How Long Does FedEx Home Delivery Take?


March 25, 2024

Whether you’re a bustling eCommerce enterprise managing customer orders or a diligent individual keen on getting a time-sensitive package to its destination promptly, the element of delivery time plays a pivotal role in your choice of carrier and service.

Fortunately, Federal Express, more commonly known as FedEx, offers various package delivery solutions explicitly designed to cater to diverse needs, including fast and reliable shipping.

Whether it’s the urgency of same-day delivery with FedEx SameDay or the swiftness of overnight shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight, FedEx may have a delivery option suited for you.

But what about FedEx Home Delivery? How long does it typically take for parcels shipped through this specific delivery solution to reach their intended destinations? How does the service stack up against FedEx’s impressive lineup?

This article breaks down FedEx Home Delivery, discussing the aspects that make it the preferred choice of many shippers. Are you looking to explore other mailing options? Visit your local post office. Simplify your postal endeavors by using’s post office locator tool.

What Is FedEx Home Delivery?

Before we dive into FedEx Home Delivery’s shipping times, let’s briefly understand this FedEx (Federal Express) offering and why you might want to use it for your package delivery needs.

At its core, FedEx Home Delivery is an extension of FedEx Ground, a low-cost shipping service that promises faster deliveries to more locations than a similar option offered by UPS (United Parcel Service): UPS Ground.

Unlike its main-branch counterpart, which offers package delivery to business and commercial addresses, FedEx Home Delivery, as its name implies, is tailored for residential deliveries.

Why Use FedEx Home Delivery in the First Place?

FedEx Home Delivery offers several advantages, making it the ideal choice for a speedy, cost-effective, and reliable mailing solution to residential addresses. 

These upsides include the following:

  • Expedited residential shipping: One of the most significant benefits of FedEx Home Delivery is its impressive shipping times. It offers one- to five-day delivery within the contiguous U.S. and three to seven days for packages heading to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Expanded delivery schedule: Most carriers, like the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), only provide Monday-to-Friday shipping. Although Saturday deliveries may be available, they’ll incur additional charges.

On the other hand, FedEx Home Delivery provides shipping every day of the week. With FedEx Appointment Home Delivery, you can even request that shipments arrive at more convenient times, such as evenings.

  • Reliable and secure: FedEx allows you to monitor your FedEx Home Delivery shipments and set notifications on their progress via its tracking tool. It also offers package management, letting you leave special handling instructions.
  • Extensive network: The FedEx Home Delivery service benefits from FedEx’s extensive nationwide network. With around 600 FedEx Ground operating facilities and over 2,000 FedEx office locations, you can rest easy knowing your mailpieces can reach even remote destinations.

Is FedEx Home Delivery Guaranteed?

FedEx offers a money-back guarantee for several of its mailing options. This feature lets you request a refund for the postage cost if FedEx fails to deliver your package within the promised schedule.

Unfortunately, FedEx Home Delivery isn’t one of the services that come with this guarantee. The options that have FedEx-guarantee include the following:

FedEx First OvernightFedEx Standard Overnight Extra Hours
FedEx Priority OvernightFedEx International First
FedEx Standard OvernightFedEx International Priority
FedEx First Overnight Extra HoursFedEx International Priority Express
FedEx Priority Overnight Extra HoursFedEx International Priority Freight

When to Use FedEx Home Delivery

If you rely on FedEx for timely deliveries, you’ll find that FedEx Express has no shortage of expedited shipping options, from the same day up to three days. So, why should you choose FedEx Home Delivery when shipments can take five to seven days to arrive?

Here are some situations where it can be the perfect option:

  • When sending a package to a residential address: Although other FedEx services provide door-to-door shipping, FedEx Home Delivery is purpose-built for this task. As a result, it’s generally cheaper than other FedEx services, with rates starting at $10.10 as of September 2023.
  • Flexible schedule for personal deliveries: If you or your recipient prefers to receive a package at a specific, more convenient date or time, FedEx Appointment Home Delivery allows you to schedule when FedEx will deliver a mailpiece.
  • Weekend deliveries: Unlike FedEx’s other expedited shipping options, which typically have delivery days between Mondays and Fridays, FedEx Home Delivery ships packages daily, including the weekends.

