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May 11, 2023

Handling deliveries can be a hassle, especially if you’re a small business owner doing everything yourself. But running an eCommerce business becomes more manageable with the help of services like FedEx Pickup. 

With FedEx Pickup, prepping packages for deliveries becomes a breeze. If you’re interested in how FedEx makes life easier for people, read on. 

So, what is the FedEx Pickup service? How can you schedule FedEx Pickup online? 

Can you have your packages picked up at home using this service? What are the other convenient locations to pick up or drop off your parcels for deliveries?

This article will discuss FedEx Pickup, its options, and the benefits of using this service for package deliveries. It will give you tips on how to schedule a FedEx Pickup service for your parcel shipping.

FedEx can help you with your deliveries through this pickup service. However, you can still request that upon the final leg of your package’s journey, it can be delivered to a local post office nearest you. 

If you choose this delivery option, visit and check the closest post office from thousands of facilities in this vast database. This site has entries of more than 31,330 post offices in the United States. 

FedEx Pickup Options

Courier and logistic companies in the United States have rapidly improved their services in the past decades. Companies constantly strive to cater efficiently to millions of people in the country and abroad. 

Among the improvements that shipping companies provide are the different methods customers can send their packages for delivery. 

Back in the olden times, especially during the times of knights, kings, and damsels in distress, you need to rely on a traveling merchant or pilgrim to send mail if the recipient’s address is along their route. 

Things have dramatically changed between then and now. Now you have tracking numbers, Quick Response or QR codes, and numerous FedEx shipping locations. 

You don’t need to go to a shipping facility to drop off your packages. A representative or staff can come to your door and pick up your parcels at your convenience. 

FedEx provides this service through FedEx Pickup. This service allows customers to have FedEx personnel come to their homes to pick up their packages without the need to travel to a FedEx location. 

You’ll learn more about this service as you read this write-up. Note that FedEx has two main pickup options, and you can choose the place where they’ll go. 

One-Time Pickup 

You can arrange a one-time pickup for all your packages at the time and location of your choice. It’s a convenient option to take advantage of, especially if you have bulk orders that you need to ship simultaneously. 

Instead of hiring people to haul your packages to a FedEx office, you only need to request a pickup service, and you’re done. For larger parcels, you can request freight pickup. 

To request this service, you must do the following:

  1. Log into your FedEx account.
  2. Create your shipping labels.
  3. Complete a pickup request.

Recurring FedEx Pickup

If you’re an online wholesale dealer that has daily bulk deliveries, then the Recurring FedEx Pickup service is an option you can consider. With this service, you can set the time and place for your packages to be picked up daily. 

However, suppose you have regular bulk deliveries but don’t deliver daily. In that case, you can choose FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Automated Pickup. 

These services are much more customizable and convenient because of the FedEx Automation system. When you make your first shipment, the system gets alerted and sends people to pick up your parcels. 

FedEx will also waive any fees for days without any pickups. You can request or set this option up by calling FedEx customer service at 1-800-GoFedEx and 1-800-463-3339. You can also call to consult them and determine if this is the right option for your shipping needs.

Can You Call FedEx to Pickup a Package?

You can set up a call with FedEx to schedule a pickup for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. You can contact FedEx through the following customer service hotlines:

U.S. Customer Service1-800-Go-FedEx1-800-463-3339
U.S. International Customer Service1-800-247-4747
U.S. TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) Services1-800-238-4461
U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services1-800-332-0807

Will FedEx Pick Up a Package at Your House?

FedEx Pickup offers a convenient option for their customers to have their packages picked up from their homes or office. 

Here’s why you should choose FedEx Pickup for your daily deliveries or business transactions:

  • You don’t have to spend time bringing your packages to a local FedEx facility. You can cut down costs on transportation, delivery personnel, and other miscellaneous fees associated with a daily trip to the nearest FedEx office. 
  • You’ll spend less on pickups if you ship in volume and regularly. Because you can request FedEx to come to your location and pick up your packages, you can focus more on improving your product or service. 

There are considerable cost-effective benefits when choosing a pickup service instead of delivering in person every single package you need shipping daily. 

FedEx provides these kinds of options with its customers in mind. Also, because of the competitive market of shipping services, FedEx offers options that hope to serve their customers better. 

How to Schedule a Pickup With FedEx

Scheduling is a crucial part of any business, especially concerning delivery. Ensuring customers receive their orders as soon as possible is always the goal of any business, whether small or multinational, an eCommerce startup, or one that has a physical storefront. 

It’s important that you know how and when to schedule a pickup with FedEx. The proper pickup schedule helps ensure your packages arrive without hassle.  

It’s best to remember the following when you schedule a pickup with FedEx:

  • Request from FedEx any shipping supplies you need.
  • Check to see if your packages have the correct shipping labels or return labels.
  • Go to the FedEx website for other packing services. 
  • Have your FedEx packages ready when the pickup service arrives.
  • Make sure your packages are in a secure location. You can set up pickups and drop-offs at your chosen location, like Walgreens.

