DHL “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Notification


May 14, 2023

Have you received the notification “tendered to delivery service provider” from DHL and didn’t know what it means? Are you interested in how DHL delivers your packages to an intended recipient? If this is the case, then this article is for you. 

What is DHL’s “tendered to delivery service provider” service, and how does this work? How does this notification affect package delivery speed?

Read on to understand what the notification tendered to the delivery service provider means and know what to do once you’ve received this notice in your tracking system

We’ll list ways you can monitor deliveries during last-mile transfers between the two companies. You’ll know when to expect your package to arrive and what to do if the delivery gets delayed.

This article can help you understand how DHL and USPS work together by transferring the deliveries sent to addresses in the United States. You’ll also know whether DHL’s tendering to a delivery service like USPS affects delivery speed.

DHL works with USPS for the last mile in the shipping process. You’ll get a “tendered to a delivery service provider” notification when DHL transfers your package to USPS. 

Remember that when DHL transfers the package to USPS, it’s also a transfer of responsibility. The United States Postal Service is now responsible for delivering your package safely, securely, and speedily. 

It’s best to have contact information at your area’s nearest local post office. You can access the Postal Service database listing the contact information of more than 31,330 post offices in the United States. provides a vast database of post office contact information offered conveniently in an online database. Visit our site now and take advantage of this search engine for post offices.

What Does “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Mean?

You don’t need to worry when you get a “tendered to delivery service provider” notification. It means that DHL transferred your mail or package to last-mile delivery. Usually, the last-mile delivery unit is USPS. 

This notification tells you that your DHL packages have been dropped off at a local post office. The local delivery service is now responsible for bringing the package to your address. 

What to Do

After you receive this update, you can expect that there’ll be a delay in updates, as USPS will now scan your packages. 

Once your package goes through scanning, you can check your package’s tracking number on the USPS tracking system, where it should show up. 

Breakdown of the Term

You can better understand the notification term by breaking it down and understanding what is described. The word “tendered” means that DHL has delivered your package to their last-mile partner, USPS. 

The term “tendered to delivery service provider” means that DHL’s shipping partner, which in this case is USPS, will now handle the delivery to the recipient’s address. So, the notification is not an immediate cause for concern, though it would be best to contact the post office where your package has been dropped off. 

You can visit to find the contact information of the packages tendered to USPS by DHL. This website has a massive database of every post office in the country.

How Long Will Packages Arrive After the “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Update?

When you receive this update, it means that your package has already been delivered to a local post office that’s nearest to your address. The delivery time may vary depending on your location. Still, it’ll usually take one to two days for your packages to arrive after this notification.

It’s best to have a handy list of contact information for the different post offices near you. 

What to Do if You See “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider”

This notification is a general alert that your package has been transferred to a DHL subcontractor or partner company for last-mile package deliveries, in this case, USPS. 

You can wait for delivery or contact your local post office to confirm that it has your package. 

How Does This Message Impact You?

The tendered delivery messages don’t have a huge effect or impact on you or your package. It means that DHL safely delivered your package to one of the post offices in your area. 

Once this package hand-off happens, USPS will deliver the mail to you. 

At this moment, your package is now transferred to a DHL delivery partner, USPS. You’ll now need to coordinate with the Postal Service to ensure you get your mail or package on time. 

In short, the “tendered to delivery service provider” notification is a courtesy announcement telling you that DHL transferred your package to another mail carrier.

Do You Need to Do Anything Specific When You See This Message?

The “tendered to delivery service provider” marker lets you know your package is being handed over to a partner’s shipping service. You can rest easy knowing that your package delivery is going smoothly and there are no problems.

You can contact the postal office nearest to your location to get an idea of the status of your package.

You’ve Seen “Tendered for Delivery” for Weeks – What Can You Do?

There are situations when the “tendered for delivery” notification is seemingly stuck for days or weeks in your tracking information. Usually, this occurs when something wrong happens during the hand-off or transfer of your package. 

You’ll want to allow a couple of days before you decide to take action. Sometimes, delays happen, and it usually takes a few days for your mail or package to arrive. 

Suppose the notification lasts more than a week without any update. In that case, you can contact your nearest post office to know why your package has yet to arrive on time. 

Remember to bring your tracking information when you’re inquiring about your package’s status at your local post office. 

The Package Has Been “Tendered for Delivery” for 3 Weeks. What Does This Mean? When Should You Expect Your Package? 

Call your local post office if your package has not arrived for more than three weeks and your tracking information is stuck at “tendered to delivery.”

Also, you’ll need to continually communicate with USPS, online or through a local post office, to learn the whereabouts of your package. You can also get the USPS Informed Delivery service to get notifications when a package for you arrives at the post office.

What Does “Tendered to Postal Service” Mean?

When you get the notification “tendered to Postal Service,” your package has been transferred to USPS. 

Along with this transfer is the responsibility of the Post Service to ensure that your mail or package is protected. You can now use your tracking number to monitor your package as USPS delivers it. 

