USPS Confirmation Number


November 20, 2023

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has adopted a package tracking system that allows customers to monitor their shipments during deliveries. 

This system involves the use of tracking and confirmation numbers to make it easier for customers to monitor their packages during delivery.

Because of the sheer volume of packages processed by the Postal Service, the need to accurately track individual packages became crucial. 

But what is the difference between a confirmation and a tracking number? How do these numbers make package tracking more manageable, and what benefits do customers get when using the USPS Tracking service? 

This article explains the USPS tracking system and the difference between tracking and confirmation numbers. It also provides examples of tracking numbers for each USPS mail class. 

Furthermore, this write-up provides additional information about other USPS services for people with varying mail and package delivery needs.  

If you send most of your mail or packages via USPS, it’s best to have a handy post office facility locator. Visit and have access to over 31,300 USPS retail offices nationwide. 

Searching through thousands of USPS facilities may be daunting, much more so since they have millions of addresses they deliver to. However, through our website, searching is now easy. 

What Is a USPS Confirmation Number?

The U.S. Postal Service provides two main ways for customers to track their deliveries. These are tracking numbers and delivery confirmation numbers. 

A tracking number allows customers to monitor the real-time delivery progress of their package. However, a delivery confirmation number only informs the customers when their package is delivered. 

Get Informed Delivery: What Is U.S. Mail Service Informed Delivery?

USPS Informed Delivery is a free service allowing customers to preview images of incoming mail or packages and get status updates on their delivery. 

Customers receive notifications in a morning Daily Digest email or any time through the phone’s dashboard, computer, or the USPS mobile app. Informed Delivery makes tracking packages more convenient for customers.

USPS is also referred to as U.S. Mail service.

USPS Electronic Signature Online

USPS Electronic Signature Online (USPS eSOL) allows customers to electronically sign for Priority Mail Express and insured items worth more than $500. The service also allows them to get Signature Confirmation. 

USPS eSOL authorizes carriers or clerks to deliver packages without requesting the recipients’ signatures because of the mail service’s insurance. 

Simple Ways to Manage Your Mail

Mail management is crucial in this fast-paced age, so customers need a simple yet secure way. Thankfully, USPS provides the following services to help people easily manage and monitor their mail.

Forward Mail

Mail forwarding is an optional service USPS provides to customers who have changed their address but still wish to receive mail delivered to their previous address. 

You can request the post office to redirect your letters to your current address instead of putting your mail service on hold. Mail forwarding is especially useful when temporarily relocating. 

Let’s say you’re permanently relocating. In that case, you can request a permanent change of address to ensure that USPS couriers redirect packages to your new address. 

However, say you’re only relocating for 15 days to 1 year. In that case, you can request a temporary change of address to request mail forwarding. 

Change Your Address

A change of address or (COA) is a request telling USPS to redirect your mail, letters, and packages from all or selected senders to your new address. The post office can forward your mail to your new address if you’ve submitted a COA. 

If not, the carrier will hold the accumulated mail or packages and leave a notice informing you to retrieve your parcel at the local post office. This office automatically holds your items for 10 calendar days. 

If the packages are still not claimed, they’re returned to the sender. The local post office discards the package if they can’t forward it to another address or return it to the sender. 

USPS Package Intercept

Senders or recipients can stop delivery or redirect a mail or package that’s not yet delivered or out for delivery by using Package Intercept. 

If you’ve gotten extra services for your domestic mail or have tracking barcodes, you can use USPS Package Intercept. However, you can only request this service online by visiting the USPS website. 

Reserve a P.O. Box

The Post Office box (P.O. box) is a lockable box at a local post office. A P.O. box’s address is similar to the post office and acts as an alternative mailing address for people living in areas where home delivery is difficult. So, customers would rent P.O. boxes for three, six, or twelve months and redirect all their mail to it.  

Other people use P.O. Boxes when they don’t want to reveal their private home addresses. Business owners can also use P.O. Boxes as their business mailing address. 

USPS Hold Mail

The USPS Hold Mail is a service allowing your local post office to hold your mail for up to 30 days. You can also request a Hold Mail service up to 30 days in advance or on the next scheduled delivery day. 

Note that the Hold Mail service starts by 3:00 AM ET (Eastern time), 2:00 AM (Central time), or 12:00 AM (Pacific time) on your requested day, Monday to Saturday.  

