DHL Tracking Number Format


March 13, 2024

The Deutsche Post DHL Group (whose name refers to the founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn) is among the world’s largest postal services, generating over €81.7 billion (about $86.2 billion) in 2021.

If you are a business owner, you may have considered other carriers like Federal Express (FedEx), the United States Postal Service (USPS), or China Post for shipping your products to customers.

However, the abovementioned figures may help you consider DHL as one of your preferred logistics companies for shipping your products to customers.

Furthermore, with DHL tracking, you can give your customers a way to monitor their package’s delivery progress. One way to do so is by sending your customer the item’s tracking number.

How is the DHL tracking number formatted? How many digits does it contain? What are the different tracking labels DHL uses?

This article discusses DHL tracking number formats and how to read these numbers. This article also explains how to track your DHL shipments and what the different tracking statuses mean.

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What Is the DHL Tracking Number Format?

Whenever you ship a DHL parcel, you usually receive a tracking number comprising a unique set of numbers, sometimes with letters, identifying your package for domestic or international delivery.

Tracking your DHL package is essential to keep yourself informed about its whereabouts and help ensure a smooth delivery as the item heads toward its destination.

DHL Tracking Number Format

Upon shipping your parcel, you usually receive an email notification containing the DHL tracking number.

This number’s format contains numerical digits only or a combination of numbers and letters.

Format examples for the DHL tracking number are as follows:

  • 1234567890
  • JJD0099999999

How Many Digits Is a DHL Tracking Number?

The number of digits a DHL tracking number has depends on the service you use to send your package.

For example, a DHL Express tracking number has 10 numerical digits. However, the DHL eCommerce tracking number’s length can vary between 10 and 39 characters.

Essential Guide to DHL Tracking

This guide covers the essential elements of the DHL tracking number, including the options to monitor shipments and the meaning of the different tracking statuses.

Through DHL tracking, the company can offer eCommerce retailers and customers several ways to stay up-to-date on their deliveries’ status.

If you are one of these retailers, tracking should be straightforward since you typically only need a tracking number to see your package’s status.

Depending on your DHL service, you can use other tracking options to serve your customers, especially those using international shipping.

“How Do I Read DHL Tracking?”

When you enter the DHL tracking number into the DHL website’s tracking search box, you should be able to read your package’s delivery status on the page.

DHL Shipment Tracking Labels

DHL has several variations of its tracking numbers, depending on the shipping type the customer chooses for sending the package.

DHL Express

The DHL Express tracking number can have either of the following formats:

  • A 10-digit series of numbers
  • A combination of letters and numbers beginning with 000, JVGL, JJD00, JJD01, or similar sequences

DHL eCommerce

When you send an item through DHL eCommerce, you get a tracking number that typically starts with GM, RX, LX, or up to five letters. As mentioned earlier, the ID length (number of characters) can vary from 10 to 39.

Examples of this tracking number format are GM99999999999 and 999999999999999999. 

DHL Parcel

The tracking number for DHL Parcel services starts with 3S, JJD, or JVGL. Examples of this format are 3SBCC000123456 and JVGL9999999999.

DHL Global Forwarding

The tracking number for international packages sent through DHL Global Forwarding can have any of the following formats:

  • The number contains seven numbers only, such as 1234567.
  • The tracking number begins with three to four letters, such as ABC123456.
  • The sequence starts with one number followed by two letters and four to six numbers, such as 1AB12345.
  • The sequence begins with a three-digit carrier code followed by a hyphen and the eight-digit masterbill number, such as 123-12345678.

DHL Freight

When sending items through DHL Freight services, you receive any of the following tracking numbers:

  • The sequence contains numbers only and is 9, 10, or 14 digits long. Here’s an example: 123456789.
  • The sequence starts with two to three letters followed by a hyphen, another two to three letters, another hyphen, and seven numbers. Here’s an example: ABC-DE-1234567.
  • The code starts with four numbers followed by a hyphen and five numbers. Here’s an example: 1234-12345.

DHL Packet

For DHL Packet deliveries, the shipment number comprises a 16-digit alphanumeric sequence or a 12-digit numeric code. The formats are as follows:

  • A, C, E, L, R, S, U, or V followed by nine digits and DE
  • 14 digits plus DE
  • 10, 12, 16, 20, or 22 digits
  • JD plus 13 or 17 digits

An example of this tracking number is JD014600004291022110.

“How Do I Track a DHL Shipment?”

DHL provides various tracking tools to help you monitor your domestic or international shipment status.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to track your item is by visiting the DHL website at and entering your tracking number.

“How Do I Track My International DHL Package?”

DHL international tracking is one of the go-to solutions for tracking DHL shipments heading to international destinations. 

DHL can help you easily monitor your package’s progress using the company’s comprehensive tracking system.

“How Do I Track My DHL Express Package?”

To track packages sent through DHL Express, visit and navigate to the website’s tracking page.

If you are the recipient, enter your package tracking number, found in your confirmation email or obtained from the sender, in the search box and click “Track.”

The tracking information that appears should provide real-time updates regarding your shipment’s latest location, estimated delivery date, and shipping history.

“Can I Track My DHL Parcel Through Any Website?”

Some third-party websites provide platforms to track your DHL packages. Some of these platforms integrate more than a thousand logistics carriers, including DHL.

For instance, a third-party website may allow you to simultaneously enter up to 10 DHL tracking numbers on the homepage or search field.

“Can I Track a DHL Package Without Using a Tracking Number?”

Using the tracking number is one of the easiest ways to monitor your DHL package. If you do not have this number, the first thing to do is to contact the merchant or shipper and ask if they have it.

