What Does in Transit Mean With FedEx?


November 8, 2023

As of July 2023, Federal Express (FedEx) processes an average of 16.5 million in daily package volume and receives more than 600 million package tracking requests daily.

Suppose you’re one of those who have tried tracking your FedEx package. You may have encountered an “in transit” status in its delivery information.

What does it mean when you receive this message? Will your recipient receive your item on the same day the “in transit” status appears? Can you pick up a package currently in transit?

This article addresses these questions and explores whether you can reroute a package in transit. This article also discusses FedEx’s tracking facility and the meanings of various tracking statuses.

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What Does “In Transit” Mean on FedEx Tracking?

When you ship a package through Federal Express (FedEx) and see “in transit” in its delivery status, you may get confused about what this message means.

Simply put, “in transit” means your parcel is on its way to its final destination.

However, the exact details of this status can be complicated. The following sections discuss this status to give you more context of what “in transit” means.

“Does the Status in Transit Mean My Package Is Loaded on a Moving Vehicle?”

Seeing the “in transit” status in your item’s tracking information on the FedEx.com website does not necessarily mean your package is onboard a moving vehicle, like a truck or aircraft. This message can mean your item is still at a FedEx facility.

Does in Transit Mean It Will Be Delivered Today?

Although you prefer your package to arrive on the day the “in transit” message appears, such a situation isn’t always the case. Your item may be sitting in a FedEx location or moving from one site to another.

In other words, the “in transit” status may not necessarily mean your item arrives on the same day.

In Transit vs. Out for Delivery

The “in transit” status generally means your item is en route to the delivery address. In other words, your package can be anywhere between:

  • A warehouse and a distributing facility
  • Different shipping facilities
  • A facility and your package’s final destination

However, the “out for delivery” notification indicates that a local distributing center has received your item and is on its way to being shipped by the delivery truck to the recipient’s address.

How Long Does a Package Typically Take in Transit?

An “in transit” status means your package may still be two or more days away from reaching your recipient. The time your item spends in transit depends on how many facilities your parcel must go through.

Suppose you ship with FedEx Ground, which takes one to five business days to deliver your item within the United States. Expect your item’s delivery information to show an “in transit” status a few times as your parcel transfers from one facility to another.

How Far Has Your Package Reached When It Shows “In Transit”?

To know your FedEx package’s progress in its journey to your recipient, you must first understand the stages comprising the “transit” segment.

Your package’s route covers the journey from pickup to final delivery. At each of these junctions, the parcel passes through different scanning stages.

You can consider these stages in this route as part of the “in transit” segment. FedEx tracking will show an “in transit” status as long as your package continues traveling through these stages.

“Why Is My Parcel Stuck in Transit?”

Sometimes, you may notice that your parcel isn’t moving for an extended period. When this situation happens, your package is likely stuck somewhere and yet to update. Some of the possible reasons for this circumstance to occur are as follows:

  • Custom clearance
  • International shipping
  • Unfavorable traffic or weather conditions
  • Oversized or overweight package
  • Incomplete or wrong address
  • Lost package while in transit
  • Undeliverable shipment
  • Improper packaging

The next time you see your package stuck in transit, know that one or more of the scenarios mentioned above may have happened, causing your package to remain in transit longer than usual.

“What Should I Do if My Package Is Stuck in Transit?”

If your package is stuck in transit, communicating with other people helping your package on its way is vital.

One of the ways to communicate is to call the shipping company to ask about your parcel’s status or location to ensure that the delivery process is proceeding as usual.

For example, you can call your local post office, which will likely help resolve your concerns or direct you in the right direction for help.

Another possibility is that the employees at the FedEx facility may have overlooked or mislabeled your package. You can resolve this issue by phone to ask the staff to locate your package in the facility.

Also, consider contacting the seller or shipper and asking them about the estimated delivery date. They may have information regarding your item, including access to the tracking status of your shipment.

If you cannot directly track your package because you don’t have its tracking number, contact the sender so they can provide the tracking number.

“Can I Pick Up My Package While It’s in Transit?”

Suppose you’re a recipient, and you need your package delivered immediately. You may have thought about picking up your package from its position in transit so that you don’t have to wait longer for it to arrive at your address.

In this case, you should call the shipping company or local post office’s phone number to know exactly where the package is. This way, you can ask if you can pick up or intercept your package while it is in transit. 

For example, your parcel is at the local distribution center and about to be loaded onto the delivery truck. If you can call in advance, you may have a chance to pick up the item at the center before the courier makes a delivery attempt.

In the case of the United States Postal Service (USPS), your pickup options include USPS Hold Mail and USPS Package Intercept.

“Can I Reroute a FedEx Express Package in Transit or Make an Address Correction?”