You can also choose to send packages to yourself but in another location, like another home or office of yours.

You can use FedEx Delivery Manager to customize your home delivery preferences, like when you want packages delivered directly to your door. The service allows you to choose where, when, and how you receive mail and packages shipped to your home or office.

Schedule a Pickup While Creating a Label With FedEx Ship Manager

This step is the first when scheduling for FedEx to pick up your packages. You can do this when you create a label with the app FedEx Ship Manager. 

Here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: You must have an existing FedEx account or create a new one. 

You need to have an active account to access the services provided by this shipping company. You only need to follow the instructions on creating an account, and you’re good to go. 

Step 2: Create a shipping label. 

You can use FedEx Shipping Manager to create your labels. You can access it at, provided you already have an account. 

Once you log in to your account and a link opens, fill out the required fields with pertinent information. Review and make sure that the recipient’s and sender’s addresses are complete and correct so that your delivery gets to its destination without any issues. 

Many benefits are linked to creating your shipping labels, mainly if you use FedEx services. 

  • You don’t need to wait in line at your local post office. Also, you can print as many as you need. Using the correct mailing address on your shipping label ensures your package arrives on time. 
  • You can create your shipping labels online and print them too. Use a good printer recommended by FedEx. 
  • You can print your labels either on special paper or paper with adhesives. Print the barcode clearly because it will be helpful for scanning. 

The FedEx tracking system relies on scanned barcodes to update its status online. You’ll get notifications about the status of your delivery every time your package is scanned. 

  • Use stickers to attach the labels to the package. The recommended paper size is 8.5in x 11in. Using adhesive paper is also a great option, especially when you have to attach several labels to multiple packages. 

Step 3: Continue filling out your pickup request. You can do this by going to the menu, clicking “Shipping,” and choosing “Create a Shipment.” 

Step 4: Complete the information the online form requires. All information inputted in this form must be accurate. Any problems, like a mistyped address, can result in delays and update issues. 

Step 5: Next is to type in the correct shipping information on the online form provided by the shipping manager app.

Step 6: At this point, you’ll need to change the pickup option. If the field is not collapsed, click the edit option and choose your preferred pickup service. 

Here are your options:

Schedule a pickup: There is not a regularly-scheduled pickup, and a FedEx staff or driver should be sent to the pickup location.

Use an already scheduled pickup at my location: The packages will be picked up following a previous schedule or regular schedule of pickup. You can still edit the details for a previously-scheduled pickup. 

Drop off packages at a FedEx location: You (or your representative) will bring the packages to a FedEx facility. No pickup from FedEx is needed or expected.

Schedule a New Pickup Without Creating a Label

You can skip the steps listed above and go directly to scheduling and pickup. Once you choose this option, you go directly to the page where you need to input the necessary information. Once you’re on this page, you must pick the type of pickup that fits your needs. 

Here are the available types of pickup packages:

  • FedEx Express pickup: When you choose this option, a courier pickup charge will be applied to your request. 
  • FedEx Ground pickup: There is also an additional charge upon request. However, for regularly scheduled pickups, there is a weekly pickup fee to your associated account number. 
  • FedEx Express Freight pickup: You can select this option when your package weighs more than 150lbs. You can schedule this pickup option for the current day. 

Edit a Previously Scheduled Pickup With the Shipment

  1. You can select “Use an already scheduled pickup at my location” if you have found a confirmation number for a previously scheduled pickup.
  1. You then click on an underlined confirmation to display its details. You can now make any changes. 
  1. After this, you can save the changes by clicking the “Save changes” button and submitting your changes.

FedEx Pickup Cost and Fees

ServiceFedEx ExpressFedEx GroundFedEx Freight
Regular StopNo fee$15.50 or $31/ week (depending whetherthe past week’s total charges on FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx SmartPost are under or over $75.No fee
Automated PickupN/A$14.00 per week on weeks with on-call or automated pickups. No fees for weeks without shipment.N/A
On-Call: Next Day,Future Day, Same Day or ReturnsNext Day:$4/ package
Future Day:$4/package
Same Day:$4/package
Next Day or Future Day: $3/package plus $1/package scheduled by phone.
Same Day: $4/ package plus 1$/package scheduled by phone.
Maximum of $20/rated week for FutureDay and Same Day On-Call fees are billed to your account for packages picked up at the samelocation
Return: $4/package.
No fee
Other FeesFrequently Assessedat PickupSaturday Pickups: $16/packageAlternate Address: $11.50 weekly charge for every unique address (an on-call pickup is made at a differentaddress than the one on record)
Weekly On-Call Special Pricing Request: Regularstop fee assessed only on that week’s on-callpickup packages
Liftgate Service: $9.81 per hundredweight, $145.00 minimumcharge, $478.00 max
Limited Access Pickup:$152.00 per shipment in the U.S.
Residential Pickup: $144.00/shipment in the U.S.
Inside Pickup: $13.29/hundredweight, $140.00 minimumcharge, $1,404.00 max/pickup/vehicle/ shipment

Note: Prices are as of April 2023.


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