Remember that USPS First-Class Mail is protected by law from tampering, hindering delivery, and unauthorized opening by a third party. 

You should feel relief that people in your local post office are handling your package. You should wait a few days for it to arrive at the indicated delivery address.

Old Organizational Procedural Habits Change Slowly

The processes involved in the partnership between DHL Express and USPS go a long way. The two companies have worked since 2003 and created procedural habits that took years to develop, which many now use. 

Does “Tendered to the Post Office” Mean Paid at the Post Office?

The notification doesn’t mean that anything was paid at the post office. It only means your item has been mailed to a local post office. 

The “tendered to the Post Office” notification simply means that your package is no longer with any shipping company but with the Postal Service. 

These “tendered” notifications inform the sender and receiver that the package is now in transit to the Postal Service for delivery. 

Why Do Carriers “Tender” to “Delivery Service Providers”?

Shipping companies like DHL “tender” the packages to delivery service providers like USPS because of their existing delivery network. 

For decades since its foundation, the Postal Service has been responsible for delivering mail and packages in the United States. 

Thus, it’s for the benefit of both DHL and USPS that they partner up to provide services to anyone in the United States. 

Which Carriers Use the “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Tracking Update?

All shipping companies that work with USPS in delivering mail and packages to U.S. addresses use the “tendered to delivery service provider tracking update.” 

If you’ve used DHL to ship your package and it has transferred the package to USPS, you could track your package using your tracking information using USPS.  

“Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Meaning in DHL and FedEx

Here is more information on how shipping giants like DHL and FedEx work with USPS to provide delivery services in the United States.

What Does “Sender Tendered the Shipment” Mean?

“Sender tendered the shipment” means that your mail or package’s last pick-up for delivery has already been made and will be shipped on the next business day

DHL and Other Shipping Companies

DHL and other shipping companies go with local delivery companies like USPS to take advantage of the Postal Service’s existing shipping network. However, the expected delivery date once your package is transferred to USPS may vary.

What Does It Mean When DHL Tracking Says “The Package Was Tendered to USPS” but USPS Tracking Says They Don’t Have It Yet?

Your package has been delivered to a USPS facility when this notification pops up. However, when you contact USPS or check their tracking system, you can get another notification telling you they don’t have your package. 

The reason for this is most likely that your package was delivered but has yet to be processed or scanned by USPS. 

Postal Service facilities process a multitude of packages daily. It may take time for newly arrived packages from other shipping companies to get processed and scanned to update their status online. 

What Does FedEx Mean When It Says “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider?”

FedEx and DHL work alongside USPS to deliver your packages once they reach the last mile of the shipping process. FedEx transfers your package to a post office near the final destination, from which postal workers scan your parcel and deliver it to the recipient’s address. 

Tendered for Delivery 4PX

Another shipping company gaining popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany is the China-based 4PX. 

The notification “tendered for delivery 4PX” brings about complaints from many of its customers. The message simply indicates that the package has been transferred from the 4PX system to USPS. 

What Does It Mean When USPS Says “Tendered to Service Provider”?

USPS is typically the service provider that handles packages tendered by other delivery and shipping companies in the United States. The “tendered to service provider” notification will be sent to you by other delivery services. 

What Does the “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent” Notification Mean in USPS or Amazon Shipping?

Another notification that may confuse shippers is the “tendered to final delivery agent.” This message means that the deliveries from eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay have gone through final scanning in preparation for transfer to USPS for final delivery. 

What Does “Delivered to Agent” Showing the Main Post Office’s ZIP Code, Ending the Ability to Track Mean for When Your Package Will Be Delivered?

Getting a “delivered to agent” notification means that USPS had contacted another shipping service to complete the delivery. Once this occurs, USPS will provide an estimated delivery date, which you’ll expect from the date of shipment. 

Does USPS deliver DHL?

DHL has worked with USPS since 2003. The two companies cover over 20,000 ZIP codes nationwide. DHL has made USPS an exclusive provider for 3,600 ZIP codes via Priority Mail and Parcel Select service. 

How Long Will It Take for DHL to Deliver to USPS?

USPS usually takes two to four business days to receive mail and packages from DHL. In case of deferred delivery, you may need to allow two to seven business days for parcels to arrive. It’s best to give leeway for delivery times, especially when you’re shipping with DHL eCommerce. 

Can DHL Transfer to USPS?

DHL works with USPS to reduce the cost of shipping. DHL sends international packages to the U.S. through post offices nearest the intended destination. Local mail carriers then complete the delivery.

Constantly communicate with USPS to monitor your packages and receive them promptly. You can always contact your nearest post office or check the status of your package through the USPS tracking system after DHL has tendered your package to a delivery service.

Why Does DHL Transfer Packages to USPS or Any Other Postal Courier?

DHL collaborates with local delivery services to reach the final destination of a package. In most cases, USPS is the courier of choice for other shipping companies that need a “final mile” delivery service. 

