DHL Forwarded for Delivery


March 14, 2024

In 2020, the DHL Group, whose acronyms represented its founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn, had its supply chain and global forwarding segment transport nearly 1.8 million metric tons of airfreight.

Furthermore, DHL operates in more than 220 countries and is the leading third-party logistics provider worldwide.

With these figures, it’s no surprise people consider using DHL as their courier for package forwarding services. But what does having your package “Forwarded for Delivery” mean?

How do you track a forwarded shipment? How long does it take before a recipient gets a forwarded package?

This article discusses what happens when DHL forwards your package and the notifications you will receive when forwarding your shipment to other shipping companies.

Have you shipped with DHL and had your package handed over to a postal company like the United States Postal Service (USPS)? You can use to look for the nearest post office and visit that location.

What Does “Forwarded for Delivery” Mean When You Use DHL?

When DHL updates your shipment’s tracking information to “Fowarded for Delivery,” the shipping company has forwarded your package for delivery through a third-party courier.

In other words, your package is still on its way to the recipient, but the courier delivering the item to their house will not be DHL.

“Why Did My Package Get Forwarded?”

Your parcel can get forwarded for many different reasons. One reason is that your preferred courier has partnered with another company that will perform the last-mile delivery.

Another reason is that the shipper may have sent the package to the wrong address. In this case, you can provide a forwarding address to where the courier can redeliver your item.

What Third-Party Service Has the Package Been Forwarded to?

The third-party service to which DHL forwards your package depends usually on your package’s service type. For example, the Parcel Select service allows DHL to partner with the United States Postal Service (USPS), which provides the final-mile delivery for your item.

This partnership allows DHL to offer lower costs to customers and enables the company to leverage USPS access to ZIP codes nationwide.

“Will My DHL Tracking Number Update After a “Forwarded for Delivery” Notification?”

Your DHL package’s tracking information may continue updating after the company forwards your item, depending on the third-party courier handling your parcel.

For example, when DHL hands your item to USPS, the tracking status may update until the final delivery. This way, you can still monitor your package through the DHL tracking website even when your shipment goes through the USPS network.

Shipping Status: What “Out for Delivery” or “Forwarded for Delivery” Means

As your package goes through different phases before it gets delivered to your recipient’s doorstep, the tracking information will indicate different statuses reflecting these phases. One of these statuses is the “Out for Delivery” or “Forwarded for Delivery” messages.

This status is usually the final step of DHL deliveries. The courier brings your package to your doorstep for unboxing.

How to Track a Forwarded Package

If you are the shipper, you or your recipient may want to track the status of your package to know the item’s delivery progress. The following sections discuss how you can track your forwarded DHL package.

DHL eCommerce Tracking

DHL eCommerce is a mail service that hands over its shipment to the destination country’s local postal service for the final delivery, such as USPS delivering within the U.S.

You can use your DHL tracking number to monitor your package on the DHL eCommerce website even when USPS handles your item.

DHL Express Tracking

The DHL Express service has DHL courier tracking that regularly scans your item during delivery. Tracking gets frequently updated during transit and can be accessed directly with DHL or a third-party tracking tool.

You can track your package with DHL using the DHL waybill number found on your item’s shipping label.

“What Should I Do to Track My Forwarded Package?”

To track your forwarded package, use the tracking number provided when you initially ordered or sent the package. This number remains the same even after the courier forwards your parcel.

The process to track your forwarded item can vary depending on which courier handles your parcel and how that courier’s tracking system works.

Where Is the DHL Tracking Number?

Suppose you ordered a product online. You can receive the DHL tracking number or identification (I.D.) from the shipper or online shop where you ordered the product.

If you ordered online, you should receive a confirmation email or shipment tracking notification containing the tracking number or I.D. If not, contact the shipper for assistance.

How Does Tracking of a Forwarded Package Work?

Tracking a forwarded package involves having the courier constantly localize your item at different times and locations, especially when your parcel must pass through different time zones.

This way, the courier company can use its parcel tracking system to help deliver your package to the destination within the required time frame.

