USPS Redelivery Tracking


March 25, 2024

Sometimes, people miss the delivery of their packages because of their busy schedules. This can happen when they are unavailable or not home when delivery attempts are made.

However, did you know there are different ways to manage your deliveries so that you don’t have to worry about your shipments even if you’re not home to receive them personally? 

Fortunately, in situations like the one above, you can count on the United States Postal Service’s Redelivery tracking.

So, how can Redelivery tracking help you better manage your shipments? How can it help you have peace of mind knowing that USPS is handling your packages correctly? 

This article explains the Redelivery tracking service provided by USPS. It also discusses the Postal Service’s delivery process and how they handle failed delivery attempts.

Furthermore, this write-up includes other services that customers can use to manage their deliveries better, even if they’re away from home. 

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What Is Redelivery USPS?

Redelivery is a USPS service that allows you to still have your mail item delivered again, even when the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful. USPS Redelivery happens after the first delivery attempt on the package’s delivery day.

You can use this delivery option to ensure you don’t lose any packages, especially if you are not at home for an extended period. 

The USPS redelivery service also offers tracking services, which further help customers manage their deliveries even if they can’t receive them personally. 

Where Is Redelivery Service Available?

Although USPS provides redelivery services in most areas, it isn’t available everywhere in the United States. 

Customers can check the availability of redelivery service in their area by providing their name, address, phone number, and email address, entering them on the Redelivery service page, and clicking “Check availability.” 

Likewise, you can also ask your local post office if they have a redelivery service. You can visit to check the contact information of your nearest USPS retail facility.

When Can a Redelivery Be Scheduled, and When Will It Take Effect?

You can request a specific date to redeliver your item, but you can’t request a specific time. 

To request a redelivery schedule, you need to complete the PS Form 3849, We ReDeliver for You! In this form, you can choose your preferred date when it’s best for the post office to deliver your package. 

You can set the date as late as the final day for USPS to return an unclaimed item to the sender. USPS typically holds unclaimed letters for up to 15 days before it is returned to the sender. 

You can check on PS Form 3849 or the Redelivery Notice left for you by the courier when an undelivered package is returned to the sender after a failed letter or package delivery attempt. 

You can file a redelivery request immediately after a failed delivery attempt. However, note that you can request the redelivery of the item only on a specific date, not at a specific time. 

In addition, you must schedule the redelivery before the scheduled date for an undelivered item to be returned to the sender. Suppose the delivery attempt is the same as or beyond the scheduled “return to sender” date. In that case, USPS returns the package to the shipper. 

How Long Does USPS Take to Redeliver a Package?

USPS advises allowing at least two days to complete the two-phase redelivery process. 

The mail carrier picks up the redelivery notice on the first day. Then, the mail carrier delivers the package to its destination on the second day. 

How to Schedule a USPS Redelivery

When you miss a delivery attempt, you can schedule a redelivery online. Use your package’s tracking number or barcode number available at the back of the redelivery notice (PS Form 3849) left for you by the carrier. 

You can visit the redelivery page provided by and schedule one anytime. You can request a same-day redelivery if you submit your request by 2:00 AM CST (central standard time) from Monday through Saturday. 

If the request is submitted later, your local post office schedules the redelivery for the next business day. 

Who Can Schedule and Accept a Redelivery?

You, the package recipient, are the primary person who can schedule and accept a redelivery. However, suppose you can’t receive the package even during a scheduled redelivery. In that case, you can assign an authorized representative to receive the mailpiece on your behalf. 

Your authorized representative can also initiate a redelivery request. However, they must only provide the necessary identification when receiving the package. 

Meanwhile, an employee can schedule and accept a Redelivery provided they have acceptable IDs (identification) and the necessary Redelivery information for the business.

The employee can sign for the delivery since a business entity cannot sign as a recipient. However, the carrier requires the first and last name of the recipient. 

To assign an authorized representative to receive your mail, you need to complete PS Form 3801 or the Standing Delivery Order form, where you list the names of the people you authorize to receive your packages on your behalf. 

Why Are You Unable to Schedule a Redelivery?

Your package is ineligible for redelivery in most cases when it doesn’t show any scanned events. Possible reasons for this problem include the following:

  • The tracking information (tracking number) doesn’t match the original delivery address.
  • A redelivery request already exists for the undelivered package.
  • The package was finally returned to the sender, which makes the package unavailable for redelivery.