USPS has more than 230,000 vehicles for delivering shipments to communities in the U.S.A. every week. The availability of a massive fleet of delivery vehicles is why third-party shipping companies work with USPS with final deliveries. 

Why Does It Take So Long for DHL to Transfer to USPS?

Many reasons can lead to delivery delays, which can also affect USPS and other couriers like DHL. However, in most cases, DHL transfers its parcels to USPS for the final mile delivery. So, at this part of the shipping process, it won’t be that long before you receive your package. 

What to Do When You Receive a “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Tracking Update

You don’t need to worry if you get this update in your tracking system. It only means that your package has been delivered to a local post office for the final delivery of your parcel. 

Package Stuck on “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” Tracking Update

There are instances when your package’s tracking update remains stuck on the “tendered to delivery service provider” notification. 

Suppose the status doesn’t change after a few days. In that case, you can contact the original shipping provider before the transfer to USPS. You can also contact your local post office for updates about your package. 

Does “Tendered for Delivery” Mean “Out for Delivery”?

“Out for delivery” means that a shipper dropped your package at the transit point near the intended destination. 

However, “tendered for delivery” means that your original shipper dropped your package at the nearest post office, transferring the responsibility of the shipment’s final delivery to USPS. 

What Does “Arrived at Facility Partner” Mean?

This notification means that a third-party shipper, for example, DHL, has picked up your package and will deliver it to a partner facility hub for final delivery. You can expect your package or mail to reach you in a few days. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who’s the delivery service provider for DHL?

USPS has been DHL’s delivery service provider in the United States since 2003. 

  1. What does FedEx mean by “shipment tendered to”?

“Shipment tendered to” is a notification that tells you your package has been dropped off to the last delivery partner, USPS, for final delivery. Your package is now on its way to a local post office, where it will be scanned and delivered to your indicated address within two to five days.

  1. How long does FedEx keep proof of deliveries?

FedEx keeps proof of delivery records for up to 18 months for FedEx Ground shipments and FedEx Express. On the other hand, FedEx Freight shipments are stored for two years.  

  1. Does FedEx Home Delivery require a signature?

FedEx doesn’t always require a signature for its deliveries unless specifically requested by the shipper when creating the package’s shipping label. However, FedEx requires signatures for shipments that include alcohol, high-value goods, dangerous or hazardous materials, firearms, and pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, USPS requires signatures from recipients for mail services like Priority Mail Expres (when requested), Certified Mail, Collect on Delivery, Insured Mail (over $500), Registered Mail, Signature Confirmation and Adult Signature requests and Return Receipt.  

  1. How long does USPS take to deliver?

Here are the different delivery schedules for the following USPS services. Note that the days mentioned here are business days.

  • Priority Mail, Flat and Regional Rate: One to three days
  • First Class Package Service: One to three days
  • Parcel Select: Two to eight days
  • USPS Retail Ground: Two to eight days
  • Media Mail: Two to eight days
  • First Class Mail (letters): One to three days
  • First Class Mail (large envelopes): One to three days
  1. How can I monitor whether your parcel has arrived or not?

You can monitor your mail and package deliveries through the tracking systems provided by the shipping company you’ve chosen. Major delivery companies will give you a tracking number once you’ve mailed your package. You can use this number to monitor the status of your package through the tracking system provided by the shipping company of your choice. 

  1. How do I track my DHL delivery?

You can enter your tracking number into the online tracking system provided by DHL. You can access the tracking system via the DHL website, email, mobile app, and phone. 

  1. Does DHL text you before delivery?

Yes, DHL will notify you about the status of your shipment through email or SMS if you’ve registered with DHL ProView. DHL provides this service to provide its customers with real-time package tracking.  

  1. Will DHL notify me when my package will be delivered?

DHL scans your package details and updates the tracking system online. You’ll be able to check if a USPS facility received your package for final delivery. 

  1. Why is my DHL package not moving?

There are cases when your tracking system tells you your package is not moving. This notification means that DHL has transferred your package to its partner for final delivery. 

Sometimes, the tracking system for your package freezes during this hand-off. It’s best to contact DHL customer service for updates or contact the post office nearest to the intended recipient. 

  1. USPS delivered a package to an agent for final delivery during COVID-19. The package required a signature, and I obtained proof of delivery, which was signed “COVID-19.” Does it mean it was delivered to a person or left in a mailroom?

The mail carrier acts as the agent on behalf of the customer when delivering packages from the local post office for final delivery. 

However, due to safety protocols set in place during the pandemic, employees are instructed to use their initials and to notate “COVID-19 or C-19” in the “received by” section of PS 3811 (return receipt) and PS 3849 (redelivery form when package are undeliverable).

  1. Is the U.S. Postal Service a horrible place to work?

Working in the U.S. Postal Service requires tremendous accountability and responsibility. USPS employees are responsible for ensuring the safe movement and timely delivery of mail and packages in the United States. 

A highly stressful job is not for everyone, and only those who can cope with this environment can find USPS a good workplace. 


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