Hold for Pickup

You can designate mail for a later pick-up by a specified addressee or designee instead of a carrier. The USPS Hold for Pickup service allows mailpieces to be held at a post office. 

Mailers can request this service when they buy postage for eligible items using select methods. For an addressee or designee to pick up the packages, they must provide personal identification documents accepted by the post office. 

The post office will make a notification attempt if the recipient does not pick up their packages within five days (three days for Priority Mail Express). 

The mailpieces are returned to the sender after 15 days (six days for Priority Mail Express). 

Schedule Redelivery Service

A redelivery is an order placed by a customer to have their mail delivered again after the first unsuccessful attempt. 

You may request a date for redelivery. However, you can’t schedule a specific time. Redelivery is possible until the mail or package is scheduled for return to the sender. 

USPS Delivery Instructions

USPS allows the intended recipient to include specific instructions on delivering mail or packages. 

Through the USPS Delivery Instructions service, recipients can indicate requests like leaving their packages at a specified location or area, holding the item at the local post office, or delivering it to a different domestic address. 

This service’s delivery instruction setup options are listed online. Customers can upgrade the mail class and add extra services USPS provides if the mail is eligible. 

How to Cancel or Update Change of Address Online

You can cancel, update, or modify your Change of Address (COA) request online. You only need to know the ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code and the confirmation number you received after you’ve placed a COA request. To make these changes, you can follow the steps enumerated below.

1. View, Update, or Cancel Your Change-of-Address

You can start the Change of Address process by visiting the USPS COA page and clicking the banner, “Want to View, Edit, Cancel or Dispute your USPS Change-of-Address?” This banner is found at the bottom of the page. You then click on the red arrow to proceed to the next page. 

2. Enter the Information Requested

After following the instructions above, you’ll land on a page where you must enter your confirmation number and new ZIP code. 

Your confirmation number is the 16-digit code in the confirmation letter mailed to your new address. If you’ve requested a COA online, the confirmation number is included in your confirmation email. 

Where Can You Find the Confirmation Code?

Suppose you’re still unsure where to find your confirmation code. In that case, it’s either printed on the confirmation letter sent to your new address or the confirmation email sent to you after requesting a COA online. 

3. Make the Necessary Changes

Once you’ve entered your confirmation number and new ZIP code, you can make the necessary changes to your COA. Here are the things that you can change or update in your COA. 

  • You can update the forwarding start and end date.
  • You can enter a new email address and phone number.
  • You can adjust your status from a temporary move to a permanent one.
  • You can change your status from a family move to an individual one, not vice versa.

You can also cancel your COA request. However, you can only make two changes per day. More than two modifications will trigger an error message flagging that you’ve exceeded the number of allowed changes on the same day. You’ll be prompted to retry after 48 hours. 

How to Cancel or Update Your Change-of-Address Request in Person

You can cancel or update your COA request by visiting your local post office and asking for assistance. You must bring one of the following photo identification. Just ensure that it’s not expired.

Primary identification:

  • State-issued driver’s license 
  • Non-driver’s license identification card (note that the name and address on the card must match the address in your COA request)
  • U.S. passport 

Secondary identification:

  • Mortgage, lease, or deed of trust
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Voter’s card
  • Home or vehicle insurance policy or card

Names and addresses seen on any secondary identification must match the old or new address on your COA request. 

How Do You Check USPS’ Signature Confirmation?

The Signature Confirmation service provided by USPS provides proof of delivery to a sender by requiring the recipient’s signature upon receipt of the package. Once the delivery is completed, you can request that a copy of the recipient’s signature be faxed, mailed, or emailed. 

Delivery status information is kept on record for one year from the delivery date. You can access this information online or through phone. 

Where Can You Find Your USPS Confirmation Number?

Your USPS confirmation number is included in the official USPS confirmation letter sent to your new address. You’ll receive this letter within one to two weeks after submitting your mail forwarding request. It’s best to keep this letter as you’ll need your confirmation number to edit, cancel, or update your mail forwarding request. 

Know the Difference Between USPS Tracking and USPS Delivery Confirmation Numbers

As mentioned, a delivery confirmation number differs from a tracking number. 

Clients are given USPS tracking numbers to monitor their package’s real-time delivery progress. Meanwhile, customers only get the delivery confirmation number once they receive their parcel. 