How Do You Get Started or Modify an Existing Request?

You can start a redelivery request by completing the online request form on the USPS Redelivery page. 

Scan the QR (quick response) code on the redelivery notice. You can also start the redelivery process by updating the available actions on your USPS Tracking service. 

Suppose you need to edit or modify an existing redelivery request. In that case, you can edit your redelivery form through the confirmation email you received after submitting a request. You can click “Edit this request.”

Note that you must make all the needed modifications to your existing redelivery request by the scheduled redelivery date.  

How Do You Check the USPS Redelivery Status?

You can check your USPS redelivery status by monitoring its progress via the tracking system page. You have to sign up for a account to access the USPS Tracking service and have the parcel’s tracking number. 

What Can You Do if Your Mailpiece Hasn’t Been Delivered?

You can request a search for a missing mailpiece by registering an account at You must provide all the necessary information, input it online, and click “Submit.” 

You will receive confirmation once you’ve submitted a search request. You can regularly check the missing mail search history to monitor the status of your request anytime. 

At the same time, you can create drafts of this request via the online form. However, note that drafts expire after seven days. 

Expected Delivery Window

An expected delivery window (ExDW) is a two-hour time slot when you can expect your package to arrive. 

However, this delivery window does not guarantee that you will receive your mail at that two-hour time window. 

Still, you may receive your package by the end of the day if it doesn’t arrive during that expected delivery window. 

What Happens if You Miss Redelivery USPS?

USPS has a specific redelivery process to handle situations when the recipient cannot receive the delivery. 

When a package requires the presence of a recipient, like in the case of a package with signature confirmation, and no one is available to receive and provide their signature, it will be a failed delivery attempt. 

The package or letter carrier will leave a redelivery notice (PS Form 3849) at the delivery location. 

Suppose the recipient doesn’t claim their package at the local post office. In that case, the carrier will leave another redelivery notice at the delivery location on the third calendar day after the first delivery attempt. 

If no one takes action, the package is returned to the sender at the end of the fifth business day after the initial delivery attempt. 

There are no automatic redeliveries for Priority Mail Express deliveries once a delivery attempt fails. 

Where Is Your Package?

You can check your package’s status via the tracking system provided by USPS. You can also check your post office for any packages in their facility that are scheduled for final delivery. 

Get Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery is a free notification service that informs you through pictures of any item or package to be delivered to your address even before it reaches you. 

Scan Events Related to Redelivery

When you’re tracking a redelivery progress, you may see the following scan events that inform you about your package’s status. 

  • Available for redelivery or pickup: Your item is available for pickup at your local post office, or you can schedule a redelivery request.
  • Prepared for redelivery: Once you submit a request, you’ll get this notification informing you that the post office is preparing your package for redelivery.
  • Out for redelivery: You’ll get this notification once your package is out for redelivery. 

Other Redelivery Messages

The following are other redelivery messages that you might receive during the redelivery process:

  • The package has exceeded the number of allowed redelivery attempts.
  • The package is not eligible for redelivery.
  • The address entered for this tracking number doesn’t match the original delivery address.
  • A redelivery request already exists for this letter or package.
  • You can no longer make changes to this redelivery request.
  • This redelivery request session has expired.
  • The return-to-sender request can’t be canceled or modified.

What Is the Difference Between Redelivery and USPS Delivery Instructions Service?

Redelivery and Delivery Instructions differ in the time when USPS provides these services to customers. 

A redelivery happens after a failed delivery attempt. Meanwhile, the Delivery Instructions service allows customers to instruct the package carrier on how to handle the delivery of their package. 

What Types of Mail Receive a Redelivery Notice?

The following types of mail service receive redelivery notices when the recipient can’t receive the parcel.

  • Adult Signature
  • Insured mail of over $500
  • Collect-on-Delivery (COD)
  • Registered Mail items
  • Certified Mail items
  • Priority Mail Express (domestic) unless a signature waiver isn’t required
  • Signature Confirmation service
  • Return Receipt service
  • Perishable items
  • USPS Tracking items 
  • Uninsured packages

PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice

The PS Form 3849 is a redelivery notice that a package carrier leaves the delivery location after a failed delivery attempt. 

Why Was the Form Revised for September 2022?

USPS replaced the old PS Form 3849G (gopost® Redelivery form) with the February 2021 PS form version for all USPS customers. 