Specifications of FedEx Home Delivery

Here’s an overview of what FedEx Home Delivery has to offer and what it can mean for your mailing needs:

Delivery WindowOne- to five-day delivery within the contiguous U.S.
Three- to seven-day shipping to Alaska and Hawaii
Delivery TimingsBetween 5 PM and 8 PM
Delivery DaysMondays to SaturdaysAvailable on Sundays for 50% of U.S. residents
Delivery AreaAll 50 U.S. states
Maximum weight and sizeUp to 150lbs108” in length165” in length and girth

Do I Have to Be at Home to Accept FedEx Home Delivery Packages?

Some mailpieces, such as those with signature confirmation, will require you to be at the delivery address to receive them. However, with FedEx Delivery Manager, you can choose a different delivery date if you’re unavailable or authorize FedEx to leave the package at a specific location.

Benefits of Weekend Delivery With FedEx Home Delivery

With FedEx Home Delivery, the weekend isn’t a dead shipping zone. If you’re a recipient, there’s less waiting time for package arrival. Conversely, you don’t have to worry about last-minute customer orders as a business owner.

Weekend deliveries offer various advantages. However, the most noteworthy one is that it’s free when you ship through FedEx Home Delivery. In contrast, other shipping companies, like UPS, will charge an additional fee for Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

Things to Love About FedEx Home Delivery Even More

With the various benefits that FedEx Home Delivery provides, such as the ability to customize shipment arrival and to track a package’s journey, it’s no wonder it’s the go-to shipping option for many individuals and businesses. But it gets better!

By signing up for a FedEx account, the low $10.10 starting price can get even lower, as FedEx offers a 15% discount when you do so. With this account, you can also request pickups, removing the hassle of dropping off your mailpieces at a FedEx facility.

What’s the Difference Between FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery?

While FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground use the FedEx Ground network, their differences can make one better than the other, depending on your specific mailing needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the distinctions between the two FedEx shipping options:

FedEx GroundFedEx Home Delivery
WhereTo a business or commercial addressTo a residential address
Shipping DaysMonday to FridayEvery day of the week
International ShippingYesNo
Residential Surcharge$0$5.15

Is FedEx Home Delivery or Ground Faster?

The transit times for FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground are similar, providing one- to five-day delivery for many U.S. addresses. However, the difference lies when FedEx ships those packages within a specific day.

With FedEx Home Delivery, you can expect parcels to arrive at the delivery address between 5 PM and 8 PM. On the other hand, the shipping window for FedEx Ground is between 8 AM and 8 PM. In other words, FedEx Ground may be faster.

Compare FedEx Ground to Other Shipping Options

You must consider various factors when choosing between FedEx Ground and other shipping options. These elements include transit times, pricing, and the specific needs of your shipment.

How Does FedEx Ground Operate?

How FedEx Ground works is straightforward. You prepare a package, drop it off at a FedEx facility, or request a pickup. FedEx will deliver it to a business address within one and five days or three and seven days, depending on the destination.

Calculate Your Ground Shipping Rates

Like many package shipping services’ postage rates, FedEx Ground delivery pricing is determined by several factors. One of these elements is the distance the mailpiece will travel to reach its destination.

FedEx determines the distance to the destination by how many miles the delivery address is from the origin address or “zones.” For instance, Zone 2 is between 0 and 150 miles.

Your parcel’s size, weight, and density also influence the shipping cost. Note that FedEx also considers your shipment’s dimensional (DIM) weight, which is its length multiplied by the width and height. The product is then divided by 139. The DIM weight is the result.

If your package’s DIM weight exceeds its actual weight, you must pay the cost of sending via FedEx Ground based on that DIM weight. Fortunately, you can simplify the rate calculation process by using the calculator tool on the FedEx website.

Sending Several Packages to the Same Place?