Forwarded Package Tracking Notifications With DHL Express

You may receive different notifications indicating your item’s status as you track your forwarded package with DHL Express. These notifications include the following:

  • Shipment pickup: The DHL delivery driver picks up your package.
  • Processed at the local warehouse: The courier sorts and processes your package to prepare it for shipping.
  • Departed from the local warehouse to departure airport: The courier consolidates the packages and loads them onto the plane.
  • Custom status updated: The destination country is processing the clearance of your item.
  • Clearance processing complete: Customs has released your package to be forwarded to the shipping partner for delivery.
  • Arrived at destination warehouse: Your package has arrived at the destination.
  • Departed from central warehouse to local warehouse: Your package has arrived at the local warehouse and is getting sorted based on the destination.
  • Forwarded for delivery: The courier has your package and will deliver it shortly after you see this message.

USPS Informed Delivery of DHL Packages

Suppose DHL has forwarded your package to USPS, but you have difficulty monitoring your package through DHL’s tracking page. You can use USPS Informed Delivery instead.

The Informed Delivery service sends you an email containing grayscale preview images of your mail or package scheduled to arrive soon.

Forwarded Package Tracking Notifications With UPS

If United Parcel Service (UPS) is handling your forwarding package, you may encounter the following status notifications:

  • Pickup scan: The UPS delivery driver has picked up your item.
  • Warehouse scan: The courier is sorting and processing your package for shipping.
  • Your package is pending release from a government agency: Your parcel is likely going through a customs clearance process.
  • Departed from facility, arrived at facility, and export scan: The courier is consolidating and loading the packages onto the plane.
  • Arrived at facility, departed from facility, and import scan: Your package has arrived at a central sorting facility.
  • Your package is at the UPS distribution facility: Your item has arrived at a local warehouse and is getting sorted according to the destination. It’s for delivery soon.

Forwarded Package Tracking Notifications With FedEx

If your forwarded package is with Federal Express (FedEx), the following notifications can appear on the tracking information:

  • Picked up: The FedEx delivery driver has picked up your parcel.
  • Left FedEx origin facility: The courier has sorted and consolidated your package and is heading to the main depot or airport.
  • In transit: The courier has loaded your package onto the plane to ship your item to the destination.
  • International shipment release: Your shipment has arrived at the destination country and cleared customs.
  • At destination sort facility: The courier sorts your package according to the local destination’s warehouse.
  • At the local FedEx facility: Your package has arrived at the local warehouse and is sorted according to the local area.
  • On FedEx vehicle for delivery: Your package is with the courier for delivery on that day.

Tracking a Forwarded Package With P2P

P2P TrakPak is a mail forwarder that acts as an intermediary between a business and various postal and courier companies.

When you use the TrakPak service, you can track your package using TrackMyTrakPak, the courier’s online tracking tool. This tool can be a pop-up on the company’s website or a standalone page.

Tracking a Forwarded Package With UPS

When you forward your packages via UPS, the company will provide a tracking number that typically starts with 1Z. You can use this number to track and see your package’s status on the company’s online tracking portal.

Tracking a Forwarded Package With TNT

Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT) provides you with a tracking number that lets you monitor your package and access the delivery information through the following ways:

  • Online: Enter your tracking number in the courier’s online tracking tool or add this number to a watchlist that stores your tracked packages for 90 days.
  • By app: TNT has a mobile app that notifies you of your parcel’s status.

Tracking a Forwarded Package With DPD

When forwarding your shipment through Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD) or DPD Local, you can track your package by entering its tracking number in the following ways:

  • DPD Online: If you ship via DPD, you can track your item using the tracking tool on the DPD website’s homepage.
  • DPD Local Online: When shipping with DPD Local for small-volume shipments, you can track your package on DPD Local’s tracking page.

Tracking a Forwarded Package With DSV

Suppose you want to use DSV (De Sammensluttede Vognmænd) to send or receive shipments. Your primary option for tracking your packages is by going online and visiting Log in to your online MyDSV portal to view and track your packages.

Why Was Your USPS Item Forwarded to a Different Address?

When USPS sends mail to the wrong address, this situation usually happens due to the following reasons:

  • You put the incorrect address or postal code on your USPS package.
  • You recently changed your address.