Can You Track a Package With a Confirmation Number?

You can’t track a package in transit with a confirmation number alone. A delivery confirmation number only tells you when your package is delivered, unlike a USPS tracking number, which shows the parcel’s delivery progress. 

What Is USPS Tracking?

USPS Tracking is a service that provides delivery tracking for most domestic mail and packages sent to U.S. destinations, territories, possessions, or Freely Associated States. 

Also, tracking is offered alongside deliveries to special offices like the following: 

  • Army Post Offices (APO)
  • Fleet Post Offices (FPO)
  • Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO)

How Does USPS Tracking Work?

USPS tracking works by first turning your package into a trackable item. The agency creates a tracking label that identifies your package from the mailstream. A USPS facility then scans this label.

Once scanned, the package is accepted for transit, and a courier delivers it to the intended recipient. You can track your package online using the tracking number via 

USPS Tracking Retail Label

The tracking number can be found under the barcode on a USPS Tracking Retail Label. For records and tracking information, preprinted USPS tracking labels have a peel-off portion at the bottom that can be retained.

Label 400, USPS Tracking Label

The label 400 is a discontinued tracking label USPS used for specific mailings. USPS stopped using it on January 22, 2023. It was replaced by Label 888, which is intended for commercial use. 

Track U.S. Mail Service by Number: How to Track U.S. Mail Service Package

There is more than one way to track your U.S. Mail Service package. As long as you have a tracking number, you can monitor the progress of your deliveries by phone, text, email, or the USPS website. You can use the tracking system provided by USPS to get updates on the status of your parcel at every point of the delivery route.

Where Do You Discover Your Tracking or Reference Number?

You can find your tracking or reference number through the following:

  1. Your post office shipping receipt
  2. Your sales receipt (when you bought insurance at the post office)
  3. Shipping confirmation email coming from an online retailer
  4. Bottom peeled-off portion of the USPS Tracking label

What Are USPS Tracking Numbers and Formats?

The USPS Tracking service uses a combination of alphanumeric symbols to create unique codes to identify one package from another. 

USPS provides different tracking numbers and formats to ensure uniqueness despite the daily heavy mailing traffic the company experiences. 

USPS Tracking Number Rules

Tracking numbers are unique combinations of characters linked to a specific mail or package. However, even if they’re distinct, they have a pattern they follow.

A USPS tracking number has 10 to 22 characters. The first two to eight digits specify the shipping service. The last two may show the origin country for international shipments. 

Some companies use letters and digits for the first part of the tracking code. Letters are typically used for Priority Mail, while digits are utilized for other services. The following are examples of tracking numbers per mail service:

Priority Mail

9204 5000 0000 0000 0000 00

Certified Mail

9406 3000 0000 0000 0000 00

Collect on Delivery

9303 4000 0000 0000 0000 00

Global Express Guaranteed

81 000 000 00

Priority Mail Express International

EC 100 000 000 US

Priority Mail Express

9270 1010 0000 0000 0000 00 EA 000 000 000 US

Priority Mail International

CP 100 000 000 US

Registered Mail

9208 9000 0000 0000 0000 00

Signature Confirmation

9202 1100 0000 0000 0000 00

U.S. Mail Service Priority Domestic Tracking

Priority Mail is a quick and affordable way to mail packages under 70lbs within the United States. Larger envelopes or packages too heavy for First-Class Mail can use Priority Mail as the next best service. 

U.S. Mail Service Priority Mail Domestic Tracking

Mail, once scanned, can take up to 24 hours before it gets updated on the site. Priority Mail takes one to three business days to reach any destination in the United States. It has tracking services, which you can use by visiting 

U.S. Mail Service Priority Mail International Tracking

The tracking number for Priority Mail International Tracking uses 13 alphanumeric characters. An example of a tracking number is CP 000 000 000 US.

U.S. Mail Service Priority International Delivery Times

Priority Mail International delivery takes 6 to 10 business days. It’s one of the most affordable ways to send parcels to 180 countries, including Australia, Canada, and Mexico. 

U.S. Mail Service Priority Mail Express International Tracking

One of the fastest international mail delivery services is Priority Mail Express International. Mail and packages under 70lbs can take three to five business days to deliver. The service also gives customers shipping access to 180 countries. 