Imagine you’re a wholesaler and shipping a high volume of products to a retailer. Let’s assume you’re sending 10 boxes weighing 150lbs in this scenario. If your packages must travel over 1,801 miles, expect to pay, as of September 2023, $152.56 for each container.

In this hypothetical scenario, your total shipping cost is $1,525.60. Fortunately, you can reduce your expenses with FedEx Ground Multiweight. This service treats multiple packages from the same origin head to the same destination as a single payment, giving you a better rate.

The shipping time for FedEx Ground Multiweight is similar to that of the standard FedEx Ground service, between one and five days within the contiguous U.S. and three and seven days for Alaska and Hawaii.

Tracking Your Ground Shipment

FedEx Ground provides tracking numbers for packages, allowing the shippers and the recipients to monitor the progress of their shipments. Visit the FedEx website to start tracking your mailpieces.

Alternatively, you can download the free FedEx mobile app and receive essential updates and proof of delivery from your phone. You may also consider FedEx Advanced Tracking, which provides more details and allows you to manage multiple ground shipments simultaneously.

Types of FedEx Home Delivery Services

Even if all shippers need a residential delivery solution, every situation is unique. For example, one mailer may want a more substantially economical shipping option, while another wants to provide a cash-on-delivery service.

Fortunately, FedEx understands these unique preferences and provides variations and additional features for its FedEx Home Delivery service.

What Is FedEx Address Validation Service and How Does It Help?

As mentioned, FedEx Home Delivery will charge a $5.15 surcharge when sending a parcel to a residential address. With FedEx Address Validation Service (AVS), you can ensure that you only pay that fee when you’re shipping to a home address.

This tool arranges the addresses you input into the correct format and verifies them, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries and shipping rates.

Does FedEx Home Delivery Support Collect on Delivery?

If you’re a business owner, providing the convenience of collect-on-delivery can help improve customer satisfaction, as it lets you sell products to your customers without requiring prepayment or extending credit. Instead, payment collection occurs when the package is received.

Unfortunately, since July 31, 2023, FedEx has suspended its collect-on-delivery feature for some of its services, including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and, by extension, FedEx Home Delivery.

Does FedEx Home Delivery Support FedEx One Rate?

FedEx One Rate is an option worth considering if you’re looking for a cost-efficient mailing solution. It lets you ship packages up to 50lbs to any U.S. state, including Alaska and Hawaii, at a flat rate.

While it’s available for FedEx Express domestic delivery services, FedEx One Rate pricing is unavailable for FedEx Ground services like FedEx Home Delivery. In other words, ground shipping rates apply.

Are There Specialty FedEx Home Delivery Services?

In addition to standard delivery options, FedEx Home Delivery offers special services you must be aware of, especially if you have unique shipping needs.

Date Certain Home Delivery

If you need your packages to arrive on a specific date, FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery is the answer. It allows you to choose when FedEx will deliver your mailpieces.

That said, you cannot schedule shipping before the standard delivery window. Instead, you can select a specific day within 10 days of the parcel’s pickup date, excluding holidays.

Evening Home Delivery

If you’re a business owner, such as an eCommerce retailer, accommodating your customers’ busy daytime schedules can greatly improve client satisfaction.

With FedEx Evening Home Delivery, you can request that your shipments be delivered in the evenings of the scheduled arrival date. However, deliveries must be before 8 PM.

Appointment Home Delivery

If you require greater flexibility regarding when FedEx delivers mailpieces, choose the FedEx Appointment Home Delivery option. FedEx will contact the recipient with this specialty service and schedule a convenient shipment date and time.

What Days Are FedEx Home Delivery Services Available?

FedEx Home Delivery operates from Mondays through Sundays, except on specific holidays. This extensive coverage ensures your packages have multiple opportunities to arrive at their intended destinations during the workweek and on weekends.

For more information on when FedEx can accommodate your shipments, visit its Last Days to Ship page on the FedEx website.

How Costly Is Residential Shipping Compared to Commercial Shipping?