How Long Does It Take for an Item to Be Delivered After It Is Forwarded?

Receiving a DHL “Forwarded for Delivery” update means your package is near its journey’s end, and the delivery is imminent, usually within the day or the next day.

Suppose you experience a delay and do not receive your package within two days of receiving a “Forwarded for Delivery” status update. In this case, contact DHL.

How Long Does It Take for a Package to Arrive?

The time it takes for a package to arrive will depend on several factors, including the package size, where you ordered from, and the country you are ordering from.

What Happens if Your Package Gets Delivered to the Wrong Address?

If you are the shipper, you must wait for the person who received your package to report the error. If they decide to contact USPS, the post office will pick up the item for them.

For instance, your package may be in the Mail Recovery Center, USPS’ lost and found department.

What Is the Best Way to Track a Forwarded Package?

One of the best ways to track your forwarded parcel is by monitoring it via the courier’s official website.

Some websites allow you to track your item on the home page. Others require you to click a link directing you to a tracking page. Either way, you can input the tracking number on the search box on the page to start tracking your parcel.

What Should You Do if You Experience a Delay After a DHL Package Gets Forwarded for Delivery?

As mentioned, contact DHL if your package is delayed or does not arrive two days after you receive the “Forwarded for Delivery” status.

DHL should have your forwarded shipment’s tracking number and details and know which third-party courier service is making the final delivery.

DHL Courier Tracking

When you book a discounted DHL shipping service with a third-party provider, you should still receive a DHL tracking number that you and your recipient can access using a tracking tool.

Whether you book DHL Express International or an affordable service like DHL eCommerce, you can track your item throughout the delivery, like how you book directly with DHL.

Official Tracking Websites

The different couriers’ official websites have tracking pages accessible through the following uniform resource locator (URL) addresses:

  • DHL Express:
  • USPS:
  • UPS:

Things You Need to Do

Suppose you have shipped and tracked your package, and it still arrives at the wrong address. You can do a few things to help retrieve your shipment. 

You can contact your local post office to recover a forwarded package lost due to incorrect postal codes.

After the company has enough information regarding your package’s situation, the courier can dispatch their personnel to retrieve your item.

A Better Alternative for Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding with USPS may seem to be a complex process for some shippers. If you are one of these individuals, you may prefer other ways to send or receive forwarded mail.

An alternative is having the ability to digitally view your incoming mail before it is forwarded to your location.

Another method is through virtual mailboxes, which tend to be cheaper than a typical post office box (P.O. box). A virtual mailbox stores your mail online, so you do not pay for leasing expenses imposed by a post office.


  1. Where can I redirect my parcel to?

You can redirect your DHL parcel to any of the following locations:

  • Any other address within the same parcel area
  • A DHL Parcel ServicePoint
  • A DHL Parcel ServicePoint vending machine
  • Back to the shipper if you do not want to receive the item
  1. What is a network of 15,000 DHL Parcel ServicePoints?

DHL POP (which stands for “popular”) is a network of DHL Parcel ServicePoints where you can easily and quickly pick up or drop off your package.

  1. When can I redirect my parcel?

You can have the parcel redirected as early as when the sender provides its electronic data to DHL while the item has not yet shipped and until 11:59 PM on shipment day.

The courier will carry out the redirection instruction within one to two business days from the shipment day, except Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays.

  1. When will the courier deliver the parcel to me if I do not change anything in the delivery?

When you use premium DHL services, the courier will attempt to deliver your parcel the next business day after mailing. For standard services, DHL will attempt delivery within the next two business days after mailing.

  1. How often will the DHL parcel courier deliver the package to the indicated address?

The courier will attempt to redeliver a package that qualifies for DHL Pop Package ServicePoint delivery. If the first attempt fails, the shipment will be sent to the nearest DHL Pop Package ServicePoint. 

Your package will be held there for four calendar days.

  1. What happens if a shipment is not collected or delivered?

If the recipient does not pick up the package or the courier does not deliver the item, any of the following will happen:

  • Suppose the DHL parcel customer service holds your parcel for four calendar days after two unsuccessful delivery attempts. DHL will then return the item to the shipper.
  • After four calendar days of awaiting the pickup of your DHL POP package, the courier will return the item to the shipper.
  1. What should I do if my delivery address is incorrect?