USPS gopost is a convenient delivery service where packages are delivered to self-service parcel lockers placed for customers to pick up. 

The PS form allows carriers to check “Parcel locker eligible” if a customer is eligible to have their packages redelivered to a gopost parcel locker. 

USPS again revised the form in September 2022 and updated the checkmark to “USPS Smart Parcel Locker Eligible.”

Note that older redelivery notice forms are still in circulation and can still be used by a USPS carrier or the customer. 

What Is a QR Code and How Does It Work?

A QR (quick response) code is a square-shaped barcode that contains scannable information that directs the user to additional information about the attempted delivery of their parcels. 

PS Form 3849 has a QR code that directs the user to the redelivery page where customers can request a redelivery. 

Are Users Required to Download a QR Code Reader or Scanner App to Their Smart Device?

No. Downloading the scanner app is not a requirement but is optional for your convenience. You can download a QR code reader or scanner app to simplify QR code scanning for Android and iOS phones. 

However, if you have an iOS device, you can open your phone’s camera and scan the QR code by pointing at it. 

A notification will pop up asking you whether to open “” If you choose to do so, it will open the redelivery page in your browser. 

Is PS Form 3849 Available to Businesses?

Both residential and commercial establishments can receive the PS Form 3849 after a failed delivery attempt. 

Businesses may receive this form when there’s no designated safe delivery location for carriers to leave parcels in when there’s no one to receive the package. 

Can a Customer Have Someone Else Pick Up Their Mailpiece for Them?

Yes. You can have someone else pick up your mail on your behalf. You must complete a form informing the post office that you have authorized certain individuals to receive your packages when you can’t receive them personally. 

However, this option is unavailable for Registered Mail and parcels with Restricted Delivery service.

What Types of Services Require the First Initial and Last Name of the Recipient to Be Manually Entered?

The following are services provided by the Postal Service that require the recipient’s first initial and last name: 

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Signature confirmation
  • Adult Signature

The mail carrier manually enters the first and last name of the recipient in small handheld scanners called mobile delivery devices (MDDs). If an MDD is unavailable, the recipient must provide their signature on the PS Form 3849. 

Can a Carrier Sign for a Mailpiece Linked to a PS Form 3849?

A carrier may only sign for Priority Mail Express packages if the sender indicates a signature waiver. 

If a PS Form 3849 Is for a Business Delivery, Can the Signature Reflect the Business Name, or Must a “Person” Sign for the Mailpiece(s)?

An employee has to provide a signature for any received packages. The “business” as an entity can’t provide a signature. Moreover, the carrier must input the first and last name of the recipient providing the signature upon receipt of the package. 

Do All PS Form 3849s Have Barcodes?

Yes. All revised PS Form 3849s have barcodes with barcode numbers. The customer can input the barcode number as an alternative for USPS Tracking and scheduling redelivery applications. 

What Is the Difference Between PS Form 3849-SD, Sunday Delivery, and PS Form 3849, “We ReDeliver for You!”?

The main difference between PS Form 3849 and PS Form 3849-SD is that the latter form is used for a specific date, in this case, Sunday, to notify customers that a package delivery attempt was made on that day. 

This form notifies customers that they can pick up their package on the next business day (excluding holidays) at a local post office. The form also tells customers that they can schedule the package for redelivery by scanning the QR code available on the form.  

Note that hub offices use the Sunday delivery form and don’t include the local post office information. If you need the address of your local post office, visit We can help you get the contact information of the nearest U.S. Postal Service facility near you. 

Can You Schedule a Redelivery Request Without a PS Form 3849 Redelivery Notice?

You can schedule a redelivery request even without a PS Form 3849. However, you won’t have a tracking number or a barcode number, which you use to monitor the status of the redelivery progress.

Handling Redelivery Mail

USPS has specific ways of handling customers’ redelivery requests, who were unavailable during the initial delivery attempt.

How Does Redelivery Handle Priority Mail Express?

For Priority Mail Express, the carrier leaves a redelivery notice if no one is available to receive the package, especially if there’s no signature waiver.

Suppose no one picks up the parcel in the post office three days after the first delivery attempt. In that case, USPS will place another redelivery notice at the delivery location.  

If no one picks up the package after five calendar days, USPS returns the item to the sender. 

How Does Redelivery Handle an Ordinary Mailpiece (Item With No Extra Services)?

For ordinary parcels, the carrier does another delivery attempt the following day after the initial delivery attempt. No redelivery notice will be left after the initial attempt. 

