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March 17, 2024

Federal Express (FedEx) is one of the largest shipping companies in the United States. However, despite this company’s successes, problems like delivery pending issues arise, resulting in delays. 

FedEx delivers over 15.8 million shipments a day. With the volume of packages processed daily, it’s no wonder that, sometimes, pending deliveries are an issue. However, FedEx strives to resolve these concerns as best as it can. 

What does it mean if a FedEx delivery is marked “Pending?” What are the causes of delays in FedEx deliveries, and what are the different statuses you might encounter in a tracking information report? 

This article explains the “Delivery Pending” status that FedEx customers sometimes encounter. It also tackles the various reasons shipments are delayed despite a scheduled delivery date. 

Furthermore, this write-up enumerates some notification statuses you’ll most likely encounter using the FedEx delivery tracking system. 

The United States Postal Service (USPS) collaborates with FedEx for the final delivery of packages to millions of addresses in the U.S. 

Because you’ll be coordinating with USPS, a handy database of post office contacts is helpful. Visit and get access to over 31,300 Postal Service facilities in the country. 

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending: What Does It Mean?

A FedEx scheduled delivery pending means a delay in preparing the package for pickup has occurred despite a scheduled delivery date. 

Also, FedEx may have sent you a notice about a missed pickup, but it never reached you. Because of this type of delay, the package may arrive the next business day after the scheduled delivery date.

Other Reasons

Delays in the delivery process can be, at times, inevitable, especially with many factors that can cause disruptions. Here are other factors that might contribute to a delayed package: 

  • Security reasons and needed inspections
  • Incorrect address information resulting in the package being delivered to the wrong place
  • Poor weather conditions that affect the speed of the delivery fleet
  • Delivery vehicle delay 
  • Incomplete documentation, like missing or broken package labels

How Does It Work?

FedEx provides a scheduled delivery service under FedEx Home Delivery. To schedule a delivery through FedEx, you can do the following:

  • Start by building your shopping cart and selecting items for scheduled delivery. 
  • Check the availability of the delivery ZIP (zone improvement plan) code.
  • Upon checkout, choose a delivery date and time window that’s available for you from the scheduling calendar.
  • Once done, place your order. The items are scheduled to arrive on a delivery window you’ve selected.  

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

The delivery cost for FedEx scheduled delivery may depend on the size and weight of your order, along with additional selected options. FedEx delivery costs also depend on the chosen shipping service and the destination.

Here’s how FedEx calculates the cost of your package:

  • Sender’s location (by origin ZIP code)
  • Recipient’s location (by destination ZIP code)
  • If the package is delivered to a residential area
  • The kind of packaging used
  • The number of packages sent
  • The shipment’s size, weight, and dimensions if custom packaging was used
  • The time you’re sending the package

FedEx provides a handy calculator to quickly estimate how much you need to pay for your package. 

How Accurate Is FedEx’s Scheduled Delivery Time?

In general, FedEx is usually on time for its delivery commitment. However, one can’t guarantee that the shipment will reach the recipient during the actual delivery date. Several factors can affect the shipping process, which can result in delays. 

It’s best to treat the FedEx estimated delivery date as a guide on when you can expect your packages to arrive. If there’s trouble with your parcel and you want additional information, you can still contact FedEx customer service. 

If It Says FedEx Scheduled Delivery Is Pending, Can You Do Anything?

When the delivery status is stuck at pending, the package is delayed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your package will never be delivered.

It’s best to be patient and wait for the next tracking update.

As mentioned, some factors may be the reason for the delay.

In most cases, the packages still get delivered the next day. 

However, suppose your package still hasn’t arrived after a few days. In that case, you can contact FedEx customer support and inquire about your package. 

How Long Can a FedEx Delivery Be Pending?

Once available, you can see the estimated delivery date updates on the FedEx tracking page. However, suppose the tracking’s status remains “Pending” for over three business days. In that case, you can contact FedEx customer support at 1-800-463-3339 or 877-842-2586.

How to See the Date That My Package Was Scheduled to Be Delivered

You can find the scheduled delivery date of your package in the FedEx tracking system, which you can access online. 

If a notice arrives after the scheduled delivery date and tells you that the package delivery is “Pending,” it means the package hasn’t been dropped off. 

The package may still be in transit, or a problem caused the delay. As mentioned, you can contact FedEx customer support for assistance if the delay lasts three days.

Is Scheduled Delivery Guaranteed?