U.S. Mail Service Intelligent Mail Barcode or U.S. Mail Service IMB Tracking and Tracing

The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) tracks and sorts cards, letters, and flats. It offers greater versatility by providing services that can be embedded within one barcode upon request. 

The IMB is a 65-bar bar code used on U.S. mail that intends to provide more information and functionality than before.

“Intelligent Mail” refers to a U.S. Mail service for domestic deliveries. 

IMB Tracing allows mailers to uniquely identify their mailpieces from the millions processed by USPS daily. It gives customers access to mail processing data for outgoing and incoming reply mail.  

IMB Tracing provides information about automation-compatible flats and letters for Standard Mail, First-Class Mail, and periodicals. The data provided includes the date, time, location, and sorting operation of a mail or package processed at a Postal Service facility. 

U.S. Mail Service First-Class Tracking

Unfortunately, end-to-end tracking is unavailable for First-Class Mail letters. Still, you can get Extra Service to access tracking information.

If you plan to send mail, letters, bills, postcards, or small packages (weighing less than 4lbs to international destinations) in an affordable way, you can use First-Class Mail. 

U.S. Mail Service First-Class Mail International Tracking

First-Class Mail International doesn’t include a tracking service unless you’ve paid for it as an add-on. However, First-Class Package International does have tracking services.  

First-Class Mail delivery to international addresses may take 7 to 21 days. However, USPS doesn’t guarantee any date or time. The delivery process for this mail service includes air, ground, or a combination of both. 

What Is U.S. Mail Service First-Class Package International?

First-Class Package International is an affordable service USPS provides to deliver small packages internationally. You can send up to 4lbs to over 180 countries. However, you can’t send items valued over $400. The delivery time is not guaranteed as it depends on the destination country. 

U.S. Mail Service Ground Mail Tracking

USPS Retail Ground is a single-piece mailing service for items that can’t be mailed via First-Class Mail. This mail service includes USPS Tracking without any additional charge. Retail Ground is usually used for gifts and merchandise. It doesn’t offer bulk prices.

U.S. Mail Service International Tracking

USPS provides international mail services to over 180 countries, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and Mexico. Mail services that provide international tracking are Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International. 

U.S. Mail Service Priority Mail International Standard and Express Service

Priority Mail International is one of the cost-effective and reliable methods of sending documents or items overseas. 

USPS delivers to over 180 countries, with average delivery time frames from 6 to 10 days. However, delivery times may vary depending on the package’s origin and destination country.

On the other hand, Priority Mail Express provides next-day to 2-day delivery service to most U.S. addresses and P.O. boxes. Mailpieces are usually delivered by 6:00 PM, with a money-back guarantee. 

You can use the Click-N-Ship online service to take advantage of lower commercial rates for Priority Mail Express. 

Click-N-Ship is a USPS application that allows residential and small business clients to create postage labels online.

U.S. Mail Service Global Express Guaranteed

USPS provides its fastest international shipping service based on delivery time. Global Express Guaranteed assures customers that packages reach their destination in one to three days. 

This mail service delivers packages not over 70lbs to more than 180 countries.

Some countries may have lower weight limits. Still, you have options as the Postal Service collaborates with other carriers. For instance, USPS works with FedEx (Federal Express), which provides international shipping and delivery logistics. 

U.S. Mail Service Business Solutions

USPS provides services fit for businesses and companies in the United States. You can print your labels and access features through USPS Click-N-Ship. 

U.S. Mail Service Parcel Select Ground

Parcel Select Ground is a service that offers ground delivery at low rates for large to heavy packages. 

Packages weighing up to 70lbs using this mail class can be delivered in two to eight days. The rates for this mail class are based on the parcel’s weight, dimensions, and the distance it will cover. 

U.S. Mail Service Parcel Select Ground Tracking

Every time you use the Parcel Select service, you have access to a tracking number that you can access online anytime. The tracking service available on the USPS website allows you to monitor when your package is shipped, where it is currently located, and when it will arrive at its intended destination. 

U.S. Mail Service Parcel Select Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time for Parcel Select is two to eight days. However, the delivery schedule may vary due to the package’s dimensions. This mail class is not intended for rush deliveries. Instead, it works best for people who want to save money on large to heavy package deliveries weighing up to 70lbs.