Based on FedEx’s September 2023 shipping rates, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery pricing are the same. However, sending a package to a residential address will incur a $5.15 surcharge. In other words, residential deliveries are $5.15 more costly than commercial shipments.

What Addresses Are Considered As Residential by FedEx?

Under FedEx, “residential addresses” include private homes, such as apartments, condos, and school dormitories. However, businesses that operate from these residential properties, including convents, rectories, and parsonages, also qualify for FedEx Home Delivery.

What Addresses Are Not Considered As Residential by FedEx?

Some addresses may not qualify as “residential” with FedEx Home Delivery. In these instances, you must ship packages through other FedEx services, such as FedEx Ground or FedEx Office.

Here are some addresses that FedEx doesn’t consider “residential” and will require you to use other FedEx offerings, such as FedEx Ground or FedEx Office:

  • Nursing homes
  • Funeral homes
  • Churches
  • Correctional facilities
  • Government offices
  • Farmhouses
  • Retail shops

FedEx Delivery Times by Service

Here’s a quick overview of the shipping times of various FedEx package delivery services:

Same-Day DeliveryFedEx SameDay
Overnight DeliveryFedEx First OvernightFedEx Priority OvernightFedEx Standard Overnight
Two-Day DeliveryFedEx 2Day AMFedEx 2Day
Three-Day DeliveryFedEx Express Saver
One- to Five-Day DeliveryFedEx GroundFedEx Home Delivery

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

FedEx deliveries conclude by the end of the day. The exact time may vary, depending on that day’s mail volume, but generally, you can expect packages to arrive by 8 PM.

How Long Does FedEx Usually Take to Deliver?

The transit times for FedEx package delivery vary depending on the specific service. For FedEx Home Delivery, shipping typically ranges from one to five business days but can extend to seven days when sending a parcel to Alaska or Hawaii.

Weekend Delivery: FedEx Does It Right

Unlike other shipping companies, FedEx provides weekend shipping, including Saturday delivery options, to 98% of the U.S. and Sunday solutions to over 50%.

Does FedEx Deliver at Night?

Whether FedEx provides deliveries at “night” depends on your definition of nighttime. If 8 PM falls under your definition, FedEx does ship at “night,” as its typical operating hours are between 8 AM and 8 PM.

How Do I Determine When Will My FedEx Package Arrive?

While FedEx provides a delivery window by the end of the day, specific delivery times aren’t guaranteed. However, you can use FedEx’s tracking tool and your package’s tracking number to receive an estimated arrival time.

Tracking Your Home Delivery Shipment: How Do I Track My FedEx Home Delivery Package?

Keeping an eye on your FedEx Home Delivery package’s progress is straighforward. Enter your mailpiece’s tracking number into the FedEx tracking tool and receive near real-time information on its status and whereabouts.

Alternatively, you can call 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-463-3339) and say “Track my package” or text “Follow” and your door tag number to 48773. The door tag number is connected to your parcel’s tracking number and is usually left by FedEx at your mailing address.

Does FedEx Home Delivery Include Free Tracking Info?

FedEx Home Delivery includes free tracking information, allowing you, other shippers, and your recipients to monitor their mailpieces as these parcels travel across FedEx’s extensive network of approximately 600 FedEx Ground operating facilities.

How Do I Get My Packages to FedEx?

Shipping your packages with FedEx is a straightforward process. You can bring your shipments to FedEx locations spread throughout the country or various participating drop-off locations, including Dollar General stores, Walgreens, and Albertsons.

Conversely, you can use your FedEx account and schedule a pickup for added convenience for a small fee. Visit the FedEx website to find the pickup option that works best for you. However, if you’re looking for a post office near you, check out

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does FedEx Home Delivery take?

The transit times for FedEx Home Delivery typically range from one to five business days when shipping to the contiguous U.S. However, deliveries can take up to three to seven if your packages are heading to Alaska or Hawaii.

  1. What time does FedEx Home Delivery deliver?

While FedEx doesn’t provide specific delivery times, you can expect your FedEx Home Delivery parcels to arrive between 5 PM and 8 PM.