Though FedEx strives to keep true to delivery dates, factors out of the company’s control can cause delays. Nevertheless, select FedEx services support a money-back guarantee if your packages don’t arrive by the end of a scheduled delivery date. 

However, the money-back guarantee is not available for FedEx Ground. As of January 3, 2023, the money-back guarantee for other FedEx Express services, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, FedEx SameDay, and FedEx Office remains suspended. 

Why Does FedEx Say, “No Scheduled Delivery Date Is Available at This Time?

When the tracking information indicates “No Scheduled Delivery Date at this Time,” it means that FedEx doesn’t have a delivery estimate or the courier doesn’t have the package yet. 

This status appears when there’s a delay in shipment or if there’s a handling exception. The meaning of exception, according to FedEx, is not uniqueness. Instead, it’s an unexpected event that can lead to a delay in delivery.

What Happens if FedEx Doesn’t Deliver on a Scheduled Date?

When a package is not delivered, you can report it as missing. You can visit the FedEx tracking page, select manage delivery, and then report the lost or missing package.

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending for Days – What to Do

Different reasons may cause a delivery pending notification. It might be an error in the delivery address, which you can resolve by contacting FedEx. 

Another reason for this delay is that the courier delivered the package to another person due to an incorrect address. 

If so, you must visit the post office or a FedEx facility to change the information. FedEx can deliver your package after confirming the error and getting the correct address. 

However, suppose the delayed delivery doesn’t reach the specific date. In that case, FedEx will reschedule the delivery for another day or ask you to make an alternative arrangement.

Tracking: Can You Track an Order?

Tracking is one of the conveniences provided by courier services to customers wanting to monitor the progress of their deliveries. 

FedEx claims to be the first to introduce the tracking system in 1979, which revolutionized the entire logistics industry. So, how can you track your order? The answer is through FedEx’s tracking system.  

How Can You Track a FedEx Package Exactly?

You’ll need to sign up for an account for FedEx Delivery Manager. You then need to type in the tracking number on your package. 

The tracking number is a series of characters that uniquely identifies your package. Once you’ve entered the tracking number, you’ll get real-time tracking info updates regarding your package. 

How to Track Your FedEx Package Without a Tracking Number

There are situations when you don’t have a tracking number because of technical issues. If this is the case, don’t worry. You can still monitor your package without a tracking number. 

All you need is the reference number that’s associated with your package. In addition, you can use a purchase order number. These numbers are tied to your packages, which enables you to “track” your shipment even though you don’t have an actual tracking number.

Package Management

Through FedEx Delivery Manager, you can track and manage your packages out for delivery. Through the Delivery Manager, you can: 

  • Check upcoming deliveries to your address
  • Get notification of upcoming deliveries
  • Change the recipient’s address
  • Reschedule a delivery

How Can You See Exactly Where Your FedEx Package Is?

If you want to see precisely where your FedEx package is, you must check where the FedEx driver is through the carrier’s tracking tools. 

However, not everyone has the luxury to monitor the delivery progress of every package shipped. Instead, you can use FedEx Delivery Manager and see the progress of your deliveries. 

Custom Clearance Process for Scheduled Delivery Packages

Most FedEx Express services include customs clearance. However, some items or goods require special clearance. You can request special processing for items needing specific approval via a FedEx customs broker. This customs service is billed to you. 

Quick Breakdown of the FedEx Shipping and Tracking Process

The FedEx Shipping and Tracking process is a crucial part of the complete logistics package provided by FedEx to its customers. Here is a quick breakdown of this complex process. 

Create a Pending Shipment

You can create a shipment from the “Prepare Shipment” tab on the FedEx website. You must enter the shipment information and click “Save for Later.” Once done, you’ve created a pending shipment to send later.

View Pending Shipments

If you want to see all pending shipments, you can do so at the “Prepare Shipment” tab. This option can help you view the packages that have yet to be delivered to their final destination. 

Search Pending Shipments

You can’t just search pending shipments manually if you have multiple shipments. Instead, you can do the following:

  • Enter the criteria in the search box
  • Select the column to search from the available drop-down menu
  • View the matching shipments from your search criteria

Sort the Pending Shipment Table

You can do a sort operation to quickly organize your packages to something that you can easily check.

Edit a Pending Shipment

When you want to edit specific information about a pending shipment, you can do the following:

  • To edit the shipment’s weight and service type, select the pending shipment and make the necessary changes.
  • You can’t edit the weight field if the shipment contains more than one package.
  • You complete the changes once you click “Ship.” If you’re not ready to ship your package, you can save the new settings for later orders.