U.S. Mail Service Delayed Mail and Packages

USPS processes a high volume of packages daily, and it’s a feat of logistics prowess. However, some customers report delays in deliveries, which causes frustration. It’s best first to check the delivery standards, your item’s mail class schedule, and the mailing service. 

Remember that daily USPS transactions may fluctuate depending on the package volume. Also, factors outside anyone’s control, like inclement weather, can delay package delivery.

U.S. Mail Service Tracking Not Updating

There are instances where the tracking service for different USPS mail classes suddenly doesn’t update. 

Online services like the tracking system provided by USPS rely especially on internet speed and connectivity. System hiccups, like tracking issues, may sometimes occur due to poor internet connection.

However, a fluctuating internet signal is only one of the reasons for the tracking system of USPS to suddenly not work. The following topics explore the possible causes of this issue and what to do should it happen to you. 

What Are the Reasons Behind Tracking Not Updating?

The following are some reasons why your package tracking is not updating

  • The package has not been scanned due to various reasons. Once a package is not scanned correctly, its tracking status won’t get updated. Another cause for tracking not updating is when the package isn’t scanned at intermediary stops.
  • Weather conditions can also cause delays in tracking updates. There are instances where couriers get bogged down by bad weather, which results in delayed package scanning and problems in tracking updates. 
  • Broken barcodes or improper placement of shipping labels can make the barcode unscannable. USPS uses automation to speed up the delivery process. However, scanners can only read undamaged barcodes.
  • Issues experienced by the carrier may cause the delay. 

The Customer Received the Packages, but Still, U.S. Mail Service Tracking Is Not Updating

According to customer experience, package delays typically happen during the holiday period, especially because there’s a rush in deliveries. Some couriers skip the scanning process in intermediary stops to speed up the delivery. This lapse in scanning causes the tracking system not to update. 

For international destinations, only Canada has U.S. Mail tracking for the Priority Mail class. In other countries, once your packages reach their jurisdiction, they enter that country’s postal service. When that happens, tracking stops. 

You can use Global Express or Priority Mail Express for continued tracking, even for international deliveries. 

U.S. Mail Service Package Not Moving for a Week, a Month, or Stopped

There are incidents where the volume of packages exceeds the processing capability of a USPS facility. Machine breakdowns and staffing issues sometimes happen, reducing a facility’s processing capacity. 

Moreover, bad weather conditions and disasters can also dramatically delay the delivery of packages. These three problems alone may account for the delays experienced by customers from time to time. 

Another reason for delays is shipping label damage due to handling or improper placement by the sender. 

Remember that tracking only works when your package can be scanned clearly. If not, your package won’t be accounted for, and you won’t have any update on your tracking system. 

To sum it up, the main reasons for delays are:

  1. Packages being offloaded due to overcapacity
  1. Barcodes being damaged due to handling issues
  1. Packages getting stuck in a facility pileup due to overcapacity
  1. Delivery couriers experiencing transport problems caused by legitimate reasons like vehicle problems and poor weather conditions 

Packages Shipped by U.S. Mail Service Show No Tracking Information

Many mail classes provided by USPS don’t automatically have tracking service. Instead, most services include delivery confirmation, which only notifies the sender when the package is delivered and received.

Sometimes, mail and packages aren’t scanned, and couriers deliver them directly to the recipient. Remember that the tracking status only updates whenever the package is scanned at a USPS facility.

U.S. Mail Service Delivery Hours

USPS usually delivers packages for all delivery services between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. However, during peak seasons, deliveries may be as late as 6:30 PM. USPS maintains that all deliveries should be completed by 5:00 PM local time, Monday through Saturday. 

However, many factors might affect the delivery time. Hence, pinpointing the exact hours the recipient will get the package can be challenging.  

U.S. Mail Service Sunday Delivery and Saturday Delivery Hours

Some people may need to deliver mail or packages on weekends. The following sections discuss USPS delivery during weekends.  

Does U.S. Mail Service Deliver on Saturdays?

Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail items may be delivered on Saturdays. However, deliveries for other mail classes are not specified. 

Does U.S. Mail Service Deliver on Sundays?

Because of the demand for package deliveries, USPS has expanded its delivery days, especially in high-volume locations, to keep the network moving.  

Before, USPS delivered Priority Mail and specific Amazon packages under certain circumstances, even on Sundays. However, in some areas, USPS has expanded the mail class to cater to the increased demand for parcel deliveries. 