However, a redelivery notice is left on the recipient’s address after the second delivery attempt if no one is still available to receive the package.

Suppose no one picks up the package at the local post office after this. In that case, additional delivery attempts are made only when the customer requests it. 

How Does Redelivery Handle Mail Requiring a Signature?

When the package requires the recipient’s signature, and no one is available to receive the package at the first delivery attempt, a redelivery notice is left at the address. 

After five days, another redelivery notice is placed on the recipient’s address. Note that redelivery is not automatically done for these cases. 

If no one is available to pick up the package, the item is held at the post office for up to 15 days. If no one picks up the unclaimed item, USPS returns the package to the sender. 

Note that the redelivery notice is PS Form 3849, which the carrier leaves at the recipient’s address. The form notifies recipients that the courier left their packages at the post office, and they can claim them anytime. 

Simple Ways to Manage Your Mail

USPS handles millions of packages and letters daily, and millions of customers need help managing their mail. 

Here are some mail managing methods that USPS provides to customers. 

Forward Mail

Mail forwarding is a USPS service where mail delivered to your old address is forwarded or delivered to your new address. 

Mail forwarding is handy when deliveries come from multiple locations, and you have moved to a different address. The post office redirects all your packages bound to your old address to your new one. 

Change Your Address

When you move to another address, whether the change of location is temporary or permanent, you can request USPS for a change of address.

Through the COA (change of address) process, you’re instructing USPS to reroute all your packages directly to your new address. 

USPS Package Intercept

Another way to manage your mail is using the USPS Package Intercept service. For instance, a package has an incorrect address, and you want it to be held at a post office before it gets delivered to the wrong location. 

You can request a package intercept with your instructions, which will redirect the package accordingly. 

However, a package intercept request can only work when the item has yet to be delivered or released for delivery. 

Reserve a P.O. Box

You can also use a P.O. (post office) box as a package receptacle at your local post office. 

You can rent P.O. boxes for 3, 6, or 12 months, which you can pay via major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Click to Pay services. 

When you have a P.O. box, you have a definite place aside from your home where you can receive mail. 

USPS Hold Mail

Let’s say you’ll be away from home for some time but don’t want to change your address. Maybe you’ll be gone for a business trip or a long vacation. In cases like these, you can request the local post office to “hold” all mail or packages at the post office for pick up once you return. 

A hold mail request lasts up to 30 days, during which all mail or package addressed to your home is held up at your local post office. 

Hold for Pickup

The Hold for Pickup service allows you to instruct the post office to hold a package or mail for pickup by an authorized representative. 

Shippers can request this service when they buy postage for eligible items with select mailing methods. Once requested, the local post office holds the package for a limited time.

Suppose no one claims the package within five days (three days for Priority Mail Express). In that case, the post office makes a notification attempt to the recipient to inform them of their unclaimed packages.

If after 15 days (five days for Priority Mail Express), the customer hasn’t picked up the item, then it is returned to the sender. 

Suppose the recipient has an email address and phone number capable of receiving text messages. In that case, the recipient is automatically signed up to receive notification via email or SMS text tracking.

USPS Delivery Instructions

You can use the Delivery Instructions service and give USPS carrier-specific directions on how to deliver your packages. You can request the carrier to drop off the package at a specified location when you’re not around.

Through the Delivery Instructions service, you can change your shipping service, have the package delivered to a different domestic address, or even upgrade your mailing service to Priority Mail Express and add insurance.

If you need access to the contact information of your local post office, visit You can visit your local post office and coordinate with local mail carriers to deliver your packages immediately. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What does my tracking number look like?

Your tracking number is a combination of characters, which is the unique identifier for your package as it goes through the delivery process. 

Here are some examples of tracking numbers for different mailing options:

  • Priority Mail: 9204 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Certified Mail: 9406 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup: 9303 2000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed: 83 000 000 00
  1. Where do I find my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number in the following locations:

  • The post office shipping receipt
  • The sales receipt for the insurance purchase at your post office
  • The email confirmation when you shipped items from
  • The shipping confirmation email sent by an online retailer after purchasing their items
  • The bottom part of the peel-off portion of a USPS Tracking label
  1. How can I leave delivery instructions?

You can leave delivery instructions by clicking on the change delivery instructions on the tracking results page. However, if you don’t see the “delivery instructions” link, your package may not be eligible for this USPS service. 


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