Sometimes, you can use the package’s reference number by entering it into the tracking system for the service you use, such as DHL Express.

“What Does My DHL Courier Tracking Status Mean?”

When tracking a parcel using a DHL tracking number, you will see a list of courier tracking statuses on the screen. Each status indicates your DHL parcel’s current whereabouts.

DHL Courier Tracking Status

If you are the recipient, the tracking statuses you will likely see when checking your package’s delivery information are as follows:

  • Shipment information received: Your package’s data has been received and is ready for tracking.
  • Processed at: The origin or destination country is processing your DHL package.
  • Arrived at DHL delivered facility: Your parcel is at the delivery terminal and is being prepared for processing again before getting sent to the recipient.
  • Arrived at DHL sort facility: Your DHL package has arrived at the local sorting facility.
  • The shipment has departed from a DHL sort facility: The parcel has left the sorting center.
  • Customs clearance status updated: The customs agency is holding and inspecting the DHL package. The customs clearance process can begin while the parcel is transiting.
  • Shipment picked up: The courier is processing the package and ready to deliver it.
  • Shipment is on hold: The item is delayed and may arrive later than the estimated delivery time.
  • Shipment is out with courier for delivery: The courier is delivering the package to you.
  • Delivered: You have received your DHL package.

Which DHL Services Offer Tracking?

DHL’s portfolio of logistics solutions provides several domestic and international delivery services with reliable end-to-end tracking. Some of these services are as follows:

  • DHL Express: This service lets you send domestic and international envelopes and parcels with overnight options. DHL Express uses an online express tracking service called DHL ProView.
  • DHL eCommerce: This service allows you to ship domestic and international packages to eCommerce customers and includes a dedicated customer portal for shipment tracking.
  • DHL Freight: This service provides international and domestic freight shipping for businesses using active tracing.

How Long Does It Take for DHL to Update Parcel Tracking?

Usually, DHL does not take over a few minutes to update your item’s tracking status. This update is generated from an electronic device from the field or a DHL facility.

What Happens When DHL Tracking Isn’t Updated?

When your package’s status does not update with a DHL tracking number, the courier has likely handed the item to a local postal provider for the final delivery journey.

If you want to be sure, contact DHL’s customer service at 1-800-225-5345 and provide the tracking number.

Why the Website Shows the Number Has Not Been Found: Reasons

The tracking number may not show any delivery information, depending on your shipment’s circumstances, which can be any of the following:

  • The carrier has not received the package.
  • The carrier information has not been entered into the tracking system.
  • The tracking is likely invalid or not in any of the abovementioned formats.
  • The tracking number has expired.

“What Are My DHL Parcel Tracking Options?”

You can track your DHL parcel in the following ways:

  • Access the DHL website: Visit and enter the tracking number on the homepage’s search box or click “Track” on the menu.
  • Use a third-party website: Access third-party websites providing DHL tracking options, especially if you have difficulty accessing the DHL website.
  • Track the package via phone: Dial 0844-248-0844 on your phone and say, “Track a parcel.” DHL’s speech recognition system should let you access live updates on your parcel’s progress.

Keep an Eye on Your Package Using DHL Tracking

Effective tracking can help improve customer satisfaction, especially when running an eCommerce business. Providing your customers with a way to track their orders allows them to monitor their package’s delivery progress, helping to build trust and loyalty.

DHL Customer Care

Email the company’s customer service through the DHL website or call 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345) for assistance regarding your DHL Express packages.

If you need help with your DHL eCommerce delivery sent from the U.S., call +1-317-554-5191.


1. Why is my DHL tracking number not working?

As mentioned earlier, your tracking number may not be working because of the following reasons:

  • DHL has not received your package.
  • You do not have a valid tracking number.
  • Your tracking has lapsed, and DHL has removed it from the system.
  • DHL has not entered your item’s tracking data into the carrier’s system.

2. What does DHL tracking start with?

How your DHL tracking number starts depends on the service you use.

For example, DHL eCommerce usually starts with LX, GM, RX, or up to five letters. Meanwhile, DHL Parcel tracking numbers begin with JVGL, JJD, or 3S.

3. Can I track my DHL parcel through an application?

To track your DHL parcel via an application such as WhatsApp, you must download and install it onto your device. Afterward, add the DHL number to start using the app.

4. Can I track a DHL parcel with an email address?

You cannot track parcels using an email address. However, you can email DHL about tracking details using the tracking number. Note that email is one of the slower ways to track a DHL parcel.

5. Can I track DHL parcel shipments that are free after ordering through a website?

If you order an item from an online store, contact the shipper and ask for your parcel’s tracking number. This way, you can track the shipment’s delivery progress.

6. When I attempted to track my DHL shipment, I received an invalid waybill error message. Why?

The DHL Express waybill for time-definite shipments is a 10-digit number, such as 1234567890. Ensure your waybill number is correct or follows this format to minimize the chance of getting an error message.

7. Why does my DHL tracking number give information for a shipment not going to an intended destination?

DHL occasionally recycles its waybill numbers for operational reasons, often resulting in information for two shipments under the same number simultaneously appearing in the company’s systems.

Despite the confusion, DHL strives to eliminate these occurrences and assures that the shipment is heading to the correct destination.

8. How long does DHL international delivery take on average?

When you send items internationally, the average time your DHL shipment arrives is between 3 and 14 business days.

9. What is the latest time DHL delivers?

DHL typically delivers your parcels between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The delivery time will depend on your package’s size and delivery address.

10. Is there a hotline to track my DHL parcel?

For parcel tracking needs, contact the DHL hotline at 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345).


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