U.S. Mail Service Expected Delivery Window

Here are some of USPS’ popular mail services and their expected delivery window: 

  • USPS Priority Mail Express: Next-day to two days
  • USPS Priority Mail: One to three business days
  • USPS Ground Advantage: Two to five business days
  • First-Class Mail: One to five business days
  • Media Mail: Two to eight business days

Certain factors may affect the expected delivery date mentioned above. Examples of these factors are the following:

  • Items that involve hazardous materials or live animals can result in slower service
  • Delivery dates outside of the U.S. mainland may be affected due to the limited means of transportation

Different USPS Status Meanings

USPS has a few terms it uses in its tracking service to indicate the status of your mail or package throughout the delivery process. Understanding these terms is best to avoid confusion when using the Postal Service tracking system. 

WhatIn Transit” Means in U.S. Mail Service

The “In Transit” status means your package has already been transported to a delivery facility. This status may appear multiple times from one facility as your package travels from one place to another. 

What “Out for Delivery” Means in U.S. Mail Service

When you get the “Out for Delivery” status, your package is being delivered and bound to arrive at its destination. However, not all packages are delivered by the same carrier, and your package may arrive at a different time. 

What “Delivered” Means in U.S. Mail Service

When the courier successfully delivers the package and records the delivery, the tracking system will show a “Delivered” status. 

However, suppose you can’t find your letter or package in your area. Check the outside of your residence, as the courier might have placed your package in a place they deemed to be a safer area.

Examples of places where your package or letter might be dropped off are the following:

  • Garage
  • Porch
  • Mailbox
  • Areas protected from weather
  • Areas like under your mat or out of street view
  • Areas where a courier can place a package

If you live with others, the courier could have given it to your housemates. If you stay in an apartment, your package may be with the building’s management. 

In places with a community mailbox, the courier may leave a locker key in your regular mail compartment so you can open the box where your mailpiece is.

What Does “Return to Sender” Mean?

A package is “Returned to Sender” when the local post office staff can’t deliver a package, even after repeated attempts. The package is sent back to the return address indicated by the sender. 

What Does “Inbound Out of Customs” Mean?

It’s good news when your package has the “Inbound Out of Customs” status. It means your package has passed through U.S. Customs clearance and is now with USPS. The package is handed to the USPS facility nearest the recipient’s address before final delivery. 

What Does Customs Do?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and its components protect America’s borders. The CBP and the Office of Field Operations (OFO) ensure that the country’s borders are safe from terrorism, illegal immigration, and smuggling. 

Also, the CBP and OFO enforce trade compliance and agriculture protection in all 328 U.S. ports of entry that are critical to America’s economy. 

Does the Customs Clearance Process Work?

The Customs Clearance process is set in place to prevent the entry of items from abroad without proper inspection. The following is the Customs’ process:

  1. The shipment from abroad arrives at a port of entry.
  1. The shipment’s entry documents are filed by the importer of record and port director at the goods’ port of entry.
  1. The documentation is reviewed. If it’s in order, the delivery is authorized by the CBP.
  1. Any duties and fees are paid in full.
  1. The shipment is subjected to an intensive exam if needed.
  1. The shipment is finally released.

Other Tracking Statuses

You might encounter other tracking statuses when using the USPS tracking system.

  • Shipment Received, Acceptance Pending: This status means that the package has been received at a USPS facility but is not yet being processed. Once the package is scanned, it’s accepted by the facility. 
  • Available for Pickup: This status means the package can’t be delivered, and the recipient or authorized agent can pick it up at a local post office during business hours. One can use a post office locator like to find the nearest post office facility. 
  • Forwarded or Forwarded Processed: This status means that the package is being forwarded or redelivered to a different address due to a change of address. If the package is at the wrong post office location, the package will also be forwarded. 

About U.S. Mail Service

The Post Service has grown from small beginnings to over 33,000 retail locations. It currently serves 152.7 million residences and 12.7 million businesses. The U.S. Mail service operates typically six days a week, and its website,, attracts nearly 10 million visitors daily. 

USPS Customer Care Service and Contacts

Here are the following contact numbers for the different USPS customer care services.  

