will arrive. Transparency is essential in building and maintaining trust between a company and its clients.

A company’s reliability reflects in the quality of its service, so customers who are kept informed about their purchases are more likely to return. This transparency can help build lasting relationships with clients.

  1. Providing clients with delivery information

Tracking numbers can be used in different ways, like letting customers know when their package has been delivered. It can enrich the customer experience thanks to useful and relevant information.

When a customer clicks on their tracking number, they will be able to see an estimated delivery date, each stop along the way, and any changes made to that schedule.

What Is a Good Example of a UPS Tracking Number?

UPS tracking numbers are 18 digits long and include both letters and numbers. They begin with “1Z” and end with numeric characters. For example, 1Z 888 BB2 12 5432 7895.

UPS Tracking

If you ship with UPS, you can track your package on the UPS website. Suppose you arranged the shipping services directly with a shipper, or the seller of an item has agreed to have UPS ship it for them. In that case, you should always receive a tracking number. 

If you have yet to receive the tracking code via email or from the sender, follow up and get your shipping details.

What Are UPS Service Codes?

UPS offers various services that can be tailored to your individual needs. UPS also determines the two characters in each service. The services chosen for a package are used to create the UPS tracking number after “1Z” and the shipper ID.

  • EP: Stands for Express Plus or Worldwide Express Plus. This service provides next-day delivery to most areas within the country. It also offers fast, day-definite delivery for international shipments from over 30 nations (including territories) to 65 countries and territories.
  • ES: Stands for Express or Worldwide Express. This service provides next-business-day delivery to most areas within the country and day-definite delivery within three days for international shipments.
  • SV: Stands for Express Saver or Worldwide Saver. This option includes next-day delivery to most business areas within the country and day-definite international shipping or delivery to more than 185 countries and territories.
  • EX: Stands for Expedited or Worldwide Expedited. It promises day-definite delivery to and from more than 60 countries and territories.
  • ST: The Standard service provides scheduled day-definite delivery to and from most addresses within the country and international shipments delivered in five days or less.
  • 3DS: The 3-Day Select service promises to deliver packages within three working days of their dispatch, making it a cost-effective alternative to other delivery services.
  • ND: Also known as the UPS Express (NA1). This service provides next-business-day or day-definite delivery anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central and South America.
  • EN: Also known as the UPS Express 12:00. This service guarantees German domestic shippers a delivery commitment at 12:00 PM.
  • LCO: Known as the UPS Access Point Economy. This service is a less expensive option for those selecting either the Hold at UPS Access Point or Return Services shipment options. A UPS Access Point Economy or Return Services contract is required to access this service.

The Access Point ID is the bar code printed on your shipping label. It should be included in all outbound UPS Economy shipments.

  • WPA: Also known as the Worldwide Economy Delivered Duties Paid. UPS Worldwide Economy is a low-cost, deferred international parcel service ideal for small packages.

Here are some of the other service codes that UPS uses:

  • 01: UPS U.S. Next Day Air (Red)
  • 02: UPS United States 2nd Day Air (Blue)
  • 03: UPS United States Ground
  • 04: UPS Canada Express Saver
  • 12: UPS United States 3-Day Select (Orange)
  • 13: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Saver (Red Saver)
  • 14: UPS Canada Express
  • 15: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M.
  • 17: UPS Canada Expedited 
  • 20: UPS Canada Standard (Ground)
  • 22: UPS U.S. Ground – Returns Plus, with three pickup attempts
  • 32: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with collect on delivery
  • 33: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with Saturday delivery and collect on delivery
  • 41: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with Saturday delivery
  • 42: UPS U.S. Ground, with the signature required
  • 44: UPS United States Next Day Air, with Saturday delivery
  • 66: UPS United States Worldwide Express
  • 72: UPS United States Ground, with collect on delivery
  • 78: UPS U.S. Ground – Returns Plus, with one pickup attempt
  • 90: UPS United States Ground – Returns, with UPS prints and mails label
  • A0: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with adult signature required
  • A1: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with Saturday delivery and adult signature required
  • A2: UPS United States Next Day Air, with adult signature required
  • A8: UPS United States Ground, with adult signature required
  • A9: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with adult signature required and collect on delivery.
  • AA: UPS U.S. Next Day Air Early A.M., with Saturday delivery, adult signature required, and collect on delivery

UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Number

The tracking numbers for packages delivered through the USPS and  UPS Mail Innovations number format are usually different. These numbers should not be used to ship other goods for six months or more.

The format of the UPS mail innovations tracking numbers looks like this:

  • A USPS Delivery Confirmation Number has 22 to 34 numerical digits.
  • The sequence number is the 18-digit number that UPS WorldShip or UPS Mail Innovations generates to identify your shipment.
  • The mail innovations compliant package ID is a unique identifier for each mail piece. The format of the identifier is as follows:


So, all you need to do is punch in the tracking number above and see where your package is. You can check it out on either or


  1. How do I get the UPS tracking number?

To track your package, go to and enter your tracking number in the box. You will be taken to the tracking detail page.

  1. Why is my UPS tracking number not working?

UPS tracking numbers are only valid when a courier has picked up and scanned the parcels.

  1. Where is the tracking number on the UPS receipt?

The tracking number for your shipment can be found at the bottom of your receipt. You can find it under the heading “package information.”

  1. Why are UPS tracking codes so long?

The format of a UPS tracking number contains many pieces of information. The shipper’s UPS account number, package number, and type of service are all included in the tracking numbers.

  1. Does the UPS tracking number start with 1Z?

UPS makes tracking a shipment’s progress easy when you use its tracking system. Because each package is tagged with a tracking number that starts with “1Z”, you will know about your shipment’s progress as it moves through the UPS system.


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