  1. What’s the FedEx Home Delivery weight limit?

FedEx Home Delivery accepts packages with a maximum weight of 150lbs. The container must also be under 108″ long and 165″ in length and girth.

  1. Can you send FedEx Home Delivery shipments to P.O. boxes?

You must use FedEx Ground Economy, previously known as FedEx SmartPost, to send packages to P.O. (post office) boxes. While FedEx Home Delivery is an extension of FedEx Ground, FedEx SmartPost is a service that utilizes the U.S. Postal Service network. 

  1. Can I ship hazardous materials via FedEx Home Delivery?

Except for ORM-D (other regulated materials-domestic) and limited-quantity items, such as charcoal and aerosol cans, FedEx Home Delivery doesn’t support the shipment of hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

  1. My recipients need their package on a specific date. What can I do?

You can use Date Certain Home Delivery to specify the delivery date for your package to match the receiver’s availability.

  1. My recipient won’t be available to accept the delivery during the day. What can I do?

FedEx Home Delivery offers options like evening delivery and the ability to leave packages in a specified location with recipient authorization.

  1. My recipient wants to know when a shipment will arrive. What can I do?

While specific delivery times are not guaranteed, recipients can monitor their mailpiece by entering its tracking number into the FedEx tracking tool. Doing so allows them to receive near real-time updates.

  1. Does FedEx Home Delivery deliver on Saturday?

FedEx Home Delivery offers Saturday delivery options at no additional cost to over 98% of U.S. residential addresses.

  1. Does FedEx Home Delivery deliver on Sunday?

Unlike other mailing solutions, FedEx Home Delivery provides shipping seven days a week, except for some holidays. In short, yes, it offers Sunday deliveries.

  1. I’m unsure if my destination is a business or a residence. Can you help?

To determine if an address is a business or a residence, you can use FedEx’s Address Validation Service.

  1. How can I lower FedEx Ground shipping costs?

You’ll receive a 15% discount on your FedEx Home Delivery shipments by creating a FedEx account. You can also explore FedEx Ground Multiweight, which bundles your packages into one rate, or FedEx Freight if you’re sending high-volume mail.

  1. Can FedEx Ground ship hazardous materials?

Unlike FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground supports the shipment of hazardous materials to the contiguous U.S. However, HAZMAT deliveries are unavailable for Alaska and Hawaii.

  1. Do Saturday and Sunday deliveries incur additional fees?

FedEx Home Delivery offers Saturday and Sunday delivery at no additional cost. However, other services like FedEx First Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, and FedEx Standard Overnight will charge an additional fee for Saturday shipments to some areas.

  1. Does FedEx pick up packages on Saturdays and Sundays?

Unfortunately, FedEx doesn’t pick up mailpieces on Sundays. However, it does offer Saturday pickups for One-Time Express, One-Time Express Freight, and Automated Express.

  1. Is FedEx Sunday delivery available only for FedEx Home Delivery or all FedEx Ground shipments?

Sunday delivery isn’t available for FedEx Ground shipments, as the service only provides deliveries between Mondays and Fridays.

  1. How does FedEx calculate estimated delivery time?

FedEx calculates estimated delivery times based on the specific mailing service and destination. However, unforeseen events can occur and delay shipping. Fortunately, you can receive near real-time package updates with the FedEx tracking tool.

  1. When does FedEx start delivering?

FedEx typically begins deliveries around 8 AM and continues throughout the day until 8 PM.

  1. How can you schedule or change the delivery time of FedEx packages?

You can customize FedEx Home Delivery options, including choosing a different delivery date, requesting evening delivery, or authorizing FedEx to leave the package at a specific location through the FedEx Delivery Manager tool.

  1. What happens if you miss FedEx delivery times?

If you miss a package delivery, FedEx will usually reattempt to redeliver it the next day. Otherwise, the FedEx driver will leave a door tag, which you’ll need to pick up the parcel at the designated FedEx location.

  1. What does FedEx mean by “end of day”?

“End of day” refers to when FedEx aims to complete its deliveries, generally by 8 PM.


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