  • Customer Care Center: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)
  • Technical Support: 1-800-344-7779
  • Domestic and International USPS Tracking: 1-800-222-1811
  • Stamps and Free Shipping Supplies: 1-844-737-7826
  • Free Shipping Supplies: 1-800-610-8734

U.S. Mail Tracking Official Website

The United States Postal Service’s official website is The tracking system is also available on the official website. 

Customers only need to create an account and log on to the USPS tracking page to monitor their shipments. 

USPS Working Hours and Locations

USPS standard working hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday), with certain federal holiday exceptions. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are available in some mail services. 

If you need to find the nearest postal office in your area, you can visit Our website provides a comprehensive list of post office facilities in the United States. Enter your location, and our database lists local post offices near you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does my tracking number look like?

Each mail service has its unique string of numbers and letters to help identify your package throughout delivery. Here is an example of a typical USPS tracking number:

  • USPS Tracking: 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 46
  • Priority Mail: 9205 5000 0000 0062 0000 00
  • Priority Mail Express: 9270 1010 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail International: CP 000 010 000 US
  • Registered Mail: 9208 8000 0100 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed: 82 000 020 00
  • Signature Confirmation: 9202 1000 0400 0000 0000 00
  1. Where do I find my tracking number?

You can find your tracking number in the following:

  • Insurance sales receipt
  • Shipping receipt 
  • Email confirmation from
  • Shipping confirmation email from online retailer
  • The peeled-off portion of a USPS shipping label
  1. How do I access tracking information?

You can access tracking information through four methods provided by USPS: 

  • Online: You can use USPS Tracking online
  • SMS: You can text 28777 (2USPS) with your tracking number to get text notifications
  • Mobile App: You can download the tracking app from iOS and Android
  • Phone: You can track packages via USPS customer support via phone
  1. How do you track parcels with USPS text tracking?

You can do either of the following methods to access USPS text tracking:

  • Text 28777 (2USPS) with your tracking number as the main body of the message. You’ll receive the latest tracking information for your item
  • Text 2877 (2USPS) with your tracking number and a keyword that tells USPS what specific information you need

Some examples of keywords used in text tracking are the following:

  • A.A.: All activities (past or future) on the package
  • A.F.: All future activities on the package
  • A.P.: Previous or past activity on the package
  • DND: Delivery notification or delivery attempt
  • Delivery: Expected or guaranteed delivery by or on if available
  1. How do I track a U.S. Mail service return receipt?

You can track the delivery route of your return receipt sent by mail by going to Under “Quick Tools,” click on “Tracking.” You can also call the toll-free number 800-222-1811. 

A return receipt gives the sender evidence of delivery, especially the person who received the parcel and its delivery date. This receipt or a copy of the recipient’s signature is sent back to you via mail or electronic means.

  1. How does U.S. Mail service premium tracking work?

USPS provides a premium tracking service called Tracking Plus. For a small fee, you can access tracking information history for more than 120 days for non-signature items and two years for signature items. 

Tracking Plus provides access to tracking history for an additional 6 months to 10 years. Companies requiring that amount of transaction history can take advantage of Tracking Plus. 

  1. How long does it take for tracking information to show up on the U.S. Mail service?

Your package’s tracking information gets updated every time it’s scanned in any USPS facility along its delivery route. However, your package’s status may take 24 hours to 5 days to get updated. 

Many factors may cause the delay. However, one main reason is that the package wasn’t scanned after it reached a USPS facility. Sometimes, couriers don’t scan a package with short-distance deliveries and only update its tracking status after the recipient receives the shipment.

  1. How long does Priority Mail take?

According to the USPS schedule, Priority Mail delivery takes one to three business days. This mail service lets you ship packages of up to 70lbs in weight to any state at the same price, starting at $9.35.

  1. How long does First-Class Mail take?

The USPS schedule states that First-Class Mail is delivered in one to five business days. This mail class is an affordable way to send letters and postcards that weigh up to 13oz. The price for First-Class Mail depends on the parcel type:

  • Standard letters: $0.66 to $1.06
  • Postcards: $0.51 to $0.66
  • Large envelopes: $1.35
  1.  How long does it take for international first-class mail to be delivered?

First-Class Mail International deliveries usually take between 7 to 21 days to arrive. However, USPS doesn’t guarantee delivery dates and times. International deliveries involve ground, air, and a combination of both.