If your package’s delivery address is incorrect, contact DHL customer service to inform the courier of the wrong address.

The online contact form lets you change your address to redirect your shipment.

  1. What tasks can I do on the “Redirect a Parcel” site?

You can perform the following tasks on the “Redirect a Parcel” service:

  • Change your parcel’s delivery date.
  • Change the delivery address if you think the courier will not find that address.
  • Choose pickup options at the DHL ServicePoint if you do not want to wait for the delivery.
  • Refuse the package if you do not want to receive the delivered product.
  1. What is a PIN code?

The personal identification number (PIN) code is a six-digit string of numbers associated with each parcel. It enables you to log in to the “Redirect a Parcel” site.

  1. How many PIN codes will I get to collect multiple parcels from different senders?

You get one PIN code per parcel. When different shippers send you multiple packages, you will get one PIN code per shipment through a notification message.

  1. I lost my PIN code for the “Redirect a Parcel” site. What should I do?

You can choose the “I don’t have a PIN code” option on the “Redirect a Parcel” site to have the email or text message containing the PIN code re-sent.

  1. Which parcels are covered by the “Redirect a Parcel” service?

Parcels whose delivery details you can change under the “Redirect a Parcel” service include domestic parcels weighing up to 31.5 kilograms (kg) or those with sides that sum up (length + width + height) to 300 centimeters (cm).

  1. What parcels are not covered by the service?

Parcels not covered by the “Redirect a Parcel” service are as follows:

  • Parcels you want to pick up at the DHL Parcel ServicePoint
  • Packages weighing more than 31.5kg or whose sides sum up to more than 300cm
  • Shipments whose sender has not provided your contact details
  1. What happens if, after shipping the parcel, it turns out it is heavier than the sender declared?

DHL Parcel has the right not to make an order if the company verifies that your shipment weighs more than:

  • 31.5kg or the sum of the sides exceeds three meters, or both
  • 25kg or the dimensions exceed 80cm by 60cm by 60cm, and you have chosen to collect the package at the DHL Parcel ServicePoint.

In these cases, DHL will contact you to arrange the delivery details.

  1. When can I get a notification regarding the possibility of modifying delivery details on the “Redirect a Parcel” site?

You will receive a notification regarding a possible change of delivery details after the following:

  • The shipper has provided DHL with electronic shipment details but has not yet shipped the parcel.
  • The shipper has handed the parcel to the DHL Parcel courier for transport.
  1. When can I make modifications to the “Redirect a Parcel” site?

If you are the recipient, you can make changes on the day the sender provides DHL with electronic shipment data but has not yet sent the parcel.

You can make changes on the day the shipper sends the parcel, with the deadline at 11:59 PM.

Each subsequent request cancels the previous one, so DHL will deliver your package based on your last decision on the “Redirect a Parcel” site.

  1. When will my request be executed?

DHL can execute your request on the next business day after submission but not after the 10th day after shipping.

The courier can also execute the disposition within two working days if its scope significantly changes the delivery address.

  1. What shipments can I pick up from the DHL Parcel ServicePoint?

You can pick up shipments from the DHL Parcel ServicePoint if they meet the following criteria:

  • The weight does not exceed 25kg.
  • The dimensions do not exceed 80cm by 60cm by 60cm.
  • The item is a single-piece parcel.
  • The shipper covers the transport costs.
  • The recipient has provided their mobile phone number.
  • The shipper sent the parcel without added services like Proof of Delivery (POD) and Return of Certified Documents (ROD)
  1. How long can I pick up my package from the DHL Parcel ServicePoint?

You can pick up your shipment at the DHL POP package service desk within four calendar days from the delivery date.

  1. Where can I find a list containing the available DHL Parcel ServicePoints?

You can find the list of DHL Parcel ServicePoints at the official DHL website at

  1. Which internet browsers can support the “Redirect a Parcel” website?

Internet browsers that let you access the “Redirect a Parcel” website include the following:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge


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