If you want to reroute your shipment, contact FedEx customer service and provide the following information:

A reroute is a request to change the original delivery address on the air waybill or shipping label to a new one. If you’re the shipper, you can authorize FedEx to reroute a parcel. However, you’re only allowed one reroute per package.

A reroute includes any of the following:

  • A change of street addresses in the same city or state
  • A shift from a “hold at FedEx location” instruction to a request for a delivery
  • A change from a delivery instruction to a “hold at FedEx location” request
  • A change from one “hold at FedEx location” request to another in the same city or state

Are There Any Extra Charges for Rerouting a Package?

Suppose you must reroute your shipment within 120 miles (193 kilometers) from the original delivery address. As of January 2023, the rerouting fee is $5.55 per package.

For rerouting to another location more than 120 miles from the original destination, the rates are as follows:

  • $33.50 per package if delivery is one day after the originally scheduled delivery date
  • $22.50 per package if delivery is three days after the originally scheduled delivery date
  • $14.50 per package if delivery is via FedEx Home Delivery or FedEx Ground

Know All About FedEx Tracking

One of the ways you can determine a courier’s credibility is through the delivery service’s tracking facility. The ability to track your package can be a significant measure when choosing a courier that will ship your item.

FedEx has a powerful tracking tool that provides end-to-end visibility and keeps the shipping process transparent, allowing you to track your package’s movement thoroughly.

In other words, from the moment FedEx accepts your package at a facility until your item reaches its final destination, FedEx’s tracking feature helps keep your shipment visible and traceable.

“What Does My Tracking Status Mean?”

Here’s a guide to understanding the status of your FedEx package:

  • Your package is in transit: This tracking status means your item is heading to its final destination.
  • Your package is out for delivery: This message indicates that a package handler has scanned your parcel and placed it on a pallet for loading on a delivery vehicle.
  • There is no scheduled delivery date at this time: This status means FedEx doesn’t have your package or a delivery estimate yet. You may see this status if your shipment gets delayed or encounters a handling exception.
  • Your scheduled delivery is now pending: This status means the delivery date has changed because of a delay.
  • Delivery exception: This status indicates that an unexpected event prevents FedEx from delivering your package. Such events include holiday closures, customs delays, security restrictions, and missing documentation.
  • No status available: This message means your package isn’t in FedEx’s possession yet. FedEx will add a delivery date when the courier gets hold of your package.
  • Canceled: This status means the shipper canceled the delivery, indicating the item will no longer show tracking information.
  • At drop-off point: This message means your shipment has been dropped off at an authorized retail location, and FedEx has not yet received the item.
  • We have your package: This message means your shipment has been dropped off and is under processing at a FedEx office.

FedEx Tracking Messages

FedEx can provide status updates through the short message service (SMS) system.

To receive your shipment status, text “TRACK” to 9880971225. You can also set up automatic messaging regarding your shipment status by texting “FOLLOW” to the same number and responding “YES” to the prompt you receive.

Standard text messaging rates with no extra charges will apply for FedEx SMS tracking messages.

What Causes Confusion or Difficulty for Users to Track Their Shipment? How to Find a Solution

Despite the optimum visibility offered by the tracking process, you can still encounter certain difficulties. For example, when each tracking facility uses specific terms to define your package’s real-time status, you may find such terms challenging to understand. 

If you cannot decode the meaning of those terms, contact your courier so you can understand them better.

FedEx Delivery Times and Store Hours

Knowing when to expect your package to arrive or when to visit a FedEx facility to pick up your item can help you plan your day. The following sections discuss the courier’s delivery times and store hours.

How Late Does FedEx Deliver?

Maintaining on-time deliveries can be challenging for any courier. However, typical FedEx delivery hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

FedEx also delivers on Saturday and Sunday for residential addresses, except for FedEx Express shipments. FedEx Express delivery times can vary depending on the mailing service you use.

What Are the FedEx Store Hours?

FedEx operating hours vary by location. You can find stores near you by visiting the FedEx.com website and entering your location. Afterward, you can see the facility’s operating hours and filter by location type or service, such as packing, shipping, printing, drop off, and pickup.

“Can I Confirm What Address the Package Was Delivered to?”

You can acquire a signature proof of delivery with detailed information by providing the nine-digit FedEx account number.

Suppose the account number matches the shipper or payer of the shipment. You will be able to view detailed signature proof of delivery information, which includes the following details:

  • Complete contact name
  • Company name
  • Street address, city, state, and ZIP code
  • Country information for the shipper and recipient

Does the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee Apply to Shipments That Are Rerouted?

The money-back guarantee policy does not apply to rerouted shipments.

Still, if you need a highly reliable courier that can keep your package safe, consider shipping with FedEx. This courier can provide optimum insight into your shipment’s status and smooth, seamless tracking using your tracking number.


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