  1.  Where is my U.S. Mail service package?

You can pinpoint the location of your package through the tracking system provided by USPS. When a facility scans your package, your shipment’s location is updated. 

  1.  When will my letter carrier or mail arrive?

Standard mail will take approximately three to four days. Delivery time of other mail services will differ. For instance, Priority Mail takes one to three days to arrive. 

  1.  How can I leave delivery instructions?

You can use the USPS Delivery Instructions service when you need to give precise instructions for handling your package. You can access this service online through the USPS website.  

You need to input the tracking number and choose  “Delivery Instructions.” Afterward, you can choose specific actions for USPS to handle your shipment. 

  1.  How many times will USPS attempt delivery?

USPS will return the package to the sender after one or two delivery attempts. The sender will get a “No Access to Delivery Location” notification, and the package will be returned to the local post office before it’s returned to the sender. 

  1.  Can I pick up my mail before it is delivered?

You can pick up your mail at your local post office before delivery via the “Package Pickup” and “Pickup on Demand” services provided by USPS. 

This service instructs post office personnel to hold a particular package because the recipient will pick it up from the facility. Items for facility pick up should not exceed 70lbs weight and 130” in girth. 

You can schedule a pick-up from Monday to Saturday until 2:00 AM Central Time (C.T.). On the other hand, you can edit or cancel a pick-up request until 2:00 AM on the day of the intended delivery.

  1.  How do you get your package delivered with U.S. Mail service?

You only need to secure your letter, buy the required postage, and choose the appropriate mail service. 

Drop off your mail or package at a local post office and have it delivered. In a few days (depending on the guaranteed delivery time of a mail service), your package will be delivered to its destination. 

  1.  What can I do if my mailpiece hasn’t been delivered?

Many factors may be the reason for the delay in delivery, and most get resolved after a few days. However, after seven days have passed since the mail date and the recipient still hasn’t received your package, you can submit a request to find your lost mailpiece. 

  1.  U.S. Mail service package got lost or stolen. What should I do?

If your mail is lost, you can check the status of your shipment via the tracking system. Once the status shows the mail is not found, you can fill out a help request mail alert. Afterward, you can ask USPS to search for your lost package.

However, if you suspect that your mail is stolen, you can call (800) ASK-USPS or file a missing mail claim

  1.  When should I update my address?

Whenever possible, you should update your address to avoid any mail delivery problems in the future. You can quickly update this by filing a change of address form at your nearest post office or online. 

  1.  How do I correct my change of address?

You can edit or modify your address by visiting the USPS website. You can go to to modify, change, or cancel any detail in your change of address request.  

  1.  Where do I go if I want an update about my request to cancel or change my address?

Once you request a change of address, USPS will send a move validation letter to the address you are leaving to validate the move. 

You will get a welcome kit or a customer notification letter at your new address within five business days before the COA start date. This mail contains your confirmation code, which is needed to make changes or to cancel your COA order. You must visit the Postal Service for updates if you did not receive such a code. 

  1.  How much does it cost to change my address?

USPS charges a small fee of $1.10 for identity verification charges needed for a change of address request. Beware of scammers who charge more than this amount.

  1.  Does changing my address with the USPS update it everywhere else?

When you change your address with USPS, you’ll need to change it wherever it is on file to lessen the need to redirect packages continually sent to your old address. 

  1.  How do you successfully file an insurance claim with USPS?

You can file an insurance claim online through your USPS account. Just log into your account and click “File a Claim.” Complete the required fields and wait for a response. To ensure a high chance of success in your insurance claims, you must do the following:

  • Keep all packaging materials 
  • Take photos of any damage in your package immediately
  • Truthfully declare your package’s value
  • Respond to any request from a claims examiner
  • Make sure everything you provide is accurate and true
  1.  What type of mail requires a signature?

According to USPS, any mail requiring a recipient’s signature is considered “accountable mail.” Examples of accountable mail are Registered Mail, Certified Mail, and other mail classes with add-ons, like Adult Signature Required. 

  1.  What’s the difference between certified vs. registered mail?

Registered Mail provides the sender package updates throughout the delivery process. On the other hand, Certified Mail provides proof of mailing and proof of delivery. 

  1.  Does USPS have a live chat?

The USPS website doesn’t seem to have any online chat support available for customers. Instead, its contact page lists the different lines of communication customers can use for inquiries and complaints. 

You can call customer service at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).


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