Process Pending Shipments

To process multiple pending shipments, select the rows you want to process and click “Ship.” To process all “Pending” shipments, click the “All” box and select “Ship.” 

How to Cancel Pending Shipments

You can cancel a pending shipment by selecting the row you want to remove and then click delete. To cancel all “Pending” shipments, check the box that selects all items and then click “Delete.” 

Important FedEx Tracking Status Updates You’ll Want to Know

FedEx has many terms you must understand to manage your shipment correctly. The following is a glossary that can help you understand each status.

Package Accepted

The “Package Accepted” status is typically the first update that a shipper receives after having their package picked up. This status also means that FedEx has accepted your package and will deliver it promptly. 

Package In Transit

When a package is “In Transit,” a FedEx carrier is on the way to deliver your package. 

Package Out of Delivery

When you see this status, your package will be delivered shortly. It’s the final part of the journey of millions of packages shipped on FedEx vans and trucks nationwide. 

No Scheduled Delivery at This Time

You get this status update when your packages haven’t moved through the FedEx logistic network. It states that the customer has no incoming delivery at the moment. 

Delivery Exception

Delivery exceptions are warnings that something unusual has happened to your package. Also, FedEx items can be delayed beyond the estimated date of arrival. You can check FedEx Delivery Manager to learn more about Delivery Exception. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What happens when no one is available to accept a shipment at my home or office?

If you’re not home to receive a package, the courier can use a door tag to notify you that they delivered the package to your place, but no one was present to pick it up. A door tag has the package’s tracking number and information on where the recipient can pick it up. 

  1. What is scheduled delivery?

A scheduled delivery means the customers select the date and time for the delivery of items. You can better manage your shipping needs by effectively scheduling and monitoring deliveries. 

  1. What items can I have delivered?

You can deliver any items allowed by the policies imposed by FedEx and the United States. Any illegal items may result in a delay in shipping. 

  1. What are the service levels available?

These are standard deliveries provided by courier companies like FedEx. These shipping services are divided into services focused on cost-effectiveness and services focused on speed. 

FedEx Ground is an example of shipping levels or services focused on affordability. On the other hand, FedEx First Overnight is a shipping service focused on speed. 

  1. Why is FedEx taking so long to deliver?

FedEx may take longer to deliver because of many factors, like shipments with problematic packaging, FedEx delivery vehicle problems, and poor weather. FedEx usually continues to work despite these problems, though the circumstances may result in shipping delays. 

  1. How do I know if FedEx lost my package?

Finding a missing package is often tedious and challenging to do. When your FedEx package goes missing, finding it can be challenging. It may take a minimum of seven days to get results. However, if your package is still nowhere to be found after 10 days, it’s officially deemed lost. 

  1. What happens if FedEx misplaces your package?

You can file a missing package claim within nine months of its delivery date via FedEx Express, Ground, or Freight. 

The company allows shippers or recipients to file claim charges for lost or damaged packages, including parcels with missing contents. You can file this claim by providing the FedEx tracking number of the lost package as a supporting document. 

  1. Why didn’t a FedEx package arrive on the estimated date and now says “No Estimated Date available?” Why is the status still not clear?

A “No Scheduled Delivery Date at this Time” means that FedEx doesn’t have an estimated delivery because it still hasn’t received the package. You get this status because of a shipment delay or handling exception. 

  1. Why is my FedEx shipment stuck at “In Transit” even after the expected delivery date?

When the notification you get is “In Transit” for quite some time, it could mean your package is stuck, kept in FedEx’s depots, or held at customs. 

  1. My FedEx tracking says, “Scheduled Delivery: Pending.” What does this mean? The top of it says, “No Scheduled Delivery Date Available at this Time.” What does this point do?

A “Pending Scheduled Delivery” status means your package is at a FedEx station awaiting scanning before delivery. If it’s pending, there may be an issue with the transit. For FedEx Express, the delay may be caused by flight or vehicle issues. The problem for FedEx Ground might be a transit hold-up with trucks. 

  1. Why has the FedEx Express delivery changed from “Scheduled” to “Delivery Pending?”

As mentioned, a “Delivery Pending” status means there’s a delay. It may be the processing of the packages or the lack of personnel capable of handling deliveries. 

  1. Can a package come before the FedEx scheduled delivery date?

All shipments are delivered according to a standard transit time. It is difficult to pull out one shipment from millions and deliver it before its scheduled delivery date. However, your package can be shipped via express delivery, which may have additional charges.


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